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					March 2012

Dear Frenchtown Families,

Well, we have made it past the half way mark of yet another wonderful school year. As
we start to think about our summer vacations, camps, and outdoor activities, we as a PTA
are starting to plan for next year. Yes, that’s right, we are in the planning stages of the
2012-2013 school year and we need YOU!!!

A very sad and continuing trend is starting to develop here at Frenchtown and all over the
school district: the lack of parent involvement in the PTA. With tough economic times
and less money to go around, now more than ever, parent involvement is crucial for the
success of our school. With being told to learn to do more with less, it is now the PTA's
job to provide to our students more than we ever had to before. This is where you can
help. The PTA is always looking for volunteers. We, as a PTA currently oversee over 40
different committees to help our school run as smoothly as possible. The biggest obstacle
right now is getting people to help. Numbers have been dwindling for years but now we
are at an impasse. A bulk of our current volunteers are part of the graduating class of
2012. We need parents from all other grades to get together and most importantly, GET
INVOLVED. Team up with a friend, share with us your special talent, commit to
volunteering for at least 1 activity per school year.

The Frenchtown Community and the PTA are working hard to maintain the strong bond
that has made Frenchtown more than a school. Each year, the PTA sponsors many
wonderful events where not only can our children have fun with their friends, but also
we, as parents, get to know our fellow Frenchtown parents. As the years have gone on,
more and more parents are graduating from the Frenchtown Community, but the new
families are not taking over their roles. Many believe that volunteering would be too time
consuming, while others do not know what to do. This is our plea to you: Please as
parents, understand the value that the PTA and the Frenchtown Community offer. Please
get involved in our community building efforts by volunteering to help organize any one
of our many soon-to-be open committees. It is important to our children and it is
important to our school community. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or

This is the list of our Frenchtown PTA committees that are in need of volunteers. In some
cases we are looking for people to chair a committee, in others we could just use your
help. Please take a look at the list below and see if there is something that interests you.
Further information about each committee can be found on our website
Your help is greatly needed and always much appreciated. If you have any questions
about any of the committees, please feel free to contact any of the PTA board members.

Thank you so much.
Donna DeLucia
Kelli Giammarco
PTA Co-Presidents
Frenchtown Elementary School PTA Committees-
               Blurb Edition

5th Grade Activities- This committee is responsible for raising the necessary funds for
the 5th grade graduation. It is an ongoing commitment throughout the year. From car
washes, candy sales, Valentine Day goodies, etc. to planning the full graduation:
invitations, DJ, luncheon, etc. This committee should have at least 4 committee helpers
that will be dedicated to help the chairperson throughout the year as well. There is an
ongoing book from previous years to help you with ideas and guide you through the tasks
of what needs to be accomplished.

After School Enrichment
Committee arranges after school enrichment programs.

   1. Contact and arrange with potential presenters. (Current Chairperson uses
       established groups and/or Trumbull employees, as they're already background
   2. Each presenter must complete an instructor form, which includes basic contact
       info, as well as the specifics for the class. Keep those in a file.
   3. Set up a schedule for activities. We use Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri. No Tues, as that is
       faculty meeting day. Work with JoAnne Weiss to coordinate the schedule as to
       not interfere with other activities at FT etc. She runs everything by Mrs. Norcel.
   4. "Clear" any new presenters, classes, etc. with Mrs. Norcel.
   5. Create a brochure and enrollment form. Make and distribute copies to all classes.
   6. Email the above info. to Web Master for posting on the website. (Brochure and
       form are done in MS Word to make it easier to post).
   7. Collect enrollment forms and money. Count and sort money and give to
       Treasurer to deposit.
   8. Create class lists and sort enrollment forms alphabetically. Put them in the ASE
       binder in the office for reference if needed.
   9. Provide a list of monies owed to presenters to the Treasurer. Distribute checks to
   10. Email ASE lists to FT teachers, and provide a list to TLC and the main office.
   11. At least 2 weeks in advance, complete "building use" forms in order to use the
       facilities for ASE.
   12. Send a "confirmation" email to all parents who provided an email address on the
       enrollment form.
   13. Contact interested parent volunteers, and have them complete a "Volunteer
       Contract." Make and file copies of the contract.
   14. Be at FT for the first day of each class to ensure that all runs smoothly.
   15. Monitor progress of the ASE classes, and solve any problems that arise.
   16. Keep in contact with presenters through email and/or telephone.
Time commitment: approximately 20-30 hours before each new session to get each
session up and running. Additional hours during the session possible as issues arise.

