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No 174


									THE E.M. GAUGE SOCIETY                                                                        Limited

  Coming events . . .
  Members' Day & Annual General Meeting                                                                                FOUNDED 1955
  Bletchley Park
  SATURDAY 23rd February

  expoEM 2008                                                            In this mailing shot :
  The Bracknell Leisure Centre, Bagshot Road, Bracknell,                 Newsletter No.174
  Berkshire, RG12 9SE.
  Equidistant between M3 (junction 3) and M4 (junction 10)               Members' Day & AGM details
  SATURDAY 17th & SUNDAY 18th May                                        Manual Sheet 2.6.0.(5)
                                                                         Price List No.30
  expoEM North 2008
  Colne Valley Leisure Centre, SLAITHWAITE, Huddersfield.
  SATURDAY 13th & SUNDAY 14th SEPTEMBER                                                                    No. 174
 NEWSLETTER                                                                   January 2008
from the Editor . . .
Welcome to the first edition of our Newsletter printed in colour.        Our cover photograph is of Ian Hollis operating his "Alkham" layout
This, however, is only an interim design in order to get this to print   at his 'local' show at Newport, Isle of Wight just prior to attending
to meet a tight deadline over the Christmas and New Year period.         expoEM South where he won, for the second time a 'Best Layout'
A new design is being planned which hopefully will be ready in           at an expoEM. It was not only his layout that attracted much
time for our next issue. We look forward to meeting as many of           attention but also the trailer in which the boards were transported.
you as possible at the forthcoming Members' Day but remember             A lot of humorous banter during the disassembly - "We need a
to study the details enclosed in with this mailing. (Don't go to the     Manual sheet on how to build one of these", "The layout's rubbish,
Leisure Centre in Bletchley!) We would also like to draw your            but the trailer is great!" - were some of the more printable comments!
attention to the appeal for Volunteers to assist at expoEM 2008 at
Bracknell - see page 11.                                                 Photo : Doug Fairhurst

EMGS Newsletter January 2008
                                                              The E.M. Gauge Society Limited.
                                                  Minutes of the 21st Annual General Meeting
                                                              Saturday 24th February 2007
                                                         Kettlethorpe High School, Wakefield.
In the absence of an elected Chairman, Bob Blood opened the meeting at                 Position of Trade Officer. Doug Fairhurst is prepared to continue. There
14:00 with 62 (plus 8 Board) members registered present. The meeting was               being no other nominations received he was duly re-elected. Agreed nem
reminded that the AGM was to discuss business in the period 1st September              con.
2005 to 31st August 2006.
                                                                                       Board Nominated Positions. Board would like to confirm that the two nominated
Apologies for absence received from:                                                   positions of Publicity Manager and Publications Editor, held currently by
C. Underhill, Tony Wood, Tim Lovell, Nick Ridgeway, Andrew Smith, Ted                  Steve Young and Doug Fairhurst respectively will continue. Both are willing
Thoday, Ron Watson, Andrew Larcombe, Sid Weedon, Ken Carter, Graham                    to continue in their roles. Agreed nem con.
Smith, Pete Hurst, Lee Davis, Alan Monk, Andrew Hartshorne, David Tailby,
                                                                                       Appointment of Board Members. We are able to have a maximum of 6
Phil & Margaret Evans, Adrian Walby, Mick Moore and Graeme Vickery
                                                                                       elected members and currently Bob Blood, Steve Wear and David Barber are
(EMGS Secretary).
                                                                                       willing to stand for re-election. No other nominations received. Agreed nem con.
(belated apologies received from Alan Rhodes via e-mail to C Kedgley)
                                                                                       Appointment of Independent Accountant.
Confirmation of the Minutes from the 20th AGM held 25th February 2006.
Proposed by Chris Powell and seconded by Ewen Crosweller.                              Chris Kedgley (as Treasurer for the period under review) spoke about the
                                                                                       service from our current accountants and the reassurance the Society gets
Acting Chairman's Address                                                              from using an independent company. The Board recommends the continuation
Bob Blood welcomed members to the meeting, commenting that it was                      of the current arrangement with Hoyle & Co. as Society auditors. Proposed
significant in being the first time an AGM had been held outside the London            by Chris Powell and seconded by Ewen Crosweller. Agreed nem con.
area, pointing out that it would permit many members who, because of                   Any Other Business.
travelling distances involved, had not hitherto been able to air their views in
person and participate in the annual competition. He continued by giving a             1) Chris Kedgley as incoming Chairman was asked to say a few words.
resume of the year's activities, referring particularly to the issue of the            He offered his thanks to those who had voted in favour of him becoming
Manual on CD and the coming demise of Bletchley for expoEM. He also                    Chairman and went on to say that he would always seek to act in the best
referred to the new display material now in use and the resultant improvement          interests of the Society during his period in office. In particular he wanted
to our image on the exhibition circuit, for which thanks are due to Steve              members to feel able to approach him on any topic relevant to Society
Young and went on to thank all Society members, both Board and others, for             business and stressed that he would always welcome initiatives and
their work on behalf of the Society during the past year.                              suggestions. Also that he would seek a happy co-existence with other
                                                                                       Societies and co-operation on matters of mutual interest.
Adoption of Officers Reports.
                                                                                       He offered his personal thanks to the existing Board members for "holding the
Trade Report - No queries were raised. Proposed by Chris Powell and                    fort" for two full years during which time the EMGS had operated without a
seconded by Ewen Crosweller. Agreed nem con.                                           Chairman and in particular to Bob Blood who had, during that period, regularly
Secretary's Report - No queries were raised. Proposed by Chris Lyons and               taken the Chair at Board meetings. He also thanked David Woodward for
seconded by Robert Fysh. Agreed nem con.                                               arranging the venue and keeping everyone supplied with tea and biscuits.
                                                                                       Ian Hunter was thanked for his role as Demonstration organiser.
Treasurer's Report - Correction to Section 2 line 8 of balance sheet. This
should read £2,490 (not £2,940). All other figures are correct.                        2) Steve Young extended thanks to Doug Fairhurst for the EMGS Trade
                                                                                       Stand, Errol Surman for 247 Developments and Bill Hudson's Transport Books
Queries were raised:                                                                   for helping with the success of the day's events.
i) Letter from Ken Carter and Graham Smith. A sum of £67,000 was                       3) Steve Young acting as proxy for Ted Thoday wished to record thanks to
believed to be the value of the Society's surplus funds. Chris Kedgley                 the Board and Doug Fairhurst in particular for Trade support, the Manual and
(EMGS Treasurer) advised that this sum included the value of the Trade                 Newsletter.
Stock and was not all in cash.
                                                                                       4) Ken Carter & Graham Smith (via e-mail) sought clarification regarding the
ii) Tony Stocker then queried the sums held by the Society.                            position of wheels due to the long delay in obtaining Ultrascale wheels, the
Chris Kedgley replied that the sums were not excessive as we needed to                 unavailability of Sharman wheels and the announcement that Alan Gibson is
ensure we could cover any unforeseen losses. He pointed out that amounts               seeking a buyer for his business. Doug Fairhurst answered this question.
in hand dipped quite significantly prior to subscription renewals coming in and        He advised that Sharman Wheels is up for sale and Alan Gibson, whilst
also that a significant proportion of these funds were controlled by the Trade         seeking a buyer, will probably continue with the components (wheels and
Officer. Proposed by Chris Powell, seconded by Dave Greenly. Agreed nem                detailing parts) but would possibly drop the kit range. Doug continued that at
con.                                                                                   the present time there is no shortage of wheels and he had supplies available
                                                                                       of all the listed items on the Society Trade list.
Appointment of Elected Honorary Officers, Nominated Officers and Elected
Members.                                                                               5) Ken Carter & Graham Smith (via e-mail) enquired if the P4 Track Company
                                                                                       style point kits may become available in EM. Doug Fairhurst replied that he
It has been customary for the Members to call for these to be voted 'en-bloc'          was unaware of any plans by the P4 Track Company to make any products
but for reasons that would become apparent the Board asked that each                   other than in 18.83mm. He advised that the C&L turnout kits had been
position is proposed, seconded and voted separately.                                   simplified with ready-made 'V' crossings and point blades.
Position of Chairman. Chris Kedgley is willing to take on this role and as you         6) Brendan Walsh from Burton-on-Trent. With the demise of Bletchley,
are aware, he is the current Treasurer. All Board members support this                 where would future expoEM events be held? Chris Kedgley replied (in Graeme
proposal. No other nominations were received. Proposed by Bob Blood and                Vickery's absence) that the Board is exploring sites within Central England.
seconded by Phil Tattershall. Agreed with only one objection being received.           The possibility of a venue near Birmingham is being considered.
Position of General Secretary. Graeme Vickery is prepared to continue.                 7) Chris Birchall enquired about expoEM 2007. Chris assured him that for
There being no other nominations received he was duly re-elected. Agreed               2007 the exhibition will be at Bletchley. John Phillips asked when the
nem con.                                                                               rebuilding at Bletchley would be completed. Advised that building work was
Position of Treasurer. Chris Kedgley is not seeking re-election for this post          due to start in June/July 2007 but no date was known for the completion.
but we do have a nomination for a new Board Member, Mike O'Neill, who is               The Board pointed out that the rebuilt venue may not be suitable for our
seeking to stand. No other nominations were received. Proposed by Chris                needs.
Kedgley and seconded by Phil Tattershall. Agreed nem con.                              8) John Brighton asked for more consideration to be given to the Membership
Position of Membership Secretary. Phil Tattershall is prepared to continue.            list. Steve Young replied that he had only received requests for less than 10
There being no other nominations received he was duly re-elected. Agreed               since the list was made available. The Data Protection Act requires us to
nem con.                                                                               ask if members' names could be included and made available.

