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                                              FALL 2009

What’s Inside:
Page 2: Letter from Calvary’s President
        Meviar Smith Award
                                              Calvary@Home Continues Impressive Growth
Page 3: Dr. Brescia Receives Honorary
         Cancer Care Technician Program
Page 4: Supporting Calvary
        Annual Calvary Awards Gala
        Newman’s Own Foundation
        Transfiguration School Students
        Hospice Foundation of America
Page 6: Camp Courageous

Page 8: 8th Annual Donor
        Appreciation Reception
        New Hospital Board Members

Did you know?                                 Calvary@Home, established in 2001, enables              of where a patient is in the disease or treatment
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than ever!                                    Calvary to bring its full-service care into the homes   process, Calvary has a home program of care that
Go to to:             of patients and families in the Bronx, Brooklyn,        ensures the right care at the right time – all offer-
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  debuts this fall;
                                              Westchester. In 2008, Calvary@Home cared for               In April, Calvary@Home welcomed a new hos-
• Download a copy of our latest
  Annual Report and newsletters               nearly 2,000 patients and families, and it is on        pice medical director, Neda Vodenitcharova, MD.
  (Calvary In Touch, Crossroads, etc.);       target to surpass that number in 2009.                  Dr. Vodenitcharova is a graduate of the Medical
• See our latest TV messages                     The joint efforts of Calvary’s certified Home        University of Sofia (Bulgaria), and she trained at
  and videos;
• Learn how you can support our
                                              Health Agency and Home Hospice provide                  Lincoln Medical Center and James J. Peters VA
  mission; and                                patients with a full continuum of services and          Medical Center, Bronx, NY. She most recently
• Read our latest press releases.             much needed options for care at home. Regardless        continued on page 3

                                              Calvary Completes Record $51.8 Million Campaign

                                              In December 2004, Calvary Hospital announced               “The leadership of Calvary Fund Chairman,
                                              Where Life Continues: The Campaign for                  Richard E. Meyer, and the Calvary Fund Board,
                                              Calvary Hospital, with the unprecedented goal of        along with the continuing endorsement and
                                              $50 Million. Thanks to the generosity of thousands      encouragement of the Hospital Board and its
                                              of donors, in December 2008, we ended the Cam-          Chairman, Thomas J. Fahey, Jr., have afforded
                                              paign on schedule, with a total of $51,778,242          us the ability to maintain stability in a very
                                              – a record for Calvary, and a magnificent tribute       challenging environment while also thoughtfully
Published by Calvary Hospital, the nation’s   to our friends’ dedication to our patients and          enhancing our programs to further our mission
only acute care specialty hospital devoted
exclusively to the palliative care of adult
                                              their loved ones.                                       of non-abandonment,” said Frank A. Calamari,
patients in the advanced stages of cancer.                                                            President and CEO of Calvary. continued on page 7
    Letter from Calvary’s President

    Since our last issue of Crossroads, Calvary has        than ever before. For the past 18 months,
    marked several milestones:                             Dr. Michael Brescia and I have met with
                                                           every new employee at orientation and we
    • We successfully completed Where Life
                                                           meet regularly with staff. Our goal is to
         Continues: The Campaign for Calvary
                                                           inculcate Calvary values and mission with
         Hospital on schedule, with a total of approx-
                                                           every single employee, regardless of job title
         imately $51.8 million. (Please refer to the
                                                           or tenure.
         cover story in this issue for more details.)
                                                           After more than a century of caring for
    • Calvary@Home, which provides Home
                                                           patients and their families with a philosophy
         Care and Hospice to nearly 2,000 patients
                                                           of non-abandonment and dignity in a
         a year, marked 10 years of its home hospice.
                                                           restraint-free environment, Calvary Hospital
         We also provide hospice care to residents
                                                           and its staff remain committed to ensuring
         in 24 nursing homes in the metro-NY area
                                                           that this care continues indefinitely.
         and opened a 24-hour care hospice unit at
         Augustana Nursing Home, which is connected
         to Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn.
    • As we approach our 110th year of caring for
         people who need us the most, maintaining          Frank A. Calamari
         the unique Calvary culture is more important      President and CEO

