Congratulations to our Graduates_ We had a wonderful cere- by leader6


									     A Publication of      t h e M i d d l e Te n n e s s e e H o m e E d u c a t i o n A s s o c i a t i o n
                                                                                                       June 2003

                                                   C         ongratulations to our Graduates! We had a wonderful cere-
                                                             mony for our seventy-eight students. Every time we go, it is
                                                             such a blessing. At the beginning of Graduation a slide pres-
                                                   entation was given in which a baby picture and then a current picture
                                                 of each graduate was shown, accompanied by music. I didn’t recognize
                                               one of the songs, but the word “Remember” kept repeating. I was in tears
                                              as I watched the fleeting of the years for each of these students. We know
                                            too well how quickly the time flies as we have graduated three so far. Please,
                                         dear friends, treasure each day with your children. Even now you may be
                                       weary and discouraged about this “homeschooling thing”. You may be thinking,
                                     “Can I really do this again?” Be of good cheer. Think on the good things-I’m sure
                                  there were lots of great days in this past year. As mothers we too often focus on all
                              the things we didn’t accomplish, the unfinished workbooks, or the days sent to try the
                          patience of a saint. I can promise you, from experience, that it is all worth it. When you
                       finally get to that day that seems so far away, you will know that you know that it was worth

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       The MTHEA Teacher's Conference
         Aug. 1-2 at First Baptist of Hendersonville
Look for more information in next month's special July edition of Jonathan's Arrow.
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                                                           by Doug and Michelle
the fight. As you hand the diploma to                      Fraley                                          MTHEA Website
your child, who’s suddenly no longer a                                                           
child, you’ll be so very glad that you spent       14      Outstanding Seniors                             To gain access to the “members only” section
all those days with him. You’ll have many                                                                  of our website, please register online. To reg-
things to “Remember” in the days ahead.                                                                    ister, you will need the following information:
     If you are one of those who are won-                                                                  Password: family
dering, “Can I really do this again?”, we
especially encourage you to attend the                                                                     MTHEA
Teacher’s Conference the first weekend of                MTHEA Officers                                    E-NewsGroup
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Fair. As you told us and we knew, the                        Past Presidents                      or con-
Fairgrounds was a great place for a cur-                   Dennis & Debbi Tirjan                           tact the office at
riculum fair but not a great place for work-
shops. That is why we have planned a                          Vice Presidents
separate time of inspiration. This is being                  Matt & Barb Stewart
designed as a kick off for your new year.
We are thrilled to be having Chris Davis as
our keynote speaker! If you have not had
                                                                 Evanne Nehlig
                                                                                                             Math Tutor
the privilege of hearing Chris or don’t                                                                                All Levels,
know who he is, ask around! He is the
most frequently requested speaker by
                                                               Jim Davis
                                                                                                                      all courses.
homeschoolers in our area. We will also             Jonathan’s Arrow is published 11                         Pre-Algebra, Algebra I,
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MTHEA 2003 Graduates
LAURA MORGAN ABT                                               Camp. Then she plans to pursue a degree in nursing to      MICHAEL EDWARD BRADLEY
       Morgan was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, but          prepare her for missions, possible homeschooling as a             Mike is the son of Ed and Susan Bradley of
has lived in Dickson for most of her life. She began           wife and mother, or anything else God calls her to do!     Lawrenceburg and has been homeschooled for thirteen
homeschooling in the sixth grade. Her favorite memo-                                                                      years. He is actively involved in his church's youth
ries of homeschooling have been the field trips out of         ANNA LAURA BONHAM                                          group and has been on several mission trips, including
state and doing school work in her pajamas. Morgan                    Anna's parents have had the pleasure of home-       an Indian reservation in South Dakota.
has also been very active in community theater. Her            schooling Anna all her life. She is a mature young lady           Mike enjoys bodybuilding, swimming, running,
favorite roles include the Wicked Witch of the West in         who loves the people at Harvest International Church       cars, and rock climbing. He has been swimming com-
The Wizard of Oz, Mary Hatch in It's A Wonderful Life,         and Congregation Yeshuat Yisreal and enjoys working        petitively since age six and currently swims on the L.A.
and Shelby in Steel Magnolias. Morgan likes Sandra             with the children at both churches.                        Wave team. Mike also lifeguards at the Lawrenceburg
Bullock movies, chocolate, singing, chocolate, chang-                 The people at W. O. Smith Music School have         Country Club and enjoys the outdoors. Mike pursues a
ing clothes at least five times a day, and Godiva choco-       been an important part of her life. She has taken piano    special interest in Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and
late.                                                          for seven years and has been a member of the Voices        builds replica movie props. He has started his own
                                                               Chorus for four years. Because of her love of history,     internet business, selling his work.
SHANTEL MICHELLE ADAMS                                         she volunteers at Mansker's Station, an eighteenth cen-           Mike has been awarded the Provost's Academic
       Shantel, daughter of Chuck and Michelle Adams,          tury living history site.                                  Scholarship at the University of Tennessee at
is the oldest of five children. Shantel has played four               Since she was thirteen, Anna has made a yearly      Chattanooga, where he plans to pursue a degree in
years of fast-pitch softball, three years of competitive       mission trip to Mexico with Belmont Church. She has a      Fitness and Health Promotion with a possible Master's
soccer, and played AAU basketball since she was                heart for God and is open to His leading and to His        Degree in Industrial Design.
eleven. She loves running and has been on cross-coun-          timing in her life.
try and track teams, but basketball is still her first love.          Anna plans to attend Volunteer State Community      TIMOTHY ANDREW BRENDLE
       Other interests include cooking, sewing, garden-        College in the fall.                                              Timothy, the oldest of three boys, is a great big
ing, art, and Hawaiian dance. Shantel also has an inter-                                                                  brother. He is an easy-going guy who enjoys skate-
est in nursing and plans to work at Vanderbilt                 TERRA RENAE BRADEN-DECKER                                  boarding, snowboarding, rock climbing, and bowling.
Children's Hospital this summer. Although she does not               Terra is sixteen years old, the daughter of Todd     He had the opportunity to spend a week in Honduras
know what God has in store for her, Shantel plans to           and Julie Decker, and has been homeschooled her            with his youth group and a Promise Keeper's weekend
attend college in the fall and pursue her basketball           entire life. She loves to worship the Lord and finds       in Washington, D.C., with his dad. He has worked for
career. She has had several scholarship offers but has         great enjoyment in Him. She has a compassionate            two years at the Carmike Cinema and as a teacher's
decided not to go far from home, because she does not          heart and loves people. Along with mission trips to        assistant at church with the five-year-old class. He
want to miss her twin brothers' first four years of life.      Mexico, Terra's interests include reading, fashion         plans to attend Middle Tennessee State University in
                                                               design, being with friends, playing the Djembe in her      the fall. His parents are proud of him. Way to go, Tim!
JAMES AARON ALBRITTON                                          youth group band, and traveling. Her favorite destina-
       Aaron, the oldest son of Mark and Linda                 tions so far have been New York City and St. Thomas.
Albritton of Dickson, has been homeschooled for thir-                In the fall, Terra will attend StyleMasters School
teen years. He enjoys classical and acoustic guitar,           of Cosmetology and plans to open her own salon in
drama, flying, swing dancing, and hanging out with his         the near future.
friends. Aaron's favorite acting role was Puck in A
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Midsummer Night's Dream. He has enjoyed working
with children and teens as a gymnastic coach for the
past two years. He received his private pilot certificate
in May through Dickson County's Eagle Squadron and
will attend Middle Tennessee State University this fall
to pursue a career in Aeronautics.

       T.J. has grown up in the Franklin area and has
been homeschooled since the fifth grade. He enjoys
reading, computers, and World War II history. He is a
member of the Tennessee Military Collectors
Association and is involved with World War II reenact-
ing in the 20th Century Tactical Studies Group.
       For two summers T.J. worked on the operational
staff at the Bill Rice Ranch. Last summer he enjoyed
participating in a mission trip to Mexico with his youth
group at Trinity Baptist Church. They worked on a
construction project at a church and helped with a
Vacation Bible School for the local children.
       T.J. is looking forward to attending Bob Jones
University in the fall. He has not yet decided on a

      Cara lives in Donelson and has been home-
schooled her entire life. She truly loves the Lord and
His Word and enjoys serving Him and getting to know
Him better every day.
      Cara is an All-State trombonist in the Nashville
Youth Symphony and the Two River Baptist Church
Orchestra. She teaches the five-year-old choir at church
and has traveled to France for a music mission trip.
Cara has also volunteered for the last five years at
Cottage Cove, served as a counselor at Lighthouse
Christian Camp in Smithville, and taught children in
      She plans to spend next year in missions, begin-
ning this summer on staff at Lighthouse Christian