EMGS Newsletter January 2008                                                                                                                                 174 - 2
9) John Brighton asked for clarification of non-EMGS Members eligibility to       bearing, bushes etc) were sourced from engineering firms using specifications
attend EMGS Area Groups. He believed that there was a current requirement         Doug had created. He believed that kit manufacturers could also apply
that non-Members could only attend three meeting before they would be             pressure on wheel manufacturers to ensure the availability of suitable wheels.
required to join. The Board will investigate this further and respond to John.    Furthermore as an example the Society asked Alan Gibson to modify the
                                                                                  moulding of his M7 wheels to enable the Society to create a conversion kit
10) John Brighton suggested that there could be the opportunity for a meeting
                                                                                  and Manual sheet for that model.
of Area Group people at the expoEM event so they could provide input. The
Board will investigate the possibility of this.                                   14) Geoff Kent asked how many people had access to a PC and could run
                                                                                  the CD. A show of hands indicated that approximately 95% of people did
11) John Brighton asked for a working group on preferred wheel profiles.
                                                                                  have access.
Doug Fairhurst advised that EM and P4 wheel profiles were available and had
always been made available to manufacturers who had requested them.               There being no "Any other business", Mike O'Neill then asked for a vote of
More recently a member had also provided a CAD produced diagram of the            thanks to the Board.
EM wheel specification but was not interested in providing the same for
18.83mm. Doug agreed that the EM CAD diagram could be made available              Phil Tatterhall as Membership Secretary appealed for people to pay their
but we would need to enlist a willing member to get the 18.83mm specification     subscriptions - Promptly.
into CAD.
                                                                                  MEETING CLOSED at 15:15
12) Ewen Crosweller asked if models entered into the competition could be
tested to ensure they ran. Iain Hunter, as this year's Competition Manager,       Meeting conducted by Steve Young (Publicity Manager)
advised that this would be impossible due to the time it would take to test       Minutes taken by Steve Young (Publicity Manager)
run all entries.                                                                  Date of the next (22nd) AGM to be advised.
13) Richard Nice raised a query over availability of wheels and parts. Doug
Fairhurst replied that many of the Society specific parts (conversion axles,

