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                                                                  DECEMBER 2002 • TEVET 5763

                             THE JOURNAL   OF   J E W I S H F E D E R AT I O N   OF   G R E AT E R V A N C O U V E R

                                    CA                     j
                                                         A special thank you
                                                                                 COMBINED JEWISH APPEAL

                                                   to our community for its support
                                                     in making our CJA campaign
 IN THIS ISSUE                                              a great success!
Celebrating CJA 2002
Kehila Means Community
Success is a Family Affair

CA    j            Many needs.
                   One way to give.

                    COMBINED JEWISH APPEAL
                                                  Thanks everyone
                                                  You made a difference
                                                  A sincere thank you to the many donors, canvassers
                                                  and volunteers who contributed to this year’s
                                                  Combined Jewish Appeal Campaign.

On our way to
                                                  2002 GENERAL CAMPAIGN CABINET
                                                  CO-CHAIRS                       Carol Oreck

$ 4 . 5 million*
                                                  Mitchell Gropper &              Lola Pawer
                                                  Bette-Jane Israels              Bev Philipp
                                                  VICE-CHAIRS                     Joan Pinkus
                                                  Jeffrey Goldberg & Mark James   Allan Posthuma
                                                  WOMEN’S DIVISION CHAIR          Naomi Pulvers
                                                  Esther Mogyoros                 Hindy Ratner
                                                  WOMEN’S DIVISION VICE-CHAIR     Mark Rosengarten
                                                  Shelley Ail                     Yael Rubanenko-Horwitz
                                                  MAJOR GIFTS CHAIR               Stephen Schacter
                                                  Gary Averbach                   Marcy Schwartzman
                                                                                  Dina Schweber
                                                  Andrew Abramowich               Diane Switzer
                                                  Carole Abramson                 Ronnie Tessler
                                                  Harris Abro                     Alvin Wasserman
                                                  Patti Aknin                     Dan Waterman
                                                  Gary Averbach                   Jill Weinstein
                                                  Ellen Bick                      Garry Zlotnik
                                                  Annica Carlsson-Hyman           Mark Zlotnik
                                                  Gary Cohen
                                                  Sally Coleman
                                                  Martin Donner                   CJA ACKNOWLEDGES WITH
                                                  Louis Eisman                    THANKS OUR
                                                  Joanne Emerman                  CORPORATE/EVENT SPONSORS
                                                  Alfonso Ergas
                                                  Daniel Fedder                   Shelley Ail
                                                  Lauri Gasoi                     Lorne & Sylvia Cristall
                                                  Corinne Gelfer                  Custom Air Conditioning Ltd.
                                                  David Goldman                   Farris,Vaughan,Wills & Murphy
                                                  Marla Groberman                 Four Seasons Hotel
                                                  Naomi Gropper                   HSBC Bank Canada
                                                  Rachel Hirsch                   Jewish Community Centre
                                                  Jack Huberman                   Susan Kassen
                                                  Mark James                      Kornfeld Mackoff Silber
                                                  Bill Kaplan                     Parson Brown & Co. Ltd.
                                                  Brenda Karp                     Lola Pawer
                                                  Rowena Kleinman                 Scotiabank
                                                  Keren Kluk                      Schiller Coutts Weiler & Gibson
                                                  Bill Lachman                    Smythe Ratcliffe Chartered
                                                  Gisi Levitt                       Accountants
                                                  Bev Libin                       Ron & Janet Stern
                                                  Gerri London                    The Keg Restaurants
                                                  Arturo Manes                    The Lazy Gourmet
                                                  Marian Margolis-Berz            Zlotnik Lamb & Company
                                                  Myra Michaelson
                                                  Leslie Mickelson
*As of press time, we have raised $4.1 million.   Sherri Morris
  EDMBIT D                                                                                         YACHAD         DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763                       3

        Yachad                                 CONTENTS

     Volume 6 • Number 2                                    FEDERATION
  December 2002 • Tevet 5763
                                                            Message from President & Executive Director
The next issue of Yachad will be pub-
lished in March 2003. All articles, copy
or announcements must be submitted
to the Federation office by February 14,
2003. Contributions of articles or letters
                                                5           COMMUNITY PLANNING
                                                            Allocating our Community’s Resources
                                                            Fighting Poverty
to the editor are welcome. It is the sole                                                                                                    Caricaturist added to

right of the editors to select, edit, revise                LEADERSHIP                                                                          the success of the
or reject any material submitted for                                                                                                          Family Affair event.
                                                            An Evening with Leonard Asper & Cocktails with David Frum
                                                            Greater Vancouver Catalogue of Jewish Learning
      JFGV Mission Statement
Federation is committed to building a
strong, vibrant, and enduring Jewish
community in the Lower Mainland, in
                                                9           ISRAEL
                                                            Vancouver says l’hitraot to Batik Haimovitch
                                                            Expanding Our Family Connections
Israel, and throughout the world by nur-

turing those values, practices and tradi-
tions which sustain and enrich Judaism
                                                            COMBINED JEWISH APPEAL
and the Jewish people.
                                                            Making a Difference
     Yachad is published by the
                                                            Many Events. One Great Campaign.
Jewish Federation of Greater
Vancouver, #200–950 West 41st
Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2N7 Tel:
604.257.5100 Fax: 604.257.5110 Email:
                                               14           JEWISH COMMUNITY FOUNDATION
                                                            Vancouver Donors Join UJC Endowment Honour Society
                                                            Unique Philanthropic Opportunities Website:

                        Sondra Green
                        Mark Gurvis
                                                    Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver Annual General Meeting

