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            St. Athanasius Athanasius Church                                                                    August 29, 2010
                                                                                                              PARISH STAFF

                           Brooklyn, New York                                                                       Pastor
                                                                                                        Rev. Msgr. David L. Cassato,
                                                                                                            B.A., M.Div., M.S.Ed.

                                                                                                              Parochial Vicars
                                                                                                           Rev. Ronald D’Antonio,
                                                                                                                 B.A., M.Div.

                                                                                                     Rev. Gabriel Toro-Rivas, B.A., M.Div
                                                                                                            Ministerio Hispano/
                                                                                                        Spanish Speaking Apostolate

                                                                                                          Deacon Dante Colandrea
                                                                                                          The Sisters of St. Joseph
                                                                                                            Brentwood, New York
                                                                                                         Director of Music Ministries
                                                                                                        Mr. Steven LaPlante, M.Mus
                                                                                                             Lay Pastoral Leader
                                                                                                       Mr. Joseph Barbieri, B.A., KHS
                     WHO IS WELCOME IN ST. ATHANASIUS CHURCH?                                         Cluster Director of Youth Ministry
                                                                                                      Mr. Kenny Wodzanowski, B.S.
Are you a sinner? Have you been away from the church for a long time? Are you divorced or sepa-              St. Frances Cabrini
rated? Are you physically or mentally challenged? Are you from a different culture? Are you not               1562 86th Street
accepted because of your sexual orientation? Are you elderly, a teen or young adult? Are you                Brooklyn, NY 11228
discriminated against because of your color? Are you feeling broken? Are you poor or out of work?            Tel. 718.490.4469
Have you been imprisoned? Have you a feeling that you are left out? You are welcome here!             Email:
This is your home, and we are your family!
                                                                                                      Pastoral Associate for the Spanish
Do you suffer from Celiac Sprue Disease? We are Celiac friendly and, after receiving permis-                Speaking Apostolate
sion from our Bishop, we can provide you with low gluten hosts and a pyx, in order to enable you       Mr. Alvaro Chavarriaga, B.A.
to receive Holy Communion at daily Mass and Sunday Mass. To begin the process, please call Fr.           Oficina de Ministerio Latino
Ron D’Antonio at our rectory, 718.236.0124 Ext. 13.
                                                                                                              Rectory Basement
                                                                                                               To contact our
                 RECTORY:                               SAINT ATHANASIUS SCHOOL:                       Pastoral Planning Council
              2154 61st Street                                6120 Bay Parkway
          Brooklyn, NY 11204-2569                          Brooklyn, NY 11204-2569                         Faith Formation Office:
                                                              Tel. (718) 236-4791
             Tel. (718) 236-0124                             Fax. (718) 621-1423                             6120 Bay Parkway
            Fax. (718) 236-4960                                    Principal:                             Brooklyn, NY 11204-2569                                                                       Tel. (718) 331-8811                        Mrs. Lorraine Garone-Tesoro,
                                                               M.A., M.S. Ed.                               Fax. (718) 331-2582
          Pastoral Administration:                        Administrative Assistant:                     Director of Faith Formation:
             Mrs. Marie Skroly                              Mrs. Toni Scaturro                              Mrs. Nicoletta Milo
          Mrs. AnnaMarie Scuteri                            Mrs. Theresa Simon

  The Rectory is also the home of our Parish Priests. We ask you to                                  Our Church is Handicap
 respect their home by observing Rectory Office Hours and by calling                                       Accessible.
                    in advance for an appointment.