Area Group News . . .
Report from Nick Ridgway
Part of EM gauge modelling is to open other modellers' eyes as to what can
be done. Some of the Group have contributed to EMGS demonstration
stands at both the Shenfield and the Colchester exhibitions this autumn,
which is good to see, as was the reaction to several who attended. It is
quite possible some new members have been generated from among the
customers at these shows.
Having a facility where testing can take place and advice can be exchanged
is clearly a useful feature of an Area Group. So the Area Group Test Track        N.W. SURREY AREA GROUP
(a rather bold label for 3.5m of 18mm gauge track stuck to a plank!) is now
                                                                                  Report from Douglas Smith
in operation, and has been used to test and rectify a number of locomotives
recently, some re-gauged proprietary, some kit-built and some with a scratch-     We enjoyed our day at expoEM South in November and there were some
build chassis under a proprietary body. So far, all of them have been steam-      excellent layouts. We also had some interesting chats with various people
outline, though other outlines will be just as welcome. Small tools and a lit     and I ran my converted West Country on the test track.
workstation are available for those locos needing minor tweaks.
                                                                                  The most interesting development recently has been an invitation from the
With a recent boost in numbers, arrangements are now being made for team          editor of Model Railway Journal to contribute an article on the "Swaynton"
visits to view both the "Clatterford" and "Retford" layouts at close quarters     layout. Philip Hall came along in September armed with cameras and took a
during 2008. The Retford visit will most likely be at a weekend given the         large number of photographs. The written part has subsequently been sent
scale of the operation, its operating days and its distance from the Chelmsford   off to the editor, Tim Shackleton, and we now await publication at some
area. One or two individuals have also indicated that team visits to their own    unspecified date in the future. Having seen the pictures it has to be remarked
lines locally would be agreeable once the weather improves, so these will be      that the camera seems to expose every defect and has shown a great many
pencilled-in for the Spring months.                                               matters, mostly minor, that could do with improvement. Generally, everything
                                                                                  seems to be much too clean so we shall have to get down to some serious
Meanwhile the third Wednesday evening in each month still seems to be the
best compromise for everyone, and February 20th, March 19th and April 16th
have been pencilled in for future gatherings. All EMGS members and their          Two of us visited the Beckenham layout where we have a booking for the
guests are warmly welcome.                                                        layout to appear in October 2008 - Brendan Walsh, who for a short time
                                                                                  came to our Group meetings when he was working in the south, was there
Numbers to, and directions from:
                                                                                  with Anderstaff Yard. Most of the Group were at expoEM South and enjoyed
Nick Ridgway on Tel: 01245 382626.
                                                                                  an interesting day there.
NORTH EAST AREA GROUP                                                             Our regular meetings continue on the second Thursday of each month:
Report from Keith Smart.                                                             February:
                                                                                  14 February Host, David Cheeseman, 15 Stoke Road, Walton-on-Thames.
                                                                                  (01932 229371).
Our first meeting was held on Sunday 9th December at my home in                      March:
                                                                                  13 March Host, Douglas Smith, 7 Marlborough Drive, Weybridge. (01932
Cramlington. Five of us attended, and we began with a practical                   846081).
session and discussion on soldering, followed by building a turnout in               April:
                                                                                  10 April Host, Richard Stevenson, 15 Weybarton, Byfleet (01932 342481).
EM gauge. Most of this was completed, followed by tea and the
viewing of a video on railways in our area. This first outing was voted a         The remaining dates for 2008 will be on 8 May, 12 June, 10 July, 11
success by those attending, and our next meeting will probably be in              September, 9 October, 13 November and 11 December and all members will
January at another member's home in the Northumberland area. Any                  be very welcome at these meetings of the Area Group.
other EM members wishing to join us please contact:                               Further details: Douglas Smith, Weybridge.
Keith Smart (Northumberland) Tel: 01670 737572.                                   Tel: 01932 846081    e-mail:
EMGS Newsletter January 2008                                                                                                                          174 - 3
Area Group News cont . . .
EAST DORSET AREA GROUP                                                           MANCHESTER GROUP
Report from Dickie Paget                                                         Report from Robert Fysh
To one of the summer meetings of the Area Group I brought a partly               For our October meeting we went to see John Sykes in the West Riding.
constructed LMS cattle wagon, built about three decades ago from what            Here he had his EM LNER(GNR) layout of "Ingrow" in operation. Tony Stoker
must have been George Slater's earliest attempt at rolling stock kits. When I    brought along his newly completed curved frame GWR "Bulldog" constructed
bought it, the kit consisted of nothing more than mouldings of the sides and     from a Martin Finney kit fitted with a High Level gearbox and a Mashima 1024
ends, without any instructions. I wanted to show the Area Group some of          motor which ran very smoothly. Not to be outdone Neville Pearson ran his
the flaws that revealed that the pattern maker had failed to comprehend the      "out of the box" Hornby Class 31 (Brush Type 2) which he had converted to
actual construction of the vehicle he was trying to model. This gave rise to     EM the night previously using the EMGS conversion kit! O' that steam
some interesting comments from Adrian Swain on variations in moulding            outline locomotives were that easy! Thanks to Elizabeth for the refreshments.
systems and on the history of methods of making masters for moulding.
                                                                                 November found us at Gatley where Glyn Jones has a large GWR passenger
Although his further comments did not relate to the cattle wagon, Adrian
                                                                                 layout. This consists a large 8 platform terminus with a through station on
went on to bring to our attention the different buffer faces that could be
                                                                                 the other side of the room and a line to reverse direction of the trains across
found on rolling stock, some buffer faces being flat and some curved, with
                                                                                 the middle of the room. An intensive passenger and parcels service was run
there being instances where both types were used deliberately on the same
                                                                                 and the only goods train being loco coal to the coaling stage at the loco
                                                                                 shed. Thank you Glyn for a most interesting evening and for the refreshments
Bob Keech continues to entertain the Area Group with the continuing saga of
                                                                                 We were pleased to see the EMGS Society stand back at the Manchester
L&Y locomotives for his layout 'Pandemonium'. Some he has built from new
                                                                                 Model Railway Society's Exhibition in early October organised by Nigel Hopwood
kits, some from second-hand partly built kits. We have seen recently two
                                                                                 (see photo).
versions of 2-4-2 Radial Tanks, one with a straight boiler, the other with a
Belpaire firebox, a steam railcar and a rebuilt Barton-Wright 0-6-0 Saddle       Future Meetings:
Tank. In the latter case 'rebuilt' applies to both the locomotive on which the
                                                                                 Monday 25th February at 7.30pm. Tony Stokes will be the host at his large
model was based and the model itself. We saw both the before and after
                                                                                 GWR and Southern layout at Lightcliffe near Halifax. The layout is situated in
versions of the model. Bob has also shown us an L&Y van constructed from
                                                                                 two rooms and a landing. Notifications to Tony on Tel: 01422 202481 please.
a David Geen white metal kit by Bob's daughter.
                                                                                 Monday 31st March at 7.30pm Visit to Alan Catlow's Isle of Man layout at
The topic of wheels continues to engage the Area Group. Peter Watson             Briarfield near Nelson. Notifications to Alan on Tel: 01282 603246 please.
described the difficulties that he had experienced in assembling Exactoscale
                                                                                 We wish all EMGS members good modelling in 2008. Everyone most welcome
wheel sets. Bob then explained how simple and straightforward the process
                                                                                 to join these visits - maps and directions if required from Robert on 0161 980
was. Having spent the first half of my working life as an auditor, I worry
about Bob's enthusiasm for Exactoscale products. There was also some
general discussion about driving wheels and the high cost of these from          Robert Fysh. 'The Oaks', 57 Moss Lane, Timperley,
virtually all sources.                                                           Altrincham, Cheshire, WA15 6LQ.    Tel : 0161 980 3091
Other matters that have interested the Area Group have included the layout       Photo: Robert Fysh
of the old GWR works at Swindon and some new products becoming available
in the RTR field. On the former Alan Thompson produced an interesting book
and Maurice Bulgin an interesting map. Alan also showed us a recent W H
Smith publication about British Railways Modernisation and Privatisation.
All members of the Society are welcome at the regular meetings of the Area
Group which are held at the Allendale Community Centre, Hanham Road,
Wimborne, Dorset, normally on the second Monday of each month starting
around 7.30 pm.
Further details :
Peter Watson. (Area Group Secretary)
2 King's Park Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH7 7AE.
Tel : (01202) 247287
W.D. (Dickie) Paget (Area Group Rapporteur)
22 Wesley Road, Colehill, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 2PG.
Tel : (01202) 881168

                                                                                 SKIPTON AREA GROUP
                                                                                 Report from Geoff Peacock
                                                                                 The photo shows the Skipton Area Group with "Whiteadder Junction" which
                                                                                 won the prize foir the "Best prototypical Operated Layout" at the Grantham
                                                                                 Exhibition last September.
                                                                                 Further details:
                                                                                 Geoff Peacock

                                                                                  The Membership Secretary (Phil Tattershall) stands beside the new EMGS
                                                                                  signage as described on page 5 by Steve Young. We also see Doug
                                                                                  Fairhurst with the new trade stand which has proven to be a great
                                                                                  success at the shows so far attended. Here seen at expoEM South in
                                                                                  November also with the new Trade signage.