Bingo- Bingo is an event that occurs once a year, typically the last Friday in April.
Preliminary work done by the chairperson is mainly required state and town paperwork,
completed by end of March. Event requires at least 3-4 committed people to be in charge
of registration and admission, food and beverage, announcing and tracking numbers.
Additional volunteers are encouraged to help with additional card sales, door prize
collection and distribution and food and beverage sales.
Here is the breakdown of the time commitment: it takes about 12 hours in total:
Copying/Distribution of flyers – 1 hr to 1.5
Purchase food/drinks – 2 hrs
Make signs - 15 to 30 mins
Cash Box (Bank visit) - 15 to 30 mins
Arrange Volunteers and phone calls- 15 to 30 mins

Birthday Board- Mid month Mrs. Mizzoni will send the next month's birthday list.
You then need to go to the room located in the library that houses the die-cut machine
and cut the necessary amount of shapes that coincide with the theme of the month (i.e
February Valentines Day's ~ hearts). Write out all the children's names and birthdays on
the shapes (each child gets one cut-out). Decorate the board with the theme materials
(provided by the school) along with the cut-outs prior to the start of the month. The last
day of the previous month is a good guide post. Time Commitment: 1.5 - 2 hrs/month.

Board of Education Liaison- responsible for attending Trumbull Board of Education
meetings and reporting pertinent information back to the PTA. Also needs to be available
to attend PTA meetings to give report and keep parents aware of what is going on in
town. Time commitment: Varies but at least 2-4 hours per month especially during
budget season.

Boo Hoo Breakfast- Responsible for setting up and running the annual breakfast for all
incoming kindergarten parents. Event is held the first day of school while children are
getting acclimated to school and parents are commiserating over coffee. Fun event to run
and very easy to coordinate. Invitations go out in summer packet and event runs for about
30-45 minutes. Time commitment: 2-3 hours for preparation and 1-2 hours for actual
event set up and take down.

Book Fair- There are generally two book fairs per school year (fall and spring) that run
for a few days at a time. You will be responsible for:
        1. Coordinating space, times and classroom schedules with the Principal
        2. Soliciting parent volunteers by sending home a flyer with the children
        3. Coordinating start up cash with the Treasurer
        4. Sending home a flyer to the student body informing them of the dates and
           times of the fair (see below)
        5. Getting parent volunteers to help set up the books in the designated location
           on the day before the fair
        6. Collecting calculators and bags for your use if needed.
        7. Keeping a running tab of special orders and reorders (especially popular titles)
           that may be necessary for the following time slot.
        8. Getting deposits to the Treasurer after the book fair.
Time commitment: varies but expect that the weeks leading up to book fair date to be
busy, gathering volunteers, sending home flyers, set up and actually overseeing the fair

Box Tops- Box Tops is a September through June collection project. Submissions must
be made at least twice a year (November 1st and March 1st) in order for Frenchtown to
receive checks from General Mills. (June 1st is also recommended.) The classroom tallies
and school raffle are conducted monthly. One person can handle the assignment by
keeping up with the collection sheets regularly, and the updates, PTA Press & raffle on a
monthly basis. Estimated time required monthly is 6-8 hours which increases when
there's a submission deadline. Majority of tasks are handled at home except for the
monthly collection sheet copies and raffle prizes which take place at Frenchtown.

