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					                                                    (BD = 2010 NASFCM Board of Directors Members)
                                                                                                       PHONE &
   STATE                      NAME & TITLE                       AGENCY & ADDRESS                        FAX                        E-MAIL

                     Marie Youngpeter                      Alabama Department of Human
ALABAMA              Program Manager/Office of             Resources                                P: 334.242.8112
                     Permanency                            50 Ripley St.                            F: 334.242.0939
                                                           Montgomery, Alabama 36130-

                     Tracy Spartz Campbell                 Alaska Office of Children’s              P: 907.465.2145
ALASKA               Resource Family Program               Services                                 F: 907.465.3656
                     Coordinator                           P.O. Box 110630
                                                           Juneau, Alaska 99811-0630

                     Linda Johnson                         Arizona Department of Economic
                     Foster Care Policy Specialist         Security/Administration for              P: 602.542.2431
ARIZONA              (Member at Large)                     Children, Youth & Families                   602.542.5499
                                                           P. O. Box 6123 – 940A                    F: 602.542.3330
                                                           Phoenix, AZ 85005

                                                           Arkansas Division of Children &
ARKANSAS             Ed Wallace                            Family Services                          P: 501.682.1569
                     Foster Carte Unit Manager             P. O. Box 1437, Slot S565                F: 501.682.5272
                                                           Little Rock, AR 72203-1437

    National Association of State Foster Care Managers                                                                                  1
    Updated 03/29/10
                                                                                                PHONE &
   STATE                      NAME & TITLE                     AGENCY & ADDRESS                   FAX                        E-MAIL

CALIFORNIA           Karen Gunderson                     California Department of Social     P: 916.651.7464
                                                         Services                            F: 916.651.3791
                                                         744 P Street, MS 14-73
                                                         Sacramento, CA 95814

                     Mary Griffin                        Colorado State Department of
COLORADO             Program Administrator for           Human Services                      P: 303.866.3546
                     Foster Care & Kinship               1575 Sherman Street                 F: 303.866.4629
                     Foster Care                         Denver, CO 80203-1714
                     Tom Dwyer
                     Director                            Connecticut Department of
CONNECTICUT          Foster Care Services                Children & Families                 P: 860.550.6350
                                                         505 Hudson Street                   F: 860.566.6726
                                                         Hartford, CT 06106

                                                         Child & Family Services Agency
DISTRICT OF          Vanessa Williams-Campbell           400 6th Street, SW                  P: 202.727.2455
COLUMBIA             Foster Care Program                 Washington, D.C. 20024              F: 202.727.3233

                     John Bates                          Delaware Dept. of Services for
                     Foster Care Program                 Children, Youth, & Their Families   P: 302.633.2665
DELAWARE             Manager                             1825 Faulkland Road                 F: 302.633.2652
                     (Member at Large)                   Wilmington, DE 19805

    National Association of State Foster Care Managers                                                                          2
    Updated 03/29/10
                                                                                            PHONE &
  STATE                      NAME & TITLE                    AGENCY & ADDRESS                 FAX                         E-MAIL

                                                        Florida Dept. of Children &
FLORIDA             Gay Frizzell                        Families                         P: 850.921.3005
                                                                                         F: 850.488.0751
                    Chief Child Protection &            1317 Winewood Blvd, Bldg. 1
                    Child Welfare Services              Room 302F
                                                        Tallahassee, FL 32301

                                                        Georgia Dept. of Human
GEORGIA             Angela Coulon                       Resources/DFCS                   P: 404.657.3463
                    Foster Care Manager                 2 Peachtree St., N.W.,           F: 404.657.3406
                                                        Suite 18-395
                                                        Atlanta, GA 30303-3142

                    Lee Dean                            Hawaii Department of Human
                    Foster Care Manager/                Services
HAWAII              Assistant Program                   Social Services Division         P: 808.586.5704
                    Administrator                       Child Welfare Services Branch    F: 808.586.4806
                                                        810 Richards Street, Suite 400
                                                        Honolulu, HI 96813

                    Susan Dwello                        Idaho Department of Health and
                    Foster Care Program                 Welfare, 5th Fl.
IDAHO               Specialist                          P.O. Box 83720                   P: 208.334.5695
                                                                                         F: 208.334.6664
                    (Secretary)                         450 W. State Street
                                                        Boise, ID 83720-0036

   National Association of State Foster Care Managers                                                                         3
   Updated 03/29/10
                                                                                                 PHONE &
   STATE                      NAME & TITLE                     AGENCY & ADDRESS                    FAX                        E-MAIL

                                                         Illinois Department of Children &
ILLINOIS             Kara Teeple                         Family Services                      P: 312.814.5575
                     Acting Dept. Director               100 W. Randolph 6th Floor            F: 312.814.1905
                     (Vice President)                    Chicago, IL 60601