SUNDAY MASSES:                                 ROSARY FOR LIFE:                               CONFESSION (Reconciliation):
                                               Saturday after the 9 AM Mass                   Saturdays 4-5 PM or anytime by appointment.
Saturday: 5:30 PM                              DIVINE MERCY PRAYERS
                                                                                              BAPTISM: Sunday at 2:30 PM. Both parents
Sunday: 8:30,10:00,11:30 (Choir) & 6 PM        Every Wednesday after 9 AM Mass
                                                                                              make an appointment with a priest. Both par-
Spanish                                        HOLYDAY MASSES:                                ents & godparents must attend a Baptismal
Saturday: 7:30 PM (Lower Church)               Eve: 7:30 PM (English)                         Instruction Class.
Sunday: 10:00 AM (Lower Church)                Day: 7, 9, (English)
1:00 PM (Upper Church)                         Night:                                         MARRIAGE: Couples are to make arrange-
                                               7:30 PM (Italian) Upper Church                 ments six months in advance.
                                               7:30 PM (Spanish) Lower Church
11:30 AM (Lower Church)
                                                                                                ANOINTING & COMMUNION CALLS: Those
                                               First Friday: Exposition of Blessed Sacrament
WEEKDAY MASSES: 7 and 9 AM                                                                      who wish to be anointed or receive Commun-
                                               after last morning Mass concluding with Benedic-
                                                                                                ion at home, call one of the priests to make
                                               tion at 7:30 PM. Italian Mass at 8 PM.
MORNING PRAYER:                                                                                 arrangements or call our Pastoral Ministry
Monday-Saturday 8:45 AM                        IMMACULATE CONCEPTION:                           Office: 718-236-0124 Ext. 44
                                               Mondays after 9 AM Mass
     Page 2                                       St. Athanasius Church                            August 29, 2010
                                                                   PASTORAL CARE Please don’t forget to inform us if
Rev. Msgr. David L. Cassato, Pastor                  Ext. 11
                                                                   you are going to be hospitalized so one of our priests
Rev. Ron D’Antonio, Parochial Vicar                  Ext. 13
                                                                   can visit. Provide us with your name, hospital, room
Rev. Gabriel Toro, Parochial Vicar                   Ext. 14
                                                                   number, phone number and, when possible, how long
Rev. Deacon Dante Colandrea                          Ext. 23
                                                                   you will be hospitalized. If you are unable to attend
Mrs. Marie Skroly, Pastoral Administration           Ext. 10
                                                                   Mass, due to poor health, illness or advanced age,
Mrs. AnnaMarie Scuteri, Pastoral Administration      Ext. 19
                                                                   please call so a Eucharistic Minister can bring Com-
Mrs. Ann DeVito, Pastoral Administration             Ext. 12
                                                                   munion to you. Anointing of the Sick may be re-
Mr. Steven LaPlante, Music Ministry                  Ext. 25
                                                                   quested because of scheduled surgery or treatment
Mr. Joseph Barbieri, Lay Pastoral Leader             Ext. 24
                                                                   for a life-threatening illness. Call us prior to your sur-
Mr. Alvaro Chavarriaga, Pastoral Associate           Ext. 27
                                                                   gery or treatment. Anointing of the Sick at Mass may
Mrs. Michele DeStefano, Secretary                    Ext. 12
                                                                   be celebrated before you go into the hospital. Directly
                                                                   inform one of our priests or call one of our Pastoral
Sunday, August 29th:                                               Administrators.
8:30 Nicola & Paola Scirechianetta, Paolo &
      Santa Barone & Deceased of the Family                        WELCOME, we’re glad you’re here! If this is the first time
10:00 Dolores & Albert Niciforo                                    you have been to St. A's, welcome! We promise that if you
                                                                   keep your heart and mind open to God, you’ll find what you’re
10:00 Spanish Mass - Lower Church                                  looking for. Would you like to talk to someone? We’re here
11:30 PURG. SOCIETY and Oronzo Pietanza;                           to listen and help if we can. Just call us at the Rectory when
      Isabella & Lorenzo Bologini and                              you’re ready. In the meantime, remember that you are al-
                                                                   ways prayed for and that it is our hope to pray with you each
      Deceased Members of Families                                 week.
11:30 ITAL. - Salvatore & Maria Gerace                             MAKE A VISIT TO THE CHURCH AND PRAY IN THE
1:00 Spanish Mass - Upper Church                                   PRESENCE OF JESUS IN THE BLESSED SACRAMENT
                                                                   Don't forget our Upper Church is open Monday-Friday from
6:00 Theresa Vitelli                                               6:30a.m. to 3p.m. Saturday 7a.m. to 7p.m. & Sundays 7a.m.
Monday, August 30th:                                               to 7p.m. Feel welcome to kneel at the communion rail at the
                                                                   Altar of the Blessed Sacrament or sit on the benches in the
9:00 Nunziato Davi                                                 Sanctuary.
Tuesday, August 31th:
9:00 Benedetto and Anna Rubino                                             Memorials for the Week
Wednesday, September 1st:                                          Hosts: Available .
9:00 Joseph Romersa                                                Altar Wine: In Loving Memory Salvatore
7:30 Spanish Mass - Lower Church                                   Armetta of requested by wife, Josephine.
Thursday, September 2nd:
9:00 Genebre, Franseco, Mascaro & Family                           Candles: In Loving Memory of Philomena
Friday, September 3rd:                                             Imperato requested by Vincenzo & Maria
9:00 Antonio Sigona, Anniv.                                        Abbruzzese
8:00 Franco Marchiano - Italian
                                                                   Sanctuary Lamp: Available
Saturday, September 4th:
9:00 Antonio Sigona                                                Sanctuary Lamp: Available
10:30 Memorial Mass - Lucia Fanizzo (Italian)
3:00 Joseph Casanova-Diana Bukler Wedding
5:30 Ida & Biagio Scotto
7:30 Spanish Mass - Lower Church                                      Our Call to Christian Stewardship
Sunday, September 4th:
8:30 Mary Tuohy De Mola                                                              August 22, 2010
10:00 Elio Palescandolo
10:00 Spanish Mass—Lower Church                                                           $8,859.00
11:30 PURG. SOCIETY and Frank Caria
11:30 ITAL. - Tutti difunti de la Felleti e Enza
1:00 Spanish Mass - Upper Church                                                     Please Turn Off
2:30 Charles Ciofalu - Nicole Martino Wedding                                          Cell Phones
6:00 Anna Mannino
     Page 3                                      St. Athanasius Church                               August 29, 2010

                             FROM THE PASTOR’S DESK                                              \

 The Great Irish Fair of New York will be held at MCU Park, Coney Island, the weekend of Sept. 18th and 19th. This year, as
     in the past, the Fair will donate all proceeds to the Alive in Hope Foundation to benefit Catholic education initiatives.
                                   We urge you to join in the festivities and help a good cause.