EMGS Newsletter January 2008                                                                                                                          174 - 4
EMGS Publicity report . . .                                               Membership Matters . . .
21st century signage for the Society.                                     Maybe this epistle should be called "Phil's chat". I enjoy chatting
                                                                          to those of you who come to expoEM events and writing this piece
Steve Young Publicity Manager.                                            seems to me to be an extension of those conversations. I hope you
                                                                          find it interesting/useful or whatever.
2006 saw the introduction of the new trade stands that Doug
Fairhurst spends his time behind trying to keep the customers at          How old are we?
bay. After some initial problems with the stands themselves moving
                                                                          Many of you who attended expoEM North and expoEM South this
(abrasive strips resolved it) they have proven to be an outstanding
                                                                          year will have been asked to tell me in which year you were born.
success, attracting many positive comments.
                                                                          This isn't me being nosey; the Board is aware that we just have no
The Board was aware of improving our image. Several years ago             idea of the age distribution of the Society. I started this exercise
David Barber, when he was the Membership Secretary, had raised            with just three items of data - my own age (obviously!), the
the issue of cumbersome EMGS headboards that he was using.                knowledge that Peter Denny celebrated his 90th birthday in
David described an upright banner display system that he had              September and the gentleman who wrote to say that he would not
seen and thought would be more practical.                                 be starting a standing order arrangement as he was 92. If the
                                                                          three of us were typical, it meant that the average age would have
The Board agreed that one should be purchased for the
                                                                          been 82 and the Society would have been facing a serious
Membership Secretary and I undertook the task of designing and
                                                                          problem! Fortunately, the data I have collected so far shows that
sourcing it. I collected the assembly and took it to the last "stuffing
                                                                          all three of us are older than the average age of the Society
session" for the other Board members to see. There was an
                                                                          (phew!). The data is from a population of only about 10% of the
overwhelming positive response. Doug asked if one could be
                                                                          membership and I am therefore keen to get more information. The
purchased for Trade Sales and the Board agreed to this and it
                                                                          membership application form on our website now has a space for
was duly ordered.
                                                                          year of birth to be entered and I'll be including a similar box on
The first outing of these was at expoEM South 2007.                       next year's membership renewal form. It will obviously be up to
                                                                          you whether you provide the information or not (nobody has refused
I'd just like to thank Paul Harrison at Magic Signs in Ash for his
                                                                          me yet!) but such data, and especially any significant change in
help and suggestions when placing the order.
                                                                          age distribution in future years, will be a help to the Board in long
Magic Signs 01252 337776
                                                                          term planning.
Essential modelling items.                                                Membership renewals

Back in stock - EMGS mugs - Same price - £3.50 - Available at             Thanks to all who have renewed their membership and especially
expoEM events and the Members' Day AGM. (not available by                 those who did so promptly. You will recall from my previous
post)                                                                     writings that the reminders to non-payers have gone out three
                                                                          months earlier this year and at the time of writing this piece (end of
EMGS Aprons - Dark blue with EMGS logo - only £11.50                      November) the number of renewals received appears to be on
Postage £1.50 or collect from an EMGS event.                              track for us to collect a similar number of renewals as in previous
Still available - EMGS polo shirts - M, L & XL in grey & blue. Other      years. Standing Orders have proved popular with some 340 of
sizes to order. Price £11.50. Postage £2.00 any number. Or                you taking up this option. We've had a few problems and all but a
collect from an EMGS event.                                               very small number are now resolved.

Coming soon. EMGS sweatshirts - Estimated price will be no more           Lies, damned lies . . .
than £15.00 Available in dark blue. Stock sizes will be M, L, & XL.       Our current membership records have been held on a spreadsheet
Other sizes to order.                                                     since I took over the Membership Secretary job last summer.
All orders and enquiries to Steve Young (Publicity Manager)               Besides keeping the records (which are backed up with a copy
address on back page of Newsletter.                                       kept at a separate location to mine) the spreadsheet allows me to
                                                                          create statistics, some of which I will share with you from time to
                                                                          time. This time it concerns the provision of EMGS Manuals to new
                                                                          members. Since we offered the option of either paper (at extra
                                                                          cost) or the CD version of the Manual in February 2007, 75% have
                                                                          taken the CD, 25% paper. Not sure whether the attraction of the
                                                                          CD is cost or convenience.
                                                                          Best wishes
                                                                          Phil Tattershall

EMGS Newsletter January 2008                                                                                                           174 - 5
Seen at expoEM South 2007 . . .

Above: Wagons awaiting departure on
"Anderstaff Yard" by Brendan Walsh.
Right: Ian Hollis, winner of The Best Layout
at expoEM South 2008 ("Alkham") with his
helpers Steph Steele and Chris Wood. Not
only did the layout win admiration but also
the trailer in which it was transported.
Below: "Sutterton" brought along by John
Andrews of Peterborough. A nice continuous
run through a fiddle yard layout ideal for a
bit of 'train spotting'.

EMGS Newsletter January 2008
                                               174 - 6
                               Above: "Hemyock". Although set in the
                               1930s this layout certainly captured the
                               whole atmosphere of the area for those of
                               us who remembered it in its final days
                               during the 1960s. (Now sadly bulldozed
                               and a housing estate has grown up on the
                               diary and adjacent site.)
                               Left: The signal box at "Birmingham Moor
                               Below: "Great Bardfield". A 'might have
                               been' location in Essex during the 1950s
                               built by David Hawkins of the South Hants.
                               Photos : Phil Tattershall

