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AUSTRALIA                                      has treated numerous professional
                                               athletes in crisis.
Steven Ellen, MB, BS. M.Med (psych).
MD. FRANZCP                                    Alexander Kolodziej, MD, FRCPC
Department of Psychiatry,                      University of Ottawa Sport Medicine
Alfred Health                                  Centre
P.O. Box 315                                   801 King Edward, Suite N203
Prahran, 3181                                  Ottawa, ON Canada K1N-6N5
Victoria, Australia                            W 613-562-5970
Email:                   Email:
Dr Ellen is Head of Consultation Liaison
Psychiatry at the Alfred Hospital and          Saul Marks, M.D., F.R.C.P.C.
Associate Professor of Psychiatry at           North York General Hospital,
Monash University. Dr Ellen is                 4001 Leslie Street,
interested in the psychiatric problems of      Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
athletes, including addiction problems,        Tel - 416-756-6322
and provides consultation for individuals      Email:
and teams. Dr Ellen is actively involved       Dr. Marks is a former National Diving
in a range of sports, competing primarily      Team member and is on the Board of
in triathlon.                                  Directors for Diving Canada Athlete
                                               Liaison. His practice is increasingly
David Tofler, M.D.                             accepting sport psychiatric patients.
Melbourne, Australia                          Doug Marr, M.D.
                                               Sudbury Ontario, Canada
CANADA                                         Email:
                                               Info for website: sees a mix of child,
Carla Edwards, MD, MSc                         adolescent and some adult psychiatry.
Medical Coordinator, Crisis Services           NCCP coach.
Homewood Health Centre
Associate Professor                            SOUTH KOREA
Michael G. DeGroote School of
Medicine                                       Doug Hyun Han, M.D.
McMaster University                            Department of Psychiatry,
Hamilton, ON (Canada)                          Chung Ang University Yong San
519-824-1010 (W)                               Hospital,                           Han Gang Ro 2Ga, Yong San Gu
Dr. Edwards is dually certified in adult       Seoul Korea
and child/adolescent psychiatry and            H Phone: 82-2-3477-0876
currently functions as the Medical             W Phone: 82-33-260-3207
Coordinator of inpatient and emergency         C Phone: 011-9743-0876
Crisis Services in Guelph, ON. Bolstered       Fax: 82-2-260-3212
by experience as a former varsity athlete,     Email:
she has provided informal consultation    
to local university athletes and teams and     Dr. Han is a board certified psychiatrist
                                               who has worked with high school and
                                     ISSP Website List

professional athletes in private practice       specialty in the UK, he is actively
and at Chung Ang University Hospital.           seeking to return to this field by
He provides performance and                     reducing his commitments in general
motivational enhancement,                       adult psychiatry.
psychotherapy, and psychiatric
assistance in a pro baseball team               Alan Currie, M.D., MPhil, MRCPsych
                                                The Hadrian Clinic
TURKEY                                          Newcastle General Hospital
                                                Westgate Road
Oguz Karamustafaaliglu, M.D.                    Newcastle
Tevfik Saglam Cad, 13/2 Bakirkoy                NE4 6BE
Istanbul, Turkey 34720                          United Kingdom
Phone: 90.212-542-93-27                         Phone 00 844 811 5522 ext 22352
Fax: 90.212-660-31-3                            E-mail
Email:                                          Dr Currie is in full-time psychiatric                 practice in the National Health Service
I am currently chief of Sisli Etfal             in England. He is a lecturer at the
Research and Training Hospital                  University of Newcastle and is also a
Psychiatry Department. I have personal          member of the National Executive of
experience in counseling and treating           The Royal College of Psychiatrists. He
athletes and counseling teenager teams.         competed at international level in track
                                                and field (1500m) whilst at Medical
UNITED KINGDOM                                  School. He is a consultant to UK
                                                Athletics (the national track and field
Barid Bhattacharya MD, PhD,                     organization in the UK) and the English
FFSEM (Ire), MFSEM (UK)                         Institute of Sport. He has led the
PO Box 763                                      development of educational and support
Aylesbury HP20 9BF, UK                          programs on eating disorders for sports
Phone/Fax: 44 1296 432632                       coaches.
Barid Bhattacharya received his medical         UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
and psychiatric training in India. He
attended the University of Illinois at          ARIZONA
Urbana-Champaign in the mid-80s and             Steven Eickelberg, M.D.
received his doctorate specializing in          Performax, P.C.
sport psychology. He returned to India to       6316 East Arabian Way, Suite 1
work with the elite level athletes in           Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
several disciplines. He moved to                Office Phone: 480-922-1991
Australia in 1992 and has worked in             Fax: 480-922-1362
general adult psychiatry exclusively            Email:
since then. In 2000, he moved again - to        President, Performax
the UK. He is a founder fellow of the           Private practice in Sport Psychiatry and
faculty of sport & exercise medicine in         Addiction Psychiatry. Previously worked
Ireland and a member of the faculty in          as a sport psychiatry consultant for the
the UK. Now that sport & exercise               Seattle Mariners. Involved annually with
medicine has been recognized as a               the MLB-Minor League Baseball Rookie
                                    ISSP Website List

