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Nordic Digestive Disease Week 41st Nordic Gastroenterology


									   Nordic Digestive Disease Week
41st Nordic Gastroenterology Congress

          8-11 June 2010
       Copenhagen, Denmark

Words of Welcome                      3

Committees                            4

Sponsor List                          4

Important Addresses                   5

Important Dates                       5

Post Graduate Course                  6

Scientific Programme                   7

Scientific Programme Information       13

Call for Abstracts                    13

Exhibition & Sponsorship              15

Social Programme                      16

Registration Guidelines               17

Hotel Information                     18

Payment                               18

Cancellation and Refunds              19

General Information                   19

Words of Welcome

It is a pleasure to have the 41st Nordic Gastroenterology Congress in Copenhagen 8-11 June 2010 in Bella Centre 10
minutes from the Copenhagen Airport and 10 minutes by metro from downtown Copenhagen. We welcome gastro-
enterologists, surgeons, nurses, patient organisations and the pharmaceutical industry to this 41st Nordic Gastroente-
rology Congress. It is essential for the participants to have recent up-date on scientific achievements in the field and
projection into clinical practise in gastroenterology. We hope to fulfil this task by our efforts and planning together
with the faculty. The recent popular motto “time for a change” will be tailored in gastroenterological aspects by spea-
kers during the sessions.


Pia Munkholm, Herlev Hospital and Søren Meisner, Bispebjerg Hospital, University of Copenhagen

Faculty                                     Faculty Post Graduate Course
Peter Bytzer, Denmark                       Jesper Bach Hansen, Denmark
Einar Bjørnsson, Iceland                    Lasse Bremholm Hansen, Denmark
Pekka Collin, Finland                       Peter Ott, Denmark
Margarita Elkjaer, Denmark                  Michael Staun, Denmark
Jonas Halfvarsson, Sweden
Jakob Hendel, Denmark                       Faculty Nurses
Peter Funch Jensen, Denmark                 Herdisa Astradsdottir, Iceland
Sjöfn Kristiansdottir, Iceland              Yvonne Bailey, Ireland
Kalle Kurppa, Finland                       Lotte Julin Hansen, Denmark
Karin Ladefoged, Greenland                  Dorte Marker, Denmark
Søren Meisner, Denmark                      Margit Rytkønen, Denmark
Bjørn Moum, Norway                          Hanne Scherfig, Denmark
Pia Munkholm, Denmark                       Lisa Younge, United Kingdom
Rasmus Gaardskjær Nielsen, Denmark
Kári R Nielsen, Faroe Islands
Else Philipsen, Denmark
Anders Paerregaard, Denmark
Jacob Rosenberg, Denmark
Michael Staun, Denmark
Hendrik Vilstrup, Denmark
Peter Vilmann, Denmark
Tom Öresland, Norway

Faculty International
Elena Belousova, Russia
Michael Kamm, Australia
Stefan Schreiber, Germany
Geert D’Haens, Belgium
Daan Hommes, The Netherlands
Lars Agreus, Sweden
Jelle Haringsma, The Netherlands
Elisabetta Bugianesi, Italy
Selwyn Odes, Israel
Alexander Potapov, Russia
Patricia Iozzo, Italy
Eamonn Quigley, Ireland

Sponsor List
Silver sponsor                       Bronze sponsors                         Sponsors

Important Addresses
Nordic Digestive Week 41st Nordic Gastroenterology Congress 2010 is to be held in Copenhagen at Bella Centre.
Address: Center Boulevard 5 DK-2300 Copenhagen S.

Web Site
For the latest information about the meeting, please visit
The web site is available for online abstract submission and online registration.

For enquiries prior to the meeting and afterwards:
All matters regarding registration, hotel booking, social events, abstract handling, exhibition management and general
information are managed by Congrex Sweden AB.

Congrex Sweden AB                 Scientific Secretariat:                       Local Organising Committee:
Attn: Nordic Gastro 2010          Pia Munkholm, Herlev hospital                Danish Society of Gastroenterology
Visiting adress: Franzéng.5       Søren Meisner, Bispebjerg Hospital           Attn: Lasse Bremholm, MD
PO Box 5619                       Attn: Margarita Elkjaer; MD                  Address: Domus Medica,
SE-114 86 Stockholm, Sweden       Herlev Ringvej 75, 2730 Herlev, Denmark      Trondhjemsgade 9, 2100 København Ø,
Phone: +46 8 459 66 00            Telephone: +45 44883046                      Denmark
Fax: +46 8 661 91 25              E-mail:              Telephone: +45 44883046
General requests:                 Web site:                    E-mail:                                                                Web site:
Hotel & registration:

Important Dates

Abstract submission opens:                   1 December 2009
Registration opens:                          1 December 2009
Abstract submission deadline:                1 March 2010
Abstract submission Late breakning news:     3-10 March 2010
Abstract notification:                        end of March 2010
Deadline early registration low fee:         8 April 2010
Last date guaranteed hotel reservation:      8 April 2010
Deadline for hotel cancellation:             8 April 2010
Deadline for registration cancellation:      8 May 2010

