Finding Opportunity Within the Solar Energy Carnage by johnjordan576


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									Finding Opportunity Within the Solar Energy

                                 The stock market continues to be highly vulnerable right
                                 now, especially among large-cap technology stocks, as
                                 corporate earnings aren’t good enough. Stock market
                                 traders and speculators are not going to get any
                                 tailwind from the broader market, so if taking on new
                                 positions, your confidence has to be high.

                                   I wouldn’t be buying much in this stock market, but
there are trades bottom-fishing among small- and micro-cap technology stocks. Event-
driven trades are still working in this market; although less so with the main stock market
indices in decline. The operating environment keeps getting more difficult due to
declining fundamentals, but then again, valuations remain fair.

Here is a technology stock that’s ripe for some price action. STR Holdings, Inc.
(NYSE/STRI) is a technology company designing products for the solar photovoltaic
industry, and the stock’s been in a big downtrend since last October. With the
marketplace basically abandoning this company, the stock looks way oversold. Trading
around $2.45 a share, this technology stock has approximately $1.75 per share in cash
and no debt. The company’s next earnings release should make for an interesting
trading opportunity. STR’s stock chart is below.

There was a time not too long ago when solar energy stocks were some of the hottest
technology stocks the market had to offer. Of course, that period was short-lived, and it’s
been carnage in this sector ever since. But, for all the turmoil, you see a lot more solar
panels around, so the industry isn’t dead, and that’s why there are decent turnaround
trades in this sector.

The stock market has been hard on most solar energy technology stocks, but particularly
so with JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ/JASO). In 2008, this stock was trading for
$25.00 a share; now it’s at penny stock status, trading for a measly $0.64. The stock is
still highly liquid, and the company is valued at over $100 million, but it may lose its
listing on the NASDAQ because it’s trading below $1.00 a share. JA Solar’s stock chart
is below.

I’d watch this entire sector as companies report their quarterly earnings; there will be
some decent event-driven trades with these technology stocks. The near-term outlook
for the rest of the stock market isn’t good, with corporations reporting poor revenue
conditions. The stock market to me looks like it has topped out for quite a while.

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