Developmental Program. I work                  enhancement, stress management and
primarily with professional athletes,          psychiatric medication and therapy. He
coaches, managers and their families.          has written about psychiatric
                                               aspects of sports with a focus on
CALIFORNIA                                     basketball
Daniel Begel, M.D.
1642 19th Street                               Stanley E. Harris, M.D., DFAPA
Santa Monica, CA 90404                         USC University Psychiatrist and Clinical
W 310-453-1531                                 Professor
Email:                   857 Downey Way, YWCA-100
Dan Begel, M.D., is the founding               Los Angeles, CA 90089-0051
President of the ISSP and co-editor, with      Phone: 213-740-7711
Bob Burton, of Sport Psychiatry: Theory        Email:
and Practice (W.W. Norton, 2000). A            Website: www.stanley-harris-
review of Sport Psychiatry in JAMA,  
(June 21, 2000) stated that Dr. Begel’s        Info for website: My practice is limited
“psychodynamic understanding of the            to current students at the University of
athlete is unparalleled.” Dr. Begel            Southern California, where I serve as
practices in Santa Monica, CA.                 psychiatrist to the Athletic Department.

John Deri, M.D.                                Michael Lardon, M.D.
10 Millwood # 4                                3750 Convoy St #318
Mill Valley, CA 94941                          San Diego, CA 92111
Email:               Phone: 858-292-2929                      Email:
Dr. Deri is in private practice with a         PGA, Nike Tour, US Olympic Team,
special interest in addiction and sport        NFL, MLB, and MLS consulting
psychiatry. He is a triathlete and has         psychiatrist.
clinical expertise in the treatment of
mood and anxiety disorders.                    Elizabeth Mahler, M.D.
                                               900 Welch Rd, Suite 400
Ira Glick, M.D.                                Palo Alto, CA 94304
Stanford University School of Medicine         Phone: 650-327-0808 voicemail
401 Quarry Road, Rm. 2122                      Fax: 650-325-7878
Stanford, CA 94305                             Email:
Phone: (650) 723-3519                          Elizabeth Mahler, M.D. is a board
Fax: (650) 723-2507                            certified psychiatrist who specializes in
E-mail:                  sports psychiatry, medical psychiatry
 Ira D. Glick, M.D. is a Professor of          and psychopharmacology. Dr. Mahler is
Psychiatry and Behavioral                      in private practice in Palo Alto,
Sciences at Stanford University School         California, where she is also a Clinical
of Medicine. He has worked                     Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and
with college and professional athletes in      Behavioral Sciences at Stanford
his practice, providing                        University School of Medicine.
performance and motivational
                                    ISSP Website List

Maria Pease, M.D.                              636 Church Street, Suite 715
2299 Post St., Suite 211                       Evanston, IL, 60201
San Francisco, CA 94115                        Phone: 312-203-3253 (cell and work)
Phone: 415-921-1398                            Email:
Dr. Pease is a Board Certified Adult           KENTUCKY
Psychiatrist and Assistant Clinical            Tanya Wozniak, M.D.
Professor at the University of California      River City Psychiatry
at San Francisco with a subspecialty in        4201 Springhurst Blvd, Suite 203
Child and Adolescence. She provides            Louisville, KY 40241
consultation to coaches and teams, and         Phone: 502-550-4997
treatment of college level athletes. She       Email:
provides performance enhancement,    
mental skills training, self hypnosis,         Website:
centering techniques, combined with            Dr. Wozniak sees adult patients in a
psychodynamic individual and group             private practice setting. She is a former
psychotherapy, and medications as              college athlete with an interest in
needed to help each athlete and team           treating the mental health needs of
enjoy their sport and reach their              athletes.
FLORIDA                                        Antonia Baum, M.D.
Nick Dewan, M.D.                               Phone: (301) 656-9101
2519 McMullen Booth Road                       Chevy Chase, MD
Suite 510-255                                  Dr. Baum is on the faculty of the George
Clearwater, Florida 33761                      Washington University Medical
Phone: 727-723-0779                            Center, and is in private practice in
Dr. Dewan works with amateur and               Chevy Chase, Maryland. She treats high
professional golfers, and tennis players.      school, college and professional athletes,
He is extensively published in quality         and does psychoeducational lectures
improvement and information                    for coaches and athletic trainers. She has
technology, and has developed online           been the psychiatric consultant to
visualization and meditative relaxation        the athletic departments at Brown
tools for performance enhancement.             University and at George Washington                           University.