Graduates…continued from page 3

JESSICA RAE BUTNER                                                   Amanda's love of reading and writing takes a        Central Christian Warriors basketball program since its
       Jessica has been homeschooled for six years. She       close second to outreach. She is rarely without a biog-    beginning and served as co-captain her junior and sen-
has been a member of the Teen Learning Center for             raphy or classical novel, and she can often be found       ior years. She is an accomplished violinist and is cur-
the last four years, where she served on the yearbook         writing poetry, short stories, or essays. Already a pub-   rently in a Christian rock band. She is actively involved
staff her junior and senior years.                            lished writer, Amanda credits her love of writing to       with her youth group and participates in a summer-
       Jessica has been an active member of the youth         two sources, saying “I am greatly indebted to my           long ministry in downtown Nashville. Some of her
ministry at Tusculum Church of Christ. She has been           Creator for giving me a talent to express myself, as       interests include commercial modeling, music, photog-
blessed to participate in five mission trips to Michigan,     well as to my mother for pushing me to accept and          raphy, skiing, missions, thrift stores, and European
Texas, and Jamaica, where she taught Vacation Bible           use God's gift.” Amanda plans to further develop that      travel. She will attend Harding University in the fall to
School and built a house. She plans to complete               gift at Pensacola Christian College in the fall.           major in Pediatric Nursing.
another building project this summer in Morant Bay,                  As she dreams of the future, Amanda offers the
Jamaica. Jessica has worked in the Nashville Inner City       following passage of Scripture to her fellow graduates     KAREN ALLISON COURTNEY
Ministry for the past four years and has painted houses       as encouragement:                                                  Karen was born in Stuttgart, Germany, and now
at the Nashville Work Camp. A Girl Scout for ten years,                                                                  lives in Antioch. She has been homeschooled since the
Jessica completed her Silver Award by making quilts           BETHANY LEIGH COSAND                                       third grade. Her best quality is her giving heart, and
for at-risk babies. She has been employed at Carlton                 Bethany is the daughter of Watson and Anna          the most important thing that life has taught Karen, so
Cards in Cool Springs for two years.                          Cosand, and she has been homeschooled for eleven           far, is to laugh at herself. She credits this to the Lord,
       Jessica will attend David Lipscomb University this     years. She has a passion to serve God by investing in      who has demonstrated His unconditional love and
fall, majoring in Biology or Zoology.                         the lives of others. Consequently, she has spent much      happiness. She will never forget the incredible insight
                                                              of her free time serving in her church's youth ministry.   the Lord gave her at a Search retreat last October or
KELSEY LEIGH CALICOTT                                         She serves as a leader in the junior high and senior       the amazing week at World Youth Day in Toronto,
       Kelsey has been homeschooled for thirteen              high youth meetings, leads a discipleship group for        Canada, last summer.
years. She loves to sing, play piano, and act with the        junior high girls, and helps lead an after school Bible            Karen has enjoyed playing softball for eight
community theater. She also enjoys spending time with         club in a local middle school.                             years. This year she learned to laugh at herself again
her friends. Kelsey has worked a variety of jobs since               Other interests include reading great literature,   as she gave basketball a try. She appreciates her
she was fourteen. She plans to attend Middle                  especially the classics, biographies, and Christian phi-   coaches' patience and thanks them for a wonderful
Tennessee State University in the fall.                       losophy, playing the piano, and listening to many          experience.
                                                              kinds of music. She also enjoys photography and                    Karen enjoys goofing off with friends, lifeguard-
JAMEY FAYE CARTRITE                                           videography.                                               ing, exercising, roller-blading, movies, and scrapbook-
       Jamey is a musically inclined eighteen-year-old               After graduation, she plans to work and do an       ing. She will attend Tennessee Technological Institute
young lady from Brentwood. She has been home edu-             internship in Christian video and film production.         in the fall to major in Education. She hopes one day to
cated since the fifth grade and is the daughter of Caron      Bethany believes God has called her to make a differ-      teach elementary age children and to build a loving
and Lynn Cartrite.                                            ence in this arena for the kingdom of God.                 family of her own.
       Jamey's musical interests include religious, classi-
cal, and jazz. She has had the pleasure of playing the        KARA DANIELLE COSTELLO                                     ERIC MATTHEW CURB
piano for twelve years and the privilege of playing for             Danielle, from Franklin, has been homeschooled             Eric moved to Franklin three and a half years
church worship, children's choir, formal banquets, and        her entire life. She has been part of the Nashville        ago. He enjoys tennis, soccer, and spending time with
receptions. Her interest in forensics has led her to par-
ticipate at both state and national levels. Public speak-
ing and the Lincoln-Douglas Debate opened a venue
to learn lasting skills and to uphold her Christian faith
and beliefs.
       Jamey enjoys being with family and friends. She
is waiting on the Lord to reveal direction for her

      Angel Renee Cates was born at Vanderbilt
Medical Center in Nashville and came to live with the
Reverend Bobby and Debbie Cates on June 6, 1993.
She was adopted into her new family on December 15.
      Angel has been homeschooled for five years. She
enjoys reading, listening to music, and doing activities
with younger children. Her favorite Scripture is Psalm
23, especially the verse, “The LORD is my shepherd.”
      Angel has been accepted to a vocational school
to obtain a skill for employment.

       Chris lives in Mt. Juliet and has been home-
schooled for the past nine years. He has attended a
homeschool co-op for eight of those years.
       He is active in his church and his homeschool
tutorial, serving as the Senior High Youth Group
President and President of the Student Council, respec-
tively. Chris is very service-minded and always willing
to help.
       Chris has worked at Garrs Rental and Feed Store
for the past three years. He enjoys bowling, reading,
playing the drums, and music. He is taking Tae Kwon
Do and holds the rank of red belt. He plans to attend
Nashville Auto Diesel College in June.

       Amanda's life can be characterized by an intense
interest in the arts (literature, theater, music, and
dance). One of the strongest facets of her personality is
her active involvement in community and church proj-
ects. Amanda believes that reaching out to others both
individually and through group activities should be a
way of life.

his youth group at New Song Fellowship. Eric also vol-           Abby plans to attend Middle Tennessee State            KIMBERLY ANN HAMILTON
unteers running the sound system at the church.            University in the fall where she hopes to pursue a                  Kimberly was born in Selmer and raised in Mt.
Through participation in his youth group and small         major in Organizational Communications with a minor          Pleasant. She has been homeschooled for two and a
group Bible studies, Eric has grown in his                 in Business.                                                 half years. She is the daughter of Bill and Barbara
relationship with God and others. He has also been                                                                      Hamilton. She enjoys close relationships with her sister
employed at Kohl's for the past year and a half, where     RACHEL WHITNEY ETHERIDGE                                     Kelly and her grandparents, Troy and Patricia
he has had the opportunity to work in practically every          Whitney's main interest in life is dance, and in       Brumbelow and Jackie Hamilton. Her paternal grandfa-
area of the store, gaining valuable experience in busi-    particular, ballet. Since the age of three, dancing has      ther, James Hamilton, passed away early in Kimberly's
ness and customer service.                                 come as naturally as breathing to her. She has been          life, but she still remembers him with love.
       Eric has been taking classes at Columbia State      homeschooled five years. Her ballet training includes               Kimberly is a warm, caring, and mature Christian
University for the past two semesters and intends to       the Nashville Ballet and American Ballet Theater. This       young lady. She strives to let anyone in her path know
pursue a degree in Business Management.                    past year she studied ballet and voice at the Nutmeg         that God leads her life and wants to share that power.
                                                           Conservatory for the Arts in Connecticut. She will con-      She is active in church and youth group and has just
NINA GAIL DALICANDRO                                       tinue her studies there next year and hopes to dance         returned from a junior-senior retreat in Gatlinburg.
       Nina is the daughter of Anthony and Gail            professionally.                                              Hobbies that she enjoys include designing jewelry,
Dalicandro. She has been homeschooled for the past                                                                      playing pool, hiking, exploring caves, and being with
ten years. Nina has received great pleasure serving in     DANIELLE CHRISTINE FENECH                                    her friends.
her church as a youth retreat leader and counselor. She           Danielle, of Lewisburg, has been homeschooled                Kimberly volunteers at a retirement home provid-
has enjoyed the diversity of homeschool activities,        a total of five years. She volunteers at the Magnolia        ing hand and nail care. She plans to become a surgical
especially sports, and the time to learn and grow in       Boys and Girls Shelters, leading Bible studies               nurse.
her faith. She rides horses and is learning how to train   and encouraging the children to seek the Lord.
and care for them; she has also competed in many           Danielle also enjoys playing the piano, sign language,       KELLY DAWN HARDIN
horse shows. Nina enjoys her dogs and cat, along with      reading, and sewing. She is employed at her local Wal-              Kelly, of McEwen, has been homeschooled nine
all animals. Other interests include piano, gardening,     Mart.                                                        years. She enjoys traveling on mission trips both in the
nature, and teaching children how to ride and care for            Danielle's future plans include attending college     United States and abroad. Her overseas destinations
horses. Through homeschooling, Nina has become an          and obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary              have included Barbados and Romania, and Lord will-
independent learner, for which she is grateful.            Education.                                                   ing, she will travel to Russia in the future. Kelly also
       Nina plans to study Zoology and Veterinary and                                                                   enjoys writing, painting, hiking, reading, drawing, and
Equine Sciences in college.                                KRISTA MARIE FRICKE                                          spending time with her many pets.
                                                                  Krista is the daughter of John and Kelly Fricke.             Kelly plans to enter Freed-Hardeman University
TRACY GLYNN DERRYBERRY                                     Her hobbies include listening to music, playing the          this fall to prepare herself for future mission opportuni-
      Tracy lives in Nashville and is the daughter of      flute, horseback riding, and spending time with her          ties.
Andy and Faye Derryberry. She has been home-               “doodle friends.” Krista is the Young Women's class
schooled for thirteen years.                               president in her church. Her future plans include            TABITHA MICHELLE HARRISON
      She enjoys computers, reading, baby sitting, and     attending college and majoring in Pre-Med. She hopes               Tabitha is the youngest child and only daughter
spending time with her church youth group. Tracy has       to become a pediatrician.                                    of Tim and Julia Harrison. She has been homeschooled
studied ballet since she was five. Among the schools                                                                    since birth. Tabitha enjoys reading, writing poetry and
she has attended are Debra Perry Conservatory of           COURTNEY LIN GASTON                                          prose, spending time with friends and family, and
Dance, North Carolina School of Arts, Virginia School            Courtney, a native of Texas, moved to Tennessee        being outdoors on the first day of spring. She is pas-
of Arts, and Nashville School of Ballet, where she per-    at the age of ten. She is the oldest of seven children       sionate about nutrition and is involved in virtually
formed in five presentations of the Nutcracker ballet      and has used her leadership skills in directing her          every kind of exercise. One of her family's favorite
with a professional company.                               brothers and sisters in their household chores.              pastimes is cycling trips.
      Tracy attended Rutherford Tutorial Academy for       Courtney is multi-talented. She enjoys reading, playing            Showing God's love to others and being active in
two years. During her senior year she began her col-       soccer, acting in school plays, analyzing books and          her community are very important to Tabitha. She has
lege days at Nashville State Technical Community           movies, working at H.R.H Dumplin's in downtown               been involved with Meals on Wheels and Junior
College. She is looking forward to attending David         Franklin, and tinkering with her car. Courtney plans to      Leadership Marshall, as well as various other commu-
Lipscomb University in the fall.                           attend college in the fall where she hopes to become a       nity and service projects.
                                                           journalist, an author, an actress, a teacher, or a nurse.          Tabitha has been named a National Merit
EMILEE HOPE DIGGS                                          Who knows? Maybe she'll be all of those.                     Commended Student. She will attend David Lipscomb
       Emilee is the daughter of Steve and Bonnie                                                                       University as a Presidential Scholar this fall, to pursue a
Diggs and has been home educated for thirteen years.       ADAM WESLY GREENE                                            degree in Environmental Science.
With her church youth group she has gone on three                 Adam lives in Old Hickory and has been home-
mission trips to an orphanage near Ensenada, Mexico,       schooled since the fifth grade. He has been an active        SARAH BETH HEARD
and plans to return again this summer. She also helps      member of the Nashville Notes band for seven years,                 Sarah, the daughter of George and Margaret
with the Inner City Ministries.                            where he played saxophone. He is also very active in         Heard, lives in Columbia. She has been homeschooled
       Emilee has played in the Antioch Church of          his church youth group. Adam has participated in chil-       the past seven years. She has met many friends playing
Christ basketball league for six years, winning five       dren's ministry and Inner City Ministries. In the spring     on the Nashville Central Christian Warriors basketball
championships. Other activities include leading roles in   of 2002, he traveled to Tuba City, Arizona, to work          team and attending Whitver Academy.
A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Curious Savage,          with Native Americans and spread the gospel.                        She is active in the youth group at Zion
and designing sets for theatrical performances includ-            He is very gifted with computer skills and is         Presbyterian Church and has participated in many mis-
ing Fiddler on the Roof. Emilee is also a charter mem-     seeking to use these gifts in his chosen career. Adam        sions trips, including three trips to Mexico and one to
ber of the Nashville Notes band; she has participated      will attend David Lipscomb University in the fall.           Belize. She will return to Peru this summer.
all eight years.                                                                                                               Sarah enjoys playing soccer and riding and
       Emilee values time with her friends, playing the    CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL HAMILTON                                 showing horses. Sarah also loves praising God through
piano and clarinet, writing poetry, and having fun. She           Chris has been homeschooled twelve years and          the gift of music by playing the piano and singing. She
plans to attend David Lipscomb University this fall and    lives in Brentwood. He has played on the homeschool          volunteers at the Animal Medical Clinic and works at a
major in Elementary Education. She believes she is         basketball team, the Nashville Central Christian             hospital pharmacy.
called to Germany to teach English using the Bible.        Warriors, for seven years and served as co-captain for              Sarah plans to attend either the University of
                                                           two years. Chris enjoys playing and writing for piano        Mississippi or the University of Tennessee-Martin in the
ABIGAIL LOUISE EDWARDS                                     and guitar, wakeboarding, and being on the lake with         fall to study Pharmaceutical Science. She is also inter-
      Abby is the daughter of Lynn and Megan               family and friends. Currently, Chris is self-employed        ested in interning with Mission to the World during a
Edwards. She has been homeschooled ten years. She          with his own lawn care business.                             summer in college.
finds her greatest pleasure in serving God and in her             Chris attended Whitver Academy tutorial from
daily walk with Him. She is active in her youth group      eighth through twelfth grade and wishes to thank his         WHITNEY CLAIRE HOLLAND
and is involved in a local outreach ministry. Abby has     tutors and his parents for teaching and encouraging               Whitney is the daughter of Billy and Judy
been involved in many sports, but her favorite is run-     him throughout his education.                                Holland. Whitney's priority is her dedication to serve
ning. She enjoys competing in track and field as well             Chris plans to attend college in the fall and study   God and to show His love in everything that she does.
as cross country. She recently spent a month in            Music Business. He looks forward to seeing what the               The Hollands recently moved to Williamsburg,
Australia with her extended family and hopes to spend      Lord has in store for his future and trusts Him for His
more time there in the future.                             direction.
                                                                                                                        continued on page 6
Graduates…continued from page 5