                                               Msgr. Cassato
                       The following are Memorials for the Week are available:

    Hosts                 Wine                  Candles               Sanctuary Lamp                 Sanctuary Lamp
    Aug. 29              Sep. 5               Sept. 5, 19                   Aug. 29                       Aug. 29
                        Oct. 31              Oct. 3, 17, 24            Sept. 5,12,19,26               Sept. 5,12,19,26
                       Nov. 21, 28             Nov. 28                 Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24              Oct. 3, 10, 24
                                                                            Nov. 28

                                                                   Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
                                                                  Adults who wish to be Baptized, enter into
                                                                  Full Communion or Catholic Adults requiring
                              PLEASE                              the
                               HELP!                              Sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation,
                                                                  should contact Fr. Ron for information re-
                                                                  garding RCIA Classes. They will begin on
                                                                  October 3rd. Call: 718-236-0124, ext. 13
Our St. Vincent de Paul Society is requesting
your help to replenish the Food Pantry. They
need non-perishable items: cereal, rice, to-                              Annual Diocesan Support
mato sauce, macaroni, soup.                                                     Appeal Update:
                                                                              Our Goal is $71,000.
Please drop off at the Church.                                    Pledged to date           $118,698.50
                 Thank You!                                       Received to date          $ 92,846.50

                                    St. Athanasius School News
The school office will re-open Monday, Aug. 30, 2010 thru Thursday, Sept. 2, 2010 from 9:00-
12:00. The school will be closed on Friday, Sept. 3rd. The school will re-open for the children,
grades Kindergarten - 8, on Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2010. All families who are not in financial
arrears will receive their child’s/children’s admission cards with a sum-
mer letter and calendar during the month of August.
If you do not receive these cards, please call the school office when it re-
opens, 718-236-4791.
    Page 4                                St. Athanasius Church                        August 29, 2010

    The Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist
                                                                              In your kindness please pray
                                                                                  for those who are sick
The real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is one of the
central beliefs of our Catholic faith. The Eucharistic presence
of Christ begins at the moment of the consecration and en-                  Kathy Adams, Nicholas Amadeo,Vivian
                                                                           & Antoni Antonelli, Catherine Arrighetta,
dures as long as the Eucharist species subsist. In the liturgy of             Faith Arent, Kimberly Arent, Patricia
the Mass we express our faith in the real presence of Christ                Aurigemma, Jasmattia & Shanieza Mo-
under the species of bread and wine by, among other ways,                  hamed Balkaran, John Bernard, Joseph
                                                                              Biuso, Jr., Stella Bogdan, Catherine
genuflecting or bowing deeply as a sign of adoration of the                  Broderick, Brenda Burns, Christopher
Lord. The Catholic Church has always offered and still offers                   Canale, Anthony Caputo, Judith
to the sacrament of the Eucharist the cult of adoration, not only              Carminitte, Michele Cassata, Ann
                                                                                Centorrino, Sebastian Chiarello,
during Mass, but also outside of it, reserving the consecrated             Marc Colandrea, Rosemarie Costagliola,
hosts with the utmost care, exposing them to the solemn ven-               Josephine D’Auria, Salvatore Davi, Kristi
eration of the faithful, and carrying them in proces-                       DeVito-Gregotowicz, Joseph Delgardo,
                                                                                Laura D’Antonio, Craig De Lullo,
sion” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1374-1378).                             Joan Demeyer, Rachel DePinto,
                                                                              Leonard De Meyer, Filippa Disano,
Thus the consecrated host must always be treated with the ut-              Maria Esemplare, Elaine Esposito, Tina
most reverence and respect. When receiving Holy Commun-                      Esposito, Frances Falzetta, Anthony
ion, either on the tongue or in the hand, the Eucharist is to              Felicito, Lauren Fevola, Sylvia Fiorintino,
                                                                             Vita Gallese, Laura Garattian, Susan
be immediately consumed. It must never be carried away                     Gentile, Pat Giordano, Laura Goodman,
in order to be given to another person, used for any other                   David Herbert, Francesca Ingravallo,
purpose, or discarded. To do so is to risk committing a                     Aldo Inguanti, Filomena Ingravallo, Neil
                                                                               Kelleher, Lawrence Klein, Jr. Paul
serious sin which carries the canonical penalty of auto-                    Kelleher, Stephen Kelleher, Catherine
matic (latae sententiae) excommunication. If you have any                      Linde, Jillian Lasinsky, Sara Marie
questions or would like additional information, please contact               LoCicero, Grace Martino, Ellen Mary
                                                                             MacDougall, John Malloney, Eleanor
one of our priests.
                                                                                Marando, Paul Marchese, Grace
                                                                               McCain, Marge Michaels, A & M.
                                                                              Mohamed, Lucia Montella, Rosalie
                                                                             O’Hara, Joe P., John Palmiero,Cathal
                                                                               Quigley, Felicia Randolph, Joseph
           Adult Education Class with Fr. Bob Mucci                         Riccardi, Dorothy Richter, Arecio Rios,
                                                                               Mary Rollo, Michael A. Sabatelle,
What is the New Evangelization all about?                                        Frances Saglembeni, Angelina
What was wrong with the Old Evangelization?                                      Scarponi, Mickey Sasko, Jada
Why is Bishop DiMarzio always talking about “putting out into the deep”?    Sciacchatano, Concetta Sigona, Peter
                                                                            Tarulli, Carla Vitucci, Angelina Vonelli,
Join Father Bob Mucci as he explains the concept of the New Evangeli-          Leonard Walder, Josephine Wise,
zation as developed under the pontificates of Popes Paul VI, John Paul       Robert Wise, Jr. Nelson Yates, Fanny
II, and Benedict XVI.
Classes will be held at the Nazareth Institute following the 9:00 AM
Mass on Tuesday mornings August 31 and September 7 at 9:45 AM.
                         All are welcome.
                                                                             To Add a Name, please call
                                                                             ext. 10 on Monday morning,
                      HISPANIC COMMUNITY                                     spelling the name.