GEORGIA                                        Johannes Dalmasy-Frouin, M.D.
Greg Fortner, M.D.                             Baltimore, MD 21209
St Simons Is, GA                               W Phone: 410-724-3087
Email:                         W Phone: 410-375-5058
Dr. Fortner works in a community               Email:
mental health center specializing in           Dr. Dalmasy is a Clinical Assistant
addiction psychiatry.                          Professor of Psychiatry at the University
                                               of Maryland School of Medicine. For
ILLINOIS                                       several years he has been part of a group
Robert Burton, M.D.                            of behavioral sports medicine experts
                                    ISSP Website List

consulting for the Baltimore Orioles. He       high school and college to
offers specialized clinical services to        the professional. He provides services in
individual athletes, educational programs      the areas of performance enhancement,
for teams, and organizational                  mental skills training and psychiatric
troubleshooting for management.                assistance.

David McDuff, M.D.                             Batool Tauseef, M.D.
Ellicott City                                  Dept of Psychiatry
Dr. McDuff is an experienced                   U of Mass
sport psychiatrist who has worked with         Worcester, MA 01605
the Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore        W Phone: 508-856-2537 ext 52056
Ravens since 1996. He has an                   Email:
office and consulting practice providing       With emphasis on my interest in
mental skills training and psychiatric         Competitive badminton, other racquet
treatment to high school, collegiate and       sports and team sports
professional athletes. He can be
contacted through his website at               MICHIGAN                               Ernie Poortinga, M.D., M.S.
                                               Ann Arbor, MI
MASSACHUSETTS                                  Office Phone: 734-936-4000
Nicole Danforth, M.D.                          E mail
Boston, MA                                     Dr. Poortinga will be a board eligible
Phone 617-734-1700                             psychiatrist by July of 2004
Email:                  when he completes his residency at the
Dr. Danforth is the Medical Director of        University of Michigan. He has
the Sports Psychology Program at               worked with high school, college and
Massachusetts General Hospital and is          professional athletes providing
on the faculty at Harvard Medical              both counseling and medication
School. She consults with high school,         management. He was captain of his
college, and professional athletes and         medical school hockey team and has a
teams, as well as families and coaches.        special interest in forensic
Her clinical expertise includes the issue      psychiatry.
of psychotropic medications and
performance, substance use issues and          MINNESOTA
treating the female athlete.                   Carl Malmquist, M.D.
                                               909 Soc. Sc. Bldg.
Howard Katz, M.D.                              Univ. of Minn.
New England Sport Psychiatry                   267-19th Ave. So.
1180 Beacon Street, Suite 4C                   Mpls., MN 55455
Brookline, MA 02446                            952-926-6654
617-277-2600                                   Dr. Malmquist is board-certified in                    adult, child & adolescent, and forensic
Howard Katz is a board certified               psychiatry. He has treated various levels
psychiatrist in the Boston area who has        of athletes from the high school level on
worked with athletes and coaches at all        to the professional level. He also has
levels ranging from youth sports through
                                    ISSP Website List