                                                             Thursday, February 20, 2003 7:30 pm
        CO-CHAIRS:      Arny Abramson
                        & Shelley Ail
         DIRECTOR:      Cory Bretz
   MANAGING EDITOR:     Jennie Virtue
       ART DIRECTOR:    Louise Carroll         F R O M     T H E     E D I T O R                             Jewish as, well, guilt! Our tradition, prayers, teachings
                                                                                                             stress the importance of this mitzvah. Can this really be
  Canadian Publication Agreement
        Number 40069288                        Like many others, I am hooked on a television program         summed up in tag line? The issues facing our community
                                               called The West Wing. For those not familiar with it, the     today are complex and we try to address them with our
                                               show is set in the White House and deals with daily chal-     limited resources and a tiny advertising budget.
                                               lenges facing the president and his staff.                        And, just as we are complex individuals, so are our
                                                   A recent episode revolved around a pre-election           reasons for giving. Perhaps our tag line, “Many Needs.
 This is Federation . . .                      debate between the incumbent president and the rival          One Way to Give.”, caught your attention. Perhaps giv-
                                               candidate. The storyline focused on providing a ten word      ing to the campaign is as automatic as eating chicken on
 . . . your partner in                         answer to complex problems facing most Western gov-           a Friday night. Perhaps it was the words of your canvass-
                                               ernments – education, taxes, the role of families, etc. The   er. Whatever the reason, you heard our message and
 building a stronger,                          reason for a ten word answer? Because in these fast-          acted Jewishly to feed the hungry, help the needy and
 more vibrant Jewish                           paced days of slick advertising and 30-second sound           educate the next generation right here at home, in Israel
                                               bites, that’s how much time you have to capture the           and anywhere there are Jews in need. Todah rabah.
 community.                                    viewer’s attention and get your message across.                   This year’s CJA campaign has been an outstanding
                                                   At Federation, we face a similar problem. How do we       success and our sincere thanks go to you, its supporters
                                               get the message across that our Combined Jewish Appeal        and volunteers. When our canvassers called, you listened
                                               feeds the poor, educates our children and provides coun-      and responded. Just as fictional US president Jeb Bartlet
 F E D E R AT I O N –                          selling for needy families? How can we convey all that        found his ten word answer, so did we. “Federation says
 another word for community.                   information?                                                  thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”
                                                   How do we explain more than three thousand years
                                               of Klal Israel? Giving tzedakah is as much a part of being                                            – Jennie Virtue
4    FEDERATION                                                                            YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763

                                                                                                          BY SONDI GREEN & MARK GURVIS

Message from President
& Executive Director

      halom! We hope that you have enjoyed the recent celebration of
      Hanukkah. Among the key messages the holiday brings to our atten-
      tion are:

• the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem as a metaphor for a renew-
al of our commitment to Jewish values, ideals, traditions and practices;

• the power that light can shed at the darkest time of year.

    These have been dark times for our Jewish world, and especially for our
people in Israel. The Israelis remain without a serious partner with whom
to pursue peace, and continue to be subjected to horrendous attacks of
terror that undermine the very fabric of their society. The focus of the
American government on addressing Iraq’s role in world terrorism may
add further layers of pressure and difficulty to Israel. Our own Canadian
government seems incapable of distinguishing between the forces of
democracy and the forces of terror and despotism as it pursues its own
diplomatic efforts in the region. Within our own province, these global
considerations seem less pressing to those personally affected by econom-
ic difficulties and continued government cutbacks in employment, servic-
es and social supports.
    In the context of all this, it is easy to lose hope. The Hanukkah festival   Mark Gurvis, Federation Executive Director, & Sondi Green,
is a welcome and timely reminder that hope is warranted. Against extraor-
dinary odds a small band of heroes overcame a far superior military force        cess will help us get a jump start on this as significant new funds were
and rededicated the Temple in Jerusalem. While we in Vancouver don’t             included in the allocations process for Hillel to expand services and pro-
have quite that result, we have made significant progress on a number of         grams for students at Simon Fraser University.
important fronts in our community:                                               • Even as we implement important elements of the Poverty Coalition
• Our recent, successful CJA campaign (see results on the inside front           agenda, our Planning Council and department are engaged in discussions
cover) will bring us to a new peak achievement even on the heels of the          with various local partners to focus on how we shape our planning agenda
Israel Now Emergency campaign. Between the two campaigns we will                 in order to deal with a wider range of community needs and priorities.
have raised more than $6.7 mil-                                                                                             • Two hundred and fifty volun-
lion this year – an extraordinary                                                                                           teers have just come together to
achievement that represents a
56% increase over our previous
                                            We must find ways to draw together                                              make it possible for thousands
                                                                                                                            of people from throughout the
best result.
• The success of the 2002 cam-
                                         and to work collaboratively for the good                                           Lower Mainland to “Shop Israel
                                                                                                                            in Vancouver.” By doing so we
paign is translating immediately          of the whole community and people of                                              brought light into the dark eco-
into increased funding for local                                                                                            nomic reality that many Israeli
and overseas beneficiaries. In             Israel. When we do, we can have a                                                businesses have faced as a result
particular, we are able to provide                                                                                          of the more than two-year reign
over $100,000 in new funding                        powerful impact!                                                        of terror Israel has endured.
and programs in response to Yad                                                                                                 What we learn from our
B’Yad: the Coalition on Poverty,                                                                                            community’s recent steps for-
which put an ambitious agenda in front of the community to combat the            ward as noted above, and indeed what we learn from the example of the
impact of poverty on our own community members.                                  Maccabees, is that Jewish unity is an incredibly important force in Jewish
• Working in partnership with Hillel, the Israel Action Committee and            life. We may not all agree with one another, or daven in the same minyan,
United Israel Appeal Federations Canada (UIAFC), we are moving for-              or hold the same political beliefs. But we must find ways to draw together
ward with a comprehensive plan to strengthen the resources Hillel has to         and to work collaboratively for the good of the whole community and peo-
reach out to Jewish students on Lower Mainland campuses to respond to            ple of Israel. When we do, we can have a powerful impact!
the increasingly difficult environment they face. The CJA campaign suc-
 COMMUNITY PLANNING                                                                    YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763                                5

                                                                                                      BY DAVID BERSON

Allocating Our Community’s
Resources – there’s good news                                                                                   DAVID BERSON
                                                                                                         DIRECTOR, COMMUNITY