Virginia, where Whitney is now involved with the              serving others. Zach is a talented athlete and enjoys        KATHRINE GRAY LANDHAM
church youth program, assisting with children's wor-          many sports. He has played church league basketball                 Katie Landham has been homeschooled for
ship, and singing in the adult choir. She is also work-       for six years, earning the top offensive player for the      twelve years; she has attended Whitver Academy since
ing in Colonial Williamsburg.                                 last four years. Zach also played for one year on the        the ninth grade. Katie plans to study at L'Abri
      Music is Whitney's favorite pastime, and she thor-      Middle Tennessee homeschool baseball team.                   Fellowship near Lucerne, Switzerland, in the fall and
oughly enjoyed being part of the Tennessee Choral                    Active in the youth group at Antioch Church of        will begin her college studies in 2004. Interests that
Academy in Nashville. She sang backup with Point of           Christ, Zach has gone on several mission trips to            have shaped her life thus far include Colleen Whitver's
Grace for a recording and appeared on the 2002 Dove           Ensenada, Mexico, attended summer Bible camp since           literature classes, cultural studies, working as a thera-
Awards. Whitney enjoys dance, drama, swimming,                sixth grade, and has gone on a wilderness trek in            pist for an autistic child, teaching fitness classes, and
Junior Cotillion, Sweet Adelines International, and           Colorado. He has also participated in several home-          hiking and camping with her family.
serves as a hospital volunteer.                               school drama productions, has worked on the year-
      Next year, Whitney plans to do some traveling!          book staff at Teen Learning Center, and for the past         DANIELLE MARIE LATIMER
Her future goal is to attend college, majoring in             two years, has worked a part-time job. His plans are to             Danielle, oldest child of Martin and Ellen Latimer,
Elementary Education and minoring in Music.                   attend college in the fall, studying accounting.             has homeschooled for four years. She believes strongly
                                                                                                                           in the philosophy of her patron saint, Therese of
MELISSA ANN HUGHLEY                                           JAMIE LEANN KELLY                                            Lisieux, “The Lord does not look so much at the great-
       Melissa is the daughter of Darrell and Kimberly              Jamie is a blessing from above. An energetic           ness of our actions, or even at their difficulty, but at
Hughley. She has been homeschooled a total of six             teenager, Jamie has been involved in piano, flute,           the love with which we do them.” She enjoys litera-
years. Melissa enjoys swimming, dancing, and basket-          drama, mission trips to Mexico and Jamaica, working          ture, history, music, art, photography, writing, theater,
ball. She has played on the Gold Eagles basketball            with small children at church, and serving as a nanny        and collecting quotations. She plays classical piano and
team for three years during junior and senior high.           for several families.                                        is active in the Pull Tight Players Teen Actor's Guild.
       She has also enjoyed the time spent traveling                When Jamie has spare time, she enjoys traveling,       Danielle has assisted the president of Tennessee Eagle
with the Reflections drama ministry and is interested in      reading, going to the movies, and being with her             Forum with lobbying at the state capitol and attended
sign language.                                                friends and family. Jamie plans to attend New                Eagle Forum's annual leadership conference in
       Melissa would like to travel as well as pursue a       Directions Hair Academy for Cosmetology and                  Washington, D.C.
career in theater.                                            Esthetics in the fall.                                              Danielle bears in mind the words of Saint
                                                                                                                           Vincent Pallotti, “The Christian life is one of action; not
COLE EZRA HUSKEY                                              CASSANDRA LEAH KOHL                                          of speech and daydreams. Let there be few words and
      Cole is from Fairview. His interests are paintball,            Cassandra is the daughter of Barry and Patty          many deeds, and let them be done well.” She will
hunting, martial arts, and anything that involves being       Kohl. She has homeschooled for twelve years. She is          attend the University of Dallas to major in Political
outdoors, no matter what the weather.                         very active in her church. Her hobbies include singing,      Philosophy.
      Cole has served the community by doing street           classical ballet, walking, reading, and spending time
ministry with the Foundry, and he has served over the         with her family and friends.                                 JARED ALLEN LOMAX
past four years in both the Franklin and Dickson Police              Her plans for the future are to study Fitness and            Jared is from Nashville. He is the second oldest
Explorers. He plans to continue his service to God,           Nutrition. She would like to someday be a godly wife         of ten children. Living in a large family has taught him
country, and family by enlisting in the Marines.              and mother.                                                  much about sharing, responsibility, and caring for the
                                                                                                                           needs of others.
ELIZABETH DIANE HYNDMAN                                       AMANDA STARR KOPISCHKE                                              At age fourteen Jared joined the Boy Scouts. In
       Elizabeth lives in Mt. Juliet and has been home-              Amanda has been homeschooled for twelve               2002, he was awarded the Eagle Scout rank and cur-
schooled since the third grade. She enjoys playing soc-       years. She loves community theater and has been              rently serves as an assistant Scoutmaster. For two years
cer, reading, and being with friends. She is also very        involved in ten productions in some capacity on stage        Jared has trained in the martial art of Tae Kwon Do.
involved in many activities at her church. In addition        or as part of the tech crew. While attending Dickson         He recently earned the Black Belt rank and continues
to helping lead youth services once a month, Elizabeth        Cumberland Presbyterian Church, she regularly pres-          to participate in regional and national tournaments.
has been on several mission trips, where she was              ents special music and is the committee representative       Jared also enjoys swimming, playing paintball, and
involved in both construction work and teaching               for her youth group. In that role she plays an active        restoring his '73 Buick Riviera.
Vacation Bible School to inner city children.                 part in planning youth functions. She plays the key-                Jared's immediate goal is to gain entrance into
       Elizabeth has attended the Liberty Christian           board, takes voice lessons, participates in a treble-clef    the U.S. Naval Academy and eventually serve as a
Academy tutorial for the past eight years. There she          choir, loves to read, and has written many short sto-        Naval Officer. He is also interested in entering Basic
was involved with the student council, wrote for the          ries. She has a baby-sitting and house cleaning busi-        Underwater Demolition/Seal training to become a Navy
newspaper, and was editor of the yearbook staff.              ness and also works at House Blend coffee shop in            Seal. Jared is strongly committed to serving the Lord
       Elizabeth has been offered many college scholar-       Dickson. She is the delight of her mother and father,        and seeks Jesus Christ for strength and direction in his
ships and plans to attend a Christian university this fall.   Jon and Valerie.                                             life.
                                                                     Amanda is waiting for final direction from God
MICHAELA DAWN JACKSON                                         for His will for her future. At present she is planning to   DOUGLAS LAMON MARTIN
       Michaela is an ambitious student who plans to          attend Austin Peay State University this fall and to                Douglas, son of Dan and Elizabeth Martin, has
pursue a career in journalism. In the meantime,               major in Music Education.                                    been homeschooled all of his life. He is active in the
though, she has developed a love of the performing                                                                         Erin Baptist Church where he serves as AWANA leader,
arts, especially dance. She also enjoys traveling and         NICHOLAS RAYMOND KOWALSKY                                    usher, youth council member, and handbell ringer.
serving in her church youth group. Throughout high                  Nick has been involved in music since he was           Douglas has studied piano for eight years and bag-
school she has maintained a 4.0 grade average, and            ten years old. He has taken lessons in piano, saxo-          pipes for six years. He has been a piper with the
she is now a National Merit Scholarship Finalist.             phone, drums, and bass guitar. He has played with the        Tennessee Scots Pipe Band in Nashville for three years.
                                                              Nashville Notes and Williamson County Youth                  As a piper Doug-las has performed and competed
RYAN AUSTIN JENKINS JARMON                                    Orchestra. Nick is currently employed with Barnes and        throughout the Southeast.
      Ryan was born in Nashville and has been home-           Noble. He enjoys studying Russian, playing chess, and               For the past two years Douglas has been study-
schooled the past six years. He has a heart for God           has recently earned his private pilot's license.             ing Spanish with the Tennessee Foreign Language
and wants nothing more than to fulfill His will and                 Nick plans to attend Middle Tennessee State            Institute. This summer he will have an opportunity to
desires for his life.                                         University in the fall to study Medicine and pursue a        use his Spanish skills on a medical/dental mission trip
      Ryan also enjoys editing. This is a talent given to     career as a surgeon.                                         to Honduras. Last year Douglas was State President of
him by God, a talent which he is pursuing as a voca-                                                                       the Tennessee Society of the Children of the American
tion. He has helped at his church, editing movies there       WILLIAM MICHAEL KOWALSKY                                     Revolution. Douglas is currently working toward
as well. He loves to spend time with his friends and to             William is from Culleoka and has been home             obtaining a private pilot's license. He enjoys mountain
talk about the things of God. He also enjoys playing          educated for eight years. He has played with the             biking, running, weight training, and other sports activ-
basketball and working out at the YMCA. He depends            Nashville Notes, the Williamson County Youth                 ities.
on God and looks for His leading in his life every            Orchestra, and the People's Church Senior High                      Douglas received the Provost Scholarship to
moment of every day.                                          Orchestra. William speaks Spanish and enjoys doing           Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, and plans to
                                                              video and audio work with the media department at            begin his studies there this fall.
ZACHARY ALLEN JETT                                            church. He enjoys flying and playing drums and guitar.
     Zach lives in Smyrna and is the oldest son of                  William's future plans include exploring Canada        NATHAN RANDOLPH McMASTERS
Doug and Monica Jett. He has been home educated for           and serving God with a career in Aviation.                         Nathan, the son of Randy and Edina McMasters
seven years. He enjoys music, being with friends, and                                                                      of Brentwood, has been homeschooled since the

