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  Learning To Ski – Learn From Profession Instructors
  By Skiingauli on January 23, 2013

  Skiing one of the most popular sports which allures every adventure lovers to take test of it.
  If you are new to it then take help f rom prof essional instructor who can help you how to ski
  in the slopes of Indian Himalaya.

  If you want to learn to ski f ast, you must f irst learn to walk - with boots on your f eet! Take a
  lesson so you can learn what is called "step by step" of a prof essional instructor. T here are
  two key things you will learn during your f irst day - stopping and turning. T he step drill (walk)
  is the gateway to this. T he process involves a lot of , well, step by step. When we walk (with
  shoes) and turn lef t, we lead with the lef t f oot. When we walk and turn right we lead with our       FEATURED STORIES
  right. We do it without thinking. As you f irst start, you'll take baby steps (lef t and right) until
  you have learned to spin, while keeping your f eet parallel - like walking.

  Stay away f rom the "wedge" (i.e., the method of snow plow). T his will slow down the rate of
  your learning. T hink of it this way: the wedge f orces your body into an unnatural position
  causing his pigeon-toed f eet. With the wedge, when you turn lef t, you're driving on the right
  f oot. When you turn right, you're driving with the lef t. Try this with sneakers on as you walk

down the street and you'll get an idea of how it will not help with downhill. Of course, if you
are elderly or af raid, this "may" be the way to go, but will slow down dramatically the rate at
which you learn. Since you are looking f or the "f astest way to learn," you're probably a
hustler. We recommend taking a lesson. T he f irst reason - even bef ore discussing any
technique - is security. On the sides of the slopes are most of these big hard things called
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You will want to avoid hitting them and learn about the many other dangers slopes. You may
also want to consider ref raining f rom making a run f or the top af ter just a lesson. While
learning to ski, you may be asked to walk the hill with only you boots that is used f or this
sport. Some instructors want to emphasize the basic principle literally be converted it into
same as walking down the street. It can also be instructed to put the pole in the snow and
walking in circles. T he point is to keep your f eet parallel.

While learning align your body, and more specif ically, the hips, on your f eet and thus it gives
you have greater control on it. While you may be eager to get down the mountain, keep in
mind the above f undamentals and learn to walk on your skis f irst - this will help you learn       BEHOLD: Tiny Celebrity
f aster and allow you to lower the costs without hurting yourself or anyone else. However,          Impersonators Model Golden Globes
the best way is to learn is with an instructor, either in a group or private lesson. T he           Gowns
instructor will be able to teach the f undamental of the sport and help with any issues or
problems. T here are many institutes in India where you can learn this adventurous activity to
name a f ew of them is Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering, Mercury Himalayan
Explorations (MHE), SnowSphere etc. Enroll in of this institutes and go f or a thrilling
<strong>skiing Himalayas</strong> holidays. has an experienced team who has been delivering quality adventure programs
f or more than 12 years. Here you will get answer to all quires about Best resorts, skiing
Himalayas and also Auli places to stay.

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