Calendar- Responsible for coordinating and developing the annual school calendar in
conjunction with the principal and co-presidents.
    1. In July, create a template of calendar in MS Word or other application-maybe one
       that can be used online as well as printed-with holidays and school vacations.
    2. Meet with principal and PTA Presidents to plan events for the year. Type these
       events into template.
    3. The beginning pages of the calendar don't change very much, I have retyped
       many of them so that we can update easier than being charged a set up fee by the
    4. By August 1, send principal and PTA presidents a draft of the calendar for
       approval. There will still be dates that have not been approved by central office,
       so you may need to wait on these till the last minute.
    5. Around August 15, send calendar to printer in order for calendars to be printed by
       first day/week of school.
    6. Family list needs to be created before first day/week of school as we only give out
       one calendar per family.
    7. Count out calendars using family list by class and put in teacher mailboxes on the
       first day/week of school
 Time Commitment: 7 hours work at home, 2-3 hour meeting with principal and1-2 hours
to count and distribute calendars at school

Campbells Labels- Responsible for managing and coordinating the collection process of
Labels for Education for Frenchtown School. A coordinator's responsibility includes
promoting our school's collection goals in the school community, and coordinating the
submission of proofs of purchase labels for redemption. Time commitment is an hour or
two every month.
Classifieds- This committee is responsible for creating and distributing the classified
listings for Frenchtown families to advertise businesses, miscellaneous services, goods
for sale, jobs, help wanted, announcements, and more. Requires speaking and/or emailing
people to answer questions or take ads. Most is done via email.

    Published: Monthly, first week of each month
    Distribution: To all Frenchtown families and staff
    Preparation: Takes approximately 1-3 hours p/month to design and set up
    classifieds (depends on number of advertisers)
    Copying Time: Takes about 1 hr. p/month to copy and distribute

CMT Snacks- This is a small but important job for our children in Grades 3 through 5.
During the month of March, our students are taking the Connecticut Mastery Tests
(CMT) and during this time, the school and the PTA provide the students with some extra
treats. The school/PTA provides the children with some treat (pretzels or goldfish) and a
juice box each day. The students are also given a small piece of candy each day to
stimulate the brain during testing.
          You need to work with the kitchen staff on when and where the treats
            provided by the school system are arriving. These treats need to be packed out
            in bags for the teachers. Each teacher should have enough for only one day in
            a bag. The other bags the teacher will hold until needed. Each teacher should
            have a bag of treats and a bag of juices boxes for each day.
          Once all the candy treats are packed out, they can be delivered to the
Time commitment is 2-3 hours for shopping/organization and about 2 hours to organize
packing group and pack put snacks the first week of March.

Cultural Diversity- Responsible for cultural awareness within the school community.
Attendance at monthly meetings at Frenchtown School is encouraged. As a chairperson
of this committee, you are also part of District committee comprised of teachers, parents
and community representatives dedicated to further cultural diversity within the district.
Responsible for coordinating and scheduling multi-cultural school events throughout the
year especially the Multi Cultural Dinner usually held at the end of March.

Directory- This committee is responsible for creating the school directory.
   1. Responsible for sending out a flier in August; this flier designed to obtain parents’
       permission for placing their child in the school directory; flier is also used to
       obtain changes in student address and phone number (sent out with teacher
   2. Input all student information (class room, name, address, phone number and
       parents names) into a database for printing
   3. Verify and correct changes for the front section of the directory (ex. Changes in
       the staff – Frenchtown staff as well as superintendent & TLC), lunch times/prices
       for food items, PTA committee heads and their emails)
   4. Coordinate & communicate information to printer
   5. Communicate with principal & PTA VP with changes
   6. Copy given to principal prior to printing for approval
   7. Assist PTA membership committee head with distribution
Time Commitment: Varies

Family Night - Family Night is marketed as an entire family focused springtime event.
It is designed as a low-key way for families to get to know one another in a relaxed,
setting. Typically the event offers a dessert buffet followed by a professional, staged form
of entertainment held in the school cafeteria. Volunteers are recruited to collect tickets at
the door, serve dessert buffet style, mingle with guests and clean up after event. It is also
seen as another way to invite parents to think about becoming more active in our PTA.

Gift Wrap- Annual fundraiser held in September with proceeds benefiting the PTA. This
is the PTA’s largest fund-raiser for the school year.

    1. Gift wrap packets are to be sent home with children (school must be in session for
       2 weeks for sale to begin) and are generally due back 3-4 weeks after distribution.
    2. Collect the orders from the office.
    3. Allow at least one week from the end of the sale in order to count and check
       orders and money and get it to the vendor.
    4. Flyers should be sent home informing the students of the date and time of the pick
       up of their orders.
Time commitment: Heavy in mid-September but company we use is very good and great
to work with which helps makes the event easy to run.

