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									              Marriage Registration – The Way To Get Legally Recognized

Marriage is a much hyped ceremony in India which is really known for showcasing the wastage of money
to a greater extent. The big fat Indian wedding enjoys a huge investment but any amount can never
make it legal or registered. Marriages are of different types and have their own definition in the type of
province it is being solemnized. The legal or registered marriage is the kind of marriage which is
recognized by the state and you get a marriage certificate from the registrar of marriage of that area.

Whatever the kind of marriage you witness, you need to get is registered by the registrar. There are
countless numbers of people who get married through different traditional practices according to their
religion and community but have to get it registered to make it visible in front of the marriage. Different
marriages are registered under different acts and get a final certificate from the office registrar as a
proof of the marriage. Hindu marriages, for instance, are registered under the section 8 of Hindu
marriage Act.

The marriage registration has its own advantages. For instance, your state and country will be able to
identify you as a couple. Legal implications of marriage can leave sometimes your identity as a couple at
stake. This is the only way when the partner becomes legal owner of the property and is entitled for
other benefits that pertain to marriage under the law. Social advantages are other benefits which you
have from the registration of marriage.

Marriage registration is very important in big cities and one can find various ways to get it registered
here in the metropolis. You can be easily done by contacting the concern authorized person who can
offer the legal advice and documentation for the things to be done in the right way. There are some
agencies also who function to offer the couples legal assistance regarding the marriage registration. This
registration in fact protects your right of being someone’s spouse and saves you from legal implications
which may anyhow ruin your status in the society.

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