fourth grade. He enjoys sports, having played soccer        for the past four years at a youth camp. He has partici-     ASHLEY ELIZABETH SHEARER
for ten years and basketball for eight years, including     pated in church dramas, attended UCT for one year,                  Securing her future in the Lord's hands, Ashley
three with the Nashville Central Christian Warriors         and has worked on the MTHEA yearbook for two                 finds her greatest delight in serving Jesus Christ her
where he served as co-captain this year. Nathan's inter-    years. Josh enjoys playing paintball, the drums,             Lord and Savior. She finds peace and pleasure in pur-
ests also include music and drama. He has played            writing poetry, and photography. He is active with his       suits such as worship dancing, riding her beloved
trumpet for seven years with the Nashville Notes, is        church youth group and enjoys working with children.         horse, Deebo, playing and teaching piano, writing
learning to play guitar, and portrayed George Gibbs in      Josh has worked part-time at the Sign Center in              poetry, and being with family and friends. She realizes
UCT's production of Our Town and Cornelius Hackl in         Brentwood for two years. He will be attending Bob            her greatest purpose in life is to glorify the Messiah.
The Matchmaker. He is active in his church, helping         Jones University in the fall where he will study             She knows that life without Him is not life at all. To
with the sound system and working in the nursery.           Restaurant Management.                                       become a beacon of His light is her highest goal.
Nathan traveled on a mission trip to Sabinas, Mexico,                                                                           She plans to pursue a degree in Natural
last summer.                                                ABAGAIL LAINE PENT                                           Homeopathic Medicine and continue her study of
       He enjoys outdoor activities, reading, and learn-          Abagail is from Madison and has been home-             Parelli Natural Horsemanship. She also plans to con-
ing Spanish. For the past two summers Nathan has            schooled since fifth grade. One of Abagail's greatest        tinue writing. Someday she hopes to be married and
worked as a house framer. This summer he plans to           loves is music, especially Broadway musicals. She has        raise a family.
continue this work before leaving for college where he      taken piano, dance, and voice, and she sings with her
will pursue a career in medicine.                           church's Praise Group. Abby has also been involved in        JARED DAYAN SHERRILL
                                                            several theater productions with her church and with                Jared lives in Manchester and has homeschooled
HOLLYN MARIE MICHAELS                                       the Lakewood Community Theater.                              for the past three years. Jared has played basketball for
       Hollyn, the daughter of Robert and Christina               After developing an interest in biology, she           the Nashville Central Christian Warriors during that
Michaels, has homeschooled for the past seven years         decided to prepare for a career in Medicine. Beginning       time. Some of Jared's hobbies are playing the guitar,
and has worked hard to graduate a year early. She has       as a volunteer at Summit Medical Center, Abby now            trivia games, listening to music, and being with his
been employed as a shift leader at Maggie Moo's Ice         works in the pathology lab as a histology technician.        friends. Jared feels that he has been blessed with good
Cream for the past two years.                               She plans to attend David Lipscomb University this fall.     friends and peers with high standards for moral living
       Hollyn volunteers at the Hope Clinic for Women                                                                    to look up to during these homeschool years.
on her free days and at Salama Urban Ministries with        COURTNEY ANNE PINTENICH                                             Jared plans to work this summer and then attend
her youth group. An avid reader, Hollyn can spend                  Courtney, of Brentwood, has had an interest in        Middle Tennessee State University in the fall to pursue
hours reading anything from fictional dramas and            marine biology for years. She loves the oceans, and          a degree in History in order to teach someday.
comedies to books on faith and politics. She also           this past year had the opportunity to hold a small live
enjoys photography, horseback riding, running, dance,       shark which was returned to the water unharmed after         KATHERINE JOYCE SHORT
kickboxing, and marathon instant messaging.                 a photo op. Courtney considered studying marine biol-              Katie, the eldest of five daughters of Brian and
       Hollyn plans to receive a Bachelor's Degree in       ogy in college; however, because of limited employ-          Belinda Short of Spring Hill, has homeschooled since
Political Science and continue her education in accor-      ment opportunities in this area, she will keep marine        kindergarten - four of those years while living in
dance with God's will for her life, which could include     biology as a hobby. Her favorite school course has           Taiwan when her parents were there as missionaries.
law or graduate school. Hollyn has a desire to serve        been global studies. One of her favorite texts is            Katie has worked at JoAnn's Crafts and Fabrics in Cool
her country and others, and she eventually plans to         Geographica, which gives factual details and photos of       Springs for over two years and teaches children's craft
enter into government service.                              all nations of the earth. Courtney enjoys her job in         classes and piano lessons. She is a member of St.
                                                            retail clothing sales and has a keen eye for fashion         Ignatius Orthodox Church in Franklin and has been
JACOB DOUGLAS MONROE                                        trends. She gets satisfaction from helping others select     active with the youth of the church and has worked as
       Jake has been homeschooled since the first grade     clothing which flatters them. In this way, she helps         a summer camp counselor at Antiochian Village in
and has enjoyed the privileges homeschooling has to         individuals increase their self-esteem and possibly          Pennsylvania. During her spare time, Katie enjoys
offer. He has played basketball with the Nashville          increase their chances of obtaining and holding posi-        sewing, playing the piano, singing, and drama. She
Central Christian Warriors for five years and also          tions in the business world.                                 recently performed the leading role in a homeschool
played baseball for twelve years.                                                                                        production of The Matchmaker.
       In 2002, he attended a life-impacting mission trip   MATTHEW NEAL ROMINE                                                Katie's love of children and the arts has moti-
to Honduras. His band had the privilege of playing on              Matthew lives in Dickson County and has been          vated her to pursue a degree in Music Education at
the fourth of July last summer at King College for a        homeschooled for eleven years. Matthew has many              Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville in the fall.
church retreat and recently led worship at the National     interests and several hobbies. He loves to read, write,
Homeschool Basketball Tournament in Wichita,                and draw. He has recently become interested in               ASHLEY MARIE SPENCE
Kansas.                                                     graphic art and design using Adobe Photoshop and is                 Ashley is the oldest of thirteen children. She has
       Jake believes God has called him to be involved      particularly interested in cartooning. He likes studying     seven sisters and five brothers. Ashley enjoys playing
in ministry through music and worship and plans to          the Japanese language and culture and hopes one day          violin and has played at W. O. Smith Music School for
take his next year focusing on the music ministry and       to spend some time traveling in Japan. Matthew enjoys        five years. She also played first violin in the Nashville
interning at his church. Later he would like to attend      theater and has been part of several student and com-        Youth Repertory Orchestra. Ashley loves animals, and
Patrick Henry College in Virginia.                          munity theater productions. He also loves listening to       she would like to become a veterinarian. She has three
                                                            Celtic music and going to the movies. His most recent        ferrets and a dog. Ashley has started her own business
LEAH NANNETTE NAVE                                          favorite movie is Lilo and Stitch.                           called “Hair Design by Ashley.”
      Leah is the daughter of Gilbert and Madonna                  He is currently interested in pursuing a career in           Ashley would like to thank her family and
Nave. She has lived in Nashville all of her life and has    Psychology and Forensic Science and may attend law           friends for their wonderful support.
been homeschooled for the past eight years. She is          school in the future.
active in her church youth group and spends much of                                                                      KENDALL JOAN STEELE
her free time                                               BRIAN GREGORY SCHWARTZ                                             Kendall has homeschooled for thirteen years.
enjoying their activities. For the past two summers she            Brian, the son of Tim and Marilyn Schwartz of         During these years she has developed a close relation-
has worked as a full time nanny for three wonderful         Spring Hill, has homeschooled for ten years. Brian, an       ship with the Lord. She has combined her know-ledge
children and as a front desk receptionist for Century 21    Eagle Scout, also serves as a Junior Assistant Scout         of Spanish and her love of God to reach out to others
Charlton Realty. She has participated in a mission trip     Master. He has been a junior counselor for the               in Honduras, Mexico, and at home, where she teaches
to Honduras and hopes to return in the near future.         Wilderness Camp in Burns. Brian has been active in           English to Hispanic children in the “Let's Start Talking”
      Leah enjoys drama, basketball, cruising around in     his church youth group's service projects and a mission      program. An active member of her youth group at
her F-150, and listening to Nickel Creek. Her future        trip. Brian enjoys the outdoors, especially hunting, fish-   Antioch Church of Christ, Kendall has participated in
plans include attending Harding University to study         ing, farm work, and bicycling. He cycled the 220-mile        TREK in Colorado. For the past four years she has
Pre-Med and Criminal Law. She also plans to get mar-        Katy Trail in just three days.                               taken classes at the Teen Learning Center where she
ried one day and have many children so her parents                 Brian is enlisted in the US Army as a Cavalry         was the yearbook editor her junior year. In her free
can spoil them rotten.                                      Scout and will start basic training in September at Fort     time with her mom, dad, and brother Kyle, working at
                                                            Knox. This is his way to honor the many brave sol-           Perk Central coffee shop, camping with family and
JOSHUA BRETT NEWNAM                                         diers who have defended and died for our freedom.            friends, shopping and being a “fashion girl.”
      Josh lives in Eagleville and has been home-           After the Army, Brian plans to attend college and major            This fall Kendall plans to attend Harding
schooled for six years. He restored his 1966 Mustang        in Law Enforcement or Biology. He plans to someday           University and major in Fashion Merchandising.
during his sophomore year, traveled to Europe his jun-      own a ranch out West.
ior year, and went on a mission trip last summer to
Mexico. Josh has worked with a church building team
                                                                                                                         continued on page 8
Graduates…continued from page 7

