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Marriage Registration – The Way To Get Legally Recognized


Marriage is a much hyped ceremony in India which is really known for showcasing the wastage of money to a greater extent. The big fat Indian wedding enjoys a huge investment but any amount can never make it legal or registered. Marriages are of different types and have their own definition in the type of province it is being solemnized. The legal or registered marriage is the kind of marriage which is recognized by the state and you get a marriage certificate from the registrar of marriage of that area. Marriage is not a union of two people in which not only two individuals unite in a lifelong relation but the two families be a part of each other’s life. The sacred union is of great importance like thinking, country, and correctors. Marriage is always a big day of everyone’s in fill life but a middle-class family sometimes losses a major portion of their earning just to show the world the grand arrangements of the big fat matrimony. Despite all the odds and show off associated in the Indian weddings, Arya samaj marriage has seen full authorize and simple marriage ceremony. Simplicity is the main mantra of this group which was founded by Swami Dayanand in the year 1875 who believed the ideals of chastity. Whatever the kind of marriage you witness, you need to get is registered by the registrar. There are countless numbers of people who get married through different traditional practices according to their religion and community but have to get it registered to make it visible in front of the marriage. Different marriages are registered under different acts and get a final certificate from the office registrar as a proof of the marriage. Hindu marriages, for instance, are registered under the section 8 of Hindu marriage Act. The marriage registration has its own advantages. For instance, your state and country will be able to identify you as a couple. Legal implications of marriage can leave sometimes your identity as a couple at stake. This is the only w

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