EMGS Newsletter January 2008
                                                                   174 - 7
Exhibition Circuit . . .
SOUTHAMPTON MODEL RAILWAY SOCIETY                                                         NOTTINGHAM East Midlands MODEL RAILWAY EXHIBITION
SATURDAY 26th JANUARY 10.30am to 5.00pm                                                   SATURDAY 15th MARCH 9.30am to 5.30pm
SUNDAY 27th JANUARY        10.00am to 5.00pm                                              SUNDAY 16th MARCH 10.00am to 5.00pm
SOUTHAMPTON, SO19 6PB.                                                                    BILBOROUGH, NOTTINGHAM, NG8 4PB.
Over 20 layouts including "Talyllyn" in EM and "Dartley" in                               Layout details still to be advised but exhibition will have
P4. Full trade support including Kevin Robertson Books,                                   over 40 traders attending such as 247 Developments, Bill
Roxey Mouldings, Eileen's Emporium and Green Scene.                                       Hudson Transport Books, Comet Models, Connoisseur
Specialist stands and demonstrations. EMGS Demo stand.                                    Models, Dart Castings, David Geen, Eileen's Emporium, MJT,
Hot and cold refreshment facilities. Free car park. About 1½ miles from M27 Junction 8,   Model Signal Engineering, Modelex, Parkside Dundas,and
follow road signs for A3024 Southampton. By train/bus, Solent Blue Line routes 18 and
19 from Southampton Central station and City Centre.                                      South Eastern Finecast. EMGS Demo stand attending.
Adult £4.50p Senior Citizens £3.50p Child (5-15) £2.00p Family (2+2) £11.50p              From M1 junc. 26 follow A610, then A6002. By rail to Nottingham Midland, bus No.28
                                                                                          Nottingham City Transport from Parliament Street (City centre). Free on-site car park with
ERITH MODEL RAILWAY SOCIETY                                                               security cameras and patrols. Overflow car park in school next door. Cafeteria and
                                                                                          Lounge Bar. All-in-one level with disabled access.
SATURDAY 26th JANUARY 10.00am to 5.00pm                                                   Adult £6.00p Senior Citizens/Students £5.00p Child £2.00p Family (2+2) £14.00p
SUNDAY 27th JANUARY    10.00am to 4.30pm
TEMPLE HILL CP SCHOOL, ST EDMUNDS ROAD,                                                   CRAWLEY MODEL RAILWAY SOCIETY
TEMPLE HILL, DARTFORD, KENT, DA1 5ND.                                                     Golden Jubilee Exhibition
Adult £5.00p Concessions £4.00p Child (under 5's free) £3.00p Family (2+2) £14.00p        SATURDAY 12th APRIL        10.00am to 5.00pm
                                                                                          SUNDAY 13th APRIL        10.00am to 4.30pm
                                                                                          TANBRIDGE HOUSE SCHOOL, GUILDFORD ROAD,
SATURDAY 2nd FEBRUARY 10.00am to 5.00pm
                                                                                          HORSHAM, RH12 1SR.
SUNDAY 3rd FEBRUARY           10.00am to 4.30pm
                                                                                          20 layouts including in EM, "Alkham" and in P4 will be
                                                                                          "Harton Gill" and "Lee on Solent" plus demonstrations, trade
Approx. 14 layouts including in EM "Ashbourne Midland",
                                                                                          stands and a passenger carrying railway.
"Cornwallis Yard" and in S4 "Knutsford East Junction". Trade                              Further details telephone 01293 454363 or see website
includes Bill Hudson Books, Milnsbridge Models and Wizard                                 Adult £4.00p Child/Concessions £2.00p Family (2+2) £10.00p
Models.                                                                                   SCALEFOUR NORTH 2008
Adult £3.50p   OAP £2.50p   Child £2.00p   Family £9.00p
                                                                                          SATURDAY 19th APRIL       10.00am to 5.00pm
WARMINSTER MODEL RAILWAY EXHIBITION                                                       SUNDAY 20th APRIL       10.00am to 4.00pm
SATURDAY 16th FEBRUARY 10.00am to 5.00pm                                                  WAKEFIELD COLLEGE, THORNES PARK, WAKEFIELD.
ASSEMBLY HALL, WESTERN CAR PARK,                                                          Layouts attending "Brinkley" BR(M) 1946-60; "Coldfair Green"
WARMINSTER, WILTSHIRE.                                                                    LNER/BR(E) 1920-60; "Coome Wharf" LB&SCR 1903;
13 layouts, static displays and trade stands, transport books.                            "Hedleythorpe" BR(NE) 1950; "Lower Soudley" GWR 1930s;
Refreshment facilities. Disabled access all on one level
Adult £4.00p Child/Senior Citizens £2.00p Family (2+2) £9.00p                             "Maindee East Engine Shed" BR(W) 1961; and "St. Merryn"
                                                                                          BR(S) 1954. Lectures by Dave Carter "Signal Operation by
                                                                                          memory wire and by Roy Jackson "Grand Designs".
SATURDAY 1st MARCH  10.30am to 4.30pm
                                                                                          Demonstrations by Tom Mallard of Locomotive Construction;
                                                                                          Paul Gittins on Track Construction and Dave Booth will have
Free parking, easy access from A3(M), refreshments, good disabled access.                 an Introduction to DCC. About 20 Specialist traders will be
Adult £4.00p Senior £3.00p Child £2.50p Family £10.00p           attending.
                                                                                          Free car parking. Hot and cold refreshments available at lunchtime.
WYRE FOREST RAILWAY CLUB                                                                  £4.00p (Scalefour Society members and concessions). £5.00p non members.
SATURDAY 8th MARCH 10.00am to 5.00pm                                                      Partners admitted free. Tickets are valid for both days.

SUNDAY 9th MARCH         10.00am to 4.00pm                                                THE EPSOM SHOW 2008
GLADES ARENA, WYRE FOREST LEISURE CENTRE,                                                 SATURDAY 26th APRIL 10.00am to 5.30pm
KIDDERMINSTER.                                                                            SUNDAY 27th APRIL 10.00am to 5.00pm
16 plus layouts including EM "Wibdenshaw" and "Culm".                                     NORTH EAST SURREY COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY,
10 minutes walk approx. from Network Rail and SVR stations.
Adult £4.50p Seniors £3.50p Child £2.00p Family (2+2) £11.00p                             REIGATE ROAD (A240), EWELL, KT17 3DS.
                                                                                          This year there is a concentration of O gauge layouts but for
  The Model Railway Club                                                                  4mm finescale there will be "Coombe Wharf" (P4) and
  FORTHCOMING EVENTS                                                                      "Westcliff" (EM) and "The Gresley Beat (00).
                                                                                          NESCOT has free car parking for 600 vehicles is located just off the Ewell By Pass (A24)
  Thursday 14th February 2008                                                             and is only 4 miles south of the A3 interchange at Tolworth and 6 miles north of the M25
                                                                                          (junc. 8) at Reigate. Ewell East station, served by trains from London Victoria, is a 10
  "From the Tree Tops"                                                                    minute walk away. Refreshments (hot and cold).
  A demonstration by professional model maker Jacqui Perrat on how to build               Further details can be found at
  realistic trees for your layout.                                                        Adult £4.50p Senior Citizens £4.00p Child £2.00p Family (2+2) £11.00p

  Thursday 13th March 2008                                        OPEN DAY                diesel and electric modellers united - demu
  Another cracking video presentation by Nick Lera.                SUNDAY                 SATURDAY 7th JUNE 10.00am to 5.00pm
  Thursday 10th April 2008                                        20th APRIL
                                                                                          SUNDAY 8th JUNE 10.00am to 4.00pm
  Nick Freezer on "Isle of Man Railway".
                                                                                          TOWN HALL, KING EDWARD PLACE,
  The second Thursday of the month from September to May is generally a talk              BURTON-ON-TRENT, DE14 2EB.
  or presentation on an aspect of modelling or prototype railways - please check
  our website for details of our autumn programme. On non-event Thursdays
                                                                                          Diesel / Electric British theme layouts, specialist traders,
  our extensive library is open for browsing and research (until 9pm) and our             models display and lots more.
  test tracks are available for most popular gauges. Visitors are welcome                 Ample free parking.
  between 7 and 10pm. Refreshments are available.                                         demu is the National Society for modellers of the British Railway
                                                                                          diesel and electric era, and this specialist event provides a Showcase
  website: or call 020 7837 2542 for more details.
                                                                                          for the best in Diesel and Electric Modelling.
  All events take place at:                                                               Adult £5.00p demu members £3.00p Child/Senior £3.00p Family (2+2) £12.00p
  Keen House, 4 Calshot Street, London N1 9DA.                                            Note: As this is a specialist event, this may not suit the very young viewer.