KYLE ALLEN STEWART                                            national lawyer, and his prayer is to live a full and pro-   mers, traveling to Mexico, Scotland, England, the
      Kyle, son of Matt and Barb Stewart, has home-           ductive life.                                                Philippines, and Jamaica. In addition to art and pottery,
schooled for ten years. Kyle is active in his youth                                                                        Rose enjoys playing the cello and is a member of
group serving on the Youth Council, the sound engi-           ESTHER ANN TURNER                                            Amadeus Entertainment. She is also a running enthusiast
neer team, dramas, and mission trips. He also served                 Esther is from Dickson and has been home-             and this spring ran in the Music City Half Marathon. Her
as a youth counselor at the Billy Graham Crusade. He          schooled for thirteen years. God has really given her a      favorite quote is “I love to laugh!” from Mary Poppins.
has volunteered at the Nashville Zoo, Room in the Inn,        heart for the lost and hurting through mission training             Rose has worked during the summer for a
Baptist Children's Home, MTHEA, THEA, and at GAITS            and trips. She has been to Mexico three times as well        Nashville architectural firm and plans to study Interior
of Nashville, an equine-assisted therapeutic program          as to Guatemala and Romania. Currently, Esther is            Design after graduation.
for horses. He is a member of Middle Tennessee                training to be a counselor at Carenet Pregnancy Center
Carriage Club and the American Driving Society.               where she volunteers. For several years Esther partici-      HANNAH ELIZABETH WHEELER
      Kyle is on the yearbook staff, is president of his      pated in and coached gymnastics at Dickson                         Hannah has homeschooled for ten years. She has
4-H club, and received a National Science Teacher's           Gymnastics. She now works as a manager at House              been an active competitor in the NCFCA speech and
award in the TOSHIBA Exploravision Contest. Kyle              Blend, a coffee shop. This semester Esther has been          debate league and is a member of the Intrepid Speech
was chosen to be a Support Runner for the 2002                busy planning her June 14 wedding. She will marry            and Debate Club. She qualified in three events in the
Winter Olympics Torch Relay.                                  Matt Mollenhour, and they will reside in Dickson while       nationals - original oratory, duo interpretation, and the
      Kyle will begin classes at Nashville Auto Diesel        they seek the Lord about their future ministry.              Lincoln-Douglas Value Debate. She has also used com-
College, then transfer to Tennessee Technological                                                                          munication skills by serving as the Master of
University to major in Mechanical Engineering.                RACHEL MARIE ULMER                                           Ceremonies at the Crisis Pregnancy Center Fund Raiser
                                                                    Rachel is the daughter of James and Yvieta             Banquet and by sharing her speeches at the Life
JESSICA LACE SULLIVAN                                         Ulmer. She has homeschooled for twelve years. She            Challenge Rehabilitation Center and the Evangelical
       Beginning her homeschooling in the fifth grade,        enjoys reading, playing guitar, and being with her fam-      Center in Oklahoma. She also presented her Freedom
Jessica has loved writing, poetry, literature, and art his-   ily and friends. She has worked in her family's book-        Oratory at Rally Day. Hannah has taught speech to
tory. Jesse's compassionate heart has been evident            store on a regular basis for the past two years. Rachel      over thirty students in her local homeschool commu-
since she first had the ability to communicate. Her           has a gentle, quiet spirit with a love for God and a         nity and has been a tutor. Her favorite hobbies include
warm heart and passion for life are clearly seen in all       desire to live her life to please Him. She is waiting on     drawing, penmanship, reading, writing, photography,
of her endeavors, but especially in her                       the Lord's guidance for specific plans for the future but    and dancing.
original poetry. Jesse has traveled with her church           does aspire to marry a godly man and become a godly                Hannah's future plans include attending Patrick
youth group on mission projects and spent time in             wife and mother in God's perfect timing.                     Henry College and traveling in Europe.
Jamaica as a summer camp counselor. For the past five
years, Jesse has been a nanny. She plans to study             CHENISE TANAGNA UPSHUR                                       JOANNA ELIZABETH WILKEY
Industrial Design locally, as well as attending Culinary            For me, the bright spots of my career as a high              Joanna lives in Nashville and has grown up in
School in France.                                             school student all came in the same year. During my          church, attending whenever the doors are open. She
                                                              junior year, I was placed on the National Honor Roll,        has participated in mission trips to Chicago, Baltimore,
JENNIFER LAUREN TAYLOR                                        named an Outstanding Student of America, and                 Philadelphia, and Gatlinburg. She will be going to
       Lauren lives in Gallatin and has homeschooled          inducted into Who's Who Among American High                  Detroit, Michigan, this summer. Joanna enjoys playing
since the third grade. She enjoys working in retail sales     School Students. I also placed first in state, second in     soccer and softball, reading, and listening to music.
and has worked for two clothing stores in Rivergate           the region, and ninth in the nation in trampoline and        She was captain of her soccer team. Her music tastes
Mall for two years. Lauren also enjoys working with           tumbling competition. My family has been very sup-           range from hard core to bands like Third Day. After
children at the YMCA in Hendersonville and volunteer-         portive and has encouraged me in everything that I           high school, Joanna plans to study Education and
ing in the four-year-old class at her church,                 have done. This fall I will be attending Vanderbilt          Youth Ministry to prepare to become a teacher. She
Cornerstone Church in Nashville. A blazing fast typist,       University to study Biology. I hope to graduate with         will miss her friends and plans to remain “Christmas
she also helps her dad with office duties at his home         Honors, become a doctor, and do medical research. In         card friends” with all of them.
sales center. Lauren's hobbies include playing piano,         the meantime, I will keep myself busy by doing all that
collecting music, painting, drawing, clothing art and         I need in order to make my dream a reality.                  STUART SOLOMON WINKLER
tee-shirt design, and a crazy website she created for                                                                             Stuart is a native of Texas where his family
fun. She plans to attend Cosmetology School beginning         RICHARD THOMAS VELOZ                                         began their homeschool adventure twelve years ago.
this summer and hopes to land an internship with                    Richard has been homeschooled for twelve years.        Since coming to Tennessee in 1997, Stuart has faithfully
TPAC as a stage-makeup artist in the near future. Her         He has attended Whitver Tutorial Academy for five            served in his church's youth group where his reponsi-
intelligence, creativity, and bubbly personality are sure     years. Throughout school, Richard has participated in        bilities have ranged from stage hand to praise band
to make her successful at whatever she does. Lauren           mission trips, volunteer work, and numerous home-            leader to Youth Pastor Search Committee. He has par-
plans to move into her first apartment with friends in        school activities. He has played soccer, baseball, and       ticipated in mission trips to Florida, Georgia,
late May.                                                     football. He enjoys music, cars, sports, and being with      Pennsylvania, and Honduras. In Honduras he shared
                                                              his family and friends. His future plans may include         his testimony and played guitar for the children's
AMANDA NICOLE THORNTON                                        college for a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in either        Vacation Bible School. Stuart delights in spending time
       Amanda is the daughter of Jeffrey and Amberly          Business or Engineering, serving in the Marine Corps,        with his friends, playing his guitar, competing in team
Thornton. She has been homeschooled for two and a             and whatever else God has in store for him.                  sports, and golf. He is currently employed at Southern
half years. She actively participates in her church and                                                                    Hills Hospital as a utility assistant.
youth group. Some of her hobbies include reading and          KATELYN RENEE WALL                                                  Stuart will be attending the University of
listening to music. She plans to attend Tennessee                    Katie has been homeschooled for seven years.          Tennessee at Chattanooga in the Honors Program on a
Technological University where she will pursue Pre-           She loves reading, writing, and politics. She is very        scholarship. He plans to combine his future vocation
Optometry and then enter a school of optometry.               active in the church youth group where she worships          with international missions, as God leads.
                                                              and has been attending the Nashville School of
CHRISTOPHER JOEL TUGGLE                                       Preaching and Biblical Studies for the past year. Katie      AUDRA MEAGHAN YATES
       A voracious reader, Christopher especially enjoys      has also participated in speech and debate competi-                  Meaghan has homeschooled for thirteen years.
the classics -- Dante, Cervantes, and Shakespeare, but        tions for the past two years. Katie has received a           She has used her God-given musical talent to play
cardinal among his literary heroes is the transcendent        Presidential Scholarship to David Lipscomb University,       piano, to play trumpet in the Nashville Notes band,
C. S. Lewis. His hobbies include soccer, drawing, scuba       where she plans to major in Political Communications.        and to sing in musicals, in coffeehouses, and in the
diving, and piano. His interests are panoramic, but he        Katie loves to travel and hopes to spend one semester        Wholeheart Academy's choir. She has been on the
particularly enjoys participating in the coaching of          of her sophomore year in western Europe.                     VISION yearbook staff. She has been active in the stu-
forensics, and writing, having already published three                                                                     dent ministry of the Antioch Church of Christ, helping
works. He plans to carry his interest into his chosen         ROSE EMILY WALLEN                                            small churches with outreach and going on mission
vocation. Chris has been a champion speaker in state,                Rose, the daughter of Tom and Lynn Wallen and         trips to Michigan, Louisiana, Appalachia, Honduras,
regional, and national speech and debate competition          sister to Katie, Tony, David, Christian, Rebekah and         Barbados, and Mexico. She works weekly with Inner
in the NCFCA league, winning numerous awards                  Micah, has been homeschooled for thirteen years. The         City Ministries. Meaghan works in her dad's business,
including National Humorous Champion in 2000 and,             Wallens live in rural Dickson County where Rose loves        Business Software Solutions. Her other interests include
with his brother as his debate partner, one of the            riding her horse, Cocoa. Rose became fluent in Spanish       camping, boating, snow skiiing, traveling, church activ-
nation's top ten debate teams in 2001.                        at an early age while her family served as missionaries      ities, shopping, and being with family and friends.
       He will pursue a college degree in Political           in Tepic, Mexico. After returning to the U.S. in 1993,               Meaghan plans to major in Interior Design at
Science and Sociology. His goal is to become an inter-        Rose continued to do mission work during the sum-            David Lipscomb University this fall.

