Difficult Days, Difficult Decisions

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Difficult Days, Difficult Decisions
It is highly doubtful anyone would agree that Julian Assange has a single ounce of scruples, dignity or morals. He is disturbing, to
say the least. Even as WikiLeaks continues to slowly turn out its promised papers that address ‘’every major issue’’, there are two
simultaneous goings-on. First, the majority of the politicians agree on something.

This has to be a first. The second concurrent event is that the       The New York Times posted ‘’A Note to Readers – The
rest of the nation seems to be coming together, having found          Decision to Publish’’ on Sunday. In its piece, it confirmed it
a common denominator. Everyone wants Assange to report                had received around 250,000 cables with the only condition
front and center on American soil, and it doesn’t matter which        attached that there be no publication of the leaks before
state. Folks want him here and they want him here now. He             November 29, 2010. The editors at the newspaper said they
has a lot of explaining to do, which is exactly why it’s unlikely     pulled many of the cables for publication and then submitted
he’ll ever breathe American air.                                      what was left to the White House in an effort to ensure no
                                                                      one was compromised. Unfortunately, it’s just not that simple.
Many of the country’s leaders, including Senators Clair               That said, the Times has a point, at least to a small degree:
McCaskill (D-MO) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), are demanding
that the international ‘’shadow’’ (since he seems to be in            But the more important reason to publish these articles
hiding) be prosecuted. He has clearly compromised the nation,         is that the cables tell the unvarnished story of how the
every principle it was built on, and more importantly, he has         government makes its biggest decisions, the decisions that
compromised the safety of every member of our nation’s                cost the country most heavily in lives and money. They shed
military. This is unacceptable. Senator Graham said on                light on the motivations - and, in some cases, duplicity - of
Sunday, ‘’I don’t know what the cables may say, but we are at         allies on the receiving end of American courtship and foreign
war. The world is getting dangerous by the day. People who do         aid. They illuminate the diplomacy surrounding two current
this are low on the food chain as far as I’m concerned. If you        wars and several countries, like Pakistan and Yemen, where
can prosecute, let’s try’’. Senator Graham said on Fox News           American military involvement is growing. As daunting as it
early Sunday morning, ‘’Leaking the material is deplorable.           is to publish such material over official objections, it would
The people at WikiLeaks could have blood on their hands’’.            be presumptuous to conclude that Americans have no right to
Indeed they could. The way Assange got the information, what          know what is being done in their name.
he’s opted to do with it and the way he’s done it are illegal.
                                                                      Fair enough. Still, this does not lessen the severity of the
McCaskill suggested he ‘’do a gut check about patriotism’’.           problem. International laws apply and every effort should be
That’s part of the problem, Assange has no sense of                   made to find Julian Assange and prosecute him to the fullest
patriotism; he is not an American.                                    extent of the law. It’s the American way.


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Description: It is highly doubtful anyone would agree that Julian Assange has a single ounce of scruples, dignity or morals.
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