Classes in Spanish for RCIA and Pre-Cana start the first weekend in          If you wish the name to remain
September. For further information, please call Fr. Gabriel at: 718-         on the list you must call each
236-0124, ext. 14 — Wednesday thru Friday.
     Page 5                                      St. Athanasius Church                             August 29, 2010

                                             Bollettino Settimanale
                   Messa in Italiano ogni Domenica alle 11:30am (Chiesa di giu’)
                               MERCOLEDI’, 22 SETTEMBRE 2010

    Dal nostro DIACONO DANTE COLANDREA                          Incontrai Jerry circa sei mesi dopo l'incidente quandi gli
          Riflessione del mese di agosto                        chiesi come andava mi disse: "Se stessi meglio,
               LA STORIA DI JERRY                               scoppierei. Vuoi dare un'occhiata alle cicatrici?". Declinai
Jerry era il tipo di persona che si ama e si odia.              l'invito, ma gli chiesi che cosa gli era passato per la testa
Era sempre di buon umore ed aveva sempre qualcosa di            durante la terribile esperienza. "La prima cosa che
positivo da dire.                                               pensai fu che avrei dovuto chiudere la porta posteriore
Quando qualcuno gli domandava come stava,                       del ristorante" mi disse Jerry, "poi, quando ero già stato
rispondeva: "Se stessi meglio, scoppierei!".                    colpito e mi trovavo per terra, mi ricordai che avevo due
Era un manager unico, con un gruppo di camerieri che lo         scelte: potevo scegliere di vivere o di morire".
seguivano ogni volta che prendeva la gestione di un             "Ma non avevi paura. Non sei svenuto?".
nuovo ristorante.       Il motivo per cui i camerieri lo        Jerry continuò: "Gli infermieri furono bravissimi.
seguivano era che Jerry aveva un grande atteggiamento           Continuavano a dirmi che andava tutto bene. Ma fu
positivo. Era un motivatore naturale, se un dipendente          quando mi portarono sulla barella in sala operatoria e vidi
aveva la luna storta, Jerry era lì a spiegargli come            le espressioni sulle faccie dei dottori e degli assistenti,
guardare al lato positivo della situazione.                     che mi spaventai veramente, potevo leggere nei loro
Trovavo il suo stile molto strano e quindi un giorno gli        occhi 'quest'uomo è già morto!'... dovevo assolutamente
dissi "Adesso basta! Spiegami come fai ad essere                fare qualcosa".
sempre così positivo, qualunque cosa succeda?".                 "E cosa hai fatto?" gli domandai.
"Oggi hai una scelta da fare: puoi decidere di essere di        "C'era questa infermiera veramente grassa che
buon umore o di cattivo umore, e scelgo di essere di            continuava a farmi domande, e mi chiese se ero allergico
buon umore. Tutti i giorni mi capita qualcosa di                a qualche cosa. 'Sì!, io risposi, a quel punto tutti dottori e
spiacevole, posso fare la vittima oppure imparare               le assistenti si fermarono ad aspettare che finissi la mia
qualcosa dai problemi, io scelgo di imparare. Ogni giorno       risposta... Io presi un respiro profondo e con tutte le mie
qualcuno viene da me a lamentarsi, io posso scegliere di        forze gli gridai 'Sono allergico alle pallottole!'... Mentre
subire passivamente le sue lamentele o di trovare il lato       ancora ridevano aggiunsi: 'Sto scegliendo di vivere.
positivo della cosa, beh, io scelgo sempre il lato positivo     Operatemi come se fossi un vivo, non come fossi già
della vita".                                                    morto'".
"Si, vabhé, dissi io, "ma non è sempre cosi facile!".           Jerry è sopravvissuto grazie alle capacità dei chirurghi,
"Sì invece," disse Jerry, "la vita è tutta fatta di scelte. A   ma anche grazie al suo atteggiamento positivo.
parte le necessità più o meno fisiologiche in ogni              Ho imparato da lui che tutti i giorni abbiamo la scelta di
situazione c'è una scelta da fare.                              vivere pienamente.
Sei tu a scegliere come reagire in tutte le situazioni, a       Un attegiamento positivo, alla fine, vale più di tutto il
decidere come la gente può influire sul tuo umore.              resto.
Sei tu che scegli se essere di buon umore o di cattivo          SOCIETA’ CULTURALE PUGLIESE FIGLI MARIA
umore, e quindi in definitiva come vivere la tua vita".         SANTISSIMA ADDOLORATA – novena alla Madonna dal 2
Per molto tempo dopo quell'incontro, ripensai a quello          al 10 settembre alle ore 8pm tutte le sera nel Nazareth
che Jerry aveva detto, poi un giorno lasciai il business        Center. Processione sabato, 11 settembre. Santa Messa in
della ristorazione e mi dedicai ad un'altra attività in         onore alla Madonna alle 5pm seguita dalla processione per
proprio; mi persi di vista con Jerry ma spesso ripensai a       la strade della nostra communita’.       Per informazioni
lui quando mi trovavo nella situazione di scegliere nella       Lucrezia Nardulli – 917 – 509 – 2803.
vita invece che subirla.
Diversi anni dopo, venni a sapere che Jerry aveva               SABATO, 11 SETTEMBRE 2010 – DECIMO PICNIC
commesso un errore imperdonabile per un gestore di              ANNUALE a Nansen Park in Staten Island. Partenza da
ristorante: aveva lasciato la porta posteriore del ristorante   Sant’Atanasio alle 10am oppure potete raggiungerci con la
aperta una mattina, ed era stato attaccato da tre               vostra auto. Per biglietti telefonare al 718.236.0124.
rapinatori armati; mentre cercava di aprire la cassaforte,
le sue mani sudate e tremanti dalla paura non riuscivano        SPETTACOLO TEATRALE - BROADWAY SHOW - Da
a trovare la combinazione ed i rapinatori, presi dal            ricordare la data di mercoledì, 22 settembre–spettacolo
panico, gli avevano sparato ferendolo gravemente.               teatrale – Million Dollar Quartet - Cena prima dello
Fortunatamente Jerry era stato soccorso rapidamente e           spettacolo. L’autobus parte da Sant’Atanasio alle ore
portato immediatamente al pronto soccorso. Dopo 18              4:40pm. L’offerta di $165 include il biglietto, l’autobus e
ore di intervento chirurgico ed alcune settimane di             cena primo dello spettacolo. Per informazioni dettagliate e
osservazione, Jerry era stato dimesso dall'ospedale con         per prenotazioni telefonare al diacono Dante dopo il 20
frammenti di pallottole ancora nel suo corpo.                   agosto al 917.602.3797.
    Page 6                              St. Athanasius Church                    August 29, 2010

