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					What is NeuraSan® – the therapy to break the smoking habit?
NeuraSan® is therapy administered as an injection for breaking the smoking habit – it is not
acupuncture. NeuraSan® therapy for breaking the smoking habit and the corresponding
NeuraSan® therapeutic substance represent the result of development work undertaken by
Markus Gross.
The trademark, 'NeuraSan® – the therapy to break the smoking habit' as developed by
Markus Gross is subject to the trademark law of the German Patent and Trade Marks Office.
NeuraSan® injection therapy for breaking the smoking habit is available only directly from
myself and within my practice.

What is the success rate for NeuraSan® the thrapy to break the smoking habit?
According to our observations, the NeuraSan® injection therapy has been a success for the
vast majority of patients treated – and that after a single treatment! By 'success', we mean
that patients do not experience any withdrawal symptoms once the substance starts to work.
one of the following problems are experienced:

• nervousness / poor concentration

• constantly thinking about cigarettes

• aggressiveness / depressiveness

• no cravings or associations in connection with moderate amounts of alcohol

• shift of the addiction in the form of uncontrollable eating

• no problems being in a room where people are smoking, i.e. passive smoking

• and no craving for a cigarette in stressful situations

Even better: after treatment with NeuraSan®, these patients feel as if they had never
smoked before.

NeuraSan® the therapy to break the smoking habit
Giving up smoking is always a matter of willpower. However, even if you do not possess the
will or the desire to stop smoking, whether you believe in it or not – NeuraSan® goes to work
effectively! This applies to the vast majority of patients treated, after only a single treatment.
It makes no difference how many cigarettes you smoke or how long you have been a smoker,
and your age and sex are irrelevant.

How long does NeuraSan® the therapy to breakt the smoking habit take to work?
The time for the full effect of NeuraSan® to be felt varies from 10 minutes, i.e. immediately
after treatment, to 24 hours. Important note: during this time you are not permitted to actively
consume nicotine in any form at all.
It is possible that the thought of a cigarette may occur again in certain situations, but with
the help of NeuraSan®, you can quickly put this behind you again. So if, like the vast majority
of patients, you experience no withdrawal symptoms or cravings for a cigarette, you are free
to choose whether you want to remain a non-smoker from now on. NeuraSan® supports you
in this situation.

Bear in mind that the effect of NeuraSan® injection therapy lasts for as long as no further
nicotine is introduced into the body!

Is a single NeuraSan® the therapy to break the smoking habit treatment enough?
In spite of the high success rate I have achieved with NeuraSan® up to now, a small percentage
of the patients treated, irrespective of which criteria they match, do not experience the effect
at this direct level. For these patients, a single treatment is not enough. They require one or
two additional treatments.
mportant note: during this time it is not permitted to consume nicotine in any form at all.

What does additional treatment mean?
Additional treatment means that the patient receives an higher dose of NeuraSan® therapeutic
lease bear in mind that you may not smoke between the individual treatments! Only then can
I guarantee to turn you into a non-smoker.

When do you need an additional tratment?
Only if after the initial NeuraSan® injection you should experience problems and therefore
withdrawal symptoms such as: nervousness or poor concentration, aggression in the form of
angry outbursts, depression in the form of weeping fits, involuntary urges to over-eat, a strong
craving for cigarettes (thinking about them all day long; seeing cigarettes where there are
none, etc.). If any of these symptoms should appear, come for an additional treatment
immediately. You can always make an appointment with us at short notice!

What are the ingrdients of NeuraSan® the therapy to break the smoking habit?
The therapeutic substance of NeuraSan® contains nothing but homeopathic active substances
and is made according to my own personal composition. NeuraSan® administration is
accompanied by a 0.5% local anaesthetic, making it possible for the patient to receive a pain-
free injection. For treatment with NeuraSan®, the so-called ideal NeuraSan® points are
activated by an injection into the patient’s outer ear. Unlike various imitators, the NeuraSan®
therapy is not simply a local anaesthetic with no active substances, but rather a pure, herbal
therapeutic substance. NeuraSan® can, of course, be injected without a local anaesthetic,
should you so wish.

Only the original NeuraSan® therapy will help you to win the battle against nicotine addiction
Does NeuraSan® the thearpy to break the smoking habit have any side effects?
NeuraSan® can have side effects, but not necessarily everyone who uses it will experience
them. A possible side effect is having a dry mouth.
n rare cases, a local allergy-like reaction may occur on the outer ear in the form of inflamed,
red skin, itchiness or blistering. Swelling, red skin or haematoma may occur due to the
intracutaneous injection. Note: when using homeopathic medicines, the existing discomforts
can temporarily get worse (initial worsening). If this is the case, then you should inform your
therapist. Due to a fundamental lack of experience, the NeuraSan® therapy is not used on
patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or on those undergoing antibiotic therapy
with penicillin (this means that you are taking penicillin at the time of treatment, e.g. due to
an infection).
t is a well-known fact in homeopathy that the effect of a homeopathic medicine can be adversely
affected by general harmful factors due to one’s lifestyle and by irritants or stimulants such
as coffee, alcohol and essential oils. Should you be concerned by any of these factors, please
ask your therapist for advice. Due to insufficient experience, the NeuraSan® therapy is not
used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Therapy to break the smoking habit
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