    2009 Meviar Smith Award Winners

                                                                                                            At its 22nd Annual Meviar Smith Humani-
                                                                                                            tarian Award ceremony in February, Calvary
                                                                                                            Hospital honored Bronx residents, Johnnie
                                                                                                            McCord, and Henrietta “Cookie” Singleton.
                                                                                                            Mr. McCord, an associate of the Mailroom/
                                                                                                            Printing Department, is a 15-year veteran
                                                                                                            of Calvary; Ms. Singleton is a 21-year veteran
                                                                                                            of the Nutritional Services Department.
                                                                                                            Nominated by many colleagues, Mr. McCord
                                                                                                            and Ms. Singleton were honored with the
                                                                                                            2009 Meviar Smith Award because the com-
                                                                                                            mittee felt that they best demonstrated the
                                                                                                            qualities of beloved employee Meviar Smith.
                                                                                                               The Calvary Award was first bestowed in
                                                                                                            1988, in memory of Ms. Smith. Before she
                                                                                                            passed away in 1987, Ms. Smith, a 28-year
                                                                                                            veteran of Calvary, was known for her loyalty,
                                                                                                            conscientious work ethic, and dedication to
                                                                                                            the patients at Calvary Hospital.
    Pictured from left to right: Henrietta Singleton; Michael J. Brescia, MD, Executive Medical Director;
    Johnnie McCord; and Frank A. Calamari, President and CEO.

Page 2   >   Calvary Hospital   >   Crossroads Fall 2009
Dr. Michael Brescia Receives Honorary Doctorate                                                         Calvary@Home
                                                                                                        continued from page 1

                                                                                                        was a physician in a nursing home, and is Board-
                                                                                                        certified in Hospice and Palliative Care. Carmel
                                                                                                        Monahan, RN, MSN, CHPN, is the Director of
                                                                                                        Patient Services for Calvary’s Hospice and Home
                                                                                                        Care. Nancy S. D’Agostino, RN, MSN, Vice
                                                                                                        President for Community Patient Services, over-
                                                                                                        sees Calvary@Home.
                                                                                                           While there are many reasons for the growth
                                                                                                        of Calvary@Home, quality is the most important
                                                                                                        to our patients and their families. “We send the
                                                                                                        same caregivers to each family, to ensure continuity
                                                                                                        of care,” Ms. D’Agostino said. “Our clinicians and
                                                                                                        therapists get to know our patients and families,
                                                                                                        and they can readily detect any changes in the
                                                                                                        patient’s condition. They can also assess the needs
                                                                                                        of family members in an often stressful situation
                                                                                                        and prepare for some tough decisions as the end
                                                                                                        of life approaches.” Family members are offered
                                                                                                        13 months of bereavement care from hospice staff
                                                                                                        following the death of their loved ones.
                                                                                                           Recently, Calvary featured Calvary@Home nurse
Congratulations to Dr. Michael Brescia, Calvary’s Executive Medical Director! At its 102nd Annual
                                                                                                        Sophie Wise, in a message to Calvary’s friends. The
Commencement in May 2009, The College of New Rochelle (CNR) conferred an honorary doctorate             wife of a hospice patient in New Rochelle who
degree on Dr. Brescia. In a beautifully written tribute to him, CNR cited Dr. Brescia’s strong faith,   received this mailing responded, “Sophie is my
extensive service to society, and leadership to Calvary. “He is a person of faith whose genuine         husband’s nurse, and we consider ourselves fortunate
devotion to mankind has been the driving force in a life dedicated to ensuring love, compassion,        to have her. She always brings a smile to my hus-
and the best medical care possible for all who suffer from chronic and advanced illnesses –             band’s face. We are blessed to have the hospice team
emotionally and physically.” Pictured above: Dr. Brescia (left) with CNR president, Dr. Stephen
                                                                                                        come in and help us during this trying time. I like
J. Sweeny.
                                                                                                        the way Sophie explained that hospice becomes
                                                                                                        emotionally connected with patients and families.
                                                                                                        That is so comforting to my husband and me.”
Cancer Care Technician Program                                                                             Calvary@Home is now available in 24 nursing
                                                                                                        homes throughout the metropolitan area, for
                                                                                                        residents who have been determined by a physician
In April 2009, Calvary held its 48th                Center. CCTs are integral to the success of         to have a life expectancy of six months or less.
Graduation Ceremony for its trademark               inpatient care at Calvary.                          These efforts have been supported by a number of
Cancer Care Technician (CCT) Program.                  Before applicants are accepted into the          foundations. This year, the Altman Foundation
In the four decades since Calvary launched          CCT program, they must first work as                renewed a $150,000 grant to Calvary@Home.
this unique program, more than 1,400                nurses’ aides here for at least six months,            During the summer, Calvary@Home clinicians
health care professionals have graduated            and demonstrate our core values of dignity,         began using a sophisticated computer system to
with the necessary skills to help advanced          caring, compassion, and non-abandonment             update information about patients and families.
cancer patients achieve the best possible           of patients and their loved ones. CCTs              “The new system will free up time that we had
quality of life.                                    received both classroom and clinical instruc-       formerly devoted to extensive paper records,” Ms.
   The most recent graduating class of 29           tion over an intensive six-month period,            D’Agostino said. “Now we will be able to devote
CCTs was Calvary’s largest ever. They work          and learned about skin care, assistance with        that time to care of our patients and families.”
at our 200-bed Bronx Hospital and 25-bed            feeding, patient safety, and overall comfort        To learn more about Calvary@Home, visit us at
Brooklyn Campus at Lutheran Medical                 of Calvary patients.                       or call (718) 518-2465.