                                                     Jesús mismo nos enseño cual era la misión a
                                                     través de su ejemplo y obras , es el quien nos in-
                                                     vita a cambiar para ser parte de esa misión sal-
                                       JESÚS         vadora donde el premio mayor es la vida eterna,
                                                     promesa para todos los que crean y se convier-
                                  DA CONSEJOS        tan , para aquellos que practiquen la caridad, la
                                                     correccion fraterna, la humildad y el amor por
                                   PARA LA           nuestro projimo , por aquel mas necesitado .

                                                     “JESUS SALVADOR MIO , DEPOSITA EN MI
                                     VIDA            CORAZON UN NUEVO AMOR POR LOS POBRES
                                                     QUE TANTO AMAS . ENSEÑAME A SENTIRME
                                    SOCIAL           MOVIDO A DEMOSTRAR TU AMOR A LOS QUE
                                                     SUFREN Y A LOS NECESITADOS . PER-
                                                     MITE ,SEÑOR , QUE TE ENCUENTRE A TI CADA
                                                     VEZ QUE SIRVA A ESTOS HIJOS E HIJAS TUYOS
                                                     QUE AMAS CON TANTA COMPASIÓN”

            VICARIO PARROQUIAL                                                 AMIGUITOS
             (718) 236-0124 Ext 14                                              DE JESUS
            (718) 236-0124 Ext27                                JESUS TELL US THAT WE
                                                                SHOULD INVITE OTHERS
                                                                WHO WE KNOW ARE NOT
           29 DE AGOSTO DE 2010                                 ABLE TO REPAY FOR OUR
 ECLESIASTICO 3,17-18.20.28-29 SALMO 68 4-                      GOOD DEED TO EAT WITH
                  7.10-11                                       US. WHEN WAS THE LAST
                                                                TIME YOU DID SOMETHING
 HEBREOS 12,18-19.22-24 LUCAS 14,1.7-14
                                                     FOR SOMEONE WITHOUT EXPECTING
“ Carguen con mi yugo dice el Señor; y aprendan      ANYTHING IN RETURN ?
  de mi que soy Paciente de Corazón y humilde”

