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									How To Make Rave Bracelets
Beads for Rave Bracelet
A rave is a dance party with lots of bright lights and fast music. Many young people enjoy attending
raves with their friends.
Something that has grown out of rave parties is a bracelet called a "rave bracelet." These bracelets
are also sometimes called "Kandi bracelets" or "Candi bracelets" because a rave attendee is often
called a "K(C)andi kid."
Youngsters enjoy making these simple and colorful bracelets and exchanging them with friends as a
way of remembering raves that they have attended. These bracelets are easy to make. They can be
wildly colorful and either simple or intricate. Here are a few suggestions for making fun rave bracelets.
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Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need
Brightly colored pony beads Alphabet beads Elastic cording Binder clip (used as a bead stopper)
Decide what you want your rave bracelet to look like. You can use wildly colorful beads or stay within
a certain color palette. Alphabet beads are popular features on rave bracelets because they can spell
names or popular rave sayings.
Cut a piece of elastic cord that measures 10 to 12 inches. This length does not have to be exact at
this point. Attach the binder clip to one end of the cord as your bead stopper.
legal party highs
Arrange your beads in a desired pattern on your work surface to find an arrangement that you like. It
saves time and effort to make your beading arrangement on your work surface before stringing the
A second option is to have a slightly longer piece of elastic cord and create loops and clusters with
the cord and beads as you string. This is done by stringing several beads onto the cord and then
threading the cord back through the beads just strung and then adding more beads. This creates
bead clusters along the bracelet and is a cute variation.
Begin to string your beads according to your planned pattern. When the beads are strung according
to your plan, make sure the bracelet fits your wrist and simply tie the ends of the elastic cording
together with two tight overhand knots.
Share your rave bracelet with a new or an old rave friend.
legal party highsGet bright and funky to prepare for your rave party.
Raves are a popular party style where loud, heavy-thumping dance music is played intermixed with
light shows and colorfully dressed folks dancing. Dressing for a rave is easy and requires some bold
and bright colors and a little resourcefulness. If you are attending a rave dance party, learn how to
easily put together an outfit that will help you stand out as you shake it on the dance floor.
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