EMGS Newsletter January 2008                                                                                                                                            174 - 8
to the editor . . .
Hi Doug                                                                     Doug,
I can't believe my eyes, the RG4 debate still goes on! 'letters to the
                                                                            The latest EMGS Manual inserts from J.D.
ED' EMGS Newsletter 173.
                                                                            Smith about return cranks:
Do you know, when I first developed RG4 back in 1978, it was 12
                                                                            I recently made a Welshpool and Llanfair loco (in 4mm scale, 009
months in development and numerous headaches! but, I would
                                                                            gauge) with Walschaerts. The wheel supplier (Backwoods
not have believed that it would still be a topic of conversation 29
                                                                            Miniatures) suggested soldering on the outside cranks to the axle
years later. I still have all my prototypes and the first production
                                                                            ends of the plastic centred wheels, with the wheels cooled by
samples. Sad that the product is not as good as it used to be with
                                                                            standing in water, or something similar.
the original Faulhaber motor married to the Portescap original
gearhead. The original ones we had to glue together. Thank all of           I cut up tiny pieces of sponge, soaked them in water, and clipped
my early customers for me. Its been quite a full 29 years for me            them onto the wheels, and also painted water on them with a
since. For you too, old friend I guess?                                     paintbrush. All was well, using 145 solder, but problems with
All the best                                                                quartering meant I removed the cranks subsequently and redid
Ken                                                                         them, several times! - and the wheels did lose their firm grip. So
Kean Maygib (formerly Kean Components)                                      when I was eventually satisfied with the quartering I got some
                                                                            Araldite onto the axle/wheel interface and luckily that worked, but
Dear Editor,                                                                if I'd done that first it would have been better.
You may like to include the following in the Newsletter. I would like       The return crank is soldered onto the pretinned crankpin with 70
to inform you that Alsager Railway Association has acquired an EM           lowmelt and is fine, has been so far, and that's very easy to do. So
layout and we now have an active group working to develop it.               if the relevant bits were pretinned before assembly, then maybe a
We exhibited the layout for the first time at our Annual exhibition in      quick dab of 70 should do it, with similar H 2O precautions as
Alsager on the 18th and 19th November. We have yet to give it a             above?
name but will probably name after its creator the late Mr Worrall of
                                                                            The first page of Mr. Smith's insert I found a very interesting
                                                                            summary of what I had gleaned from various sources, having mostly
The layout is based around LMS prototype just pre war. We are               failed to find a modeller's guide to making the Walschaert gear,
hoping to add stock and allow post war to be modelled probably              especially needed as I was doing it from scratch. An expansion of
up till the end of steam.                                                   the information might be useful generally?
We may be able to exhibit at other meetings subject to agreement            I'll send a photo of the completed model, it won the George
and availability of members. If there are any EM modellers who              MacArthur trophy at Model Rail Scotland in February, and another
would like to attend or to join our group then they are welcome to          trophy at the local show in Cathcart last month.
attend any Friday evening. Although second Friday of every month
                                                                            All the best,
is building night all other Fridays are running nights with participation
from our juniors.                                                           Julian Roberts (Glasgow)
Brian Keenan (

EMGS Trade. . .                                                                                         Doug Fairhurst 30th December 2007

First, thanks to all those who attended expoEM South and coming             sell these to exhaustion. Stocks as listed are reasonable at the
along to the Trade Stand. Whether you purchased anything or                 moment. The all-steel wheel supplies are not affected.
not it's always great to have a chat.
                                                                            I can now supply the metre lengths of Flexitrack but only in full
I have now been able to revise the price list and No.30 is enclosed         packs of 25m. Collection has always been possible from Enfield,
with this mailing. Remember you can always keep up to date with             but please phone or email so arrangements can be made.
new products etc. by looking at the Trade section on our web site.
                                                                            Those of you who can cast their minds back to EMGS Trade some
I do update this at least once a month. If you had been following
                                                                            25 or so years ago may remember me selling the Roger Carpenter
those announcements you would have seen that I had added a
                                                                            and the LEO Products and their popular couplings. Those were
small range of various materials such as brass tube etc. These
                                                                            the days when I commuted to Birmingham from London and used
have now been incorporated into the revised list as a permanent
                                                                            to 'call in and collect'. The M1/A45 were by comparison to today's
feature and may be added to from time to time.
                                                                            traffic just country lanes! I have re-introduced two items by popular
One question that has arisen concerns the inside diameters of the           demand which are now known and improved as the "Smiths" type.
brass tubing. The tubes are designed to be telescopic and will
                                                                            I will be at the Members' Day but due to the limited time and space
slide fit into each other. However, the query relates to the smallest
                                                                            available I will only be able to bring along a representative range.
sizes from the two ranges which obviously have no tube to slide
                                                                            If there's anything specific you require please advise in advance.
into them. I have used various gauging materials to determine this
and have found that the internal diameters are as follows:                  I have had to add a MINIMUM 60p postage to all UK orders as the
                                                                            new postal charging system was starting to impact the cost of
EMBT1           1/16" round - 0.77mm comfortable slide fit
                                                                            sales. The postage on items which may have been very light in
EMMT1           0.5mm round - 0.30mm very very tight
                                                                            weight, but larger than the Large Letter rate made sending totally
                             - 0.26mm nice slide fit
                                                                            uneconomic. There have been a few examples where the total loss
EMSB1           5/32" square - 3.2mm nice slide fit
                                                                            per order was exceeding a £1. That simply didn't make sense.
I have good stocks of wagon and coach wheels from the Alan                  Again, however, it would be difficult to have different postage costs
Gibson range. The transition of business to the new owners has              depending on the final physical volume of an order!! So I have
not caused any difficulty at all and stocks are coming through as           rationalised and kept postage on rail, postage on very heavy items,
normal. I have added two more of the range to the list by popular           postage on the tubes and rods and the rest at 60p The price list
demand.                                                                     front cover explains in detail. This will have very little impact for
                                                                            overseas members as postage is charged at cost.
I regret to report that in an email from Ken Pelham of Kean Maygib
he is currently not able to supply further stocks of the plastic frame      To avoid waste, please continue to use existing order forms but
hornblocks and hence I have removed them from the list. Similarly           note the changes shown above which may not be reflected on
his plastic centred wheels have gone out of production and I will           older forms.

