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Analysis of Influence of Internet Retail Service Quality (IRSQ) to Consumer Online Shopping Satisfaction at


									                                          (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                 Vol. 10, No. 12, 2012

       Analysis of Influence of Internet Retail Service Quality (IRSQ) to
       Consumer Online Shopping Satisfaction at

                                                  Imam Tahyudin
                                          Department of Information System
                                         STMIK AMIKOM PURWOKERTO
                                               Purwokerto, Indonesia

Abstract – The purpose of this research was to                dissatisfaction arise if the results do not meet
determine the influence of Internet Retail Service            expectations [15]. This suggests that to meet
Quality (IRSQ) (website performance, access,                  consumers' satisfaction are necessary to identify the
security, sensation, and information) to the                  consumers' expectations and then realize these
satisfaction online shoppers.               expectations, so that consumers feel satisfied.
The method of analysis used was path analysis.                        Among the companies are selling their
Based on the research results influence IRSQ                  products online. Higher internet penetration and the
variables (performance, access, sensation, and                growing retail business that markets products and
information security), performance variables (X1),            services by online demand the differences
access (X2) and sensation (X3) had no significant             measurement of service quality between electronic
effect on satisfaction (Y). It showsthat the online           retail services and the conventional services.
shopping website already                    Measuring the quality of services is intended to
apply standard terms online stores in general, such           satisfy the consumer.
as membership, has a return policy, a unique craft                    Quality of services centered on addressing
product offerings, the choice of language, the                the needs and wants of the consumer and delivery
choice of currency, the chatroom facility, the                accuracy to offset consumer expectations [14].
product ctalogue about images from different                  According to Janda, Trocchia, and Gwinner [16]
angles and so forth, so that consumers be sure to             conducted research on consumer perceptions of
purchase products through the online shopping                 Internet retail service quality and develop
website Security variable                  measurement scale that examined the quality of
(X4) and information (X5) has a significant effect            services from the perspective of the consumer.
on satisfaction (Y). This shows that security is              Measurement scale is organized into five main
applied and the importance of information for                 dimensions, namely: website performance, access,
consumers such as information availability, quality           security of online shopping, shopping sensation,
productsinformation, accurate product information             and information. The purpose of this research was
is essential so that consumers do not hesitate to             to determine the influence of internet retail service
deal transaction use online shopping website                  quality (performance website, access, security,                                            sensation, and information) to the consumer online
                                                              shopping satisfaction at
Keyword: Service Quality, Satisfaction, Online
Shop                                                                     II.   SERVICES QUALITY

             I.    INTRODUCTION                                         The concept of services quality proposed
                                                              by the Parasuraman et al. are relatively similar to
       There are some experts who defines                     the expectation paradigm which developed in the
consumer satisfaction, satisfaction is the level of           satisfaction research. In the research by
feelings after comparing the performance or results           Parasuraman et al measure consumer expectations
with the expectations [7]. According to Tse and               for service company, these is consumers trust and
Wilton, consumer satisfaction or dissatisfaction is           the perception of reality regarding services received
the consumer response to the evaluation of the                [14].
perceived discrepancy between prior expectations                        According Tjiptono stated that quality of
and actual performance of the product that is felt            services centered on addressing the needs and
after consumption [15]. Wilkie define it as an                wants of the consumer and delivery accuracy to
emotional response to the evaluation of the                   offset consumer expectations [14]. So there are two
experience of the product or service consumption              main factors that affect the quality of services,
[15]. Engel states that satisfaction is an evaluation         according to Parasuraman, namely expected service
after purchase as the chosen alternative at least             and perceived service. If the services received or
equal or exceed consumer expectations, while                  perceived as expected, the perceived service quality