Around Town

                                DAVIDSON                            August 4-8 and August 11-15                      “Stable to Stirrup:The People, the Horses,
                                                                    Registration is $25. $75 balance first day of    and the Industry at Belle Meade Plantation.”
                                                                    camp 10 AM - 1 PM. Camps appropriate for         The exhibit will be featured in the Martin
                                MIDDLE TENNESSEE                    school age children. Call Tricia Williams for    Education Building through June 22.
                                FESTIVAL OF HARMONY -               more information and camp application.           Groups of 15 or more: $8 per person. Call
                                On Saturday June 7, from 9AM        931-540-8413.                                    Rick Castle at 615-356-0501 ext. 40 to
                                to 9PM at Montgomery Bell                                                            reserve a group tour.
                                Academy, the men and women’s        BELLEVUE HOME SCHOOL
                                barbershop choruses are spon-       ENRICHMENT CLASSES are now tak-
                                soring a program to teach           ing applications for fall enrollment.These       EAST
                                young men and women to sing         classes are K-4 through 12. Grades pre-k         DAVIDSON/WEST
                                four-part harmony barbershop        through 7th offer academic and enrichment        WILSON COUNTIES
                                style. The Festival, designed for   type classes geared to enhance what is
                                high school students and            taught at home. Science, Spanish,Art,            CUB SCOUTS - Come join our scouting
                                approved by the Music               History, and Creative writing are just a few     fun with camping, crafts and achievements!
                                Educators National Conference,      being offered.All grades compete in an           New scouts are welcome throughout the
                                will include vocal training and     annual Science Fair and Speech Contest. 8th      year. Grades 1 through 5 meet the second
                                preparation for a performance       through 12th offers tutorial type classes as     and fourth Monday evenings of each month
                                that night at 7:30 PM. Contact      well as enrichment classes.A                     in Hermitage just off the interstate near
                                Millie Camp: 615-385-2073, or       language arts tutorial, biology tutorial, and    Walmart. For more information, contact
                       or Bob          chemistry tutorial will be offered.A student     James Bardon at 615-453-9706
                                Davenport:                          board and a yearbook staff are just two
                                     opportunities for older students.These
                                                                    classes are reasonably priced, Christ-cen-       MARSHALL COUNTY
                                CHEC/LCA CO-OP USED                 tered, and a great opportunity for home
                                CURRICULUM SALE -                   schooled children of all ages to meet, form      MARSHALL COUNTY
                                Thursday, June 5, 2003 at the       lasting friendships, and learn together.         HOMESCHOOL COOPERATIVE has
                                Old Hickory Community Center        Classes will be held on Mondays at River         openings for the 2003-2004 school year.We
                                1050 Donelson Ave. Old              Road Church of Christ beginning the last         meet one day a week for classes taught by
                                Hickory,TN from 10:00-1:00.         Monday of August. Classes fill quickly. For      parents of our co-op.We offer 2 to 3 sub-
                                Childcare is NOT provided but       information call Lavonne Redferrin,              jects for most age groups (grades 1-12).
                                there is a playground next door.    Executive Director at 446-8623. If no            Classes include language arts and science.
                                YOU must provide supervision.       answer, please leave a message.Your call         When: 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM on Tuesdays
                                No entry fee. Directions: From      will be returned.You may email at                from August to April (31 sessions)
                                the intersection of Lebanon                           Where: Chapel Hill Area
                                Pike/Hwy 70, go N on Old                                                             Cost: $20 per family per semester for use of
                                Hickory Blvd. 5th light, turn       ASTRONOMY WORKSHOP FOR                           the facility (plus curriculum)
                                right onto Hadley. Come to          TEACHERS at the Adventure Science                Contact:Tina Wade at 931-364-3093
                                water towers and take a left        Center - Monday, June 30, 2003 from 9:00 or Diane Crane at 931-
                                onto Donelson Ave. in front of      am to 12:00 pm in the Sudekum                    270-8532.
                                Metro Fire Dept. Go past Old        Planetarium and Jack Wood Hall.
                                Hickory Community Center and        Registration fee is $30. Registration deadline
                                veer right. There will be           is 5:00 PM on Monday, June 23. Please call       MAURY COUNTY
                                signs/balloons directing you to     862-5160 to register or visit
                                the back parking lot and   for more information.           A ONE CREDIT CLASS ON FINAN-
                                entrance to the sale. Questions?                                                     CIAL PEACE will be offered this fall for
                                Contact Phyllis Feener at           MOM, IT’S YOUR TURN!! All year it’s              9-12 graders. For more information call
                                754-9630 or 300-7102 (cell).        been the kiddos.....but it’s time for YOU to     931-381-3530 or email
                                                                    have a creative break. Media Mix studio in .
                                FUN ART HISTORY                     Green Hills is offering art classes for moms
                                CAMPS WITH MRS.                     this summer. Bring a project you are work-       LOOKING FOR A HOME SCHOOL-
                                TRICIA                              ing on, or start something new!! For             ING FRIENDLY BOY SCOUT
                                The following art camps will be     details, call Sue Catchings at 385-7622          TROOP? Troop 111 in Columbia is look-
                                offered at the Franklin Hobby       (Classes are one day a week for 3 hours -        ing for interested boys who are at least 11
                                Lobby this summer:                  Class size is limited).                          years old or have graduated the 5th grade,
                                Camp Leonardo June 16-20                                                             or have their arrow of light. Previous Cub
                                Camp Draw Draw Draw! June           STABLE TO STIRRUP - The state of TN              Scout experience not required. For more
                                23-27                               was once considered the center of the            information contact Cindy at
                                Arts and Crafts of the American     Thoroughbred world, and Belle Meade    
                                Natives July 14-18                  Plantation was its shining star. Learn about
                                Around the World in Five Days!      the plantation’s role in the new exhibit:
Around Town