                                                                AVISOS PARROQUIALES
Una de las Enseñanzas que Jesús siempre acon-
sejó fue la de la Caridad y la humildad. Cuidar de      Todos los Sabados Misa en Español , gracias
los mas necesitados , ayudar a quien no puede             a la respuesta de la Comunidad a las 7:30 pm
retribuirte por que esto hace aun mas merito.             en el Templo de abajo , ESPERAMOS TU PAR-
Desde el Pesebre Jesús se identifico con los po-        Interesados en Formar parte del comite del
bres , pues se privo de nacer en cuna de Reyes ,
siendo el Rey de Reyes , quizo que su humanidad           Divino Niño mayores informes Oficina de Pas-
se asemejara a lo mas humilde posible para ser            toral Hispana 718– 236-0124 Ext 27
uno de nosotros . Siendo rico se hizo pobre. Vivio      Registraciones abiertas para Catequesis de
sencillamente y murio en la pobreza de una Cruz.          Bautismo , Comunión y Confirmación , para
                                                          Niños , Jovenes o Adultos , Mayores Informes
El siempre lo ha dicho, quien ayuda a un necesi-          con El Padre Gabriel o Con el Señor Alvaro
tado es como si lo hiciera con Cristo mismo. Que          Asociado de Pastoral , en la Rectoria .
significado mas hermoso y profundo. Cristo vino a
                                                        Tenemos aun algunos cupos disponibles para
Sanar a los Enfermos , vino a ayudar a los mas
pobres y necesitados , Es el medico del alma ,            la ESCUELA DE LA PARROQUIA, interesados
aquel que nos cura en cualquier necesidad.                comunicarse con el Señor Alvaro Chavar-
                                                          riaga , Asociado de Pastoral hispana de la
Cual es nuestra misión? A que estamos Siendo
llamados como Seglares o laicos dentro de la              Parroquia 718 236 0124 Ext 27
    Page 7                                             St. Athanasius Church                                            August 29, 2010

                              St. Athanasius 10th Annual Parish Picnic
                              Saturday September 11, 2010
                                    11:00am – 6:00pm
                                            Nansen Park in Staten Island, NY
            Nansen Park’s private grounds have a covered pavilion and a shaded area with picnic tables.
                    Ample parking is available. The park opens at 10:30 and closes at 6:30.
                Activities offered include softball, basketball, volleyball, shuffleboard, horseshoes,
                                bocce ball, chipping green, sand box and playground.
                                     Equipment, except for gloves, is provided.
                                                   Organized Youth Activities
                                             Food, Soda and Bottled Water Included
                                                  Cash Bar – Beer Only
         To drive to Nansen Park - Once you cross the Verrazano Bridge take the Staten Island Expressway
                                          (US 278 West) to Exit 10, Victory Blvd.
                 Turn left at the light onto Victory Blvd. Drive 1.4 miles. Nansen Park is on the right.
                      To take the bus to Nansen Park – Meet in front of the church at 9:30am.
                     The bus will leave promptly at 10:00am and return at approximately 7:00pm.
                Tear off form below and return to the Rectory with full payment by September 4.
                                 Make checks payable to St. Athanasius Church

Name:____________________________________                              Phone - Day:_______________________________
Address:__________________________________                             Phone - Evening:___________________________

                    Will Take Bus

                        How Many                          Price Per Person                                             Total
Adults              _____________               X                  $ 50                  =            $_______________________
Children 6-14       _____________               X                  $ 15                  =            $_______________________
Children under 6    _____________                              No Charge

                            Total                                                                     $_______________________

                     Will Take Car

                       How Many                           Price Per Person                                              Total

Adults             _____________                 X                 $ 37                  =            $_______________________

Children 6-14      _____________                 X                 $ 10                  =            $_______________________

Children under 6 _____________                                 No Charge

                            Total                                                                     $_______________________
   Page 8                       St. Athanasius Church             August 29, 2010

                     RELIGIOUS EDUCATION NEWS

The Faith Formation Office will re-         La Oficina de Formación en la Fe ha
open on August 16 from 10am-2pm.            Iniciado las    Registraciones de
                                            Catequesis de niños para el pro-
You can register your child for Reli-       grama de clases 2010 -2011
gious Education classes at that time.        La Oficina abrira de Nuevo al pub-
                                            lico el dia 16 de Agosto de 2010 , de
Tuition for 1 or 2 children, $100 each;     Lunes a Jueves de 10 am a 2pm .
3 or more, $50 each. At registration, a
$75 deposit is required to hold the         El costo del curso por Cada año es
seat for your child in September.           de $100.00 por cada niño , mas de 3
                                            Niños por familia $50.00 cada Uno .
Anyone registering for the First Grade      En el momento de la Registración
must present a copy of the Baptismal        es necesario dejar un deposito de
Certificate.                                $75.00 para poder separar el cupo
                                            de su niño.
If someone is transferring from an-         Si su niño entra por primera vez a la
other parish program, a Release Form        Catequesis debe traer el Certificado
is required from that parish. Also, if      de Bautismo
the child has received a Sacrament,
we need a Certificate stating reception     Si alguien trae su niño transferido
of the Sacrament.                           de otra Parroquia deben traer el re-
                                            porte completo de la Parroquia que
      For further information call          viene , Incluyendo certificado de los
         Monday thru Thursday               Sacramentos que hayan recibido .
      from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.:                   Mayores Informes llamar al
            (718) 331-8811                               718-331-8811
  Page 9                            St. Athanasius Church                   August 29, 2010

METS BASEBALL OUTING...We invite all, especially youth and families to join the Ben-
sonhurst Cluster Youth Ministry on Wednesday, September 15th, to see the Mets play at
New Citi Field against the Pittsburgh Pirates!