                                                                                                                 Calvary Hospital   >   Crossroads Fall 2009   >   Page 3
   Supporting Calvary

   Annual Calvary Awards Gala                                                                Hospital’s Professional Advisors Council. The Calvary Distinguished
                                                                                             Trustee Service Award was presented to John A. Decina, AIA, Chief
                                                                                             Executive Officer of Barr & Barr, Inc. in recognition of his outstanding
                                                                                             commitment and service on the Hospital’s Board of Directors and for
                                                                                             being a passionate advocate for the Calvary mission.

                                                                                             Newman’s Own Foundation
                                                                                             Since 1997, Calvary Hospital has been fortunate to receive the support
                                                                                             of the visionary Newman’s Own Foundation. They have been a long-
                                                                                             term supporter of our year-round bereavement programs for school-age
                                                                                             children and teens, and Camp Courageous, our summer camp for
                                                                                             children ages 6 through 17.
                                                                                                The Newman’s Own Foundation is a private foundation, which
                                                                                             derives its grantmaking income from royalty payments received
                                                                                             in conjunction with the sale of Newman’s Own food products.
                                                                                             Since the inception of Newman’s Own in the early 1980s, over
                                                                                             $265 million has been donated to thousands of charitable organ-
                                                       Pictured above, from left to right:   izations worldwide.
                                                       Frank A. Calamari, President &           We are proud to announce that Calvary is now a featured grantee
                                                       CEO, Calvary Hospital; Thomas J.      on the Newman’s Own Foundation website!
                                                       Fahey, Jr., MD, Chairman of the
                                                       Board, Calvary Hospital; Charles J.   Go to:
                                                       Groppe, Esq. (honoree); Timothy       Click on “Nourishing the Common Good,“ “Grantee profiles,” and then
                                                       M. Dolan, Archbishop of New           on “Calvary Hospital.”
                                                       York; John A. Decina (honoree);
                                                       and Richard E. Meyer, Chairman
                                                       of the Board, Calvary Fund.

                                                       Left: Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop
                                                       of New York and Al Roker, Gala
                                                       Master of Ceremonies.

   Close to four hundred people who attended Calvary Hospital’s
   26th Annual Awards Gala helped raise nearly $600,000 to benefit
   our programs and services for advanced stage cancer patients and
   their families. Al Roker of the “TODAY” Show served as Master
   of Ceremonies.
      His Excellency, The Most Reverend Timothy M. Dolan,
   Archbishop of New York, gave the benediction and presented The
   Calvary Medal to Charles J. Groppe, Esq., Counsel to Putney,
   Twombly Hall & Hirson LLP. Mr. Groppe was recognized for his
   distinguished legal career, dedication and philanthropic leadership
   on behalf of the Calvary mission, and exceptional service on the

Page 4   >   Calvary Hospital   >   Crossroads Fall 2009
Transfiguration School Students Make
Generous Gift to Calvary Hospital
This spring, a second grade class at the Transfiguration School, led by
teacher Jean Giorgianni, raised $341 for Calvary Hospital’s programs
and services. The students, who attend school in the heart of
Chinatown, did chores at home to earn money as part of their project
for Lent. The chores included helping set the table, washing dishes,
caring for their pets, making their beds, etc. The students also made
beautiful cards that were distributed to patients at Calvary’s 200-bed
hospital in the Bronx and at its 25-bed Brooklyn satellite at Lutheran
Medical Center.
   Since its founding in 1832, Transfiguration School has provided
generations of Irish, Italian, and Chinese immigrant children with a
solid elementary education and the teachings of the Catholic faith.
For over 175 years, Transfiguration education has been a part of the
convergence of the many people of different cultures that have lived,
worked, and grown up on the Lower East Side.