T        he good news is that we will be able to
         fund 10 new programs to the tune of
         $121,000. The bad news is that unless our
campaign continues to grow, many important pro-
                                                      • Pre-school scholarship program
                                                        at Beth Tikvah
                                                      • Special Needs Program at JFSA
                                                      • Community Kitchen program at JFSA
                                                                                                      cycle. These allocations are planned on the basis
                                                                                                      of a conservative estimate of what the upcoming
                                                                                                      two years of campaign will raise. This year we have
                                                                                                      managed to fund a greater number of new pro-
grams will flounder without the necessary funds.      • Adult Discussion Group at the                 grams than in the past.
    Working on the basis of the Planning Council’s      Peretz Centre                                     Constituent agencies, comprising of about 20
annual report and recommendations from Yad            • Youth Group at the Peretz Centre              community agencies and organizations working to
b’Yad: the Coalition on Poverty, new allocations      • The Bagel Club at the JCCGV                   improve the social and cultural fabric of our com-
will be given to the following programs:              • Program subsidies at the Jewish               munity, submit funding requests to the APC for
                                                        Community Centre of Greater                   review. The eleven-member committee studies
• Community Program for Youth                           Vancouver                                     the applications and ranks them in order of impor-
(a collaboration between the JCCGV, Burquest Jewish                                                   tance relative to our community’s needs in the fol-
Community Association, North Shore Jewish Community      The main task of the Allocations Planning    lowing areas: formal Jewish education, social serv-
Centre/Har El and the Kehila Society of Richmond).    Committee (APC) is to make recommendations      ices, arts and culture, community building, and
• Shalom BC Volunteer Centre                          to the Federation Board of Directors on where   youth.
• The Kehila Society of Richmond                      CJA funds should be allocated over a two-year

Pathways to Affordable Housing
Non-Profit Housing Society releases its latest report

A          t any given time, more than 60 individuals
           in our community are at risk of homeless-
           ness because of spiraling rental costs. They
need affordable housing.
    The current housing crisis in the Lower Mainland
and its impact on the Jewish community is the sub-
ject of a report written for the NPHS by Leslie Stern,
one of our community’s foremost experts on afford-
able housing and a member of Federation’s Non-
Profit Housing Society.
    In Pathways to Affordable Housing, Stern out-
lines options for addressing the current situation
based on feedback from participants in focus groups
with both consumers and developers within our
community. This initiative has led NPHS to take a
more proactive role in seeking out opportunities for
the Jewish community to create concrete options for
affordable housing.
To learn more about NPHS, contact David Berson            The Non-Profit Housing Society Task Force plans strategy with Jim O’Dea, Terra
at                                       Housing Consultants for potential affordable housing projects in the Jewish community.
                                                          L-R Gabe Bandel, Jerry Kushner, Zmirah Rosenthal, Jim O’Dea, and Rozanne Kipnes.

 Download a copy of Leslie Stern’s report at • Join the discussion on FedWeb:
 “Do you think it is our community’s responsibility to make housing affordable?”
6    COMMUNITY PLANNING                                                                 YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763

                                                                                                       BY S H A N I E L E V I N & DAV I D B E R S O N

Fighting Poverty
An update on Yad b’Yad Initiatives

       ince Poverty Forum Two – What Next? was held in June 2002, Yad
       b’Yad has been focusing on information gathered from the two
       forums and our experience of the last two years.
   During the summer, a joint committee of professionals and volunteer
leadership worked on written terms of reference for Yad b’Yad. After two
years of working in a loosely defined coalition many felt that it was impor-
tant to establish some clear guidelines for its governance. Federation was
able to hire a part-time coordinator with funding from the Jewish
Community Foundation and the Diamond Family Foundation.
   We were also fortunate to receive grants from two family foundations
which will allow us to pursue a short term “Mapping and Mobilization”
project. This follows an outreach pilot conducted over the summer by a
student intern. “Mapping and Mobilization” will interview members of the
Jewish community living on limited incomes and develop a profile of the
most important issues. Under its new chair, Tammy McLaughlin, the
Coalition’s Information and Research Working Group will continue to play       Lanie Levine (L), Chair of Yad b’Yad – Coalition on Poverty has
                                                                               been a driving force for several years, helping our community to
a key role in steering this project.
                                                                               mobilize against poverty. Working together with JFSA’s Melissa
   The Health and Well Being/Food and Nutrition group serves as a steer-       Tapper (R), Community Kitchen Coordinator, the two get ready
ing committee for the highly successful Community Kitchens project coor-                    10
                                                                               to welcome 1 participants at the Poverty Forum Two.
dinated through JFSA. At Hanukkah, we held an event at Burquest’s
Sha’arei Mizrah Synagogue.                                                     counselling staff, Charlotte Katzen and Ron Goodine, are planning a net-
   The Employment Working Group, guided by the JFSA’s vocational               working fair for employers and job seekers.
                                                                                   Yad b’Yad’s new coordinator, Laraine Kaplan, will be working with the
                                                                               Coalition’s partner organizations to communicate with community mem-
                                                                               bers living on limited incomes about community services as well as com-

                                                                               municating the needs of the poor to the Jewish community at large.
                                                                               If you are interested in more information or in becoming a Yad b’Yad
                                                                               volunteer please call David Berson or Laraine Kaplan at 604-257-5100
                                                                               or check out our web site at and follow the links to Yad

 Belonging: It really is
 easier than you think!
M           any gifted members of our community live with special
            needs and cope with the daily challenges of belonging.
            Often our community doesn’t know how to include these
 people in their activities, events and services. Helping our communi-
 ty to be more inclusive and accessible to people with special needs
 is the mandate of Federation’s Advocates for People with Special
 Needs committee. APSN recognizes that it is as much a challenge
 for individuals to fit into the Jewish community’s lifestyle as it is for
 the community to make a genuine effort to make people feel wel-

 If you’d like to get involved with this important committee                   Showing the true power of community involvement, Shane
 that meets on the third Monday of every month, please call                    Goldstein (L) and Rita Dilek (R) (pictured with her seeing-eye
 Federation at 604-257-5100.                                                   dog, Duchess) have made major contributions to Yad b’ Yad –
                                                                               The Coalition on Poverty and APSN respectively.
LEADERSHIP                                                                            YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763                      7

Young Leadership in Action
Ben-Gurion Society hosts two exciting events

An Evening with
 Leonard Asper
    The Ben-Gurion Society recently held an exciting event
for 40 of its members at the home of Irwin and Emily
    Guest speaker Leonard Asper, president and Chief
Executive Officer of CanWest Global Communications,
gave an in-depth perspective of media bias and stressed the
importance of being aware and alert in order to fight back
against antisemitism and anti-Israel reporting.
    He shared with the group some behind-the-scenes stories
and told the group that currently “we are at war, even if it is
not a physical war and as such we must be loud and clear in
our advocacy for Israel - Israel and Israelis need strong and     L-R: Jeffrey Blicker, Lana Marks Pulver & Leonard Asper.
vibrant Jewish communities in the Diaspora. We have no
existence without the State of Israel.”
    Dr. Jeffrey Blicker and Stephen Gaerber, Co-chairs of the
Ben-Gurion Society welcomed the group and thanked Mr.
Asper for his time and leadership.

