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 Effective Options for Treating
Sciatica is a painful condition that can restrict
your regular activities and normal life.
However, a reliable pain management center
can provide effective treatment for long-term

Sciatica is a condition that originates mainly
from the compression
and irritation of the
spinal nerve roots. It
results in excruciating
pain      through        the
buttocks and down the
leg     especially     when
sitting    or    standing,
coughing or sneezing,
bending backwards or
walking long distances.
There      are     different
types of sciatica treatments, ranging from
invasive to minimally invasive.

Back injuries that may be treated very
effectively without surgery are lumber spinal
stenosis,      spondylolisthesis,   piriformis

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         http://www.hqbk.com/      1-718-769-2521

syndrome, spinal tumor, trauma, sciatic nerve
tumor or injury.

A professional pain management center could
provide very effective treatment for sciatica.

A typical program would include the following:

  1.   Physical Therapy

Your physician would first diagnose your
condition and evaluate your medical history. A
physical     therapy    program       may      be
recommended, consisting of a series of
exercises formulated to provide relief to the
area by treating any muscle imbalance and any
nerve irritation responsible for the pain. Some
of the most popular modalities used are
massage        and      myofascial       release,
transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, ice
or heat to eliminate muscle spasm, ultrasound
to treat soft tissue injuries, traction, and
rehabilitation followed by injury prevention

  2.      Exercise

Routine exercise may form part of your sciatica
treatment. These exercises would involve

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       http://www.hqbk.com/        1-718-769-2521

gentle stretching of targeted areas in lower
back and legs. The objectives of such
movements      are   to    relive    stress and
compression the sciatic nerve. But over-
stretching can cause more harm than good and
therefore all these exercise programs are
supervised by specialists in the field.

  3.    Epidural Steroid Injections

Steroid injections aim at reducing irritation
around spine discs and spinal nerves. Using a
needle, a small dose of corticosteroids and
local anesthetic are injected around the spinal
cord. This provides immediate relief for sciatica

  4.    Spinal Decompression Therapy

Non surgical spinal decompression is an
FDA-approved, novel traction-based treatment
that treats the most common spine and back-
related problems. It decompresses the discs in
the spine, removing the pressure on the
effected nerves and stressed spine. The
procedure creates a powerful vacuum force
within the spinal discs which reshapes the discs
and brings them back to normal size and
functioning. It is a painless, effective therapy

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         http://www.hqbk.com/      1-718-769-2521

with no side effects.     After the discs are
treated, patients can resume normal activity.

These are some of the most effective solutions
for treating sciatica. Oral medication and
massage therapy can also be part of a pain
management program. A board certified
physician will ensure a proper testing and
complete diagnosis, research through your
medical    history,    conduct      a    physical
examination, and then suggest the best
treatment for your problem. It is important
that you consult a qualified and experienced
pain management physician at an established
healthcare center for your sciatica treatment.

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