The 2nd grade class at Transfiguration School in Chinatown is pictured
with their teacher, Jean Giorgianni (back left), and Angela Valitutto
(back right), Director of Annual Giving for Calvary. Ms. Valitutto thanked
the students in person for their generous donation of $341 and beautiful
hand-made cards (pictured at right) for the Hospital’s adult patients.

Hospice Foundation of America
Early this year, the Hospice Foundation of America (HFA) selected
Calvary Hospital as a recipient in its very first grants program. From
a field of more than 300 organizations, only five received the coveted
$5,000 grant. The funds will provide critical support to Calvary’s
year-round bereavement programs for school-age children and teens
(“Precious Moments” and teen support groups), and Camp Courageous,
the Hospital’s innovative summer camp for children ages 6 through            To learn how you can support Calvary, visit us at
17. To date, Calvary’s youth bereavement support groups have helped or call (718) 518-2077.
hundreds of children come to terms with grief.

                                                                                                            Calvary Hospital   >   Crossroads Fall 2009   >   Page 5
    Calvary Hospital Marks 12th Season of Camp Courageous

    During the week of July 13, Calvary Hospital hosted the 12th session of Camp
    Courageous, a children’s bereavement camp located at Arrow Park in Monroe,
    NY. The 44 participants – ages 6 to 17 – have all attended the children and teen
    bereavement programs that Calvary offers year-round. This year’s session featured
    a special appearance by two clowns from the Big Apple Circus (pictured above,
    Lauren Sharpe, and Peter Straus, at right) a fun-filled basketball experience by
    the Harlem Wizards, a mosaic art project, and a kite-making and flying activity
    in memory of loved ones. Camp Courageous provided a safe, nurturing environ-
    ment for the children of diverse backgrounds to validate feelings, offer hope, and
    have fun for a few hours every day.
       In the New York metropolitan area, Calvary has established itself as a resource
    for grieving families. It offers free bereavement support groups for adults, children,
    and teens. Calvary’s programs are available to anyone who has lost a loved one,
    whether that person was a patient at Calvary, or someone from the larger com-
    munity whose death was attributable to illness, accident, or violence.

    Supporters of Calvary’s children’s bereavement programs and Camp Courageous
    include: Newman’s Own Foundation, Thomas & Agnes Carvel Foundation,
    Robert Mize and Isa White Trimble Foundation, Saramar Charitable Fund,
    G.L. Connolly Foundation, Hospice Foundation of America, Hagedorn Fund,
    Metzger-Price Foundation, Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Charles Henry
    Leach II Foundation, Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities, A Little Hope,
    and Brooklyn Benevolent Society.

Page 6   >   Calvary Hospital   >   Crossroads Fall 2009
Calvary Completes Campaign
continued from page 1

   The success of Where Life Continues has        Hospice, available for those with all illnesses         We offer our heartfelt gratitude and con-
supported the programs that make Calvary a        who can be cared for where they reside.              gratulations to all who helped us reach the
model for palliative care throughout the metro-   In 2004, we admitted 1,400 patients to               Campaign’s milestone goal.
politan area, the nation, and the world.          Calvary@Home; by 2008, that number had                  The success of Where Life Continues has
                                                  grown to almost 2,000. Calvary@Home is now           inspired us to set new goals that will bring
Inpatients in the Bronx and Brooklyn: Over
                                                  serving residents of Manhattan, Brooklyn,            Calvary care to ever greater numbers of people
the five years of the Campaign, we cared for
                                                  the Bronx, and Queens, as well as Westchester,       in our area. We are now developing a new
thousands of people with advanced cancer, at
                                                  Rockland, and Nassau counties, and Calvary           action plan for the next five years, which will
our Bronx campus and at the 25-bed Brooklyn
                                                  care is available in 24 nursing homes through-       include the following priorities:
satellite. In addition, we provided extensive
                                                  out the metropolitan area.                           •   strengthening endowment to safeguard
                                                  Palliative Care Institute: Campaign gifts                Calvary’s future;
                                                  helped sustain training in compassionate care        •   reaffirming our satellite strategy, so that all
                                                  for every medical student in the New York                who need us will have access to our care;
                                                  City metropolitan area – more than 800 a year.       •   renewing our facilities, for the comfort of
                                                  In 2004, we established INSIDE CALVARY:                  patients and families;
                                                  COMPASSION AND COMPETENCE IN PALLIATIVE
                                                                                                       •   expanding programs of care for inpatients
                                                  CARE , a national training program for health
                                                                                                           and in the home as well as our research and
                                                  professionals. Calvary is the only hospital in
                                                                                                           teaching programs.
                                                  the metropolitan area to be designated an
                                                  “international center for training in palliative
                                                  care” by the National Cancer Institute.
                                                  The Center for Curative and Palliative
                                                  Wound Care, now one of the largest wound
                                                  care centers in the greater metropolitan area, is
                                                  known for innovative, limb-saving treatments
                                                  for people who suffer from intractable wounds
                                                  caused by diabetes, cancer, vascular disease,
                                                  and other disorders.
services for families and friends. We also
provided bereavement support for loved ones                                                               Mr. Meyer expressed his thanks to all of the
of our patients and those in the community                                                             generous donors who supported the Campaign,
at large, with special programs for adolescents                                                        and for their ongoing commitment to Calvary’s
and children, including Camp Courageous, our                                                           unique and historic mission. “Calvary’s donors
special bereavement camp for young people                                                              have shown incredible loyalty through the years,
who have endured devastating loss.                                                                     and have made it possible for us to continue
                                                                                                       to provide the very finest compassionate care
Calvary@Home, encompassing Home Health
                                                                                                       to those patients and families who truly need
Care, Home Hospice, and Nursing Home
                                                                                                       us. Our donors are certainly partners with us
                                                  Calvary’s core mission and values: Above all,        in our very special work.”
                                                  Where Life Continues enabled our patients
                                                  and their loved ones to savor every minute of
                                                  life. We know from the many letters we receive,
                                                  year in and year out, that families are forever
                                                  grateful for the gift of Calvary care. This is the
                                                  essential meaning of Where Life Continues:
                                                  The Campaign for Calvary Hospital.