Cocktails with
 David Frum
    As a part of the CJA Campaign kick-off evening on
September 10th, 40 members of the Ben-Gurion Society
held a cocktail reception in Schara Tzedeck’s Wosk                Participants at the Leonard Asper event.
Auditorium with David Frum.
    Frum reminisced about his family’s history and how they
came to Canada, and addressed the issues of why communi-
ty is important to him and why what we do is so important.
    Stephen Gaerber, co-chair of the BGS Society, welcomed
everyone to the evening and gave a brief report on what was
planned for BGS members for the fall.
    Mitchell Gropper, this year’s CJA Co-Chair, thanked the
members for their support and contributions, and encour-
aged everyone to “bring at least one friend with you” to the
    Dr. Jeffrey Blicker, co-chair of the BGS Society, thanked
everyone for coming and encouraged people to get involved
with the BGS Society.
                                                                  L-R: Mitchell Gropper, Bette-Jane Israels, Art Hister, David Frum, Esther
The Ben-Gurion Society is open to Jews under 45 years who         Mogyoros, Stephen Gaerber, Dr. Jeffrey Blicker & Karen Levitt attend the
donate a minimum of $1000 to the CJA campaign. For                Ben-Gurion Society cocktail party prior to the CJA 2002 kick-off at Schara
more information, please call Federation at 604-257-5100.         Tzedeck.
8    LEADERSHIP                                                                           YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763

                                                                                                          BY SHELLEY KARREL

Greater Vancouver
Catalogue of Jewish Learning

   t was an idea whose time had come – compiling          was “I had no idea that here is so much hap-
   a catalogue of Jewish adult education programs         pening in our community.” From start to fin-
   in our community. So last spring, Federation           ish, this was a great project and one we hope
brought together a group of interested adult educa-       will continue for many years.
tors to explore creating a community education                Special thanks to our sponsors: Jewish
catalogue of classes and activities available in the      Community Foundation, Yosef Wosk, Jewish
Lower Mainland.                                           Federation of Greater Vancouver, Jewish
    It quickly became apparent that this was a great      Community Centre of Greater Vancouver,
idea! Gaynor Levin, program director at                   Jewish Family Service Agency, Community
Congregation Beth Israel and Shelley Karrel,              Kollel, Lubavitch BC, Congregations Schara
Federation’s Director of Leadership Development           Tzedeck, Har El, Beth Israel and Beth
took the project under their wings.                       Hamidrash, Temple Sholom, Canadian
    With funding from the Jewish Community                Friends of Hebrew University (Vancouver
Foundation and many partner organizations, and            Chapter), Canadian Jewish Congress,
with in-kind graphic design from the JCCGV, the           (Pacific Region).
pieces fell into place.                                   To obtain a copy of the catalogue, please
    In a mere six weeks, what began as an idea            call Federation at 604-257-5100.
became the Greater Vancouver Catalogue of Jewish
Learning. And the community response has been
terrific! People were delighted to have all this infor-   Our sincere apologies to Temple Sholom whose information was inadvertently omitted
mation in one place. One often heard comment              from the catalogue. (See below.)

Addendum to Greater Vancouver Catalogue of Jewish Learning
    ADULT EDUCATION PROGRAMS AT TEMPLE                                            Temple Sholom Youth Lounge
    SHOLOM                                                                        Sunday mornings beginning January 12, 2003, 10-11:30 am
    7190 Oak St., Vancouver, BC 604-266-7190                                      Free
                                                                                  TORAH AND TEXT STUDY
                                                                                  Torah Study
    Prayer Book Hebrew Made Easy                                                  Gershon Growe
    Sarah Richman                                                                 Participate in a lively discussion of the weekly Torah portion
    Learn the basic vocabulary of prayer and simple Hebrew grammar.               preceding Shabbat morning services.
    Participants must be able to read Hebrew at a basic level.                    Contact: Anne Andrew
    Contact: Anne Andrew                                                          First and third Shabbat mornings of each month. 8-10 am
    Temple Sholom Youth Lounge                                                    Free
    Sunday mornings beginning Sept 22nd, 10-11 am
    $50 for text book purchase                                                    Downtown Talmud Study
                                                                                  Rabbi Philip Bregman
    Crash Course in Hebrew Reading                                                Participate in a guided text study during your lunch break.
    Sarah Richman                                                                 Contact: Shelley Jaffe
    Learn to read Hebrew in eight weeks using the Read Hebrew                     Location: PriceWaterhouseCoopers,
    Canada text and materials.                                                    17th Floor, 601 West Hastings Street, Vancouver
    Sponsor: National Jewish Outreach Program                                     Fourth Tuesday of every month, 12 noon
    Contact: Anne Andrew                                                          Free
ISRAEL                                                                                     YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763                                   9

