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									Comfort in daily life

Safety and reliability - these are things that we value in life, perhaps most of all. Trying to keep yourself
and your family from all kinds of surprises and trouble, we put in the doorways of our homes and
apartments sturdy iron door locks and cunning.We have only a few bags in the car, there should be six, or
even better - eight. But some twenty years ago, we have about them, at best, only heard. We are
indignant if public services are not sprinkled pavement anti-icing agents and do not break the icicles. We
tried to provide for almost everything, and it is correct. All these things create a sense of domestic
The same goes for reliability. Who like cars that break down at the worst possible moment, and even at
full speed? A clock that constantly show the wrong time? Clothes that after the first washing turns into a
cloth or shoes, which fly off the heels?
Through trial and error, we still can not find the things that we never disappoint and let you down. And to
those of trial and error as small as possible, we often seek advice from friends or experts. Replenishing
stocks of the home kit, we also did not want to risk it. We are willing to pay even a few more than
planned amount, just to get a tool that could quickly and effectively solve our health problems.
Usually we buy not only the drugs that are needed at the moment, but as a reserve. As the saying goes,
just in case. It could be drugs for headaches or colds, heartburn or allergies. Every house there is a
decent arsenal of tools. After all, no one knows what will be required tomorrow. But somehow, as a
precaution, we do not take contraceptives? To be more precise, to emergency contraception.
You can say that such funds are needed on the force every year. Yes, it's true. It is very good that they
often do not have to use it. But the shelf life of such products have typically 3 years. But how relaxed you
can feel if the condom broke or you forgot to drink a pill. No need to worry and wait until morning to run
to the pharmacy or doctor for advice. Such foresight - is also part of our everyday comfort. And even
more. This is one of the elements of such a thing as quality of life.
But here it is necessary to approach the selection carefully. Until relatively recently, was not much to
choose from. In fact, the drugs that were available in the pharmacy, contained the same hormone -
levonorgestrel, and a rather large dose, which is no good effect on the body. This often leads to
disruption of the menstrual cycle, heavy bleeding, vomiting. Another disadvantage of these
contraceptives was that in different phases of their menstrual cycle efficiency was different. If ovulation
has not occurred, the money worked smoothly, but if ovulation has already occurred, these drugs were
virtually useless. It was also necessary to remember that the reliability of drugs significantly reduced
depending on how much time has elapsed since unprotected intercourse. On the first day performance
was 95%, but by the end of the third day, it was reduced to 58%.
Fortunately, now you can buy non-hormonal agents. Their effectiveness is maintained for all 72 hours of
unprotected PA and is 98-99%. Moreover, they can be reliably used as prior to ovulation, and after
it. Since this is a non-hormonal means they are better tolerated and produce fewer side effects. But it
should be remembered that use them often still not recommended, they do not replace your routine of
(permanent) contraception. And if, after taking the pill was repeated unprotected PA, the effectiveness of
the drug is not covered.

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