                                                                                      ISSN 1947-5500
                                            (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                   Vol. 10, No. 12, 2012

and satisfactory [14]. If the services received                       Past experience includes the things they have
exceed consumer expectations, the quality of                          learned or known consumers from ever
service perceived as the ideal quality. Conversely,                   received in the past. This consumer
if the services received is lower than what is                        expectations evolve over time, as more and
expected, then the perceived poor quality of                          more consumers as well as information
services.                                                             received increasing numbers of consumer
          According to Zeithaml, consumer                             experience [14].
expectations for quality of a service is formed by:                       According Wyckof defined service quality
 a. Enduring Service Intensifiers                               is the level of excellence expected and control over
     This factor is a factor that is stable and                 the level of excellence to satisfy the consumer [13].
     encourage consumers to increase their                      In defining the quality of service, there are some
     sensitivity to services. This includes                     additional characteristics that should be considered.
     expectations caused by others and one's                    Garvin identified eight dimensions of quality, such
     personal philosophy towards services.                      as the performance characteristics of the operations
 b. Personel Needs                                              on core products, features or additional privileges,
     One feels the need for fundamental welfare is              compliance       with     specifications    durability,
     also very decisive expectations. These needs               serviceability, aesthetics and perception of quality
     include the physical, social and psychological.            [13]. However, most of the dimensions are more
 c. Transitory Service Intensifiers                             appropriately applied in manufacturing, therefore
     This factor is a temporary individual factors              modified into seven dimensions that can be applied
     that increase the sensitivity of consumers to              to service industries such as:
     the service, including:                                     a. Function, the primary performance of the
     1) An emergency situation when a                                 services required
            consumer really needs the services and               b. Characteristics or additional features, the
            wants the company can help.                               expected performance or complementary
     2) The consumer consumed the last service                        characteristics.
            can also be a reference to determine the             c. Conformance, a decision which is based on
            merits of subsequent services.                            the fulfillment of specified conditions.
 d. Perceived Service Alternatives                               d. Reliability, belief in services in relation to
     It is the consumer's perception of the level or                  time.
     degree of service other similar companies. If               e. Serviceability, the ability to make repairs if
     consumers have few alternatives, the hopes                       there is some mistake.
     for a service tends to be greater.                          f. Aesthetics, consumer experience associated
 e. Self Perceived Service Roles                                      with feelings and senses.
     This factor is the consumer's perception of the             g. Perception, reputation for quality.
     level or degree of involvement in influencing                      According to Janda, Trocchia, and Gwinner
     the services it receives.                                  conducting research on consumer perceptions of
 f. Situational Factors                                         Internet Retail Service Quality and develop
     This factor consists of all the possibilities that         measurement scale that examined the services
     could influence the performance of services                quality from the perspective of the consumer.
     which are beyond the control of the service                Measurement scale is organized into five main
     provider.                                                  dimensions: website performance, access, security
 g. Explicit Service Promises                                   of online shopping, shopping sensation, and
     This factor is the states of organization about            information [16].
     their services to consumer. This promise as
     advertisment, personal selling, comunications                  III.   CUNSOMER SATISFACTION
     with the employee.
 h. Implicit Service Promises                                             In the services marketing literature,
     Regarding the instructions relating to services            according to Bolton, Cronin and Taylor described
     that allow consumers about the service and                 consumer satisfaction as the decision on the basis
     how it should be provided.                                 of a specific service encounter [14]. This is
 i. Word of Mouth (rekomendasi/saran dari orang                 accordance with Oliver'S [14] looked at satisfaction
     lain)                                                      is an emotional reaction that affects attitude. From
     Is a statement made by someone other than                  this perspective, Cronin and Taylor said that
     the organization to consumers. Word of                     consumer satisfaction should confine the service
                                                                quality and trading decisions specific to long-term
     mouth is usually more readily accepted by the
                                                                attitudes. Consequently cumulative effect of service
     consumer, as are those that convey a credible
                                                                satisfaction needs to be directed at the evaluation of
     as experts, friends, family and mass media                 global service quality frequently [14]. Therefore,
     publications.                                              the researchers found that satisfaction was preceded
 j. Past Experience

                                                                                        ISSN 1947-5500
                                           (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                  Vol. 10, No. 12, 2012