EMGS Newsletter January 2008                                                                                                            174 - 9
In the Trade. . .
Built at York in 1946 these coaches were fIrst allocated to the East
Coast Main Line. In 1950 they were transferred to 'all line' stock
and renumbered, one having been withdrawn as the result of an
Early Thompson coaches with square windows suffered severe                         105 MOSSFIELD ROAD - KINGS HEATH
corrosion at the corners. To counter this BR welded a thin steel
                                                                                         BIRMINGHAM - B14 7JE
strip around the frames. The model portrays the coach in this
                                                                               Phone/FAX : 0121 242 2233   Email :
Later builds to other diagrams were built new with round window            Comet Models Thompson 3 compartment
corners and the next release will be the all third corridor coach to
D329 which will represent a Thompson with this feature.
                                                                           corridor brake third to D331.
Following on from these will be the restaurant fIrst to D354 and the
pantry third to D355.
All the coaches follow the standard Comet format with etched brass
sides and underframe, an extruded aluminium roof and detail
components in cast white metal. The interior is included together
with instructions and prototype information. The sides are also
available separately for r.t.r conversions and scratchbuilding.
Kit KE13 Thompson 3 comp. corridor brake third      £37.50
E13 sides only                                      £ 9.00
Romford Markits wheels and bearings (4 axles)       £ 9.00
W&T Scalelink contoured wheels and bearings (4 axles)£ 5.50

Richard Hollingworth from Parkside reports: "Our next 4mm kit,
which will be ready mid 2008, is for a GWR N13 Horse Box. These
were built in the 1920s and lasted into the early 1960s. I will send
you a drawing of same.
An other project for 2008 is for the TOPE Ballast Wagon, which is a
cut down and modified version of our HTV hopper."
Millie Street, Kirkcaldy, Fife, KY1 2NL.
Tel/FAX: 01592 640896

Jol Wilkinson has sent a photograph of an NER class O/LNER/BR
                                                                                             John M. James
class G5 0-4-4 constructed and painted by John James from a                           Professional Modelmaking
London Road Models kit. This is an EM gauge model with full                   KIT BUILT LOCOMOTIVES & ROLLING STOCK
compensation on all wheels (designed within the kit) and                         HIGH QUALITY & EXHIBITION STANDARDS GUARANTEED
consequently gives extremely good traction. The chassis has been            All locomotives feature split axle/frames a speciality
modified to John's usual method of split axle and split frames picking                    Commissions undertaken
up on all wheels using his own style of axles (split axles are available     41 MARK ROAD - HIGHTOWN - MERSEYSIDE - L38 OBG
                                                                                                   TEL : 0151 929 2628
through the EMGS Stores) and the wheels are from the Alan Gibson
range. Lining and lettering is done using "Fox" transfers and is                  
finished in the BR period with light weathering.

EMGS Newsletter January 2008                                                                                                          174 - 10
From days gone by . . .                                                                                                                          Doug Fairhurst

The "From days gone by" photo in the last Newsletter generated         'modified'. What hasn't changed is the presence of the signal box
quite some interest so I thought I would continue that theme for the   which still stands out amongst the redevelopment (well at least for
next few Newsletters. Barnstaple Town is seen here some 40 years       the enthusiasts who would recognise such a piece of railway
ago taken on the 17th July 1967 in its 'final days'. I went back       architecture). The gates and the lines have all gone and the usual
there this summer (in fact on the same date) and had a look            car park has replaced them. What I didn't realise until I looked
around. The line now terminates on the other side of the river         again at the photograph was that the gates actually 'overlapped'.
which is a shadow of its former glory. The junction has all gone       A nice touch for any modeller, particularly if you attempted to
under roadwork construction etc. However, the Town station             mechanise it!
building still remains despite being put to other uses and has been

Free entry to expoEM 2008                                              Congratulations to . . .
As always we will provide free entry and free lunch to any members     The winner of the Prize Draw at expoEM South was Tom Curtis of
that are prepared to help with stewarding at this year's expoEM        Farnham Surrey who has been sent a cheque to the value of £10.
event over the weekend of 17-18 May 2008 at Bracknell.
                                                                       Brush Traction Announcement
All we ask is that you give up a few hours to help man doors and       FKI, the parent company of Brush Traction, has announced the
keep the much needed supply lines of tea and coffee open               recent acquisition of Hunslet Barclay of Kilmarnock. Hunslet Barclay
throughout the weekend for our exhibitors and traders.                 will now be known as Brush Barclay.
Richard Stevenson has this year very kindly agreed to take on the      Together they have over 300 years of experience and knowledge
role of Chief Steward. If you can offer some help can we ask that      in the rail industry.
you contact Richard on:
                                                                       (The Hunslet name will be used by LH Group Services who also or call him                         own the intellectual copywrite to many famous names including
Tel: 01923 342481 or drop a line to                                    Barclay, Hunslet, Avonside, Kitson, North British, Greenwood &
                                                                       Batley, Hudswell Clarke, John Fowler, Kerr Stuart and Manning
15 Weybarton, Byfleet, Surrey, KT19 7EF.                               Wardle)
Richard will be writing to all those that have previously stewarded
                                                                                   BARKING & DISTRICT MODEL RAILWAY SOCIETY
but of course with the change of venue we fully expect some of
you not to be able to assist this year.                                            SATURDAY 15th MARCH 10.00am to 4.00pm
                                                                                   KINGSLEY HALL, PARSLOES AVENUE, DAGENHAM,
After several years acting as Chief Steward, Andrew Smith has
                                                                       LATE NEWS

                                                                                   ESSEX, RM9 5NB.
decided to step aside. Andrew has been an unsung hero acting
                                                                                   20+ layouts. In 18.83 "Coldfair Green" and by Colin
as Graeme's "number two" over the weekend helping to ensure
everything went smoothly so visitors and exhibitors alike had a                    Wilson, "Rixworth Green". In EM will be "Sporle Shed"
great weekend. Thanks Andrew for all your valuable help and                        and "Barstaple Street". In addition will be the EM layout
support over the years - We look forward to see you at the show                    of the EMGS Secretary (Graeme Vickery) "Trewithick".
this year as a paying punter!                                                      Disabled/wheelchair access. Refreshments available. Plenty of free off street parking.
                                                                                   Adult £3.50p Concessions £3.00p Child £2.00p Family (2+2) £8.00p