Post Graduate Courses
Tuesday June 8 2010
8.30-8.40     Opening Remarks: Postgraduate Course
              Course Leaders: Lasse Bremholm Hansen & Michael Staun
              Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Surgery
              Peter Ott, Jesper Bach Hansen, Michael Staun, Lasse Bremholm Hansen
8.40-9.10     Hepatic Encephalopathy
              Clinical handling of overt hepatic encephalopathy: The evidence based approach
              Liselotte Gluud, Denmark
9.10-9.40     Improving nutritional status and muscle mass in the cirrhotic patient.
              Effects of nutrition, a late snack and branched chain amino acids
              Jens Kondrup, Denmark
9.40-10.10    Minimal hepatic encephalopathy
              Definition, quality of life, handling. Can they drive a car?
              Hendrik Vilstrup, Denmark
10.10-10.30   Break
10.30-10.55   Upper GI Bleeding
              Initial management of upper GI bleeding
              Ove Schaffalitzky de Muckadell, Denmark
10.55-11.15   Variceal bleeding
              Flemming Bendtsen, Denmark
11.15-11.35   Pharmacological therapy of non-variceal bleeding
              Ove Schaffalitzky de Muckadell, Denmark
11.35-12.00   Management of upper GI bleeding when endoscopy fails
              Christer Staël von Holstein, Sweden
12.00-12.45   Lunch at own expense in poster & exhibition area
12.45-13.15   Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis
              Endoscopic therapy of pancreatitis
              Palle Nordblad Schmidt, Denmark
13.15-13.45   Pharmacological treatment of chronic pancreatitis
              Peter Matzen, Denmark
13.45-14.15   Imaging in pancreatitis
              Alan Ainsworth, Denmark
14.15-14.35   Break
14.35-15.00   Intestinal failure
              Coeliac disease
              Steffen Friis, Denmark
15.00-15.30   Modern treatment of Short Bowel Syndrome-patients
              Palle Bekker Jeppesen, Denmark
15.30-15.55   Infectious Colitis
              Søren Thybo, Denmark
16.00-17.00   Satellite Symposium
              Open to all participants
              New borderlines for treatment of liver metastatis
              Morten Wøjdemann & Bjørn Skjoldbye
19.00-22.00   Welcome Reception Copenhagen City Hall & Tivoli
              Please note: The reception and Tivoli Garden is open to all participants, but only if marked on the
              registration form. Limited space, confirmed on a first come first served basis.

Scientific Programme
Wednesday June 9 2010
7.00-8.20     Satellite Symposium
              Open to all participants
8.30-8.50     Opening and Welcome
              Pia Munkholm & Søren Meisner, Denmark
              The Copenhagen Girls’ Choir (Sankt Annae Pigekor)
8.50-10.15    ENDO-LIVE
              Søren Meisner, Denmark & Lars Åbakken, Norway
8.50-9.30     Upper GI & Middle GI
              Enteroscopy and APC is it worth while?
              How to reach far with Enteroscopy?
              Jakob Hendel, Denmark & Lene Brink, Denmark
9.30-10.15    Endoscopic Ultrasound in staging esophagus cancer?
              Peter Vilmann, Denmark & Hazem Hassan, Denmark
10.15-11.00   Break
11.00-12.00   Lower GI
              Balloon Dilation of Crohn’s stenosis?
              How to detect and remove a flat polyp?
              Jakob Hendel, Denmark
              Lene Brink, Denmark
              Peter Vilmann, Denmark
              Hazem Hassan, Denmark
12.00-12.45   Lunch at own expense in poster & exhibition area
12.45-14.15   Bariatrics Update Obesity           Motility Disorders              Childrens IBD World:
              Sjöfn Kristiansdottir, Iceland      Jan Hattlebakk &                Pregnancy & Pediatrics
              Thorkild IA Sørensen &              Dag Lihaug Hoff, Norway         Anders Paerregaard, Denmark
              Michael Støckel, Denmark                                            Rasmus Gaardskjær Nielsen,
12.45-13.00   Challenges in combating the         Results & Perspectives of the   When small IBD patients
              obesity epidemic                    multimodal probe in study-      grow older: occurrence,
              Thorkild IA Sørensen, Denmark       ing upper gastrointestinal      course and prognosis during ½ a
                                                  function concepts               century
                                                  Hans Gregersen,                 Christian Jakobsen, Denmark
13.00-13.15   How are patients doing after        Denmark                         What do pediatric IBD
              surgery?                                                            patients hide in their small
              Peter Funch Jensen, Denmark                                         bowel?
                                                                                  Alexander Potapov, Russia
13.15-13.30   Does Medical treatment              Discussion                      Eating for treating
              change obese patients                                               Crohn’s disease: liquid diet
              disease course?                                                     for active Crohn’s disease.
              Sten Madsbad, Denmark                                               Rasmus Gaardskjær Nielsen,
13.30-13.45   Why does gastric bypass             Free papers                     Adolescents with
              work?                                                               IBD: are they different?
              Jens Juul Holst, Panum Institute,                                   Anders Paerregaard, Denmark
13.45-14.05   Denmark                                                             Pregnancy and nursing in
                                                                                  IBD patients - is it possible?
                                                                                  Lisbeth Ambrosius Christensen,
14.00-14.15   Discussion                          Discussion                      Discussion
14.00-14.45   Break