by the quality of service [13]. Other researchers                    Includes speed, competence, comfort, easy to
found the service quality and consumer satisfaction                  repair as well as a satisfactory complaint
tested both a global perspective and the specific                    handling.
transaction [13]. According to Oliver and Goose                 g.   Aesthetics
satisfaction evaluation has been linked to the value                 Product appeal to the five senses
[14], according to Kasper repeat purchase as well               h.   Perceived quality
as consumer loyalty to the company [14]. Of                          That is the image and reputation of the
course, Fornell in his study of Swedish consumers,                   product and the company's responsibility to it.
which, although quality and consumer satisfaction
is important for all companies, so satisfaction is
                                                                          IV.   RESEARCH FINDINGS
more important than loyalty in the industry such as
banking,      insurance,     postal   orders,     and
transportation.                                                A.    Path Analysis
          Many experts who provide a definition of                         To determine the influence of Internet
consumer satisfaction. That consumer satisfaction              retail service quality (performance website, access,
or consumer dissatisfaction is the consumer                    security, sensation, and information) to the
response to the evaluation of discrepancy or                   consumer online shopping satisfaction at
disconfirmation perceived expectations previously     used path analysis. Having
(or other performance norms) and perceived actual              tested the validity and reliability of the data and
performance of the product after its use [17].                 then performed an ordinal transformation of data
          Consumer satisfaction is an after-purchase           into interval data by the method of succesive
evaluation alterantif selected where at least give the         interval (MSI). Once the data is converted into
result (outcome) equal or exceed consumer                      interval     data    and    then     do  the   path
expectations, while dissatisfaction arise if the               analysiscalculation. The results of path analysis
results do not meet consumer expectations or in                calculations can be seen in table 1.
other words, consumer satisfaction is the behavior
of one's feelings after comparing performance (or              Table1. The results of path analysis calculations
outcome) that he felt compared to his expectations
[17].                                                           No        Variable         Path       t-         t -table      Sig.
          Generally, cunsomer expectations are                                             coef.      count
estimates or beliefs about what cunsomers would                 1       Reality            0,138      1,615      1,9861        0,110
receive if bought or consuming a product (goods or                      Performance
services). While the perceived performance is the               2       Access reality     0,003   0,030         1, 9861       0,976
consumer's perception of what he received after                 3       Reality            -0,080 -0,989         1, 9861       0,325
consuming the products purchased [17].                                  sensation
          According to Janda, Trocchia, and                     4       Security reality   0,275   3,005         1, 9861       0,003
Gwinner conducting research on consumer                         5       Reality            0,529   5,927         1, 9861       0,000
perceptions of Internet Retail Service Quality and                      information
develop measurement scale that examined the                     Coefficient of determination = 0,564
quality of services from the perspective of the                 F Count = 23,757
consumer [16]. Measurement scale is organized                   F table = 2,3134
into five main dimensions: website performance,
access, security of online shopping, shopping                                  Total Influence of proportionally
sensation, and information.                                          coefficient of determination (R²) is 0.564, its
        According to Garvin in evaluating product,                   mean that 56.40 percent of change in
service consumers satisfaction generally use                         satisfaction can be explained by the variation
multiple factors or dimensions, include [17]:                        of the variable performance, access, sensation,
 a. Performance                                                      security and information services. Residual
      That is the principal operating characteristics                influence apart from the coefficient of
      of the core product being purchased.                           determination is 0.4360, meaning that 43.60
 b. Features or additional privileges                                percent is explained by other variables not
      That      secondary      or    complementary                   examined.
 c. Reliability                                                      1.    F Test
      That is unlikely to be damaged or fail to use
 d. Conformance to specifications                                                   To examine the path coefficients
      The extent to which the design and operating                         used F test to describes jointly influence
      characteristics meet predetermined standards.                        the performance variable (X1), access
 e. Durability                                                             (X2), sensation (X3), security (X4) and
      With regard to how long the product can                              information (X5) satisfaction (Y). From
      continue to be used.                                                 calculating F test obtained F count is
 f. Serviceability                                                         23.757. Using the 95% significance

                                                                                        ISSN 1947-5500
                                            (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                   Vol. 10, No. 12, 2012

