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									The Eighth Wonder Of The World! Pictures
Located in the Middle East, in the Arabian Gulf, Dubai is considered now as the fastest growing city in
the world. The government has constructed many of the world’s iconic structures which we need at
least 20 hubs to discuss. Anyhow, we will concentrate on one vehement, mind blowing project that is
The Palm which has become a symbol of Dubai’s incredible ambition and growth.
The Palm basically is a man-made archipelago which consists of 16 fronds in a shape of a date palm.
The project commenced in 2001 and is still ongoing, and in the next 1-2 years will see the island
become one of the world’s premier resorts. With 4,000 villas and apartments and more than 30 hotels
including The Atlantis, more than 2,600 apartments along with 80 penthouses, The Palm has
attracted buyers from the entire world.
The Palm covers more than 560 hectares of land. It’s more than one and a half times the size of
Central Park and almost four times the size of Hyde Park. The amount of material used could create
2 meter high and half a meter wide wall that would circle the globe three times!
Instead of talking and using various superlatives, I listed some pictures which will speak clearly for

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