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									             The new iPad 5: Rumors, Features and Related News
iPad 4 which came out in October 2012 was a pleasant surprise in the Apple fan space. The other
big product release at the same time was the iPad Mini which sure did very well among users.
Although many people felt that the iPad Mini was just a small iPad, if you look closer, it is not just
that. The iPad Mini is meant to cater to the needs of a very different set of users and is a totally
different product segment.

There are so many unanswered questions about the fifth generation iPad and when exactly it will be
released to the world. Industry analysts believe that the iPad 5 will be released early 2013 along
with the iPad Mini Retina Display version and also the new iPhone 6. This will mean that Apple
will move away from its yearly product release cycle to a semi-annual cycle for new releases. The
main reason why Apple is being prompted to do this is the mounting level of competition in all
product segments. Be it smartphones or tablets, Apple is facing a lot of competition from players
like Samsung, Google and Microsoft. To stay ahead of competition, it is vital that Apple comes up
with great products with cutting edge technology and jaw dropping features to stay ahead of the

Here are some rumors regarding the possible features that iPad 5 might bring with it:

New Design: The next version of the iPad is definitely going to be better designed plus will be
lighter and thinner compared to the previous versions. Due to the launch of Microsoft Surface,
Apple is under more pressure to release a device of size around 9.7” to be able to stay competitive
                                          in this segment.


Better Processor: The iPad 5 will have the A6X processor in all likelihood. This version of the
processor will be two times faster than the previous processor present in iPad 4. There are also
reports of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company working on manufacturing the said
version of processors in bulk quantities. TSMC and Apple have reportedly signed a deal for supply
of processors for its new devices and this will cause Samsung to be wary of competition from

Better LTE: It is also very likely that iPad 5 will have a lightning connector and will also have
better LTE capabilities. Also, the rumor mill suggests that Apple might include the GF2 or GF
DITO technology on its touch screens. The GF2 technology which is already present in the iPad
Mini might also be present in the iPad will make the device thinner and lighter than its current size.
Increased Battery Life: Instead of the existing two LEDs on the iPad, the next generation iPad 5
might have only one LED which will cut down on the power consumed thereby increasing its
battery life. It will be more energy efficient and the battery included in the device will be smaller in

Better Display: Corning is said to be working on a new glass Gorilla Glass 3, which will have
better anti scratch and better strength of the display.

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