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									Alfresco Conference

10 October 2008

                  A leader in multimedia advertising
Alfresco Conference Review
• Alfresco Overview
• Alfresco 3.0 Features
• Long term and Medium roadmap
• Release Schedule
• Business Case Study Overview
• Technical Overview
• Impact on Yell Adworks Applications
Alfresco Overview
• Open Source alternative for content repository
    •   Millions of users

    •   Millions of Docs

    •   Tera bytes of data (Adobe uses for acrobat.com site)

    •   Clustered with High availability

    •   Built on open standards

• 1.4 million downloads
• 50,000 live sites, 74,000 community members
• Users range globally from Samsung, to Fedex, to NASA
Alfresco Roadmap Medium-Term

• Web studio (IDE for Surf framework) and WCM services
• Templates, themes and skins
• Alfresco explorer to Alfresco share
• More on CMIS
• System Administration
• Performance and Database size
• Media Wiki and Joomla Integration
• Social networks integration
Alfresco Roadmap Long-Term

• Flex based application components
• Commodity repository support
• AVM and ADM normalization
• Scaling to 1 billion objects
• Indexing and Persistence re-factor
• Distribution and Deployment
• Innovative services
Alfresco Release Schedules

• Oct 2008 – Enterprise 3.0 and Share
• Oct 2008 – Alfresco Labs 3C
    •   Web studio, Media wiki

• Dec 2008 – Alfresco Labs 3D – Intranet
    •   Easy editing, Social capabilities

• Feb 2009 – Enterprise 3.1
• Jul 2009 – Alfresco Labs 4.0
    •   Distributed, Scaled Repositories

• Sep 2009 – Enterprise 4.0
Business Seminar
Business Seminar - Case Studies

• Clinical Research Information Exchange (CRIX)
     •   Outcome: Was able to reduce overall IT costs associated with
         sharing of research information by having a single, centralized
         repository in Alfresco.

• Booz Allen Hamilton
     •   Outcome: Reduced development & maintenance costs
         significantly for customer by transitioning from a custom, cold-
         fusion based solution to Alfresco.

• Council of Chief State School Officers
     •   Outcome: Implemented Alfresco to collaboratively contribute
         to a transformational effort within the state school system.
Technical Seminar

• CMIS (Content Management Interoperable Standards) is a
 standard for Content Management systems (has been in
 development for approx 2 yrs)

• Spec developed by EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle/BEA, SAP,
 Open Text, Alfresco

• iECM is transferred to CMIS spec to standardize existing ECM

• SQL (Query language) for Content Management systems
• Basic operations through REST and SOAP services
• Simpler data model compared to JSR 170
Alfresco Surf
• Surf platform is a robust, enterprise-class web application and
 site assembly framework

• Contains a full site construction object model and toolkit for
 building class-leading web applications

• Very light weight framework
• Includes web script language and runtime
• Application developers can build components, pages, and
 templates using the rich scripting and FreeMarker template
 processing capabilities
 Alfresco Share
 (Sharepoint Alternative)
• Alfresco’s implementation of sharepoint protocol
    •   No need to install plug-in

    •   Version control

    •   MS Office thinks it’s sharepoint

• Performs better tested for 100 million docs and scalability
Alfresco Share Demo (Sharepoint protocol)
Alfresco Share
•   Provides simple web site paradigm for creating collaborative applications by
    aggregating surf components

•   Built on top of surf platform

•   Can create custom surf components

•   Includes document libraries, calendars, wikis, blogs, and discussions, tagging

•   Dynamic preview of the docs in Flash (automatic rendition of document in

•   RSS Feeds

•   Localization

•   Invite users from inside or outside organization to share, and collaborate

•   Web Studio IDE for developing surf applications (In future releases)
Alfresco Share Application Demo
Impact on Image Library
• Thumbnail generation service
• Out-of-Box Synchronization of various repositories (In future

    •   Federated/Distributed repositories

• Migration utility to migrate the content from Cumulus to
 Alfresco is feasible to develop (One of the Partners had already

• Various technologies available for UI (customize Out-of-the box
 “Share” application)
Impact on Re-engineer
• CMIS spec reference implementation like
    •   REST/SOAP services

    •   CMIS SQL language (similar to database SQL)

• Application can interact with various repositories (EMC,
 Alfresco, Microsoft, IBM etc) without any code changes

• Future Releases:   Federated repositories
Other Impacts…
• Information sharing between Adworks groups / entities
    •   E.g. Project Delivery could host a site in Alfresco to
        highlight current activities. SM, Spain Ops, etc. could do
        the same.

• Corporate-wide Document Repository accessible via Share
 and/or Sharepoint protocol

• Potential repository for SVB, Pagination, Proofing, etc.

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