Give Back Programs- This committee is responsible for searching out ways to bring in
money to the school that don’t require a lot of effort. Examples include: Bruegger’s
Bagel weekends, restaurant give backs, Westfield Mall promotions, local bank and other
organizations looking to give money for participation drives and the like.
Time commitment: Varies depending on how much research is done.

Halloween Party- Coordinate and oversee event held on Friday night before Halloween,
consists of 2 sessions.
   1. Responsible for coordination of games, prizes, and activities
   2. Work closely with Father’s Club to run games/activities
   3. Coordinate volunteers to help set-up, clean-up, sell food, and run games
   4. Need to send out fliers to sell tickets and pre-order food
   5. Schedule entertainment, i.e. DJ
Time commitment: 8-10 hours in October plus 3-5 hours to oversee event. Best done as

Historian (Scrapbook)
Collect Frenchtown articles and pictures from PTA box in office and local papers and
creatively display them in a scrapbook to be displayed in the lobby upon completion.

Holiday Boutique- This is a year-long commitment. It starts the day after Christmas
purchasing thousands of gifts to resell at the boutique in December. Suggest 4 or 5
helpers/shoppers. All the items bought can be stored in the school shed as long as they
are properly stored in Rubbermaid containers. The chair needs to gather volunteers to
help set up, sell and clean up. Also breakfast and lunch need to be provided for those who
contribute most of their day to volunteer. It is a 2 day sale and can be set up the night
before the event. Flyers as well as posters need to be put up advertising the boutique.
Once the shopping is complete, it runs pretty smoothly.

Holiday Boutique Raffle- The Holiday Boutique Raffle takes place in conjunction with
the Holiday Boutique. All items in the raffle are donated by Frenchtown’s staff, faculty
and families; therefore, this fundraiser is 100% profit for the PTA. We average over 100
raffle items, which are set up as baskets wrapped in cellophane and displayed in the
school lobby. Tickets are 3 for $1.00. The raffle is open the same hours as the Holiday
Boutique but also during the Band & Strings and 2nd & 5th grade Chorus concerts and all
lunch periods.
Timeline of events:
         1. Approximately 3 weeks before the raffle a donation letter goes out to every
             student and all staff asking for raffle donations.
         2. Follow up phone calls/ emails are made to the families offering to donate
         3. Date is set for all donations to be dropped off in the office.
         4. Flier is sent home with students reminding them of the raffle, and encouraging
             more donations (offering 3 free raffle tickets for families who donate items.)
             This flier also includes a snapshot of many of the items that will be raffled off.
         5. Cellophane / baskets are purchased and assembling of the baskets begins.
             Each basket is numbered and a coordinating ticket bucket is set up. Many of
             the donated items come in already in “basket” form.
         6. A spread sheet is kept with a list of items, who it was donated from, and
             eventually who the winner is.
         7. Tickets are sold during the days mentioned above.
         8. On the day of the drawing, the office staff, various teachers who happen to be
             in the office, etc. pull each ticket.
         9. Winners are announced at the end of the school day & items are distributed.
         10. Spread sheet is updated with winner’s names and distributed to Main office
             for referral.
         11. A thank you letter that includes all of the families, faculty and staff who
             donated prizes is written to be published in the Wolf Times.
         12. All monies collected from raffle sale are counted, coins rolled and turned into
             the PTA Treasurer for deposit.
Time commitment: Heavy at end of November and varies in December depending on
how many volunteers are available to help sell tickets during school lunch hours. A fun
event to run and oversee.

Hospitality- One meeting a month (or less), provide snacks, coffee, decaf and/or tea
based on request from PTA presidents. In addition, provide one or two snacks or
appetizers depending on meeting time. Provide all paper products and serving utensils for
meetings of PTA only. All receipts submitted to treasurer for reimbursement. Set up and
remove all food services at beginning and end of meetings. Other events might require
hospitality services as requested by Mrs. Norcel.