         level(=0,05) and degrees of freedom DF1                        (-0.989 <-1.9861), its mean that the partial
         = (k-1) = 6-1 = 5, df2 = (n-k) = 98-6 = 92                      sensation variable (X3) had no significant
         obtained F table is 2.3134. So F count                          impact on consumer satisfaction (Y), so
         (23.757)> F table (2.3134) so Ho is                             that the third hypothesis is rejected. The
         rejected. Ho rejection means there is a                         absence of such influence because this
         significant influence of the variable                           online shopping website of used tires craft
         performance, access, sensation, security                        already apply standard provisions as a
         and information services to satisfaction.                       chatroom facility, product catalogue, so
         The     influence    showed      that  the                      that consumers be convinced to buy used
         servicesquality provided by the website                         tires craft. been in line with                                       tcount security variable (tYX4) is
         expectations and satisfy the consumer.                          3.005. So the t count is greater than the
                                                                         value of t table (3.005> 1.9861), its mean
The image of Ho rejection of F test can be seen in                       that the partial security variables (X4) has
Figure 1.                                                                a significant effect on cunsomer
                                                                         satisfaction (Y), so that the fourth
                                                                         hypothesis is accepted. The existence of
                                                                         thisinfuence suggests that security is
                                                                         applied in online shopping website does
                                                                         not make cunsomers hesitate to transact.
         Ho acceptance             H0 rejection                                    Value                      tcountof
             area                      area                              informationvariable (tYX5) is 5.927. So
    0                                     F                              the t count is greater than the value of t
 table=2,3134      F count 23,757
                Figure1. =Normal curveF test                             table (5.927> 1.9861), mean that the
                                                                         partial information variable (X5) has a
    2.   T test                                                          significant effect on consumer satisfaction
                   Using the 95% significance                            (Y), so that the fifth hypothesis is
         level( = 0,05) and degrees of freedom (n                       accepted. The existence of thisinfluence
         - k = 98-6 = 92) obtained t table is 1.9861,                    suggest that the information presented on
         while the result of the calculation result t                    the website is very important to convince
         count performance variable (tYX1) is                            the consumer to buy the craft used tires
         1.615. So the t count is less than t table                      product.
         (1.615 <1.9861), which means that the
         partial performance variable (X1) has no               V.    CONCLUSIONS AND SUGGESTIONS
         significant impact on satisfaction (Y), so
         the first hypothesis is rejected. The lack of          A.    Conclusions
         influence of performance on satisfaction                       Based on the research revealed that:
         showed that this online shopping website                    1. IRSQ variable (performance, access,
         of used tires craft already apply standard                     sensation, information and security)
         provisions, such as the provision of a                         jointly influentialto consumer online
         member willing to transact, have return                        shopping            satisfaction        at
         policies, so that the consumer has no doubt           Its obtained from
         to purchase through the online shopping                        the results of path analysis, F count
         webisiteat                                  (23.757) is greater than the F table
                   tcount access variable (tYX2) is                     (2.3134) so the hypothesis (H1) are
         0.03. So the t count is less than t table                      received.
         (0.003 <1.9861), which means that the                       2. Performance variables (X1) had no
         partial access variable (X2) has no                            significant influence on satisfaction (Y).
         significant     impact      on      consumer                   This indicates that the craft tires online
         satisfaction (Y), so that the second                           shopping website already used standard
         hypothesis is rejected. The absence of                         terms online shop in general, such as
         these influenceshowed to date this online                      membership and return policy.
         shopping website of used tires craft                        3. Access variable (X2) had no significant
         already apply standard provisions, such a                      effect on satisfaction (Y). The absence of
         unique craft product offerings, the choice                     this influence that the craft tires online
         of language, the choice of currency and so                     shopping website already used standard
         forth.                                                         terms online shop in general as a unique
                   tcount sensationvariable (tYX3)                      craft product offerings, the choice of
         is -0.989. So the t count is less than t table                 language and the choice of currency, so
                                                                        that cunsomers are no doubt to purchase

                                                                                        ISSN 1947-5500
                                              (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                     Vol. 10, No. 12, 2012