                                                                                                           BY JENNIE VIRTUE

Shalom, hamoodah!
Vancouver says l’hitraot to Batik Haimovitch

U          sually, in the Israel section of Yachad, we share stories of com-
           munity members’ trips to Israel and how their stays have affect-
           ed them. This time, the tables are turned. For the last three and
a half years, Haifa native and sabra, Batik Haimovitch has been living and
working in Vancouver as the community Shlicha (emissary).
    Her first impression of the city was its picture postcard scenery.
Although she had traveled outside Israel before for work and pleasure,
this was her first experience living abroad. “It’s been an amazing three and
a half years, sometimes challenging, sometimes wonderful. So much has
happened, it’s hard to pick out the highlights.” she says. “I’ve really appre-
ciated the opportunity to work in a different culture and experience a
young community like Vancouver.”
    Batik, a bright, vivacious young woman, is proud of the community
events she’s been involved with such as this year’s highly successful Shop
in Israel Fair or working with the Vancouver Jewish Film Festival. But per-
haps her greatest enjoyment came from working with young people.
“During my first year here, lots of kids went on programs to Israel and the
Birthright Israel program was launched. It’s been difficult to watch the
numbers trickle down to just a handful, but I understand why parents are
afraid to send their kids to Israel right now.”
    In September, Vancouver Talmud Torah High School hosted 20 high
school students from Har Vagai in the upper Galilee. For Batik, “it was an
amazing experience to see the bond develop between the Canadian and
Israeli students. The Canadians were almost overwhelmed with anticipa-
tion about meeting the Israelis and voiced concerns about how they
would all get along. At the end of the ten days, you couldn’t differentiate
between the two! They were one family. To me, this underscored how
important it is to create opportunities for Jews in the Diaspora and Israel
to get to know each other on a personal basis, not just through the media
or from history books.”                                                           ❝ I’ve really felt the strong connection that the
    Being so far away from home during the crisis in Israel has made the                  Vancouver community has to Israel.
                                                                                        Even if people didn’t agree with the Israeli
                                                                                         government, they still supported Israel. ❜❜

                                                                                 past two years especially difficult for Batik, but our community’s outpour-
                                                                                 ing of support for Israel has given her strength. “I’ve really felt the strong
                                                                                 connection that the Vancouver community has to Israel. Even if people
                                                                                 didn’t agree with the Israeli government, they still supported Israel. Yom
                                                                                 Hazikaron affected me very strongly this year. It’s hard to communicate to
                                                                                 people who are not Israeli, or who don’t have family there, the depth of
                                                                                 emotion it brings. People in our community really felt that it was impor-
                                                                                 tant to commemorate the day – over 600 people attended the Yom
                                                                                 Hazikaron Memorial service at the JCC.”
                                                                                      While she’ll miss our “calm, beautiful, fun city, I won’t miss the awful
                                                                                 drivers!” she says, laughing.
                                                                                      Batik, with your generosity of spirit and warm smile you’ve brought a
 Batik worked closely with local organizations including the                     little bit of Israel to Vancouver. We’re going to miss you. Shalom,
 Jewish Western Bulletin’s co-owner, Kyle Berger.                                hamoodah!
10    ISRAEL                                                                              YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763

                                                                                                         BY JENNIE VIRTUE

Expanding our Family Connections
Vancouver Talmud Torah High School Hosts Teens from Har Vagai School in Northern Israel

           f all the wonderful things about being Jewish, Partnership 2000
                                                                                  Partnership 2000 continues
           makes my top ten list! This unique program has given our com-
           munity an opportunity to make a strong, enduring connection            building people-to-people
with people in the Galilee region of Israel.
                                                                                  bridges. Partnership 2000 is
   In September, this connection grew when a group of 20 teens from Har
Vagai High School in northern Israel spent 10 days in Vancouver with              a recipient of funding from
their peers at Talmud Torah.
                                                                                  the Combined Jewish
   At a farewell party for the Israeli kids, I had the pleasure of meeting
two young women, one Canadian, the other Israeli, who’ve been corre-              Appeal Campaign.
sponding by email since the pen pal exchange program began. What made
                                                                                                               open up and mingle, “There was no them
                                                                                                               and us; we were all happy to be together.”
                                                                                                               Both groups learned a lot about each
                                                                                                               another. “One of the programs given by
                                                                                                               the Israeli kids really showed me a differ-
                                                                                                               ent perspective on the Law of Return.”
                                                                                                               says Tamar.
                                                                                                                   The Vancouver students’ understand-
                                                                                                               ing of the current situation in Israel pleas-
                                                                                                               antly surprised Ina because she “expected
                                                                                                               them to be influenced by the reporting on
                                                                                                                   Eyal Daniel, Head of School at
                                                                                                               Vancouver Talmud Torah, feels that this
                                                                                                               connection between Jewish Canadian
                                                                                                               and Israeli teenagers “is crucial for both
                                                                                                               communities’ understanding and appreci-
                                                                                                               ation of the diversity of the Jewish youth
                                                                                                               and their different cultures and offers a
                                                                                                               unique opportunity for Jewish Canadian
                                                                                                               and Israeli students to have a direct, per-
                                                                                                               sonal and meaningful connection that
Vancouver Talmud Torah High School students eagerly anticipated the visit from their peers                   may continue beyond their high school
at Har Vagai.                                                                                                years.
                                                                                                                 “At the video conference we held in
their connection so unique was the fact that both were born in different    June, I was inspired when I saw students communicating in English and
countries from where they are growing up.                                   Hebrew, laughing, telling jokes and getting to know each other.” says
    Tamar Katz, a grade 11 student at Vancouver Talmud Torah, was born      Daniel.
in South Africa and emigrated to Vancouver with her family. Ina was born        Charon Schwartzman, one of the teachers who accompanied the kids
in the former Soviet Union and made aliyah with her family to Kibbutz       from Israel, says it’s hard to sum up just how important these exchanges
Manara, Israel.                                                             are. “Not only is the fun aspect important, but they can also share cultur-
    Although the teens have been chatting ‘electronically’, meeting face to al differences as they get to know one another. We must keep this con-
face gave them an opportunity to really get to know one another. Tamar      nection alive.”
was surprised at how secular some Israeli kids are; Ina learned that it’s       Both Tamar and Ina are excited about continuing their friendship in
harder to be Jewish in the Diaspora because “in Israel you don’t have to do person next April when the VTT high school students plan to visit Israel.
anything to be Jewish.”                                                         From Moscow to Johannesburg, from Vancouver to Kiryat Shmona,
    Both Tamar and Ina said that it didn’t take long for both groups to     Partnership 2000 keeps expanding our family connections.

  To d a h r a b a h t o a l l t h e f a m i l i e s w h o p r o v i d e d h o m e h o s p i t a l i t y d u r i n g t h i s v i s i t .
 COMBINED JEWISH APPEAL                                                                     YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763                                11

                                                                                                            BY JENNIE VIRTUE

Making a difference

             cannot believe that the purpose of life is simply to be ‘happy’. I think the
❝            purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be honourable, to be
             compassionate. It is, above all, to matter, to count, to stand for something,
             to have made a difference that we had lived at all.