Scientific Programme
14.45-15.30   Trials Auction                     Inflammatory Bowel               Removal Of An Organ From
              Jacob Rosenberg, Denmark           Disease - IBD I                 The Abdomen
              Kári Nielsen, Faroe Islands        Biologics forever?              Liver transplantation & Pouch
              Margarita Elkjaer, Denmark         Jonas Halfvarsson, Sweden       construction
                                                 Pia Munkholm, Denmark           Hendrik Vilstrup, Denmark
                                                                                 Jens Hillingsø, Denmark
14.45-15.05                      Infliximab dependency in         Outcome of Liver transplan-
              Scandinavian Surgical Outcomes     children and adults. Good or    tation
              Research Group (SSORG)             bad?                            Michael Olausson, Sweden
              Eva Haglind, Sweden                Dana Duricova, Czech Republic
15.05-15.20                 Anti-bodies and trough levels Outcome of Colectomy
              Is there an East-West gradient     to biologics-what have we     & Pouch
              in incidence in Europe caused by   learned?                      Tom Öresland, Norway
              environmental factors?             Mark Ainsworth, Denmark
              Web based epidemiology
              Johan Burisch, Denmark
              Discussion                         Discussion                      Discussion
15.30-16.00   Break
16.00-17.00   Oral Presentations                 Oral Presentations              Nurse I
              1, 2, 3, 4                         1, 2, 3, 4                      Self-management in IBD,
              Einar Bjørnsson, Iceland           Karin Ladefoged, Greenland      pancreas & loss of response
              Kári Nielsen, Faroe Islands        Pekka Collin, Finland           Lisa Younge, United Kingdom
                                                                                 Hanne Scherfig, Denmark
                                                                                 Dorte Marker, Denmark
16.00-16.10                                                                      Electronic Age, IBD patients
                                                                                 self-initiated treatment
                                                                                 Margarita Elkjaer, Denmark
16.10-16.20                                                                      Chronic Pancreatitis - How
                                                                                 to deal with the patients
                                                                                 Else Philipsen, Denmark
16.20-16.30                                                                      How do the nurses manage
                                                                                 biologic treatments in clini-
                                                                                 cal practice?
                                                                                 Yvonne Krogager, Denmark
                                                                                 Lene Neergaard, Denmark
16.30-16.40                                                                      Self-management in IBD
                                                                                 Runa Hentze & Palle Bager,
16.40-17.00   Discussion                         Discussion                      Discussion
17.00-18.00   Satellite Symposium
              Open to all participants
              Swedish Orphan International Stefan Schreiber & Michael Kamm

Scientific Programme
Thursday June 10 2010
7.30-8.30     Satellite Symposium
              Open to all participants
              Renapharma Vifor Anaemia and iron in patients with IBD
8.30-10.15    Oral Presentations                Upper GI                        Pancreas
              Tom Öresland, Norway              Peter Bytzer, Denmark           Inflammatory Pancreatic Diseases
              Flemming Bendtsen, Denmark        Peter Funch Jensen, Denmark     - From Gene To Diagnosis &
                                                                                Else Philipsen, Denmark
                                                                                Niels Thorsgaard Pedersen,
8.30-8.50                                       Gastro-esophageal reflux         Pancreatitis-associated gene
                                                disease-an epidemic?            mutations. Who to test?
                                                Lars Agreus, Sweden             Clinical consequences.
                                                                                Maiken Thyregod Jørgensen,
8.50-9.10                                       Diagnosis of gastroesopha-      EUS - the best tool to reveal
                                                geal reflux disease.             early pancreatic cancer?
                                                Endoscopy, PPI test, pHmetry,   Hazem Hassan, Denmark
                                                impedance or …?
                                                Troels Havelund, Denmark
9.10-9.30                                       Management of difficult func- Alcohol and pancreatic
                                                tional dyspepsia and NERD.   disease. How to prevent
                                                Peter Bytzer, Denmark        recurrence
                                                                             Isto Nordback, Finland
9.30-9.50                                       Adverse effects of long-term    Chronic pancreatitis
                                                PPI therapy.                    - underdiagnosed and/or diagno-
                                                Is there a fly in my soup?       sed on a slender foundation?
                                                Christina Reimer, Denmark       Else Philipsen, Denmark
9.50-10.15    Discussion                        Discussion                      Discussion
10.15-11.00   Break
11.00-12.00   Award:                                                            Nurse II
              Scandinavian Journal of                                           Minimal Invasive Techni-
              Gastroenterology                                                  que In Gastroenterology?
              Lars Aabakken, Norway                                             Yvonne Bailey, Ireland
                                                                                Palle Bager, Denmark
                                                                                Lene Neergaard, Denmark
                                                                                Margit Rytkönen, Denmark
11.00-11.15                                                                     Sharing nursing experience
                                                                                in hepatology
                                                                                Rikke Baltzer, Denmark
                                                                                Trine Vogelius, Denmark
11.15-11.30                                                                     NAPS (Registred Nurse
                                                                                Assisted Propofol Sedation)
                                                                                Pernille Hornslet, Denmark
11.30-11.50                                                                     Laparoscopic surgery in IBD
                                                                                Jesper Olsen, Denmark
11.50-12.00                                                                     Discussion
12.00-12.45   Lunch at own expense in poster & exhibition area