been involved in forensic issues               257 Monmouth Rd., A-5
involving athletes.                            Oakhurst, NJ 07755
                                               Phone: 732-517-0595
NEBRASKA                                       Fax: 732-517-8585
Todd W. Stull, M.D.                            Email:
8470 Nebraska Medical Center         
Omaha, NE 68198-8470                           Past consultant to the Jersey Shore Cats,
Phone: 402-341-6224 or 402-552-2112            a USBL Basketball team coached by
Fax: 402-341-6218 or 402-552-2119              Rick Barry. USA Gymnastics National
Email:                        Health Care Board consultant. Works
                                               with NFL players, boxers, and individual
NEVADA                                         athletes, teams, and coaches in all sports.
Ed Klein, M.D.                                 Was a Division I Fencer and currently
W Phone: 813-977-1780                          plays tennis. Does organizational
Email:                       consulting, and works with family
Dr. Klein has worked with the NFL for          issues. Recently named 100 Most
more than 15 years, the Tampa Bay              Influential Sports Educators in America
Lightning for 3 years, the University of       by the Institute for International Sport.
South Florida’s basketball team,
professional golfers, and figure skaters.      Jeffrey Kargman, M.D.
                                               2130 Highway 35 Bldg A, Suite 124B
NEW JERSEY                                     Sea Girt, NJ 08750
Jahi Anderson, M.D.                            Phone: 732-974-3500                 Fax: 732-974-3501
Cooper University Hospital/UMDNJ               Email:
Camden – Resident                              Dr. Kargman is in solo practice in Sea
                                               Girt, New Jersey. Initial evaluations and
Consuelo Chi-Chi Cagande, M.D.                 follow-up sessions are scheduled in my              office. He has experience working with
RWJMS-Camden, Cooper University                athletes to help them with their mental
Hospitals                                      health needs. His office complies with
Residency Director.                            all confidentiality laws and visits are
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist              kept in the strictest confidence.

R Rao Gogineni, M.D.                           Thomas Newmark, M.D., D.F.A.P.A.
Head, Division of Child & Adolescent           401 Haddon Ave, Suite 356
Psychiatry,                                    Camden, NJ 08103
Cooper University Hospital                     W Phone: 856-757-7853
Associate Professor of Psychiatry,             Email: newmark-
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School   
Camden, NJ 08103                               Dr. Newmark is Chief of Psychiatry at
Phone: 856-342-2328                            the Cooper University Hospital in
Fax: 856-541-6137                              Camden, NJ. He is also Vice-Chair and                          Associate Professor of Psychiatry at
                                               Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.
Ronald L Kamm, M.D.                            He is triple-boarded in General,
                                        ISSP Website List

Geriatric, and Administrative Psychiatry,
and is also a Distinguished Fellow of the          NORTH CAROLINA
American Psychiatric Association. He is            Keith H. Brodie, M.D.
a member of NJPA Sports Psychiatry                 Durham, NC
Committee and is interested in the use of          Interests: For the past decade, I have
hypnosis to improve athletic                       worked with the men’s basketball
performance.                                       program at Duke – counseling players in
                                                   performance enhancement, using
Stewart Reiter, M.D.                               visualization techniques, and treating
35 Beechwood Rd.-Suite 3A                          players using psychotherapy for various
Summit, NJ 07901                                   symptoms of psychopathology.
Work: 908-598-2400 (ext. 1)
Fax: 908-598-2408                                  Eric D. Morse, M.D.
E-Mail:                           Carolina Performance
Dr. Reiter is a board certified                    8300 Health Park, Suite 201
psychiatrist. He has a general practice            Raleigh, NC 27615
and works with the New York Giants                 Phone: 919-676-9699 x 1
and the New York Jets in the Players               Fax: 919-676-9946
Assistance Program and the NFL                     Email:
Program for Substances of Abuse.                   Website:
                                                   Dr. Morse is a sport psychiatrist who
NEW YORK                                           works with professional, college, and
Ira Bergman, M.D.                                  youth athletes and teams. Board
1160 Park Avenue 1E                                Certified in both General and Addiction
New York, NY 10128                                 Psychiatry, he specializes in a large
Phone: 212-289-4128                                variety of performance difficulties. Dr.
Interests: Private practice in child,              Morse is the sport psychiatrist for NC
adolescent and adult psychiatry.                   State University and the President of the
                                                   ISSP. His treatment approaches include
Hayley Cort, M.D.                                  performance psychology, motivational
1651 3rd Avenue, Ste 201                           interviewing, biofeedback, cognitive
New York, NY 10128                                 behavioral therapy, group therapy,
Phone: (917) 482-5202                              individual therapy, and medication
Interests: Sees patients in a college              management.
community, private practice and
outpatient hospital.                               OHIO
                                                   Gregory Collins, M.D.
                                                   Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Sidney Fein, M.D.                                  Cleveland, OH
Brooklyn, NY                                       Phone: 216-444-2970
M: 917-407-8302                          
F: 718-832-7630                                    Dr. Collins is a board certified
Dr. Fein is a former coach and referee             psychiatrist, with additional
and has worked with high school and                qualifications in addiction psychiatry.
college athletes in basketball, football,          He has been a team psychiatrist with pro
and baseball.                                      baseball and pro football teams,
                                    ISSP Website List