Game time is 7:00 p.m., and we will have a bus that leaves from St. A’s at 5:00 p.m. for
those that want to use - at no additional cost! Tickets are $25. for adults, 21 or older and
all youth for only $15.00 Our seats are in the nice Pepsi Porch in right field, Rows 6-8!!!
Join us, reserve and pay for your tickets now. Space is limited. Call us and leave a mes-
sage at: 718-490-4496.

           TO BROADWAY

   Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Bus leaves St. Athanasius at 4:30pm
                             Donation $165
Includes transportation, dinner & show
   Deacon Dante 917- 602- 3793
           A thrilling new musical that brings the story of four rock 'n' roll
                                     icons to life.
    Page 10                            St. Athanasius Church                  August 29, 2010

                 Join us on a

   Diocesan Lenten Pilgrimage                                  Lourdes & Paris
           to the Holy Land
                                                               September 12th
        March 24—April 1, 2011
      (optional extension to Egypt)                             through 20th
  Msgr. Jamie Gigantiello, Chaplain
         For a Brochure call:                              Join Msgr. David Cassato
 The Pilgrimage Office 718-965-7313
  Or email,
                                                            Msgr. Jamie Gigantiello
                                                    On a pilgrimage in honor of Our Lady
                     SCHOOL NEWS
                Registration continues.                 With special visit to the tomb of
              Please call 718-236-4791
         during regular school hours for more
                                                               St. Bernadette in Nevers
                     information.                              Cost per person $2,900
              St. A’s Class of 1974                              For information call
We are planning a reunion for Sat., Sept. 25,             Bove Travel (718) 680-3333
2010 at St. A’s. Please contact Jo at 917-658-
7786 or for more info.

                                                   Residents of the Heartshare Group
Annual Day of Reflection at the St. Al-
fonso Retreat House in Long Branch,                Home for Adults with Developmental
New Jersey on Thursday, Sept. 16th.                Disabilities will be selling raffles at the
                                                   doors of the church on the weekend of
Offering is $45. per person. It includes           September 4 and 5. We hope you will
transportation, light breakfast and                continue to support this program.
lunch. Bus departs at 8:00 am

All are welcome. Please contact Bar-
bara Pulice for reservations: 917-572-
    Page 11                                 St. Athanasius Church                           August 29, 2010

                                                                          Community News
    Faith Sharing Question of the Week
We encourage you to talk about the readings &               Effective September 12th, there will be a
reflection question in the car on the way home           monthly advertising fee for apartment rental
from Mass, at dinner on Sunday, or at parish              listings. Please contact the Rectory if you
meetings. Faith sharing opens the door for us to                  would like your ad removed.
meet, know & walk with Christ in our everyday
lives.                                                  APARTMENT AVAILABLE: 4 rooms, on 62 St. between 18
                                                        - 19 Ave. Call: 917-660-6645.
Jesus tells his host that he should invite peo-
 ple who can’t repay him. What can I do for             APARTMENT FOR RENT: In a 3 family home. Owner oc-
  someone who can’t do anything for me?                 cupied. Attractive kitchen with abundant cabinet space,
                                                        living rm., master bedroom, spare bedroom & full bath. Sec-
                                                        ond fl. rear apartment. NO PETS! NO SMOKING! Leave
                                                        message for Angelina: 718-256-8950.

The Morning Scripture Reflection & Faith                APARTMENT FOR RENT: 4 1/2 rooms. All modern. Near
                                                        N train. For Information call 718-259-7331 after 6PM.
            Sharing Group
                                                        APARTMENT FOR RENT: 6 1/2 rooms, pvt. house, no
                                                        pets, smoking or washer. Vicinity of Bay Parkway & 72nd
Meets every Thursday, after the 9a.m. Mass,             St. For information call (347) 924 4776
in the Nazareth Institute to discuss the up-
                                                        HANDYMAN AVAILABLE: No job too small. Reasonable
coming Sunday's Scriptures. Join Lay Pas-               rates. Free estimates. Call Bob: 718-234-1747.
toral Leader Joe Barbieri for spirited discus-
sions on next Sunday’s Bible readings.                  HOME ATTENDANT AVAILABLE: Italian speaking woman
                                                        to care for the elderly or sick. Call Patty at: 1-646-245-7534.

           Charismatic Prayer Group                     NANNY WANTED: Looking for an educated, experienced,
                                                        loving nanny to care for a 19th month old boy. References
Meets every Tuesday evening at 8:00 p.m. in the         required. Call Claudia at: 917-226-0620.
Lower Church.                                           APARTMENT WANTED: Need studio apt. for a single lady.
                                                        Call 718-331-7048.