                                                                                                              Calvary Hospital   >   Crossroads Fall 2009   >   Page 7
   8th Annual Donor Appreciation Reception

   Calvary’s 8th Annual Donor Appreciation
   Reception took place at The New York
   Botanical Garden on May 13. A record
   crowd of more than 350 guests toured the
   Conservatory and Garden grounds, and
   enjoyed a cocktail reception and buffet
   dinner. Speakers included Frank Calamari,
   Dr. Thomas J. Fahey, Jr., Mr. Richard E.
   Meyer, and Dr. Michael J. Brescia. Guests
   received a beautiful brochure marking
   highlights of the Hospital’s 110-year history.

   Pictured above, left to right: Richard E. Meyer,
   Chairman, Calvary Fund Board; Frank A. Calamari,
   President and Chief Executive Officer, Calvary
   Hospital; Thomas J. Fahey, Jr., MD, Chairman,
   Calvary Hospital Board; Michael J. Brescia, MD,
   Executive Medical Director, Calvary Hospital.

   Right: The spectacular Enid A. Haupt Conservatory
   at The New York Botanical Garden.

New Calvary Hospital Board Members                                                                          Staff

Monsignor                                                                           Anne Coté Taylor        Crossroads is published by the
                                                                                                            Office of Public Affairs and
Edward M. Barry                                                                      had a distinguished    Community Relations.
currently serves as                                                                  30-year career at
                                                                                                            Please direct inquiries to the Public
Pastor of St. Barnabas                                                               New York Hospital,     Affairs Office at 718-518-2289.
(Bronx, NY) and                                                                      retiring in 1994 as
                                                                                                            Thomas J. Fahey, Jr., MD
Regional Vicar of The                                                                Vice President for     Chairman
Northeast Bronx,                                                                     Nursing. A highly      Calvary Hospital Board of Directors
for the Archdiocese of                                                               sought-after speaker   Richard E. Meyer
New York. Ordained                                                                   and prolific author,   Chairman
                                                                                                            Calvary Fund Board of Directors
to the Priesthood in                                                                 Ms. Taylor currently
                                                                                                            Frank A. Calamari
1973 from St. Joseph’s                                                               serves on the Board    President and Chief Executive Officer
Seminary, Monsignor Barry has served various               of Directors for: Silver Crest Nursing and
                                                                                                            Michael J. Brescia, MD
congregations as an Honorary Prelate, Pastor,              Rehabilitation Center; The Eye-Bank for          Executive Medical Director
and Parochial Vicar, as well as Executive                  Sight Restoration; and Fund the Future for       Vincent J. Spinelli
Director of Youth Service and Catholic Youth               Children of St. Joseph’s.                        Executive Vice President
Organization for the Archdiocese.                                                                           Calvary Fund
                                                                                                            Barbara J. Nitzberg
                                                                                                            Director of Public Affairs and
                                                                                                            Community Relations

Page 8   >   Calvary Hospital   >   Crossroads Fall 2009

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