INDIANA              Lisa Rich                           Indiana Dept. of Child Services      P: 317.234.4410
                     Deputy Director of Program          302 W. Washington St., Rm. E306      F: 317.232.4436
                     and Services                        MS47                                 Central Office
                                                         Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

                                                         Iowa Dept. of Human Services         P: 515.242.5215
                     Heather Davidson                    Div. of Children & Family Services   F: 515.242.6036
IOWA                 Foster Family Care Program          Hoover State Office Bldg., 5th Fl.   F::515.281.6248
                     Manager                             1305 East Walnut
                     (Treasurer)                         Des Moines, IA 50319-0114

                                                         Kansas Dept. of Social &
KANSAS               Mary Cole                           Rehabilitation Services
                     Foster Care Manager                 Children & Family Policy Division    P: 785.368.8186
                                                                                              F: 785.368.8159
                                                         Docking State Office Building
                                                         915 SW Harrison, Room 551-S
                                                         Topeka, KS 66612-1570

                                                         Dept. of Community Based
                     Jennie Willson                      Programs
                     Foster Care Manager                 Division of Protection and
KENTUCKY                                                 permanency                           P: 502.564.2147
                                                         275 E. Main Street, 3C-D             F: 502.564.5995
                                                         Frankfort, KY 40621

    National Association of State Foster Care Managers                                                                            4
    Updated 03/29/10
                                                                                                PHONE &
   STATE                       NAME & TITLE                     AGENCY & ADDRESS                  FAX                      E-MAIL

                      Toni Buxton                         Department of Social Services
                      Foster Care Program                 State of Louisiana                 P: 225.342.4006
LOUISIANA             Manager                             P.O. Box 3318                      F: 225.342.0987
                      (Member at Large)                   B.R. LA. 70821

                                                          Department of Health and
MAINE                 Linda Brissette                     Human Services                     P: 207.624.7964
                      Children’s Services Program         2 Anthony Avenue                   F: 207.287.6156
                      Specialist                          Augusta, Maine 04333

                       Jill Taylor
                       Program Manager                    Maryland Department of Human       P: 410.767.7695
MARYLAND                                                  Resources                          F: 410.333.0922
                                                          311 W. Saratoga Street,5th Floor
                                                          Baltimore, MD 21201

                      Joy Cochran                         Massachusetts Department of        P: 617.748.2198
                      Foster Care Manager                 Social Services                    F: 617.261.7437
MASSACHUSETTS                                             24 Farnsworth Street
                                                          Boston, MA 02210

     National Association of State Foster Care Managers                                                                       5
     Updated 03/29/10
                                                                                                 PHONE &
   STATE                      NAME & TITLE                     AGENCY & ADDRESS                    FAX                      E-MAIL

                     Nancy Rostoni
                     Policy & Program                    Michigan Dept. of Human                      
MICHIGAN             Development Division                Services                             P: 517.335.6945
                     Director                            235 South Grand Ave., Suite 510      F: 517.241.7047
                                                         Lansing, MI 48909
                     Mary Chaliman                                                            p: 517.335.4652
                     Foster Care Program                                                      F: 517.241.7047

MINNESOTA            Maxie Rockymore                     Minnesota Dept. of Human Ser.        P: 651.431.4667
                     Foster Care Program                 444 Lafayette Road North                  or 4661
                     Supervisor                          St. Paul, MN 55155-3832              F: 651.431.7491
                                                         Child Safety & Permanency
                                                         P.O. Box 64949
                                                         St. Paul. MN 55164-0943

                                                         Mississippi Dept. of Human Ser.
                     Angie Williams                      Division of Family & Children’s
MISSISSIPPI          Director of Permanency              Services                             P: 601.359.4280
                     Planning                            750 N. State Street                  F: 601.359.4363
                                                         P.O. Box 352
                                                         Jackson, Mississippi 39202

                                                         Children’s Division Central Office
                     Melody Yancey                       PO Box 88
MISSOURI             Dept. Director                      Jefferson City, MO 65103             P: 573.751-2427
                                                                                              F: 573.526.3971

    National Association of State Foster Care Managers                                                                         6
    Updated 03/29/10
                                                                                                 PHONE &
   STATE                       NAME & TITLE                     AGENCY & ADDRESS                   FAX                      E-MAIL

                      Jacqueline Stoeckel                 Montana Dept. of Public Health
MONTANA               Foster Care Program                 and Human Services                  P: 406.444.4191
                      Manager                             P. O. Box 8005                      F: 406.444.5956
                                                          Helena, MT 59604-8005                       

                      Margaret Bitz, Unit                 Nebraska Department of Health
NEBRASKA              Administrator                       & Human Services
                                                          301 Centennial Mall South           P: 402.471.9457
                                                          P. O. Box 95026                     F: 402.471.9034
                                                          Lincoln, NE 68509-5026