providing player development, substance        Thomas Foley, M.D.
abuse treatment, prospect screening, and       Dept. of Psychiatry
management consultation.                       Temple Univ Hospital
                                               Philadelphia, PA
OKLAHOMA                                       215-707-8496
Ashley Benjamin, M.D., MA            
Oklahoma City, OK                              Dr. Foley is currently a PGY-4 at
                                               Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in
OREGON                                         the program of child/adolescent
David O. Conant-Norville, M.D.                 psychiatry and has a strong interest in
Mind Matters P.C.                              sport psychiatry. He is also a
15050 SW Koll Parkway Suite 2A                 recreational triathlete.
Beaverton, Oregon 97006
W Phone: 503-352-0468                          Alexander S. Strauss, M.D.
Email:                      Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow
Board Certified Child and Adolescent           Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic
Psychiatrist; Medical Director for             Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Pendleton Academies Psychiatric                W: 412-586-9115
Residential Treatment Center and Youth         E:
Contact, Inc.; Asst. Clinical Professor in     Dr. Strauss will be completing his adult,
Psychiatry at Oregon Health and                child and adolescent psychiatry training
Sciences University;. Psychiatric              in June 2010. At this time he works with
Consultant to United States Anti-Doping        collegiate athletes in Pittsburgh. He has
Agency and PGA Tour; Special                   been training with neuropsychologists
interests in youth sports, treatment of        and physical medicine and rehabilitation
psychiatric disorders in young athletes,       physicians at the Sports Concussion
and working with youth sports                  Program at the University of Pittsburgh
organizations to enhance psychological,        in use of computerized
social and physical health.                    neuropsychological evaluation (using
                                               ImPACT) and pharmacological
PENNSYLVANIA                                   management post concussion.
David Baron, MSEd, DO
Professor and Chair, Dept. of Psychiatry       SOUTH CAROLINA
Temple Univ. School of Medicine                Ashley Blackmon Jones, M.D.
Philadelphia., PA                              General Psychiatry Resident
215-707-8483(office phone)                     Palmetto Health/USC                              Columbia, South Carolina
Dr. Baron is listed in Philadelphia            TENNESSEE
Magazine as Top Doc in sports                  Terrence Clark, M.D.
psychiatry. He is a certified Doping           East Tennessee State University
Control Officer and Sport MRO and              Phone: (423) 439-8010
consults with youth, high school,              Fax: (423) 439-2240
college, Olympic, and professional             Email:
athletes and teams.                            Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.
                                               Interests in golf and performance
                                     ISSP Website List

                                                interest in football, baseball, and soccer.
Altha Stewart, M.D.                             Dr. Ibia is especially interested in
111 South Highland #180                         psychiatric disorders in female athletes
Memphis, TN 38111                               and offers full psychiatric evaluation and
W 901-947-7190                                  treatment as necessary. She is also
Email:                available to offer psycho-
                                                educational talks to athletic teams.
Aaron H. Fink, M.D.                             WISCONSIN
4550 Post Oak Place #320
Houston, TX 77027                               Claudia Reardon, M.D.
713-622-5480                                    Psychiatry Resident
713-622-7381 (fax)                              University of Wisconsin Hospital and
Aaron H. Fink, MD is a Board Certified          Clinics
child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist        6001 Research Park Boulevard
and recreational marathoner and road            Madison, WI 53713
cyclist. Areas of clinical interest include     Email:
sports psychiatry, ADHD, eating                 Office Phone: 608.263.6100
disorders, legal issues and group               Fax: 608.262.9246
                                                Ben Troy, M.D.
Seniora Matthews, M.D.                          Email:
PO Box 1243                                     Phone: 414-266-2932
Bellaire, Texas 77402                           Dr. Troy is currently a Child and
M: 870-530-1038                                 Adolescent Fellow at the Medical                         College of Wisconsin. After graduation
                                                in December 2008, he will be working at
VIRGINIA                                        the Madison Center in South Bend, IN.
Barbara Haskins, M.D.                           Dr. Troy has treated some high school
University of Virginia                          athletes and looks to have more
Phone: 540-332-8152/8000                        opportunities to treat young athletes in
Dr Haskins is a forensic                        the future.
neuropsychiatrist. She has expertise
working with hearing impaired persons.
For 16 years she worked at the
University of Virginia's Department of
Student Health, treating college aged

Itoro Ibia, M.D.
11701 Bowman Green Drive
Reston, VA 20190
Phone: 703-707-9777
Fax: 703-707-0690
Dr. Ibia is a Board Certified psychiatrist,
a former track and field athlete, and a
motivational speaker, who has an

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