                                BOWLING DAY is every first           including 6th math, 7th math, Pre-Algebra,        round competition team) and Jimmy Floyd
                                Friday from 12:00 to 2:00 PM at      Algebra, Spanish, History, Journalism, along      Swim League - $40 total (spring and fall
                                Galaxy Lanes.                        with other classes! Come join us! Class           sessions run 10 - 12 weeks).They are will-
                                                                     sizes are limited!                                ing to do daytime practices for the leagues
                                SKATE DAY is every third                                                               if there’s enough interest. Cindy Baker,
                                Friday from 12:00 to 2:00 PM at      SALTSHAKER DRAMA TROUPE -                         Aquatics Director at the Jimmy Floyd
                                Sportsworld Skate Center.            Smyrna-based Saltshaker Drama Troupe,             Center, oversees this swim team, however, I
                                                                     offers “PARADOX - The Hunt,” for its spring       have offered to help organize this daytime
                                                                     production. The original comedy/drama             practice. If you have any questions, please
                                MONTGOMERY                           was based on characters and situations cre-       feel free to contact me, Susan Stafford at
                                COUNTY                               ated by The Writers Ink, a homeschooled,
                                                                     teen creative writing group facilitated by
                                VINEYARD ACADEMY, a                  well-known local playwright/author, Paula
                                supplemental school for home-        K. Parker. June 7 & 8, at 7:00 PM at 14119        ALL AREAS
                                schoolers, is currently taking       Old Nashville Highway, Smyrna.Admission
                                applications for enrollment for      is free (offering will be received) and child-    ART AND CHRISTIANITY ART
                                the Fall 2003 semester.The           care is provided. For information please call     CAMP (one or two week camps)
                                school, which is located adja-       615-459-3421.                                     Week 1 & 2: June 10-13 & June 14, 16-18
                                cent to Clarksville Vineyard                                                           Start your summer and complete your
                                Christian Fellowship on Old                                                            required art credit all at the same time.
                                Russellville Pike in Clarksville,    WILLIAMSON                                        Combine fun studio activities with litera-
                                will begin fall classes on Sept. 2   COUNTY                                            ture, worldview, and art history and appreci-
                                and will again serve students                                                          ation and you have a total arts curriculum.
                                from kindergarten through sixth      HOMESCHOOL HANGOUT - Dorothy                      Using the perspective taught by Francis
                                grade. Classes offered include       Buck, from Homeschool Time on Lewisburg           Schaeffer in “How Shall We Then Live” learn
                                beginning Spanish, language          Pk., is considering turning the empty space       art in a chronological sequence. Each stu-
                                arts, science and arts, and          next to her store into a homeschool hang-         dio activity will relate to the time period
                                crafts/P.E.The school meets          out. A group of moms were brainstorming           presented each day.
                                from 9 AM - 2 PM every Tuesday       the idea and here are a few thoughts on
                                and Thursday. Half of the avail-     how to use the space. Coffee and fellow-          In week 1, we will cover ancient Greece to
                                able spaces already are filled, so   ship, fun and educational games, chess club,      the romantic period. In week 2, we will
                                contact us as soon as possible if    art classes, book clubs, a library/resource       cover the Gothic period through the early
                                you are interested! To apply or      room, a possible co-op meeting place, sci-        20th century. We will cover a variety of dif-
                                for more information, contact        ence labs, ...the list is as long as our imagi-   ferent studio projects including woodcarv-
                                Denae Huffman at 931-551-9220        nations! The rent could be paid by mem-           ing, painting, printmaking, drawing, and oth-
                                or Melanie Meadow at                 bership fees - the more families, the lower       ers over the course of the study.
                                          the fee. The good news is that rent here is
                                                                     much less than the Cool Springs area! If          DOMESTIC ARTS CAMP (One or two
                                                                     this sounds like something you might be           week camps)
                                RUTHERFORD                           interested in, please e-mail Dorothy at:          Week 1 & 2: July 8-11 & July 14-17
                                COUNTY                                          Week 1 & 2: July 22-25 & July 28-31
                                                                                                                       This camp focuses on the training of the
                                LEGACY CHRISTIAN                     WILLIAMSON COUNTY                                 Proverbs 31 woman. Study the domestic
                                TUTORIAL is now accepting            HOMESCHOOL GROUP has a free e-                    arts: learn to sew, crochet, bake bread and
                                applications for classes for the     mail group for interested Williamson              prepare poultry for the freezer. In addition
                                2003-2004 school year.The            County homeschool families. Nina Bodayle          to taking care of the farm animals, you will
                                classes will meet once a week,       is willing to serve as the “middle-mom” for       learn the art of gardening, canning, freezing
                                on Thursdays, for 32 weeks,          those coordinating field trips and activities     and drying foods for later use, as well as
                                beginning in August and ending       or announcing events for homeschoolers. If        putting up preserves and growing and
                                in May.We will have an               you are interested in networking with oth-        using fresh herbs. Throughout the camp,
                                Elementary Tutorial (K-5th) and      ers in the county in this way, please send        you will create beautiful crafts for your
                                a Middle School Tutorial (6th-       your first and last name and e-mail address       home and finish the week with a formal tea
                                8th).The classes will meet at        to for the               party. In week 1, we will cover watercolor
                                First Baptist Church in Smyrna.      2003-2004 school year.                            painting, food preservation-freezing, poultry
                                Information / Registration                                                             preparation, and gardening. In week 2, we
                                Packets are available at                                                               will learn to dry and arrange cut flowers
                                Homeschool Junction in Smyrna        WILSON COUNTY                                     and create a dry flower wreath for your
                                for $2. (220-2006), or call Anna                                                       home, food preservation-canning, herb gath-
                                Bailey 793-6388, or Tammy            SWIMMING LEAGUES AT THE                           ering and using, and baking bread.
                                Taylor 220-0032 for more infor-      JIMMY FLOYD CENTER - The Middle
                                mation. Space is still available,    Tennessee Swim Club - $35/month (year             You may sign up for one or two weeks or
individual days as your schedule allows. For
more information or to receive a copy of
                                                Eagle Homeschool                                      Classifieds
the brochure and registration form, please
call Malinda at 931-294-2198 or email tug-
                                                    4-H News                                  MTHEA Classified ads are $5 for up to The cost is $100.00            Congress convened April 13-15.           10 words plus .25 per additional word.
per week or $30.00 per day. Room and            Bethany Parker served as representative       All prepaid ads received before the 15th
board is available at $15.00 per night.         and Mary Parker was a speaker winning         of the month will appear in the next
                                                2nd place. This earned her a $50 savings      issue of JA and our website,
THERE IS HOPE FOR YOUR CHILD                    bond.                                Please send your ad
Does your child have a “label” given to              The 4-H Eagle Homeschool Club held       to and your pay-
them? Does that label have a list of things     its last meeting on April 16 but things are   ment to the MTHEA office.
you should or shouldn’t expect from your        still going on. Thomas Willis, Liz Berk and
child and what their future holds? Don’t        Nicky Gonyea won ribbons in the Project
believe them! What the future holds for         Fair. Holly Stewart won 3rd place for         Lisa B. Davis BS, MEd
your child is based upon the opportunities      poultry.                                      Math/Reading and those with learning
that are presented to them.Whether your              The Forestry Judging competition         disabilities. Over 20 years experience as
child has a label of Autistic, Down             took place May 14. Both the Jr. and Sr.       private tutor. 615-356-7820 or
Syndrome, PDD,Asperger’s, Cerebral Palsy,       teams won 2nd place. Out of all the 
OCD, Learning Disabled, Dyslexia,               counties present,Thomas Willis won 2nd
ADD/ADHD, or any other...there is hope.         and Liz Berk won 3rd in individual junior
Linda Kane, Certified                           entries. Kyle Berk placed 3rd, Kathy
Neurodevelopmentalist and Sound Therapy         Hampton 4th, and Hannah Wuest 5th in
Specialist, will be returning to Smyrna in
July to do evaluations. If you are interested
in more information on how she equips
                                                individual senior entries.
                                                     The first part of the Dog Show (Tricks
                                                and Costume) was May 13. Liz Berk won
families to help their children reach their
fullest God-given potential, contact Sonya
Craig at 896-3896 or email me at
                                                2nd place in tricks and costume for 7th-
                                                9th grade. Michelle Wuest won 1st place
                                                in tricks for 4th-6th grade and Hannah
                                                                                              Forget to                         Wuest won 1st place in tricks for 7th-9th
                                                grade. The second part of the dog show
                                                (Obedience and Showmanship) will be
                                                held May 20 and the results will be
                                                reported in the next issue of JA.             Your mem-
                                                     There will be many camps going on
                                                this summer from electric to just plain
                                                                                              bership to
                                                fun! The 4th-6th grade camp registration      MTHEA
                                                is over. 6th-8th grade registration will be
                                                June 10 and Electric camp registration
                                                                                              will be
                                                will be June 24. You must be a 4H-er to       expiring
                                                go to camp.                                   in June
                                                     The Fair is coming up August 7-9.
                                                We’re looking forward to lots of great        2003.
                                                entries. For more information call            Make
                                                                                              don’t miss out on any
                                                                                              of the exciting and informative
                                                                                              issues of Jonathan’s Arrow or any
                                                                                              of the other great benefits of
                                                                                              MTHEA membership. Send in
                                                                                              your membership now to MTHEA,
                                                                                              P.O. Box 147, Old Hickory TN
                                                                                              37138. The membership fee is
                                                                                              $35 and is good through June
                                                                                              2004. Don’t delay!!

The Dreaded “S” Word
by Ginny Youmans                                  puts children into families, usually at inter-   believes that a child needs to be in school
                                                  vals of 2 or 3 years, we tell them, not into     in order to be properly socialized. Then,

W           henever we homeschoolers talk
            with non-homeschoolers about
            our philosophy of teaching our
children ourselves, at home, we invariably
are confronted with the “S” word:
                                                  institutions in groups of thirty of the same
                                                  age. The ironic thing about this question,
                                                  to us, is that it often comes on the heels of
                                                  a positive comment from the same person
                                                  about our children’s behavior. It’s as if
                                                                                                   in the next paragraph, she tells us how
                                                                                                   she still serves as a substitute teacher in
                                                                                                   the local school district, but “they’ll have
                                                                                                   to give me combat pay if they expect me
                                                                                                   to teach at the junior high again.” But we
socialization. What amazes me is that             they don’t even know what socialization          should send our children there? No,
nearly everyone from the college professor        means. “Your children are so well-               thanks!
to the bank teller to the letter carrier to the   behaved–aren’t you worried about them?”                Perhaps a look through the dictionary
cafeteria worker asks the same questions                It seems to me that this ties in with      is in order here, so we can figure out what
using the same terminology: “What about           the prevalent belief, even among                 we all mean by this word “socialization.”
socialization? Aren’t you worried that they       Christians, that teenage rebellion is a nor-     My Webster’s New Twentieth Century
won’t be properly socialized?” No matter          mal stage that we must expect and endure;        Dictionary gives three definitions of the
what their educational or economic levels         that parents shouldn’t “dictate” what their      word, and herein lies the problem: what
are, all skeptics seem to be quoting from         children will say-wear-do-think-read-listen      we as Christian parents want for our chil-
the same script, using the same jargon.           to; and that in our youth some of us did         dren is not the same thing that the govern-
Even if they completely disagree with each        such things as talk back, wear immodest          ment and the educational establishment
other in areas of theology, parenting, disci-     clothing, date (or worse), read steamy           want for our children. The first definition
pline, academics, or anything else, these         novels, listen to questionable music, and,       of “socialize” is, “to make social; adjust or
people we come into contact with in our           therefore, we cannot expect our children         make fit for cooperative group living.”
daily lives all appear to agree on this one       to abstain from such things. Well, I, for        Ok, we can work with that. The second
point: that “isolating” our children at           one, am a product of a secular public edu-       is, “to adapt, as oneself or others, to the
home, away from their peers, may cause            cation and a non-Christian family, and that      common needs of a social group.” All
them to be “improperly socialized.” If I          is exactly what I do not want for my chil-       right, that sounds fine. The third is, “to
were a paranoid person, I may think that          dren. I survived and became a believer by        subject to governmental ownership and
there’s some sort of a conspiracy here.           the grace of God, in spite of my upbring-        control; to nationalize.” Well, if this is
     When confronted with the question,           ing, certainly not because of it.                what the skeptics mean by socialization,
“Aren’t you worried about socialization?”,              This issue is especially thorny when       then we will remain firmly “unsocialized”!
my husband and I first reply, “Yes, we are.       the skeptic involved is a relative, a profes-    And this philosophy, along with our
That’s one of the reasons we homeschool.”         sional educator, and a non-Christian. We         Christian worldview and theology, is what
Then we go on to explain that it’s the            have several of these in our extended fam-       will set us apart from the world, what may
socialization of the institutional classroom      ily, but one in particular, my husband’s         subject us to ridicule and persecution, and
that is improper, creating children who are       aunt (who has never met me or our chil-          what will help us raise up a generation of
peer-dependent, distrustful and disrespect-       dren), has mentioned by letter several           Godly men and women, by the grace of
ful of anyone who is older or younger             times over the years that she disapproves        God. JA
than their particular age group. The Lord         of “this homeschooling thing” and that she

                                                  5) Is it legal for a man in California to        10) How many animals of each sex did
 Just For Fun...                                  marry his widow’s sister? Yes/No                 Moses take on the ark?

 See how many you can get right! Look for         6) Divide 30 by 1/2 and add 10.What is           11) A clerk in the butcher shop is 5’ 10’’
 the answers elsewhere in this issue of JA.       the answer?                                      tall.What does he weigh?

 1) Do they have a 4th of July in England?        7) If there are 3 apples and you take away       12) How many two cent stamps are there
 Yes/No                                           2, how many do you have?                         in a dozen?

