Vietnam visa on arrival for children

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Vietnam Visa For Children

Many travelers believe that children will not be required any visa so they just apply for
their own visas without asking any travel agent in advance whether their little children
need visa or not. As a result, some unexpected cases happened when some families
had to cancel their trip and return home because their children were not given
permission to enter Vietnam. Some are luckier when they have enough time to apply
for a rush visa and get on their flight on time. However, having everything well prepared
is always the best option for you before starting a trip.

We would like to let you know that children are also required to obtain the approval
letter to get Vietnam visa on arrival as adults. When you apply for your visa, please
don't forget to fill in the application form for your children.

If your children have their own passport, they are surely required to pay stamping fee to
get their Vietnam visa. However, if they are on the same passport with their parents,
they don't have to pay for this kind of fee.

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