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									                           Shed Alarm                       Andrew wise 10C2

A lot of people are loosing there jobs because new robots are taking over there jobs. So I want to keep my
things safe like my bikes and tools so no one steals them and re sell them at a car boot sale or online to make
money for there family.

If I do not get one of these then I am at risk of my shed getting broken into and my things getting taken and
getting sold, so I would have to spend a lot of money to get it all back again.
Sergeant Jane Phillips, from the Broadfield Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: "With the summer
approaching we expect more people to be using their sheds and garages, so this is a timely reminder to offer
some crime prevention advice to home owners.


To design a shed alarm that will;
     Help stop get my bikes getting stolen.
     Go off after a few seconds after the door or window opening.
     Sound an alarm if the alarm goes off so it will alarm other people there is something wrong in the
     Help stop get my bikes getting stolen.


          Output - reset
                 - sound
                 - volume
                 - range
                 - continuous

          Sensor – opening door

                 - Sensitivity

Budget- you need to think how much will other people spend on alarms and you need to get materials at a
descent price so it does not cost too much.

Location – where are you going to locate the alarm so you will need to know if it needs to be waterproof or not
also will the burglar see it and will he be able to break it.

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