          Community Outreach Program                    HOME ATTENDANT: To work with the elderly - references
                                                        upon request. Call Kati at 631-968-8859.
Where there is despair, let us bring hope. Volunteers   APARTMENT FOR RENT: Lovely 4 modern rooms. Ave. N
are needed to serve food to the poor and the home-      & E. 4th St. Modern, near shopping and transportation. No
less on Saturday Mornings. For more information,        pets, washer or dryer. Non smoker only. Contact John at
please call Fred Rubino at (718) 236-0264 or Dawn
Aiello at (718) 232-3113                                PARKING SPACE WANTED: Teacher at P.S. 226 looking
                                                        to rent a driveway (parking spot) Monday-Friday 7:45-3:15.
                                                        Please call 917.797.8381
Societa’ Cultural Pugliese Figli Maria Santis-          AVAILABLE FOR WORK: Experienced in Research, Mar-
sima Addolorata - Novena at the Nazareth Insti-         keting, Supervising, Youth Ministries, Computer Databases.
tute - Monday, Sept. 2nd to Friday, Sept. 10th at       Available immediately for full or part-time employment. Call
                                                        Billy at 917.885.0874
8:00 p.m. Lucrezia Nardulli at 917-509-2803.
                                                        HOME ATTENDANT AVAILABLE: Italian speaking woman
                                                        looking for a position taking care of the elderly.
                                                        Call Anna at 347.854.7284
The St. A’s Scouting Program meets every
Wednesday night in the school auditorium at
7:00 p. m. All boys ages 7-18. Boys and Girls
14-21 can join the Venturing Crew. Come and
learn skills that will last a lifetime.
     Page 12                                         St. Athanasius Church                                   August 29, 2010
                                                                       Do you need a Minister of Caring? Is someone in
The District Attorney’s Office is located in the Rectory
                                                                       your family ill, homebound, hospitalized or in a care
Conference Room on Wednesdays from 9a.m. to 4p.m.                      facility (assisted living or nursing home) & wishes a
Call 718.234.8709.                                                     visit or a phone call from a Minister of Caring, please
                                                                       call Bensonhurst Cluster Lay Minister Palma Parmese
The Neighborhood Office is an extension of the District At-            at 718. 837.1752.
torney’s Office’s Citizen Action Center. You can discuss
problems that concern you and our community with their
                                                                                  Support Groups at St. A’s
staff members.
                                                                       Divorced & Separated Support Group will meet in
                                                                       the Nazareth Institute from 7:30-9:30p.m.. Call Enza
                                                                       at: 917-613-3959 to get information on the support
                   Calling All St. A’s School Alumni
              We want to form an Alumni Association
                                                                       Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship of men and
            Anyone who is interested in forming a                      women who share their experience, strength and hope
            committee to get this going is asked to                    with each other that they may solve their common
            contact Msgr. Cassato at 718.236.0124.                     problem and help others to recover from a gambling
            Ext. 11 or email him at StAthan-                           problem. Meeting every Friday night at 7:30p.m. in
   In order to form a                     the Nazareth Institute.
data base, we ask that you fill out this tear off and
                                                                       Overeaters Anonymous members talk about their
return it to the RECTORY or place it in the Sunday col-                struggles with compulsive eating. Meeting every
lection.                                                               Wednesday night at 8:00p.m. in the Nazareth Insti-

                                                                       Is your life effected by someone who is drinking? To
                 ST. A’S SCHOOL ALUMNI                                 help them, you must first help yourself. Al-Anon helps
     Name: _________________________________                           families and friends of alcoholics recover from the ef-
     [Maiden Name: _________________________ ]                         fects of living with the problem drinking of a relative or
     Class of _________                                                friend. Our Al-Anon Group meets in the Nazareth
     Address: _______________________________                          Institute every Friday 8-9:30p.m. & Saturday 7:30-
              ________________________________                         9:30p.m.
     Phone: _____________     Cell: _____________                      Bereavement Support meets in the Nazareth Insti-
     E-mail: _________________________________                         tute with Sr. Barbara Murtha, C.S.J. on Mondays,
                                                                       Aug. 30; Sept. 13, 20 at 7:30p.m.

  In order for designated Parish Ministries & Organizations to reserve one of our rooms at St. A’s, we require you to fill out
  our Parish Calendar & Room Request Form. The form is available in the rectory or can be downloaded from our web-
  site. We even have an E-form so you complete this form without writing. Just e-mail it back to us, or print it out and drop it
  off. All Requests must be made using our form. E-mail completed form to AnnaMarie Scuteri at annamari- This is the ONLY way to reserve a room here at St. A's. The group listed on the parish calendar
  is the group that has the right to use that space. If you are not a designated ministry of our parish, permission
  must be granted from our Pastor, Msgr. Cassato, a rental fee is paid, and a lease agreement completed in order to use

  Sunday Bulletin Deadlines The Sunday Bulletin must be e-mailed to our printer by 3p.m. Monday. All announcements
  must be submitted in WRITTEN form only (handwritten, typed, computer, fax, e-mailed, etc) by 11a.m. Monday. An-
  nouncements received after the deadline will be published the following week. No one on the parish staff will assume the
  responsibility for your ministry’s articles. Include your bulletin articles in your advance planning for your event. All Flyers
  need to be approved by a staff member and submitted by Email to
  Our Printer Requires all Black or Grayscale Print, Clip Art & Graphics. If you submit color graphics, the printer will
  NOT print your flyer. Please email announcements to no other email addresses!

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