Consequences of heat loss in women

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					Consequences of heat loss in women

Recent studies have shown that chronic inflammation of the tonsils - tonsillitis - a negative effect on the
ovaries, reducing their activity. Arises because of hormone deficiency is bad for the state of the mucous
membranes of female urinary tract and violates the most important defense mechanism of self-
purification vagina. Hence - a direct path to the penetration of infection "on the top floor" of the
reproductive system, that is, inflammation of the uterus.

The key to prevention is an inflammation of the appendages personal hygiene girls and later
women. More precisely, the strict adherence to some simple rules of care.
Besides the daily change of underwear everyday needs toilet vulva. For cleaning the water - clean, not
hot, and pour it back to the front only. When you visit the toilet toilet paper movement should have the
same direction. The only way to prevent the ingress of intestinal infection in the vagina - the main "agent
provocateur" inflammatory diseases.
Treatment requires a competent and soap. In no case do not allow for cleaning the suds fell into the
vagina. "Washing out" of a normal microorganisms easily provoke inflammation. By the way, any
amateur, not agreed with the doctor douching can lead to the same disastrous results.
Require special attention hygiene during menstruation. The number of required washing of these days
rises to three - four, and to change pads at least every two hours, even if they are not particularly wet.
The fact is that during the month the inner surface of the uterus is a solid wound surface, are particularly
vulnerable to infection. A build up in the lining of the blood - the ideal medium for microbial growth.
For the same reasons during the critical days can not take a bath, swimming pool, swimming in the
sea. They should replace the daily shower. Obviously, at that time fall under the ban and sexual
contact. In general, how is a woman to gender relations, largely depends on her health. Today, one of the
most common causes of inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive organs - frequent change of
sexual partners. And, unfortunately, especially in young patients.
In addition, it is important not to let the body there foci of chronic infection. First of all - in the mouth and
throat. Regular, twice a year, dental visits and periodic inspections audiologist will help get rid of this risk
When after a long illness, and the massive use of antibiotics defenses suppressed, it is important to
organize the recovery period. First of all, pay attention to food. The diet should be possible to enrich the
fruit and vegetables, in addition, it is useful to replace the coffee and black tea with green tea. If
possible, stop smoking and stay smoke-filled rooms, avoid alcohol.
Very useful for restoring the body's defenses to meet individual capabilities exercise. If the habit of it not,
to start with gentle exercises and gradually increase the load. Well, to long-term plan lessons have
helped you make a doctor of physiotherapy.And as you try to recuperate at least part of the course into
the fresh air.
The advice of your physician designed to strengthen immunity. When he is well, is able to "rein in" all
present in the body of potentially harmful micro-organisms, that is, to prevent an inflammatory process.
Physicians is well known that ultraviolet light falling on exposed skin, significantly reduces
immunity. Therefore, by the way, at the end of the holiday season, gynecologists significantly added work
by well tanned patients.
Solarium - is, of course, the southern sun, but if the immune system in the patient for one reason or
another have been reduced, "adding" it is not worth loads.
But the leisurely walking have to be extremely beneficial effect on the female body. Besides the fact that
they normalize the nervous system, which largely depends on the overall welfare of the human immune
walking prevents stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs. Thus, regular outdoor exercise significantly
improve local immunity of internal genital organs, that is, put another barrier in the way of inflammatory
Inflammation of the really "loves" a chronic form, and one of the complications of infertility can be caused
by the formation of adhesions in the fallopian tubes. For the same reason, significantly increases the
probability of an ectopic pregnancy. Most often, multiple adhesions are formed when the cause of
inflammation served chlamydial or gonococcal infection.
Hypothermia - another common cause for the first time or re-provoking inflammation of the
appendages. Therefore, the clothes should fit the season, but still not be too warm, as well as
overheating can cause the common cold and, therefore, the return of the inflammatory
process. Particular care must be taken not to get wet and freeze the feet, knees and buttocks.Help
protect yourself from hypothermia reliable thick-soled shoes, warm tights and wool pants - pants.
Moreover, we must remember that even in the warmer months, in any case you can not sit on the wet
ground or rocks, and after swimming in a pond or pool should immediately change into dry swimsuit.
When the fallopian tubes and ovaries - namely, they are called the uterus - "smoldering" inflammation,
over time, may develop severe complications. At the heart of most of them is the formation of
adhesions. As soon as the number and size of adhesions grow, the woman may begin gradually pain,
sometimes literally unbearable. Simultaneously spikes "glue" the fallopian tubes, which are losing
maneuverability and mobility, as well as disrupt the structure of ovarian tissue.
Moreover, sometimes flowing even with minimal symptoms of chronic inflammation of the untreated can
lead to serious complications - peritonitis. This occurs when the inflammation of the appendages in
addition captures the peritoneum.Peritonitis begins suddenly, and save the life of a woman in such a
situation can only emergency surgery.

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