EMGS Newsletter January 2008                                                                                                                                 174 - 11
                                  FOR SALE
                                                                      Notice Board                                   FOR SALE
DCC EQUIPMENT                                                                        EM gauge turnouts: Constructed from C&L components (3 bolt pattern chairs),
The Society has been bequeathed the following ZTC DCC equipment which is             bullhead rail. 1 x 3 way point, right hand @ £21.00; 1 x Double slip @
listed below:                                                                        £25.00; 2 x right hand points @ £14.00 each.
                                                                                     C&L track components ex K&L finescale: Running rail chairs 3 bolt pattern
ZTC 511           Controller                £399.99
                                                                                     4CH101B - 1 pack of 500 @ £6.00; 4CH101A, 4 packs of 250 @ £3.50 per
ZTC 550           Power Booster             £ 89.00
                                                                                     pack and 1 pack of 150 detached from sprue @ £1.50; 4CHB01A, 2 packs
ZTC 560           Transformer               £ 39.00
                                                                                     of 10 (brass) @ £2.00 per pack; Slide chairs, 4 bolt pattern 4CH B03A - 1
ZTC 562           Transformer               £ 39.00
                                                                                     pack of 4 pieces (brass) @ £1.25; 4CH B03A, 1 pack of 2 pieces (brass) @
ZTC 304T          Accessory module          £ 38:00 each (quantity 3)
                                                                                     £0.65; 4CH103A, 1 pack of 120 pieces (ABS) @ £2.00; Tie bars (EM)
ZTC 304           Accessory module          £ 29.95 each (quantity 5)
                                                                                     4T1EM, 4 PACKS OF 2 @ £1.50 per pack; Fishplates (plastic) 4FP101A, 1
ZTC 601-F2        Module Tester             £ 32.50
                                                                                     pack of 40 pieces @ £1.75; 4mm scale sleepering 4SL 102A, 8ft 6ins (thin
ZTC 203           Super loco module         £ 28.00
                                                                                     type) 4 packs of 100 @ £1.50 per pack; 4SL 102A, 8ft 6ins (thin) 1 pack of
ZTC 216           Multifunction loco        £ 33.00
                                                                                     200 detached from sprue @ £2.50; 4SL 103A, 9ft (thin) 2 packs @ £1.50
Several of the items are brand new. Others have been lightly used. There are
                                                                                     per pack; 4mm point timbering, 4TT 101A (thin) 9 packs @ £1.50 per pack.
a couple of rolls of copper tape, manuals, plugs etc and several items that I
                                                                                     Postage not included or buyer collects.
am unable to identify.                                                               Alan Leadbeater (Hampshire) Tel. 023 92693606
We are looking for offers on this equipment as a whole, but are willing to           E-mail:
consider options for single items.
                                                                                     Kemilway etched loco and tender chassis kits (TC1 + LC1) £10; Wills island
Prices are the full list price as shown in the ZTC price list just to give an idea   platform building kit (SS78) £4; Hornby Q1 33037 (R2355) £45; Bachmann
of relative worth.                                                                   Ivatt tank 41243 (31-451D) £35; Bachmann LMS 50ft BG (red/cream) £10;
                                                                                     Bachmann E-Z Command controller (DCC) boxed unused £30; Trackside 1/76
Specification and other details can be found on ZTCs website at https://
                                                                                     vehicles £7 each: Scarab and parcels trailer (148002), Scarab and container
                                                                                     on trailer (148000), Guy Pantechnicon BRS (146000). R.A.Shier
Interested parties please contact Steve Young (Publicity Manager).                   (Derbyshire) Tel: 01246 237936
Contact details below
                                                                                     Unopened EM Alan Gibson loco wheelsets. Bachmann 08 (x2) £12 ea,
BASEBOARDS                                                                           Bachmann 37/55 (x4) £12 ea, Bachmann 20/24/25 or Heljan 33/Hymek (x5)
                                                                                     £8 ea, Heljan Western (x1) £11, Heljan 47 or Bachmann 47/57/66 or Hornby
The Society has been bequeathed a set of baseboards. Constructed based
                                                                                     60 (x2) £11 ea, Hornby class 50 (x6 3'7" version) £16 ea, also 60 14mm
on the Barry Norman open girder construction principle. This occupies a
                                                                                     plain disc coach wheels £9 per 10. Kevin Hern. 48 Coppice Walk,
space approx 10ft by 12ft and is in eight sections. It must be stated that           Shirley, Solihull, B90 4HY. Tel: 01564 702024
there is no trackwork. Also whilst the layout is portable, it is probably not
suited to being transported regularly owing to the unequal size of the sections.                                        WANTED
In a nutshell you would have difficulties transporting it in anything other than     Does anyone have any Romford RP25 profile 14mm 10-spoke driving wheels
a large estate or a van.                                                             surplus to requirements? The axle length is unimportant. Karl Crowther.
We are willing to accept any reasonable offer rather than seeing it go to the        E-mail: Tel: 01275 857400
tip.                                                                                 Chilton Ironworks kit. Made or unmade for a NER Class 1001. John James
Pictures available on request for anybody interested and the baseboards can          (Merseyside) Tel: 0161 929 2628
be inspected (Basingstoke) by pior arrangement. Buyer collects but will be            LATE NEWS : The winner of the Best Diesel Electric layout at the
willing to assist with transport if sold locally.                                     NEC Warley show was Peter Johnson with his layout "Canada
Please contact Steve Young. (Publicity Manager) - details below                       Road". Photo in next edition.

                                       E.M. GAUGE SOCIETY BOARD MEMBERS & OTHER POSTS

Chairman :        Chris Kedgley. 43 Lambs Row, Lychpit,                              Publicity :       Steve Young. 28 Petrel Croft, Kempshott,
                  Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8SL.                                                    Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG22 5JY.
                  (01256) 332769                                                     (01256) 472154
Secretary :       Graeme Vickery. 41 Enstone Road, Ickenham,
                  Middlesex, UB10 8EZ. (01895) 676282
                                                                                     Other Board Bob Blood. 5 Kent Drive, Teddington, Middlesex,
                                                                                     Members :   TW11 0PD. (020) 8977 5020
Treasurer :       Mike O'Neill. 2 Chichester Way,
                                                                                                       Steve Wear. 14 Lime Grove, Doddinghurst,
                  Saunders Ness Road, London, E14 3EG.
                                                                                                       Brentwood, Essex, CM15 0AY. (01277) 824054
                  (020) 7987 8168
                                                                                                       John Sneyd. (*) 40 Dylways, London, SE5 8HR.
Trade Officer : Doug Fairhurst. 4 Meadway, Freezywater, Enfield,                                       (020) 7274 1073
                Middlesex, EN3 6NU. (01992) 764715
                                                                               (*) Acts as the Area Group Co-ordinator
Membership Phil Tattershall. 22 Squirrel Close, Sandhurst,
           Berkshire, GU47 9DL. (01252) 876761                                       Non Board Post
                                                                                     Exhibition Stand Co-ordinator (for EMGS representation at local
Publications : Doug Fairhurst. 4 Meadway, Freezywater, Enfield,                      and National Exhibitions) (i.e. excludes expoEM events)
               Middlesex, EN3 6NU. (01992) 764715                                                   Vacancy : Is this a job for you? Please contact our
                                                                           Secretary for details.

The EMGS Newsletters and most other Society publications                             NEXT PLANNED COPY & PUBLICATION DATES :
are compiled, edited and typeset by Doug Fairhurst, 4                                Copy date 10th March. Next mailing will be during April and will contain
Meadway, Freezywater, ENFIELD, Middlesex, EN3 6NU. Due                               details of expoEM 2008 at Bracknell in May.
                                                                                     ADVERTISMENTS (Small Ads as well as Exhibition display advertising) is free of
to the nature of this work exact publication dates cannot be                         charge but this service is only available to EMGS members. There is no booking
guaranteed as much depends on you, the membership, in                                arrangement as all adverts are accepted on a first come first served basis for each
sending articles for publication.                                                    publication and depending on the availability of space.

EMGS Newsletter January 2008
                                            REGISTERED IN ENGLAND No. 1912060                        174 - 12

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