Junior Achievement- Volunteer coordinates with Junior Achievement, teachers, and
other volunteers to teach JA lessons in classrooms involving business, money, etc.
       1. Meet with classroom volunteers to give overview of JA, provide them with JA
           materials and answer questions.
Time commitment: Varies depending on amount of volunteers.

Library Volunteers- This volunteer needs to gather parents/family members that would
be willing to volunteer in the library for 1 to 2 hour stints during the school year. This is
usually done at the start of the school year. A monthly schedule needs to go out
informing the participants of their time frames. Working with Ellen Albro to learn the
library calendar and place these volunteers accordingly. This is a school year
commitment, but can be accomplished within ½ day per month.

Membership- Responsible for attracting new members and retaining existing members
to promote a strong commitment within the school community and its members.

Late July: Committee is responsible for creating a membership application which is to be
mailed out in the summer packet. Application must be reviewed and accepted by the
principal before being included in the summer packet.

Late August: Committee is responsible for collecting all membership applications
returned to school at the beginning of the school year.
Committee is responsible for creating a teacher-membership form which after being
reviewed and accepted by the principal may be placed in the teachers’ mailboxes for

   1. Committee receives a student list from Directory committee to help catalog all of
      the returned applications and to keep track of money received.
   2. Committee organizes all collected applications from both students and teachers to
      create a spreadsheet.
   3. Committee is responsible for giving all money collected to PTA treasurer on a
      regular basis.

Mid September:
   1. Committee is responsible for setting up a Membership Recruitment Table at all
      Back to School Nights.
   2. Committee is responsible for sending out reminder notices/new application forms
      to those families that have not yet joined the PTA.
   3. Committee is responsible for getting together with Directory Committee to help
      label all new directories and distribute them to all members.

Late Winter/Early Spring:
   1. Committee is responsible for arranging the end of year PTA banquet.
Time commitment: Very heavy throughout the year.

Newcomers- This committee is responsible for welcoming new families to the school
through a special welcome event that occurs before the new school year starts. A one
hour get-together breakfast is planned where the new families are paired up with existing
families. The children talk, they tour the school and even play on the playground (if time
allows); while the parents talk and get to know each other, the school and town. Work on
this committee begins in about early August once class lists are determined and a list of
all newcomers is compiled. The responsibilities of this committee include, making phone
calls to invite both newcomers and possible buddy families, organizing and running
newcomer get together and attendance at event. Total time commitment about 8-10 hours
in the month of August.

Nutrition/Wellness- This chairperson(s) is responsible for promoting nutrition and
wellness throughout the school, as coordinated by the Principal and the PTA Town
Council Wellness Team (district wide). Responsibilities and activities include: being a
liaison between the PTA District wide Wellness Team and FT school, attending periodic
meetings held by the PTA Wellness Council and reporting back to FT and possible grant
writing for funding from the National Food and Dairy Council (if requested by the

Office Helpers- Coordinate office helpers for main office as needed.
Time commitment: minimal

PACT (Red Ribbon)- This committee coordinates the weekly Red Ribbon Week
activities and dispersal of information to students. Annual theme is decided by town
PACT committee; then chair works with principal to come up with ideas or school theme
that works with the national theme for the year.

       1. Coordinates PACT activities at school including Red Ribbon Week
       2. Attend PTA Council PACT meetings (not mandatory) and reports pertinent
          information at the following PTA meeting.
       3. Prevention Month in May.

Time commitment: Some planning in Sept; execute materials collation/copying in
October prior to and during Red Ribbon Week.

PTA Press- Compile articles from PTA members and create newsletter. Edit & revise as
necessary. 2-3 hours to create & revise newsletter. 1 hour to collate by classroom &
distribute. Total time: 4 hours per month.

Plant Sale- This committee is responsible for the sale of plants and flowers to the
    1. The sale is held the Thursday and Friday before Mother's Day.
   2. The committee is responsible for purchasing a variety of plants, hanging baskets
       and flowers in a wide range of prices.
   3. Set up day prior to the sale.
   4. Recruit volunteers for set up and sale through flyers and newsletter
   5. Responsible for setting the prices of the items for sale to the school population
   6. Contact head custodian regarding set up (i.e. number of tables needed)
   7. Prior to event, arrange for petty cash from Treasurer
   8. Report to PTA with update and final numbers
   9. Reimbursement forms must be filled out with receipts attached and submitted to
       the Treasurer for payment
   10. Keep a record of the event for future sales.