     This quote by Leo Ralston fittingly describes
                                                          Last April, when Martin attended a commu-
Martin Donner, a soft-spoken, caring and              nity Rally for Israel, he heard about our upcom-
thoughtful man who believes in making a differ-       ing community Mission of Solidarity to Israel. He
ence.                                                 signed up almost immediately because he felt              Martin Donner
     Giving is a way of life for Martin who grew up   that “being part of a group would make a
in a warm, loving extended Jewish family. He          stronger statement than if I just went alone. It      paign profoundly helps others.”
and his two sisters, Joanne (Emerman) and             turned out to be one of the highlights of my life        As one of the co-chairs of the Lawyers’
Beverly (Rossoff), learned from their parents, Ed     and I came away from that week so immensely           Division this year with Jack Huberman and Bill
and Sylvia, how helping others can enrich your        proud of Israel.                                      Kaplan, Martin “finds it difficult to understand
life. Says Martin, “My family has always been             “There was a very different atmosphere in the     how so many in this land of comfort, education
involved with raising money for charity. I think      country from my first visit in 1968 when the coun-    and opportunity are reluctant to share.
it’s important to be generous, not only to chari-     try was still euphoric following the victory of the      “I feel that by giving to Federation, and other
table causes but also to family and friends. The      Six Day War. This time it was very difficult when     worthy causes, we honour our parents and their
more you give, the more you have.”                    Israelis came up to us and thanked us for coming;     generation who have given us so much, and we
     Family is very important to Martin. He is very   we’re the ones who should be thanking them. The       help build the foundation for our children and
proud of his three sons, Ed, Kevin and Blair, and     Israelis are in the trenches. Their children are      their children who will learn from our example
enjoys a close relationship with his sisters.         defending our Jewish homeland. It’s almost an         how to build a community and a world where
Through Joanne, a noted cancer researcher and         embarrassment that we’re doing so little.”            there is hope and opportunity for everyone.”
Beverly, a cancer survivor, Martin is very active         For many years, Martin volunteered for the           Martin, through your compassion for others
with the Canadian Cancer Society and the              Combined Jewish Appeal campaign. “I always            and your support of Israel you are setting an
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, as a mem-          took eight or nine cards and called. Canvassing       example not only for your own children, Ed,
ber of the Diamond Ball Advisory Council and          the cards was just part of my philosophy to help      Kevin and Blair, but also for your community by
supporter of the Nite of Hope.                        others but I didn’t really know what CJA was all      showing how one person can truly make a differ-
     Martin’s commitment to Israel is palpable.       about or the agencies they serviced,” he says.        ence. And we wish you mazel tov on your forth-
When the Intifada began in September 2000, he         “But that changed this year after my visit to         coming marriage to Sandy Bryon. May you go
felt despair as he watched events unfold and decid-   Israel. I was able to see for myself how our cam-     from strength to strength!
ed to take a stand by doing something tangible.
     He began to attend community events spon-
sored by the Israel Action Committee. One
Town Hall meeting had a tremendous impact on
him, he says. “One night, they aired a video
about the victims of the terrorist bombings
which showed the extensive nature of the
injuries – blindness, amputation, scarring – and
the catastrophic impact on these people and
their loved ones. When you hear the words, ‘five
dead, twenty-five injured’, it doesn’t begin to
describe the reality of the situation – the physi-
cal, emotional and financial impacts are huge.”
     When our community launched its emer-
gency ISRAELNOW campaign, Martin under-
took responsibility for chairing the Telethon
Committee. At each of their five telethons, his       During the June Solidarity Mission to Israel, Martin was proud to be a member of the
hardworking group of volunteers raised an aver-       group presenting a cheque for $2,150,000, raised through our ISRAELNOW Emergency
age of $8,000 per hour!                               Campaign, to Gad Ben Ari, Director General of Keren Hayesod.
12   COMBINED JEWISH APPEAL                                       YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763

     One great campaign.                                                   Politics, Principles & Pundits
     Many exciting events!                                                 an evening with David Frum
From politics to pundits, from
the business of community to
the music of our lives, this
year’s CJA campaign reached
out to thousands around our
An evening with David Frum
provided an insight into the
worldwide challenges facing
                                                                                          CJA co-chairs Bette-Jane Israels
Jews today and gave us an insid-                                                          and Mitch Gropper outlined the
                                    Almost 1,000 people packed into Schara
er’s view of life in the White      Tzedeck to launch this year’s CJA campaign.
                                                                                          many needs in our community
House.                                                                                    and stressed the importance of
                                                                                          giving to the campaign.
Carmen Or describes herself as
a child of Federation. As a thir-
teen-year-old girl, Carmen left
the former Soviet Union to
begin a new life in Israel where
she was nurtured by CJA-funded
programs that enabled her to
achieve her dreams of becoming
a world-renown classical pianist.   Sondi Green, Federation president, and Mark
                                                                                      At the end of the evening, David       Mitch Gro
                                    Gurvis, Federation Executive Director,
                                                                                      Frum autographed copies of his         Diamond,
Improving services to Richmond      acknowledged the pivotal role volunteers will
                                                                                      latest book.                           campaign.
                                    play in this year’s campaign.
was the theme of an Evening of
Recognition and Thanks to
Richmond’s CJA donors.
                                    Richmond Event
Michael Bregman, founder and
chairman of Second Cup, is pas-
sionate about building financial
resources for Jewish communi-
ties like ours. As a co-chair of
the UJA in Toronto, he shared
his ideas with our community’s
major donors.

                                                                                             L-R: Sam K
                                                                               Ail,                     rickler, MC
                                                                     d David                    Mark Gurv             of the even
                                                             elley an                                      is, Federatio         ing,
                                                           Sh                 unity

     j                                              ome of           d comm and            Director, A                    n Executive
                                                                                                      rnie Fine, p
                                           At the h of the Richmon             s          and Arny A                ast CJA co-c
                                                                      y ’s need
CA       Many needs.
         One way to give.
                                           membe their communit
                                            discusse service deliver
                                                                                                     bramson, R
                                                                                                  and Federat
                                                                                                                  ichmond re
                                                                                                                ion board m

                                                            Family Day Photos on page 23
   COMBINED JEWISH APPEAL                                                         YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763                         13

                    Top Gifts Event
      The Business of Community

                                                        Gordon Diamond shares a joke with Zev


                                                                                                      Annette Rothstein and Michael
       Forty-five CJA Major Donors attended a                                                         Bregman.
       reception at the home of Bette-Jane Israels
       and Steve Simon to hear Michael Bregman
       speak about the importance of building our
       community’s financial resources.

