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					Back pain during pregnancy?

Why back pain in pregnancy
If a woman is pregnant and she has a sore back, then this has a number of reasons why this is
happening. In varying degrees of back pain have almost all women. In happening unusual is increasing in
size, the uterus creates all the preconditions for increased load on your back.
Changing weight of the woman, that changes your posture and changes the center of gravity of the
body. To maintain balance, the muscles have to exert more to hold the body upright.
In a typical situation, a person of normal physique back support muscles located mostly in the abdominal
wall. During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles are stretched and longer decline in the previous
range. This only increases the load on your back. Moreover, increasing the pressure on the spine. Pain in
the back muscles and joints of the spine in the evening can increase the accumulation of fatigue. Uterus
increases in size, can compress the nerves, which can be another cause of back pain.
But women's issues do not end there. Under the effect of hormonal changes the body of pregnant women
preparing for childbirth and makes more loose cords to avoid breaks. The action of natural hormones
provides some "freedom" of the joints and promotes the appearance of pain in the joints and
ligaments. Maybe you had to experience a condition where the back pain intensified at a time when you
went to bed, got ready for bed and tried to relax. This manifestation of pain is characteristic of the
ligaments. Transient increase in pain during movement after being in bed or after sitting position, trying
to bend at the waist, turning torso characteristic joint pain.
Types of back pain during pregnancy
Back pain in pregnancy are divided into two main types. The first type - the pain is occurring in the lower
back, which manifest themselves in the center of the back just above the buttocks and around the
waist. The reasons for these pains we have discussed above.
The second type of pain can occur even more often. This type of pain is felt lower than the previous type
and is located at the level of the sacrum on both sides of it. The pain sometimes manifests as pain
located deep in the buttocks and even given further in the legs, mainly in the hip. The pain may worsen
while walking, during prolonged stay in a sitting position or standing. By the end of the day it can
grow. The pain of the second type also has a connection with loosening of ligaments, causing increased
joint mobility of the pelvis and the load on them.
Loosening of ligaments - natural necessity, as it provides an easier passage of the fetus during labor. For
such restructuring to pay pain during pregnancy. Place the pubic bones that are in the front, too, can be
painful. These pain - a natural part of pregnancy.
When the pain of pregnancy occur more often?
Back pain during pregnancy are very common. Naturally, it would be logical to include a group of those
women who have suffered from the back and to become pregnant, or if there was a previous
pregnancy. Keeping sedentary lifestyles, poorly developed abdominal muscles and back muscles also
increase the risk of back pain in pregnant women. Therefore it is necessary before pregnancy to be ready
for it. Pregnancy two fruits and more increases the risk of back pain. Some experts believe that excess
weight contributes to back pain in pregnant women, but the results of studies are contradictory and do
not provide a clear answer to this question.
Maybe pinched nerve?
Usually, it is meant radicular pain, which manifest as drawing pain along the thigh and lower
leg. Herniated disc can cause real radicular pain and sometimes quite strong. Fortunately, this pain is rare
- about 1% of pregnant women. Radicular pain is almost always felt along the leg and falls below the
knee. There are, of course, exceptions, but generally, if the pain is not felt below the knee, then pinched
spine is considered unlikely. But the presence of crawling, tingling, decreased sensitivity, even as
evidence of a pinched nerve. Of course, we should not immediately move it all over. If you really want,
then you certainly will surely find, as these very creepy crawling on your body. Should pay attention to
the obvious feelings that have taken place and you have to read the text. Even more rare serious
problems - numbness in the perineum, muscle weakness, inability to urinate, or vice versa
incontinence. These problems do not occur often, but when present should always consult a doctor.
Back pain during pregnancy and after birth.
Pain usually occurs on the last months of pregnancy, they often increase with the growth of the fetus. But
this process is not infinite as the pregnancy itself. After birth, the pain gradually disappear. Certainly not
right away. The abdominal muscles need time to get stronger, and ligaments can not immediately return
to its normal state. Therefore, change the center of gravity, weak ligaments, stretching the abdominal
muscles - is temporary. All necessarily normal.
Remedy for back pain in pregnancy
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