Scientific Programme
12.45-14.15   Ready for prime time?              Hepatology I                     Inflammatory Bowel Disease
              SADE I                             The Clinical Challenges of       IBD II
              Scandinavian Association of        the Fatty Liver Diseases         Influencing Disease Course
              Digestive Endoscopy                Elisabetta Bugianesi, Italy      and Surgery In IBD
              Sjøfn Kristiansdottir, Iceland     Hendrik Vilstrup, Denmark        Bjørn Moum, Norway
              Lars Aabakken, Norway              Flemming Bendtsen, Denmark       Jonas Halfvarsson, Sweden
12.45-13.00   Why not use NAPS?                  What is the problem?             Prognostics factors of the
              Pernille Hornslet, Denmark         Hendrik Vilstrup, Denmark        disease course in IBD
              Peter Vilmann, Denmark             Clinical handling of non-        Camilla Solberg, Norway
                                                 alcoholic fatty liver disease
                                                 Elisabetta Bugianesi, Italy
                                                                                  What determines the di-
                                                                                  sease course, Scandinavian
13.00-13.15                                      Non-alcoholic fatty liver
                                                                                  twin data
                                                 disease in children and adol-
                                                                                  Jonas Halfvarsson, Sweden
                                                 Henning Grønbæk, Denmark
13.15-13.30   GERD – any future for en-          Prognostic impact of non-        Optimizing disease course
              doscopic treatments?               alcoholic fatty liver disease    with D-vitamin & iron in IBD
              Per-Ola Park, Sweden               Sanne Dam-Larsen, Denmark        Jens Dahlerup, Denmark
13.30-13.45   EMR/ESD in the GI-tract            Prognostic impact of alcoho-     Pro et Con:
              - instead of surgery?              lic fatty liver disease.         Do Gastroenterologists solve
              Jelle Haringsma, The Netherlands   Peter Jepsen, Denmark            or create the problems for
                                                                                  surgeons in severe UC?
                                                 Clinical handling of alcoholic   Bjørn Moum(solve) & Tom
                                                 fatty liver disease.             Öresland(create), Norway
                                                 Ulrik Becker, Denmark
14.00-14.15   Discussion                         Discussion                       Discussion
14.15-14.45   Break
14.45-15.30   NOTES                              Coeliac Disease                  Irritable Bowel Syndrome
              SADE II                            Pekka Collin, Finland            (IBS). Expensive GI disease
              Lene Brink, Denmark                Kalle Kurppa, Finland            or inexpensive self-initiated
              Søren Meisner, Denmark                                              web treatment?
                                                                                  Eamonn Quigley, Ireland
                                                                                  Michael Staun, Denmark
14.45-15.00   State of the art lecture:          How to detect coeliac disea-     Epidemiology & treatment
              NOTES – do we need it?             se: Do we need mass screening?   options have we moved any
              Speaker: TBA                       Pekka Collin, Finland            further?
                                                                                  Eamonn Quigley, Ireland
15.00-15.15                                      Gene susceptibility in coeliac   Web-based treatment solu-
                                                 disease: Clinical Application    tion in IBS-FODMAP or live
                                                 Knut Lundin, Norway              Lactobacillus?
                                                                                  Nynne Nybo Andersen, Denmark
15.15-15.30   Discussion                         Celiac disease beyond villous Discussion
                                                 atrophy. Recent scientific results
                                                 Kalle Kurppa, Finland
15.30-16.00   Break
16.00-17.00   How to Write a Good Paper?         Cases                            Nurse III
              Flemming Moesgaard, Denmark        Jens Dahlerup, Denmark           Nurse Out-patient Clinic
              Poul Schlichting, Denmark          Bjørn Skjoldbye, Denmark         Anna Svendsen & Birgit Laugesen,
                                                                                  Lisa Younge, United Kingdom