                                                          Nevada Dept. of Health and
                                                          Human Resources
NEVADA                Dorothy Pomin                       Division of Child and Family Ser.   P: 775.684.4434
                      Foster Care Specialist              4126 Technology Way, 3rd Floor
                                                          Carson City, NV 89706

                                                          Department of Health & Human
New Hampshire         Ann Abram                           Services                            P:603.271.4953
                      Foster Care Specialist              New Hampshire Division for          F:603.271.4729
                                                          Children, Youth & Families
                                                          129 Pleasant Street, Brown Bldg.
                                                          Concord, NH 03301-6522

     National Association of State Foster Care Managers                                                                        7
     Updated 03/29/10
                                                                                                 PHONE &
   STATE                      NAME & TITLE                     AGENCY & ADDRESS                    FAX                       E-MAIL

                                                         NJ Dept. of Human Services
NEW JERSEY           Colette Tobias                      NJ Division of Youth & Family Ser.
                     Foster Care Manager                 P.O. Box 717                         P: 609-633-3991
                                                                                              F: 609.984.0482
                                                         50 E. State Street
                                                         Trenton, NJ 08625-0717

NEW MEXICO           Jill May                            New Mexico Dept. of Children         P: 505.476.0355
                     Bureau Chief                        Youth & Families                     F: 505.476.1023
                                                         PERA Building, Rm 219
                                                                                              P: 505.827.8445
                     Angela Dominguez                    P. O. Drawer 5160                            
                                                                                              F: 505.476.1023
                     Foster Care Manager                 Santa Fe, NM 87502-5160

                                                         NYS Office of Children & Family
NEW YORK             Nancy W. Martinez Director,         Services                             P: 518.473.1776
                     Strategic Planning & Policy         52 Washington Street,                F: 518.473.2410
                     Development                         South Building, Room 313
                                                         Rensselaer, NY 12144-2796
                                                         N.C. Division of Social Services
NORTH                Thomas Smith                        Family Support and Child             P: 919.733.9464
CAROLINA             Foster Care Consultant              Welfare Section                      F: 919.733.3052
                                                         325 North Salisbury St.
                                                         Raleigh, NC 27699-2408

NORTH                Dean Sturn                          North Dakota Dept of Human           P: 701.328.1018
                                                         Rennsaalaer NY 12144                 F: 701.328.3538
DAKOTA               Foster Care Administrator           Services Children & Family
                                                         600 E. Boulevard Ave.
                                                         Bismarck, ND 58505

    National Association of State Foster Care Managers                                                                          8
    Updated 03/29/10
                                                                                            PHONE &
   STATE                      NAME & TITLE                     AGENCY & ADDRESS               FAX                        E-MAIL

                     Carrie Anthony                      Ohio Dept. Job and Family       P: 614.752-0660
OHIO                 Section Chief, Child                Services                        F: 614.728.9682
                     Placement Services                  255 E. Main Street, 3rd Floor
                                                         Columbus, OH 43215

                     Margaret Linnemann                                                  P: 405.521.3438
                     Foster Care Program                 Oklahoma Department of Human    F: 405.522.4488
OKLAHOMA             Manager                             Services
                                                         P. O. Box 25352
                                                                                         P: 405.833-5024
                     Patricia Howell                     Oklahoma City, OK 73125                 
                                                                                         F: 918.588.1757
                     Permanency Planning
                     Programs Manager

                                                         Foster Care Services
                     Kevin George                        Oregon Department of Human      P: 503.945.5987
OREGON               Program Manager,                    Services                        F: 503.945.6969
                     (Past President)                    500 Summer Street, NE E77
                                                         Salem, OR 97310-1069
                                                         Pennsylvania Dept. of Public
PENNSYLVANIA         Cindi Horshaw, Dir.                 Program Policy Unit/Bureau of
                     Program Policy Unit                 Policy & Program Development    P: 717.783.7287
                                                         Bertolino Bldg.                 F: 717.346.9663
                                                         1401 North 7th Street
                                                         Harrisburg, PA 17105-2675

                                                         Puerto Rico Administration of
PUERTO RICO          Maria Carrillo                      Families and Children           P: 787.725.5443
                     Administrator for Foster            Dept. of Families               ext.413
                     Care and Adoption                   P.O. Box 15091
                                                                                         F: 787.723.0051
                                                         San Juan, PR 00902

    National Association of State Foster Care Managers                                                                      9
    Updated 03/29/10
                                                                                               PHONE &
   STATE                      NAME & TITLE                     AGENCY & ADDRESS                  FAX                        E-MAIL