                                                                                             L-R: Bill Levine, past chair of the Jewish
                                                                                             Community Foundation, Michael Bregman
congratulated Gordon                                                                         and Mark Gurvis, Federation Executive
 of the Israel Now                         Garry Zlotnik, chair of the Jewish Community      Director.
                                           Foundation, and Craig Diamond.

                                                                                                                                           PHOTOGRAPHY BY CORY BRETZ
       An evening of music
                & emotion

                                                     Classical pianist Carmen Or delight-
                                                     ed the audience with her beautiful
                                                     performance and shared her heart
                                                     warming story of rescue. Carmen          L-R: Shelley Ail (evening co-sponsor),
                                                     sees music as her gift to Jewish com-    Sondi Ritter (Federation president),
    Women from Lion of Judah, Pomegranate            munities around the world for the        Eduardo del Campo (baritone and hus-
    and Zohar Divisions of the Women’s               care and support she received when       band of Carmen Or), Lola Pawer (evening
    Division joined forces at a special evening      she fled the former Soviet Union for     co-sponsor), Bette-Jane Israels (CJA co-
    of music.                                        Israel.                                  chair), & Carmen Or.
14      JEWISH COMMUNITY FOUNDATION                                                       YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763

                                                                                                           BY ROSALIND KARBY

Vancouver Donors Join UJC
Endowment Honour Society
A          t the recent UJC General Assembly,
           held in Philadelphia in November, six
           JCFGV endowment donors were
inducted into the King David Endowment
                                                    nized for their financial leadership by the
                                                    Planned Giving and Endowment Department of
                                                    the United Jewish Communities.
                                                        As major contributors to our community’s
                                                                                                            New funds continue to build
Honour Society of the United Jewish                 endowment program ($500,000+ or $250,000+
Communities (UJC). Leslie & Gordon Diamond          for P.A.C.E.), these donors join a distinguished              Andre & Sheila Anzarut
and their family, Norman (z’l) & Annette            group of philanthropists, honoured for their
Rothstein, the Zlotnik family, and the late         vision and commitment to sustain their commu-                  Philanthropic Fund
Phyliss and Irving Snider, Leonard Margolese        nities with a legacy endowment.
and John Grot, along with 500 individuals and           We are extremely grateful for their largesse             Jody & Harvey Dales
families from across North America, were recog-     and support.
                                                                                                             Endowment Fund for Jewish
                                                                                                               Family Service Agency
Foundation Offers Donors Unique
                                                                                                                  Hank & Anita Goodman
Philanthropic Opportunities                                                                                        Endowment Fund

T         he Jewish Community Foundation
          serves as the endowment and planned
          giving resource arm of the Greater
Vancouver Jewish community. Donors to the
                                                    consistent with those of the Jewish Community
                                                    ✡ Direct how gifts will be used. The Jewish
                                                    Community Foundation allows donors to recom-
                                                                                                                       Allan Posthuma
                                                                                                                     Endowment Fund
JCF can achieve both philanthropic and finan-       mend or designate how their funds will be put to            Jennie Virtue Endowment
cial goals.                                         work in the community.
                                                    ✡ Become personally involved and support                   for Women’s Endowment
                                                    issues of particular importance to them.                             Fund
                                                    ✡ Honour or remember others by creating an
✡ Utilize a variety of options that may help        enduring memorial that can have an impact on
reduce income and estate taxes, increase life       the lives of others for years to come.                 available to work directly with donors to identify
income, and support their philanthropic objec-      ✡ Perpetuate a Combined Jewish Appeal gift in          and match organizations and programs in the
tives.                                              order to permanently endow your support of the         community with their interests for grant-making
✡ Give to many organizations. Unlike single-        Jewish community of Greater Vancouver.                 or bequests.
focus campaigns, donors to the Jewish                   The Jewish Community Foundation not only
Community Foundation may designate funds to         provides donors with options and opportunities         For more information contact Rosalind Karby,
any public charitable organization that has goals   for philanthropy, but its professional staff is also   Director JCF, at 604-257-5129

                                                                                          Do you belong
  Life is Rich. Pass it On.                                                               to a book club?
                                                                                          In anticipation of the May
  Share your blessings with your family . . . your children                               20, 2003 (Lag B’Omer) visit
                                                                                          by author Naomi Ragen,
  . . . your community. The Torah teaches that the “Deeds                                 why not include one or two
  of giving are the very foundation of the world.” Call the                               of her novels on your book
                                                                                          club’s reading list this year?
  Foundation office to discuss ways that you and your                                     Contact Rena Cohen, Women’s Endowment Fund
  family can leave a legacy gift to the next generation.                                  Associate at 604-257-5100 for more information
                                                                                          and a summary of Ragen’s books.
  JEWISH COMMUNITY FOUNDATION                                                            YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763                                  15

                                                                                                          TRIBUTE CARD DONATIONS

Legacy Tribute Card Donations                                                                                     – August 7 to November 8, 2002