Scientific Programme
16.00-16.15   Surgery: How I do it?             1. Surgery                       Nurses doing Endoscopy
              Jacob Rosenberg, Denmark          Colectomy in UC & Agraf          Karen Houlbork,
                                                removal in v. cava               United Kingdom
                                                Bjørn Skjoldbye, Denmark
16.15-16.30   Gastroenterology:                 2. Gastroenterology              IBD nurse in UK
              How I do it?                      Strictures in the IBD bowel      Lisa Younge, United Kingdom
              Einar Bjørnsson, Iceland          -what now
                                                Jakob Hendel, Denmark
16.30-16.45   Which permissions do I            3. Hepatology                    Nurses in science &
              need?                             Enigmatic portal                 qualifications
              Ismail Gögenur, Denmark           hypertension                     Toto Markussen, Denmark
                                                Otto Clemmesen, Denmark          Lisbeth Gerdes, Denmark
16.45-17.00   Discussion                        Discussion                       Discussion
17.00-18.00   Satellite Symposium
              Open to all participants
19.00-23.00   National Gallery of Art - Dinner

Friday June 11 2010
7.00-8.20     Satellite Symposium
              Open to all participants
8.30-10.15    Late Breaking News                Colonic Polyps                   Hepatology II
              Bjørn Moum, Norway                Common but challeging!           Functional Molecular Imaging of
              Jakob Hendel, Denmark             Einar Bjørnsson, Iceland         the Liver
              Ole Haagen Nielsen, Denmark       Lars Bo Svendsen, Denmark        Hanne Prytz, Sweden
                                                                                 Susanne Keiding, Denmark
8.30-8.45                                       Epidemiology                     Hepatic blood perfusion
                                                Sjöfn Kristiansdottir, Iceland   Ole Lajord Munk, Denmark
8.45-9.00                                       Polypectomy                      Hepatic carbohydrate and
                                                Per-Ove Stotzer, Sweden          lipid metabolism
                                                                                 Patricia Iozzo, Italy / Finland
9.00-9.15                                       The role of the pathologist      Hepatic drug metabolism
                                                Jon Jonasson, Iceland            Bengt Långström, Sweden
9.15-9.30                                       After removal of polyps          Liver tumors
                                                When should I repeat the colo-   Michael Sørensen, Denmark
                                                Geir Hoff, Norway
9.30-9.45                                       Non Radical Endoscopic           Discussion
                                                Excision What´s Next?
                                                Hans Brevinge, Sweden
9.45-10.15                                      Discussion
10.15-11.00   Break
11.00-12.45   PRO et CON: Registry or           Nurse IV                         Inflammatory Bowel Disease
              RCT                               IBD patients need                IBD III
              To believe a meta-analysis? Is    Dorte Marker, Denmark            Which challenges are we
              Cochrane the solution?            Herdisa Astradsdottir, Iceland   facing?
              Jacob Rosenberg & Peter Matzen,   Yvonne Bailey, Ireland           Geert D’Haens, Belgium
              Denmark                           Lotte Julin Hansen, Denmark      Pia Munkholm, Denmark

Scientific Programme
 11.00-11.20   Do we have to randomize?         Patients need of Quality of   Top-down strategies with
               Epidemiology vs. RCTs, Denmark   Health Care in IBD.           anti-TNFs. What does the
               Jesper Hallas, Denmark           Elena Belousova, Russia       Oracle tell?
                                                                              Geert D’Haens, Belgium
 11.20-11.35   Arguments for RCT?              Quality of Life in IBD         Hit early & hit hard: Opti-
               Peter Gøtsche, Cochrane Center, patients - for better or for   mizing IBD phenotypes via
               Denmark                         worse?                         cyberspace?
                                               Tomm Bernklev, Norway          Margarita Elkjaer, Denmark
 11.35-11.50   Is Cochrane the answer?          Discussion                    Achievements from Markov?
               Lise-Lotte Gluud, Denmark                                      Transition probabilities &
                                                                              economics of IBD courses
                                                                              Selwyn Odes, Israel
 11.50-12.20   Is Consensus reports more        Late Breaking News            Viewpoint of Future aspects
               relevant in clinical practice?   1.Free Nurse papers           in IBD treatment from the
               SSI/ECCO consensus in IBD                                      president of ECCO
               Lisbeth A Christensen, Denmark                                 Daan Hommes, The Netherlands
 12.20-12.35   Discussion                                                     Discussion
 12.40         Closing Remarks NGC              Closing Remarks NGC           Closing Remarks NGC
               Søren Meisner, Denmark           Dorte Marker, Denmark         Pia Munkholm, Denmark

Nordic Gastroenterology Congress, NGC 2010, recommend the subsequent symposium ”Perspectives in IBD”
11-12 June. The symposium is arranged by Imedex and has an extra fee,

Scientific Programme Information
Please note that the programme outlined in this announcement is preliminary and may be subject to change.

The official language of the meeting is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.

Certificate of Attendance
A certificate of attendance will be given to registered participants upon request.

CME Credits
The congress is applying for CME accreditation.

The programme is correct at the time of the printing, however, the organisers reserve the right to alter the program-
me if and as is deemed necessary. The 41st Nordic Gastroenterology Congress 2010 and/or its agents have the right for
any reason beyond their control to alter or to cancel, without prior notice, the congress or any of the arrangements,
time tables, plans or other items relating directly or indirectly to the 41st Nordic Gastroenterology Congress 2010. The
41st Nordic Gastroenterology Congress 2010 and/or its agents shall not be liable for any loss, damage, expenditure or
inconvenience caused as a result of such alteration or cancellation.