RHODE                Maureen Robbins                     Rhode Island Dept of Children,             
ISLAND               Foster Care Manager                 Youth & Families                   P: 401.831-4181
                                                         101 Friendship Street, 3rd Floor   F: 401.528.3870
                                                         Providence RI 02906

                                                         South Carolina Department of
SOUTH                Kathleen Mclean-Titus               Social Services                            
CAROLINA             Foster Care Program                 Division of Human Services         P: 803.898.7637
                     Manager                             P. O. Box 1520                     F: 803.898.7641
                     (Member at Large)                   Columbia, SC 29202-1520

SOUTH                Stacy Nemec                         South Dakota Child Protection      P: 605.773.3227
DAKOTA               Foster Care Program                 Services                           F: 605.773.6834
                     Specialist                          700 Governor’s Drive
                                                         Pierre, SD 57501-2291

                                                         Tennessee Department of
TENNESSEE            John Johnson                        Children’s Services                P: 615.253.6351
                     Director of Foster Care &           Cordell Hull Building – 8th Flr    F: 615.532.6495
                     Adoption                            436 Sixth Avenue, North
                                                         Nashville, TN 37243-1290

                                                         Texas Department of Protective
TEXAS                Debra Emerson                       & Regulative Services              P: 512.438.4760
                     Director of Policy &                701 W. 51st Street                 F: 512.438.3782
                     Program                             Mail Code w-157
                                                         P. O. Box 149030
                                                         Austin, TX 78717-9030

    National Association of State Foster Care Managers                                                                         10
    Updated 03/29/10
                                                                                             PHONE &
  STATE                       NAME & TITLE                     AGENCY & ADDRESS                FAX                      E-MAIL

                                                         Utah Department of Human Ser/
UTAH                 Tanya Albornoz                      Division of Child & Family       P: 801.696-4866
                     Foster Care Program                 Services                         F: 801.538.3993
                     Administrator                       120 North 200 West
                                                         Suite 225
                                                         Salt Lake City, UT 84103

                                                         Vermont Department of Children
VERMONT              Shaun Donahue                       & Families
                     Director of Field Services          103 S. Main Street               P: 802.241.2259
                                                                                          F: 802.241.2407
                                                         Osgood Building, 3rd Flr
                                                         Waterbury, VT 05671-2401

                     Therese Wolf, MA                    Virginia Department of Social
VIRGINIA             Permanency Planning                 Services                         P: 804.726.7522
                     Manager                             Division of Family Services      F: 804.726.7499
                                                         7 North Eighth Street
                                                         Richmond, VA 23219

VIRGIN                Janet Turnbull-Krigger             St. Thomas DHS
ISLANDS              Assistant Administrator, CYF        Knud Hansen Complex              P: 340.774.7865
                                                         1303 Hospital Ground             F: 340.774.4393
                                                         Building A
                                                         St. Thomas, VI 00802

    National Association of State Foster Care Managers                                                                     11
    Updated 03/29/10
                                                                                               PHONE &
   STATE                       NAME & TITLE                     AGENCY & ADDRESS                 FAX                      E-MAIL

                                                          Washington Department of Social
                      Dinah Martin                        and Health Services
                      Foster Care & Kinship Care          Children’s Administration         P: 360.902.0740
                                                                                            F: 360.902.7903
WASHINGTON            Program Manager                     1115 Washington St. SE
                                                          P. O. Box 45710
                                                          Olympia, WA 98504

                                                          West Virginia Department of
                                                          Health and Human Resources
WEST                  Crystal Dotson                      Office Social Services            P: 304.558.3290
                                                                                            F: 304.558.4563
VIRGINIA              Foster Care Program                 350 Capitol Street, Room 691              
                      Manager                             Charleston, WV 25301-3704

                      Jonelle Brom                        Wisconsin Department of Health
WISCONSIN             Out-of-Home Care                    and Family Services               P: 608.264.6933
                      Specialist                          1 W. Wilson – P. O. Box 8916      F: 608.264.6750
                                                          Madison, WI 53708-8916

                      Dana Ward                           Wyoming Department of             P: 307.352.2509
WYOMING               Social Services Consultant          Family Services                   F: 307.352.2560
                                                          2451 Foothill Blvd., Suite 103
                                                          Rock Springs, WY 82901

     National Association of State Foster Care Managers                                                                     12
     Updated 03/29/10
                                                                                              PHONE &
   STATE                       NAME & TITLE                    AGENCY & ADDRESS                 FAX                     E-MAIL
                                                          Administration for Children &            
Children’s            Patsy Buida                         Families                         P: 214.767.1971
Bureau                Foster Care Specialist              Dept. of Health & Human Services
                                                          1301 Young Street, Room 945
                                                          Dallas, Texas 75202-5433

     National Association of State Foster Care Managers                                                                   13
     Updated 03/29/10

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