             through the online shopping website                          satisfaction.European Journal of Marketing
                                              Volume 36 Number 7/8 2002 pp. 811-828.
       4.    Sensation Variable (X3) had no significant            [4].   Cooper dan Emory, 1998.                  Business
             influence on satisfaction (Y). The absence                   Research Methods.            Erlangga Publisher
             of thisinfluence shows craft tires online                    Jakarta.
             shopping website are standard terms used              [5].   Hazlina Abdul Kadir, Nasim Rahmani and
             in general such as the online chatroom                       Reza Masinaei. 2011. Impacts of service
             facility, the product can diliat images from                 quality on consumer satisfaction: Study of
             different angles, so that consumers be sure                  Online banking and ATM services in
             to buy tires craft through the online                        Malaysia. International Journal of Trade,
             shopping website                          Economics and Finance, Vol.2, No.1.
       5.    Security variable (X4) has a significant              [6].   Jayaraman Munusamy, Shankar Chelliah
             influence on satisfaction (Y). This shows                    and Hor Wai Mun. 2010. Service Quality
             that the security applied to the website                     Delivery and Its Impact on Consumer
    very important so                          Satisfaction in the Banking Sector in
             that the consumers not hesitate to transact                  Malaysia.        International     Journal      of
             through the online shopping website.                         Innovation, Management and Technology,
       6.    Information variable (X5) has a significant                  Vol. 1, No. 4.
             influence on satisfaction (Y). The                    [7].   Kotler,      Philip.     2001.         Marketing
             existence of this influence showed that the                  Management (Book 2). Jakarta: Salemba
             importance of information for consumers                      Empat.
             such as information availability, quality             [8].   Mowen, J.C. 1995. Consumer Behavior. 4th
             product information, product information                     edition. Prentice Hall Inc New Jersey. Nha
             is accurate.                                                 Nguyen dan Gaston LeBlanc. 1998. The
                                                                          mediating role of corporate image on
B.      Suggestions                                                       consumers’         retention     decisions:    an
       1. Consumer satisfaction can be enhanced if                        investigation              in            financial
           the operator of the online shopping                            services.International Journal of Bank
           website further improve the services                           Marketing Volume 16 Number 2 1998 pp.
           incorporated in the variables performance,                     52-65
           access, sensation, security and information             [9].   Prasetyo Adi. 2008. Influence Analysis Of
           services. These variables should be                            Service Quality Customer Satisfaction
           increased simultaneously in order to                           Kaffah BMT Yogyakarta. STAIN Surakarta
           optimize consumer satisfaction.                                SEM Institute, Yogyakarta.
       2. To optimize the consumer satisfaction,                  [10].   Rambat Lupiyoadi. 2004.                Marketing
           operator of the online shopping website                        Management Services : Teory and
           (used tires craft) can better prioritize                       implementation. Jakarta: PT salemba Empat.
           attributes incorporated in the performance             [11].   ---------------------- dan A. Hamdani. 2006.
           variables and information. This is because                     Marketing Management Services. Jakarta:
           the attributes are incorporated in the                         Salemba Empat.
           variable most dominant influence than                  [12].   Sitepu, Nirwana SK. 1994. Path Analysis.
           other variables.                                               Program          PascaSarjana         Universitas
                                                                          Padjajaran Bandung.
                 ACKNOWLEDGMENT                                   [13].   Tjiptono, Fandy. 1998. Management
                                                                          Services. Andy Publisher Yogyakarta
The Authors would like to thank for the support                   [14].   -------------------. 2000. The principles of
and helpful comments of academicals member of                             Total Quality Service, First Printing, Second
STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto for this work.                                    Edition, Andi Publisher, Yogyakarta.
                                                                  [15].   -------------------, 2001. Marketing Strategy.
                                                                          Andi Publisher. Yogyakarta.
                      REFERENCES                                  [16].   -------------------, Chandra Yanto, Diana
                                                                          Anastasia. 2003. Marketing Scale. Andi
[1].        Al Rasyid, 1994. Sampling Techniques and                      Publisher. Yogyakarta.
            Preparation Scale. Program Pasca Sarjana              [17].   -------------------. 2007. Service Marketing.
            Universitas Padjajaran Bandung.                               Bayumedia Publishing, Malang.
[2].        Azwar, Saefudin. 2000. Test of Validity               [18].   Umar, Husein 2000.              Conduct Market
            and Reliability. Pustaka Pelajar Yogyakarta                   Research        and     Marketing.      Gramedia
[3].        Caruana, Albert.2002. The effects of service                  Publisher, Pustaka Utama Jakarta.
            quality and the mediating role of consumer

                                                                                           ISSN 1947-5500
                                         (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                Vol. 10, No. 12, 2012

             AUTHORS PROFILE

             Imam Tahyudin was born in
             Indramayu, West Java, Indonesia, on
             July 12, 1983. He Received B.Sc.
             degree from Faculty of Science and
             Technology, Universitas Jenderal
             Soedirman Purwokerto, Indonesia in
2006 and M.M. degree from faculty of Economic
Universitas Jenderal Soedirman Purwokerto,
Indonesia in 2010. He is currently pursuing the
M.Eng. degree in the department of Information
Engineering, STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta,
Indonesia, in the field of information system. He is
lecturer in the department of information system
STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto, Indonesia. His
research interests are in information system
management and data mining.

                                                                                     ISSN 1947-5500

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