Call for Abstracts - Nurses & Doctors
Deadline 1 March 2010

The Scientific Committee welcomes the submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentation at the meeting.
Abstracts related to the Postgraduate Course, the Nurses Programme and abstracts from Invited Speakers should also
be submitted according to the guidelines below. Accepted abstract will be published in Scandinavian Journal of
Gastroenterology 2010.

Accepted abstracts will be published in the Final Programme given to all delegates attending the meeting upon registra-
tion in Copenhagen.
Presenting authors must register and pay the registration fee when submitting an abstract. If the abstract is not accep-
ted, the registration fee is refundable.

Abstract submission guidelines
Abstracts should be submitted electronically no later than 1 March 2010.
Abstracts cannot be submitted by fax, hard copy or e-mail.
Acknowledgement of receipt of your submission will be sent to the stated e-mail address under section ”Correspon-
ding details”. If you do not receive an e-mail within 24 hours, your submission was not completed and needs to be
Notification on acceptance/rejection of the abstracts will be e-mailed end of March 2010.
The corresponding author will receive all correspondence concerning the abstract and is responsible for informing
the other authors of the status of the abstract. The e-mail address of the corresponding author will be printed in the
One of the following topics that best describes the abstract should be indicated upon submission:
    • Celiac disease
    • GI endoscopy
    • Hepatology
    • IBD adult
    • IBD pediatric
    • IBS
    • Motility
    • Laparoscopy
    • Pancreatic diseases

   • UGI disease
   • Other
   • Nurses programme abstract
   • Postgraduate course abstract
   • Invited speaker abstract

Abstracts must be written in English.
Maximum 2300 characters (including spaces and excluding title and contact information on authors).
Structured abstracts are mandatory. The abstracts should state clearly the Background/aims, Methods, Results and
Conclusions of the study.
It is the author’s responsibility to submit a correct abstract; any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific fact will be
reproduced as typed by the author, if accepted.

You can follow the progress of your abstract online by using your Personal Page (link from the meeting web site).
Your personal page makes it possible for you to:
   • make changes/updates until the submission deadline
   • read and print your abstract
   • follow the status of your submitted abstract

Abstract Review
The submitted abstracts will be rated after five different criteria: originality, scientific content, methodology, feasibility,
impact for NGC. Below you will find the list of the invited reviewers.

Topic                                 Intern audit                          Extern audit
Celiac disease                        Pekka Collin                          Anette Mertz Nielsen
                                      Kalle Kurppa                          Steffen Friis

UGI disease                           Peter Bytzer                          Lasse Bremholm
                                      Søren Meisner
                                      Einar Bjørnsson

GI endoscopy                          Peter Vilmann                         Lars Aabakken
                                      Jakob Hendel
                                      Søren Meisner
                                      Kári Nielsen

Laparoscopy Surgery                   Jacob Rosenberg                       Flemming Bendtsen
                                      Tom Öresland                          Jesper Bach Hansen

IBD adult                             Jonas Halfvarsson                     Elena Belousova
                                      Margarita Elkjaer                     Jens Dahlerup
                                      Pia Munkholm
                                      Karin Ladefoged
                                      Kari Nielsen
                                      Bjørn Moum

Motility IBS                          Søren Meisner                         Jan Hattlebak
                                      Jakob Hendel                          Nynne Nybo Andersen

Hepatology                            Hendrik Vilstrup                      Flemming Bendtsen
                                      Peter Ott                             Sanne Dam-Larsen
                                                                            Henning Grønbæk

Pancreatic diseases                   Else Philipsen                        Hazem Hassan
                                      Søren Meisner                         Niels Thorsgaard Pedersen

Topic                             Intern audit                       Extern audit
Bariatrics & CRC & polyps         Tom Öresland                       Thorkild I A Sørensen
& Other                           Bjørn Moum                         Michael Støckel
                                  Einar Bjørnsson
                                  Sjöfn Kristiansdottir

Pediatrics                        Anders Paerregaard                 Christian Jacobsen
                                  Rasmus Gaardskær Nielsen           Alexander Potapov
                                  Jonas Halfvarsson

Postgraduate course abstract      Peter Ott
                                  Jesper Bak Hansen
                                  Lasse Bremholm Hansen
                                  Michael Staun

Nurses program abstract           Hanne Scherfig                      Palle Bager
inkl. Late breaking news          Dorthe Marker                      Yvonne Bailey
                                  Margit Rytkønen                    Lisa Younge
                                  Herdisa Astradsdottir              Lene Neergaard
                                  Lotte Julin Hansen

Invited speaker abstract          Søren Meisner
                                  Pia Munkholm
                                  Margarita Elkjaer

Exhibition & Sponsorship

An exhibition will be arranged in conjunction with the Meeting. Please contact Congrex at or visit
the website if you are interested in participating as an exhibitor or a sponsor.

Social Programme
For participants and registered accompanying persons.
Please do not forget to inform Congrex if you have any dietary restrictions.

