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									5 Features Making Great Ocean Road Day Tour A Great Way Of Vacationing

Tour to Great Ocean Road is not a journey on any simple road laid down to travel. It is in
itself a mesmerising experience through the beauties of one of Australia’s most scenic
surroundings. Located in the coastal South West Victoria in Australia, the Great ocean
road is a stretch of road from Bellarine Peninsula to Portland in South Australia. If
tourists take up the Great Ocean Road tours Australia, then they will be travelling
through Port Campbell to Peterborough, which is the most scenic stretch of this 243
kilometres long road.

To enjoy the bounties of nature along this road, the Great Ocean Road bus tour is the
most appropriate sojourn. Buses are possible to be booked in the city of Melbourne or
nearby travel agents, as most of the buses start from this area. Then, from the location
of Torquay, buses will carry the visitors on the Great Ocean Road day tour, which means
that people will start early in the day and possible return before nightfall. Throughout
this road, there are picturesque beaches, villages, dense forests, rock formations and
plenty of other sceneries.

During vacations to Australia, especially to the region of Melbourne, it is a trend to
undertake the Great Ocean Road tours for the visitors. Such a trend is being increasingly
seen among the visitors, since the Great Ocean Road day tour is bound to scintillate
the tourists with 5 important features.

      The starting point of the Great Ocean Road day trips is Torquay, which is about
       22 kms from Geelong. This is the place which is considered to be the surfing
       centre in the entire region, completely filled up with surfers, manoeuvring the
       high surfs in all kinds of washboards. Interested tourists can either go for simply
       viewing the adrenaline filled surfers or try their hand at balancing the
       washboards. Nearby is the Bells Beach, where the longest running surfing
       competition is held such as Rip Curl Pro Surf.

      Aireys inlet is about 28 kms into the Road, during the course of the Great Ocean
       Road tours, which even though is a small town, but is filled up with beaches
       where the tourists can have a great time picnicking in the sand and go for

      Guests can also visit the town of Lorne, about 47 kms deep into the Road, which
       is a beach town with world class resorts and fantastic accommodations. Most of
       the buses, going on Great Ocean Road bus tour, usually stop at the Lorne town,
       simply to gaze at the best sceneries in the region.

      Along the way, there are plenty of national parks such as Angahook-Lorne
       national park, Otway National Park, Melba gully State park, etc. These parks are
       filled up with walking trails, beautiful waterfalls, picnic spots, and various other
       facilities for the tourists. Great Ocean Road day trips are inclusive of these stops
       in the way, so that tourists can check out the facilities and enjoy the nature in the
      During the journey of Great Ocean Road tours Australia, plenty of locations are
       there, which are suitable for walks and for viewing the scenic points from the

Sojourn of the tour to Great Ocean Road is filled with beautiful places, which not only
reveals the Australian out-backs, but allows the travellers to revel in the beauties
presented to the visitors. It is simply a beautiful journey that tourists can enjoy in their
vacations, making the Great Ocean Road tour the best part of the vacation in Australia.

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