Publicity- This committee handles all publicity for the community regarding school info,
events, awards, etc.
        1. Responsible for submitting items to the school newsletter.
        2. Get newspaper coverage for school events on an as-needed basis. Send
           submitted photos, press releases to media, ensuring we have permission to use
           photos and/or names of each student pictured/mentioned.
        3. Submit articles for “School News” to The Trumbull Times. This is done
           weekly, using the school calendar and any special requests from Mrs. Norcel,
           other committees, etc. Write blurb, email to Mrs. Norcel and cc: Mrs. Weiss
           for approval; email to The Trumbull Times by their deadline.
   Time Commitment: Approx. ½ hour each week.

Reflections- Reflections is the yearly cultural contest sponsored by the National PTA.
Children are given a topic or idea. Their entry can be a written essay, photograph,
artwork or music that depicts the idea. Local judges evaluate entries from Frenchtown
and winning entries are submitted for the state and national contests. You will be
responsible for:
     1. Sending out the reflections packet with the topic and guidelines to the students.
     2. Collecting and submitting the entries
     3. Announcing the participating children at an end of the year award ceremony.
     4. Handing out the award or prize to the participating children

Room Parent Coodinator- Coordinate and advise room parents of duties, procedures
and policies of being a room parent:
       1. Submit flyer for the first back to school mailing to solicit “Room Parents” and
           again at the start of the school year.
       2. After the selection process is complete, you must notify the parents chosen
           and invite them to the meeting which you will conduct.
       3. Type up listing of all Room Parents by grade and teacher with phone numbers
           to distribute at meeting.
       4. Prepare mock letters from Room Parents to parents introducing themselves
           and outlining the year and requests.
       5. Obtain a listing of teacher’s birthdays to put in the packet.
       6. Prepare packets prior to meeting for distribution.
       7. Contact head custodian regarding set up (i.e. number of tables needed).
       8. Reimbursement forms must filled out with receipts attached and submitted to
           the Treasurer for payment.
       9. Keep a record of the event for future.
       10. Notify the Hospitality Committee of Room Helper Meeting to set up

Safety- Gather information from Mrs. Norcel (via email) about any school safety
concerns or notifications she would like addressed. Type up information and submit it
(via e-mail) for PTA Press.

School Enhancement- This committee is responsible for decorating Frenchtown School
with holiday decorations throughout the school year. Time commitment depends on the
month and how many holidays are in that month. Most important part of job is to be
available to take put up and take down decorations in a timely manner. A nice committee
for a group of 2-3 people to help out with.

School Photos- Attend meeting at BOE with district coordinator. On picture day get 5-7
volunteers to help with picture taking process. Work with Lifetouch as a liaison on
picture day as well as with teachers.

School Store- Committee handles all operations of the in-house school store. This two
person team is responsible for :
       1. Ordering & stocking the school store. Stock includes standard school supplies
           as well as some seasonal items and Frenchtown logo items.
       2. Prices range from 5 cents to $4.00-$5.00. Typically round up the wholesale
           price to the next .25 cents or dollar.
       3. It is currently held the first and third Tuesday of each month from 11:30am –
           1:30pm (lunchtime). This date can be flexible but should be decided on and
           established at the start of the year to accommodate the school calendar.
       4. You set up on the stage or just below it in the cafetorium.
       5. Volunteers are often needed and recommended to assist on sales day due to
           the “crowding”.
       6. You typically make $125 - $250 and you are responsible to count the funds
           and deliver promptly to the treasurer.
       7. You are advised to keep track of income and expenses/invoices as a backup to
           the treasurer.