 2) If a man is 99 years old, how many            8) A doctor gives you three pills telling        13) A plane crashes on the Canadian - US
 birthdays does he have?                          you to take one every half an hour. How          border. In which country do you bury the
                                                  many minutes would the pills last?               survivors?
 3) Some months have 31 days; how many
 have 28?                                         9) A farmer has 17 sheep, and all but 9 die.     14) What is the least amount of coins it
                                                  How many are left?                               takes to make 55 cents if one of the coins
 4) How many outs are there in an inning?                                                          is a quarter?
                                                                                                                          Answers on page 10

MTHEA 2003 Curriculum Fair Summary
“A good time was had by all...”This summa-      amazing gentleman who takes great care to       the opportunity to be a servant to you.
rizes the response of over 800 families from    represent accurately a man so admired by        Contact us at for any assis-
across Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and        young children. Special gratitude goes to the   tance we may offer.
Alabama. Over a hundred exhibitors wel-         Dale Woods family who dressed as a Hebrew            Finally, if you have other reasons for
comed our families with a wide variety of       High Priest, an Amish mother,“Kirsten” of       not attending our annual curriculum fair,
curriculum, books, games, videos, audios,       the American Girl Series,“Fern” from            would you please let us know? We can’t
and toys.The fairgrounds facility felt like a   Charlotte’s Web, and a medieval knight; the     know how to serve you if you don’t tell us.
return to our own hometown.                     Flautt girls were dressed in 19th Century       Your membership fees and admission fees
      Family Day on Friday, May 9 was filled    Period Costume; and many attendees              pay for these events and our administrative
with the energy and excitement of hun-          dressed in costume.While many characters        expenses.We try to do as much as possible,
dreds of children being welcomed and            and events planned were cancelled or did        as cheaply as possible, knowing that your
entertained.The chess tables were filled the    not arrive, we believe the children thor-       fees deserve the greatest stewardship to
entire day with children of all ages and        oughly enjoyed what we were able to offer.      honor you and our Lord. Due to the lower
many skill levels.The competition was fierce    “Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise” we      attendance at the fair, lower fees were col-
yet fun loving.An exhibitor did beautiful       will make this a yearly event at our curricu-   lected. Consequently, next year’s event will
face-painting art on the children. Many chil-   lum fair for the children to enjoy a special    have to be modified.Watch your coming
dren’s workshops were offered. In an amaz-      day.                                            “Jonathan’s Arrow” for these changes.
ing act of servanthood, Barb Stewart pulled          Sadly for many of you, the creek did            It was an honor and a joy to serve you
together workshops after our planned event      rise and the wind did blow.We had unprece-      this year. Our heart-filled thanks to the
was cancelled. Children enjoyed art classes,    dented weather the days before the fair, and    many of you that gave us your support,
craft classes, miming classes, music classes,   many of you were unable to attend because       encouraging words, and understanding of
and more! A local gentleman arrived looking     of this. Please know you were in our            the sacrifice required to organize these
as if he walked out of a tintype photograph     thoughts and prayers. Many of your homes        events.
of our 16th American President,Abraham          and/or the homes of your friends and fami-
Lincoln.We wish you all could have seen         lies were damaged or destroyed. Please let      In His Service,
the wide-eyed faces of wonder on the chil-      us know how we may help you.Allow the           Doug & Michelle Fraley
dren as they were able to interact with this    Middle Tennessee home educators to have         2003 Curriculum Fair Coordinators

MTHEA                                         American High School Students, and
                                              National Honor Roll. He is a member of
                                                                                                highlights outstanding students to share
                                                                                                some of the remarkable achievements this
Outstanding                                   Middle Tennessee Carriage Club and
                                              American Driving Society, both promoting
                                                                                                freedom has encouraged. Nominations for
                                                                                                the 2004 Outstanding Senior Award will be
Seniors                                       the sport of horse and carriage driving.
                                              He works part time in a photo lab. Kyle
                                                                                                available beginning in November. Watch
                                                                                                for details in Jonathan’s Arrow and on our
Congratulations to Jared Lomax and Kyle       will begin classes at Nashville Auto Diesel       website at JA
Stewart, MTHEA’s 2003 Outstanding             College in August, with plans to continue
Seniors, and to Chris Tuggle, Christian       his education in mechanical engineering at
Communicators of Tennessee’s 2003             Tennessee Tech in Cookeville.
Outstanding Senior, all recently recognized                                                      Just For
during THEA’a Capitol Hill Rally Day fes-     Christopher Joel Tuggle, son of Ron and            Fun...Answers
tivities. These students were honored on      Melinda Tuggle of Bell Buckle, has been
stage by THEA President Claiborne             home educated for 12 years. He has                 1) Yes, it comes right after the third of
Thornton and were honored guests at the       authored 3 published texts on High School          July!
Statesman’s Dinner that evening. The          Debate and Research. Chris is a National           2) One, just one!
theme for this year’s rally was “One Nation   Champion and has earned Top Forensic
Under God” - The Source of True               Awards in Humorous, Dramatic                       3) Twelve...all twelve of them!
Freedom.                                      Interpretation. He has received Top                4) Six (three per team).
                                              Honors in Team Policy Debate and serves            5) No - since his wife is a widow that
Jared Allen Lomax, son of Tom and Valerie     as a Speech and Debate Instructor. Chris           would mean he’s dead!
Lomax of Nashville, has been home edu-        enjoys classical literature, fine arts, soccer,
cated for 12 years. He is an above aver-      and scuba diving. He has been offered 3            6) 70, (30 divided by 1/2 equals 60).
age student, responsible and diligent with    scholarships at Patrick Henry College and          7) Two, you took them, remember?
his work. He has worked on the yearbook       is planning to major in Political Science
                                                                                                 8) 60 minutes. Start with the 1st pill,
and the school newspaper at Liberty           and Sociology.
                                                                                                 after 30 minutes take the 2nd, then
Christian Academy in Hermitage, where
                                                                                                 another 30 minutes for the 3rd.
he’s served on the student council each       We wish to congratulate our other
year and currently holds the position of      Outstanding Senior nominees. They                  9) 9 (17 - x = 9, all but 9 died).
social chairman. Jared has also served on     include: Amanda Claggett, daughter of Joe          10) Zero ... it wasn’t Moses ... it was
the prom committee and participates in        and Denise Claggett; Nathanael Cox, son            Noah.
extra curricular activities. He has a Black   of Bill and Laura Cox; Elizabeth Hyndman,
                                                                                                 11) Meat, a butcher weighs meat!
Belt in Tae Kwon Do and has served as a       daughter of Ron and Georgie Hyndman;
Nashville Metro Parks Summer Life Guard.      Danielle Latimer, daughter of Mark and             12) 12.There are 12 in a dozen!
He earned his Eagle Scout honors within       Ellen Latimer; and Nathan McMasters, son           13) The survivors would probably rather
just four years, and is now an Assistant      of Randy and Edina McMasters.                      wait until they die to be buried.
Scoutmaster. Jared is also a youth leader
in his church. His goals are to join the      The Tennessee Legislature has extended to          14) Three coins. One is a quarter, the
U.S. Naval Academy to become a Naval          us the right to educate our children at            other is a quarter and the third is a
Officer, possibly a Navy Seal.                home. Because of this, each year THEA              nickel.

Kyle Allen Stewart is the son of Matt and
Barb Stewart of Bellevue. Homeschooled
for 10 years, he is active in his youth
group and sound engineer team at church,
has kept stats for the church basketball
league, performed with the youth drama
team, has been on several missions trips,
and served as a youth counselor for the
Billy Graham Crusade. Kyle is a regular
volunteer for GAITS of Nashville and has
volunteered for many local organizations.
He served 2 years on the yearbook staff
with Bellevue Enrichment, and was
President of his 4-H group, during which
time he received an award for 4-H Public
Speaking. Other honors include being a
Support Runner for 2002 Winter Olympics
Torch Relay, Tri-State Regional Honorable
Mention winner in the National Science
Teacher’s Association/TOSHIBA
Exploravision Contest, Who’s Who Among
     MTHEA Email Directory
                                                                     Welcome New and Returning Members!
MTHEA President                Jonathan’s Arrow                 I am thrilled at the number of folks who have rejoined or joined                       MTHEA for the first time. It was so exciting to process all the
                                                                homeschoolers who have been inactive and have come back to
MTHEA Vice President           Membership Information
                                                                MTHEA. I just want to say a big welcome back and to the new
                                                                members,Welcome! We are here to serve you and receive many
MTHEA Secretary                Special Events Information       blessings from doing just that. Please know that our office staff is            available to help you in any way we can. If you are looking for a
                                                                support group, need to know a contact for curriculum, or just
MTHEA Treasurer                Yearbook Information             having a rough time and need encouragement please know that  
                                                                you can always call our office number at 794-3259.That is a mes-
MTHEA Office                   Website Questions/Feedback       sage line and we retrieve the messages every day or two, depend-                   ing on our busy schedules.We are homeschool moms too. Need I
                                                                say more? You can also contact the office by e-mailing
Area Support Groups                                    look forward to a great summer of relaxing                                         with our families and another school year that we pray will be
Convention Information                                          blessed by God.                                                  Bonnie Hoskins, MTHEA Office

                                                                                                      LAST CHANCE TO
  The MTHEA Teacher's Conference                                                                        ORDER YOUR
                   Aug. 1-2 at First Baptist of                                                         YEARBOOK!!
                         Hendersonville                                                             Send a check for $35.00 made
                                                                                                        payable to MTHEA to:
                   Conference speaker Chris Davis                                                    Evanne Nehlig, 116 Arlington
                          will be sharing.                                                             Place, Franklin,TN 37064
                                                                                                     (add $5.00 if you would like
             Look for more information in our special July edition                                     to have it mailed to you)
                            of Jonathan's Arrow.                                                    Order Deadline: June 10, 2003

                   2003-2004 MTHEA MEMBERSHIP FORM
   NAME _______________________________________________________________________
   ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________________
   CITY_______________________ STATE ____________ ZIP __________________________
   PHONE ________________________ email ______________________________________

   ❏ MTHEA & THEA membership through June, 2003 — $35.

   Send this form and check made payable to MTHEA to: MTHEA Membership, P.O. Box 147, Old Hickory, TN 37138

Jonathan’s Arrow
P.O. Box 147
Old Hickory TN 37138

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