Document Holder And Other Tools For An Uncluttered Workspace by kattiemilwood


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									                    Document Holder And Other Tools For An Uncluttered Workspace

Some people claim they thrive in organized chaos especially in an office setting, but numerous
scientific studies show that working in the midst of chaos limits people's abilities to concentrate
and affects the brain's ability to process information. Simple tools such as document holder can
greatly reduce clutter in your work environment. Aside from this, these tools also help increase
productivity and efficiency among employees.
Document holders are large clips that hold paper documents together in a neat bundle. There are
several variations of these holders that makes document display even more efficient. There are
magnetic document holders that you can stick up to metallic surfaces like a whiteboard, filing
cabinet, or even your fridge. It puts your documents at eye level so you can find what you need to
as quickly as possible. There are also holders that you can pin up to a cork board. All of these
make organizing paperwork easy and efficient.
Even with many offices working towards reducing the use of paper, completely removing paper
from the workplace is virtually impossible - at least for the time being. Important documents can
easily be misplaced if people are not careful with handling them. File holders can weigh down
pieces of paper and keep them together in order to avoid losing anything.
Choosing file holders can be very easy. It's important to figure out what kind of holder will fit
your work environment. You can be creative with your choice as well. For example, if you get a
magnetic document holder, you can put it up on a magnetic board and integrate that holder in the
design of the board. You can put up a list of orders in the board, draw graphs that change weekly
or monthly, and put up paperwork that people can flip through. It's easy to replace the document
display and you can put it up and take it down easily without muss and fuss.
You can also try using other organizing tools that will work the same way with non-electronic
documents. The great thing about these tools is that you can integrate vibrant colors into the work
environment. Get colorful document holders, paper boxes, document trays, and other tools to
spice up your workplace. Studies show that integrating color and excellent decorations in the
workplace encourages creativity, minimizes fatigue, and encourages people to collaborate. People
are visual by nature, which is why any tool that will help keep a workplace clean and pleasant to
look at will be very beneficiary to anybody using that space.

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