Sensitivity Day

Special Needs/TAG- This committee requires volunteers to attend meetings for Special
Needs and TAG in the town and report back to school on any upcoming lectures/talks
pertinent to our school community.
Spiritwear- Marketing and selling of Frenchtown apparel/goods. This committee is
responsible for negotiating with apparel vendors regarding rates, new items, etc, sending
out order forms for spiritwear in the fall and spring, providing spiritwear “for sale”
counters at various events throughout the school year, and tracking sales, submitting
receipts to treasurer and distribution of orders to families upon arrival. Time commitment
varies as we are looking to develop a relationship with an on-line only sales vendor.

Spring Fundraiser- An easy one to do. We have been doing Yankee Candle in the past
couple years. Two people are plenty. One to hand out the pamphlets and one to collect
them. When the order arrives, someone needs to take about 2 hours to distribute the
candles. Everything comes prepackaged with names on them. If the fundraiser changes to
a different venue, I believe it would be just as easy.

Sunshine- Send birthday cards to a list of faculty generated by Toni Mizzoni in the main
office. Responsibilities also include shopping for holiday gifts, birthday gifts of
administration personnel, nurses and secretaries day.

TAY- Trumbull Arts for Youth - This committee is responsible for being a liaison
between PTA Council and Frenchtown School. All of this is done basically through
e-mail. Work for this committee includes: reporting all pertinent information to Principal
and Executive Board about upcoming event. On day of the event, meeting and greeting
TAY performers.

Teacher Appreciation- Teacher Appreciation Week takes place in May. A theme for the
week is chosen by the committee and principal and then each day of the special week is
celebrated with different activities to show our appreciation for all of the Frenchtown
staff. Two months prior, about 10 hours a week doing behind the scenes work can be
expected. Some responsibilities include: e-mails to be sent, phone calls for donations to
local vendors and fliers to be created and distributed to the entire school. Typically
during Teacher Appreciation Week, a breakfast and luncheon are planned, so those days
require being at school for most of the day to help set up and clean up. The other days,
the volunteers just oversee the day’s activities. The event is overall, a light project to
chair and a fun event!

Webmaster- Responsibilities include maintenance of Frenchtown Elementary School's
PTA website.
  1. Volunteer responsibilities include keeping information current with monthly
     updates including school's newsletter and calendar, student birthdays and
     announcements from the Principal, Assistant Principal, Nurse and Specialists.
  2. Involves communication with office staff, Principal, PTA members, Father's Club
     members, teachers and specialists.

Wolf Mail- This is a school year commitment but is done in your own home. Gathering
information (from Mrs. Norcel, office help, PTA) to be distributed to the Frenchtown
Families via e-mails. At the beginning of the year, mailers need to go out to advertise the
e-mail system and those names, addresses need to be entered. The e-mail list needs to be
updated throughout the year. It is a once a week e-mail for the majority of the school
news, but during the week things do pop up that need to go out.

Yearbook- This committee is responsible for producing and distributing the school
Description of responsibilities:
         Create, design and submit the annual yearbook. Throughout year collect
            photos/digital photos and/or discs for use in yearbook, send information and
            requirements to room mothers and teachers, set up photo submission box in
         Schedule a picture day for early February for clubs & activities, last re-takes
            for new students, teachers, etc.
         School photos are taken in late September/early October (coordinated by a
            separate committee) and are received for yearbook to begin working on the
            creation of the yearbook in November. You can work on one or two
            deadlines. FINAL deadline for entire book to be completed is typically by 1st
            or 2nd week of April.
         Person should be familiar with working with online photo design, good
            editing skills, and have good attention to detail. Person needs to be able to
            multi-task and be able to meet deadlines.
           1. Early Fall Requirement: Must decide on cover design; provide several
               option designs for 5th grade students to vote; coordinate with 5th grade
               teachers; schedule picture day for mid-late January for the clubs, activities,
               school officers, etc.
           2. First Submission: Early February
           3. Final Submission: Early to mid April
           4. Distribution of yearbook is in June

       Can require 10-20 hours per week near submission deadlines (February through
       April) due to your dependence on receiving photos and/or information from
       others, as well as, timing of photos from Lifetouch.
       Time Commitment: Heavy

We will also need to fill a few of our executive board positions as well. Positions that are
open for your consideration are:

President Elect
First Vice President
Second Vice President

Thank you for your consideration.

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