Reception at Copenhagen City Hall, 8 June
The reception will take place by courtesy of the city of Copenhagen at Copenhagen City Hall. The reception is held
on June 8, 2010 at 19:00. A buffet dinner will be served. After the reception you will continue the evening at the Tivoli
Please note: The reception and Tivoli Gardens is open to all participants and registered accompanying persons, only
if marked on the registration form. The City Hall only hosts a maximum of 600 delegates and a first come - first ser-
ved basis is practised for the tickets. Awaiting application confirmation from the City Hall.

Congress Dinner at the National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst),
10 June
The Congress dinner will be held at the National Gallery on June 10, 2010 at 19:00. Upon arrival you will be served
a welcome drink. Before dinner you have time to stroll around the museum and enjoy classical, modern and contem-
porary art, just as the museum building in itself represents a fusion of new and old.
During the congress dinner best poster award and best free paper award will be handed out.
Please note: This is included in the registration fee for participants, only if marked on the registration form.

Photographer: Jens Bangsbo

Registration Guidelines
Register online at

Registration Fees
The registration fee for delegates includes:
- admission to the congress and the exhibition
- programme and abstract book
- a public transport card
- the reception at City Hall, entrance to the Tivoli and Congress dinner at the National Gallery of Denmark

The registration fee for the delegates to the post graduate course includes:
- admission to the course
Registration fees including 25% VAT

                                                 Paid before 8 April, 2010 Paid from 8 April, 2010
 Registration fee                                DKK                          3 900 DKK                            4 900
 Registration fee, participants under 35 years   DKK                          3 600 DKK                            4 900
 Student and Nurses fee                          DKK                          2 300 DKK                            3 600
 Post-graduate course fee                        DKK                          1 200 DKK                            2 000
 Exhibitor badge                                 DKK                          2 500 DKK                            2 500

If your payment is not received before 8 April, 2010 the late fee will automatically be charged.

Group registration
A special form for group registration, minimum 10 persons, can be obtained from Congrex.

Fully accredited members of the press are invited to attend the Congress. Applications for media participants should
include a copy of their official media accreditation and a completed registration form. Members of the press are invited
to attend all scientific sessions.

Students and participants under 35 years
When applying for those reduced fees, please send a proof of your student status/age (a photocopy of the university
identity card/id card). Please fax your proof to +46 8 661 91 25, attention: NGC 2010.

Confirmation will be sent upon receipt of payment. Registration for events, which are included in the registration fee,
must also be marked on the form, in order to obtain a ticket. Please note that registration for the social events will be
confirmed upon payment on a ”first come, first served” basis, and numbers may be restricted.

Alterations to your registration must be made in writing and sent to Congrex by fax, post or e-mail.

Change of Name
Should you be unable to attend, you will be given the opportunity to send a colleague in your place. An administration
fee of DKK 500 will then be charged.

Please direct all registration, payment or hotel inquiries to Congrex:
Phone: +46 8 459 66 00
Fax: +46 8 661 91 25

Hotel Reservation

Hotel reservations can be made on-line in the on-line registration form. All hotels but one are situated in the city
centre of Copenhagen and the Bella Centre is accessible with public transportation. All hotel rooms in all categories
have private bath with shower or tub, internet, telephone, television, pay-TV and breakfast facilities. The room rates
below are in DKK per room, per night, including breakfast, tax and service. Please note that Congrex requires full stay
pre payment.

                                     Single room/night             Double room/night
 Radisson SAS Scandinavia            DKK                   1 695 DKK                     1 795
 Hotel Strand                        DKK                   1 325 DKK                     1 435
 71 Nyhavn Hotel                     DKK                   1 475 DKK                     1 625
 Hotel Phoenix                       DKK                   1 450 DKK                     1 600
 Cabinn Metro                        DKK                     605 DKK                       795

Hotel accommodation will be reserved and confirmed only when Congrex has received your hotel deposit, as indica-
ted above.

Congrex reserves the right to book another hotel if the desired accommodation should be fully booked.

To ensure that the hotel reservation will be made as required, please pay the appropriate deposit upon your reserva-
tion, as soon as possible but no later than April 1, 2010. After this deadline accommodation and rates will be confir-
med according to availability.

The hotel reserves the right to charge you for all nights reserved and guaranteed on the registration form, should you
check out before confirmed departure date or in case of no-show.

All reservations are handled by Congrex. Possible changes of your hotel reservation as well as cancellation must be
made in writing to Congrex. Please do not contact the hotel directly.

Hotel Group Reservations
Please note that special conditions apply for hotel group reservations.
For further information, please contact Congrex at

Please indicate your name and the payment reference number 010016 on all money transfers.

The Congress secretariat will not be responsible for identifying funds transferred directly into the account when the
name of the participant or invoice number is not mentioned, nor will the Congress secretariat accept charges of bank
fees associated with the transfer.

Payment should be made in advance by one of the following methods:
American Express,Visa or Eurocard/Mastercard may be used for all charges. Please indicate card number and expiry
date on the registration form.
Transfer to SHB (Svenska Handelsbanken, Box 7190, SE-103 88 Stockholm, Sweden, BIC/SWIFT-code: HANDSESS)
Account no. 43 600 549
IBAN no. SE29 6000 0000 0000 4360 0549
in DKK to Congrex Sweden AB, Attn: NGC 2010

Registrations, hotel reservations and social events will be confirmed when Congrex has received payment.

Admission to the congress is granted only if Congrex has received the registration fee. Delegates, who have made late
payments, should bring a proof of payment to the congress.

The meeting secretariat will not be responsible for identifying funds transferred directly into the account when the
name of the participant is not mentioned, nor will the meeting secretariat accept charges of bank fees associated with
the transfer.

Cancellations and Refunds
Cancellation of Registration
Notification of cancellation must be made in writing and sent to Congrex. Cancellation of registration will be accepted
until 8 May 2010, up to which date the total amount will be refunded less DKK 500 for cancellation fee. For cancella-
tions made after 8 May 2010 we regret that no refunds can be made.

Cancellation of Hotel Reservation
Notification of cancellation must be made in writing and sent to Congrex. Cancellation of any hotel reservation will be
accepted until 8 April 2010, up to which date the hotel deposit will be refunded less a cancellation fee of DKK 500. We
regret that the hotel deposit cannot be refunded after 8 April 2010.

Cancellation of Social Events
The registration for the social events is binding. In case of no-show without cancellation a fee of DKK 500 will be

General Information
Each participant will receive a name badge upon registration. For security reasons all participants are requested to
wear their badge during all the Congress activities and social events. (The cost for replacing a lost badge is DKK 500.)

Banks, Credit Cards and Currency Exchange
The official currency is Danish Krone (DKK). Major credit cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants and shops.

Climate and Dress
The weather in Copenhagen at this time of the year is usually mild with temperatures approximately 15-20 degrees
Celsius; showers may occur. Informal dress is recommended.

The Organising Committee, Bella Center and/or Congrex Sweden AB accept no liability for any injuries/losses incurred
by participants and/or accompanying persons, nor loss of, or damage to, any luggage and/or personal belongings.

Electrical current in Denmark is 220 V/50 Hz. Round, European-style two-pin plugs are used. Appliances designed to
operate on 110/120 Volts need a voltage converter and a plug adapter.

Coffee and lunch are not included in the registration fee. Served outlet will be open for purchase of tea / coffee and
light lunches in the poster and exhibition area.

Public Transport – Congress Ticket
At the registration in Copenhagen you will be given a personal public transport ticket. This Congress ticket entitles you
to free transport on public commuter trains, the underground and buses in Copenhagen during the Congress.

Time Zone
The time zone in Copenhagen is GMT + 1 hour. Daylight Saving Time is used during the summer.

On-site Registration in Copenhagen
On-site registration will start on 8 June 2010. The registration desk and meeting secretariat is located in Bella Centre
and will be open daily between 08:00-16:30.

Official Airline
SAS is proud to be the Official Airline for 41st Nordic Gastroenterology Congress and welcomes you to Copenhagen.

As Official Airline we offer you 10% conference and event discount on our published fares*. Simply log in with the de-
signated event code DK1019 at SAS Conference and Event booking engine,, and book
your flight on SAS, Blue1 and Widerøe.

When flying with SAS, you will naturally earn EuroBonus points on your journey, or with one of the Star Alliance airli-
nes frequent flyer programs.

For more information visit

Welcome on board!

*except 2% on our lowest Economy fares

Carbon Offset your air travel to the Event
SAS offers all participants to voluntarily offset their CO2 emission.

Denmark 70 10 30 00 Norway 05400 Sweden 0770 727 727 Finland 020 386 000
Europe +44 208 990 7270, USA 1-800 221 2350 Australia 1300 727 707 China 010 8527 6100 Japan 03-5400 2331
Singapore 6235 2488 Thailand 02 2845 8200

Passport,Visa and Invitation letter
Participants are advised to make their own arrangements with respect to entering Denmark Please note that if you
wish to participate in a tour outside Denmark you may need a multiple entry visa.
Individuals requiring an official letter of invitation in order to obtain a visa and authorization to attend the meeting,
should contact the meeting secretariat at The invitation letter will be issued once the
registration form and payment has been received by Congrex.

Public Transport – Conference/Congress Ticket
At the registration in Copenhagen you will be given a personal public transport ticket. This ticket entitles you to free
transport on public commuter trains, the underground and buses in Copenhagen during the meeting.

Sponsorship Opportunities
More information on sponsorship opportunities can be obtained from the meeting secretariat.

Official Conference Organizer

Professional Conference Organizer
Congrex Sweden AB has been appointed official Congress organizer for this event. The Congrex Group works internationally with offices in Sweden,
The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Latin America, offering integrated solutions for the association services industry and corporate and govern-
mental meetings. For more information, please visit

Additional copies of this announcement can be ordered through Congrex.


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