Gary Averbach – birthday wishes        IMMIGRANT SERVICES                     Gary & Sheila Romalis – mazel tov       Shirley Trademan – special birthday
   Howard & Phyllis Gerber             Dolores Steele – condolences           Bob Willmot – speedy recovery           Daniel & Tamara Gropper – mazel tov
   Malcolm & Judy Weinstein            Sharon Kates – condolences             Gordon Diamond – special birthday           Irving & Evelyn Goldenberg
   Howard & Rosalind Karby             Vera Cohen – special birthday          Sondi Green – mazel tov
   Peter & Carol Oreck                 Irving Bookbinder – mazel tov          Jacobo & Dina Schweber & Family         GROPPER LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT
   Sid & Dora Golden                       Abe Charkow & Jill Charkow         – condolences                           PHILANTHROPIC FUND
                                       Evelyn Toban – birthday wishes         Mark Gelfer & Family – condolences      Mitch Gropper – special birthday
BARISH FAMILY ENDOWMENT FOR                Jill Charkow                           Arnie & Susan Fine                     George & Norma Steiner
JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY                                                                                                Barry & Ronnie Tessler
Myer & Reita Goldberg                  BOB & HELEN COLEMAN                    SHIRLEY VEINER FITTERMAN
– special anniversary                  PHILANTHROPIC FUND                     PERPETUAL ANNUAL CAMPAIGN               HAROWITZ/WILLMOT FAMILY
Leon & Leila Getz – mazel tov          Family of the late Irving Epstein      ENDOWMENT FUND                          PHILANTHROPIC FUND
Mark Slobin, Devra & Joyce Epstein     – condolences                          Herb & Shirley Fitterman                Bob Willmot – speedy recovery
– condolences                              Bob & Helen Coleman                – Shana Tova                                Cecil & Ruth Sigal
Lil Wosk – condolences                                                            Barry Dunner                        Larry Rice & Joanne Sheps
    Mort & Irene Dodek                 COMMUNITY UNRESTRICTED                                                         – mazel tov
                                       ENDOWMENT FUND                         ANCIE & ARTHUR FOUKS JEWISH             Bruce & Sondi Green – mazel tov
MURIEL & SAM BASS FAMILY               Gene Schwartz – speedy recovery        CONTINUITUY FUND                        Dana Schwartz & Family
ENDOWMENT FUND                             Lana Pulver & Kerri Marks          Bruce & Sondi Green – mazel tov         – condolences
Sam Hamer – speedy recovery                       Chetner                         Sanford Cohen                       Marcy Glanzberg & Family
   Muriel Bass                         Bruce & Sondi Green – mazel tov        Hersh, Sherri, David & Claire Hanson    – condolences
                                           Gerry Biely                        – condolences                               Bob Willmot & Sharon Harowitz
FRANCES & SAM BELZBERG JEWISH          Gordon Diamond – special birthday          Romy Ritter                         Bob Willmot & Sharon Harowitz
EDUCATION ENDOWMENT FUND                   Les & Nicky Raphael                                                        – mazel tov
Sam Belzberg – in appreciation         Mark Gelfer, Jeffrey Gelfer, Sherry    FUGMAN FAMILY ENDOWMENT FUND                Larry Rice & Joanne Sheps
   Garry Zlotnik                       Levinson & Brenda Halliwell            Michael Fugman & Family
                                       – condolences                          – condolences                           ART HISTER/PHYLLIS SIMON FAMILY
RENI LEFOHN BELZBERG                       Garry & Lisbeth Zlotnik                Garry & Lisbeth Zlotnik             PHILANTHROPIC FUND
ENDOWMENT FOR THE WEF                      Charles Krieger & Alisa Lipson                                             Henry Maas – condolences
Gerry Gales – special birthday         Chuck & Joanne Weinberg                BARRY & LAURI GLOTMAN FAMILY            Daniel Maas & Susan Ackland
   Reni Belzberg                       – congratulations                      PHILANTHROPIC FUND                      – condolences
                                           Ron & Judy Remick                  Laurie Glotman – special birthday           Art Hister & Phyllis Simon
NORBERT & SHEILA BERKOWITZ             Hilda Horn – condolences                  Diane Aceman & Shelley Ail           Maryann Cantillon – condolences
MEMORIAL PHILANTHROPIC FUND                Jeremy, Yael, Avi & Gali Horwitz                                           Michael & Sharon Isaacson
Jonathan & Heather Berkowitz &         Marcy Glanzberg & Family               MYER/BEA GOLDBERG FAMILY                – mazel tov
Family – condolences                   – condolences                          ENDOWMENT FUND                          Linda Rogachevsky – mazel tov
   Avi Ostry, France Hinton & family       Mark & Sari Weintraub & Family     Myer & Reita Goldberg                   Daniel Shapiro – mazel tov
Sharon Kates – condolences                                                    – special anniversary                       Art Hister & Phyllis Simon &
Marcy Glanzberg – condolences          DAUM-FAJARDO MEMORIAL                      Dave Panar & Bea Goldberg                      Family
   Jonathan & Heather Berkowitz        PHILANTHROPIC FUND                                                             Art Hister & Phyllis Simon
                                       Robert Daum & Frederick Fajardo        FAY & KENNETH GOLDEN                    – mazel tov
PERPETUAL ANNUAL CAMPAIGN              – congratulations                      ENDOWMENT FUND                              Hamish Cameron & Arlene
ENDOWMENT FUND                             Howard & Rosalind Karby            Max & Margaret Fugman                              Gladstone
Anita Gabbay – in appreciation                                                 – condolences
   Laila Mashal                        CHARLES DIAMOND JEWISH                 Jack Fugman – condolences
Leonard Asper – in honour              EDUCATION ENDOWMENT FUND               David Feldman & Family                   The Jewish Community Foundation
                                                                                                                             of Greater Vancouver
   Jeffrey Blicker & Stephen Gaerber   Charles Diamond – speedy recovery      – condolences
                                          Bruce & Sondi Green                 Mark Slobin & Devra Epstein
PAULINE COHEN ENDOWMENT FUND                                                  – condolences                                Tribute Cards
Martin & Esther Glotman                COMMUNITY ENDOWMENT FOR                Shirley Morris – birthday wishes
– condolences                          POVERTY RELIEF                             Ken & Fay Golden                        For all occasions – Call the
    Alfonso & Lori Ergas               Gordon Diamond – special birthday                                                 Foundation at 604-257-5100
                                                                                                                             minimum contribution $10
                                          Norman & Lola Pawer
                                                                                                                                         continued on page 16
 16       JEWISH COMMUNITY FOUNDATION                                                    YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763

                                                                                                         TRIBUTE CARD DONATIONS

continued from page 15                  JEWISH FAMILY SERVICE AGENCY           MARK & GERRI LONDON FAMILY             HERBERT & EVELYNNE LOOMER
                                        ENDOWMENT FUND                         PHILANTHROPIC FUND                     FAMILY PHILANTHROPIC FUND
HYMAN-KARP FAMILY                       Devra Epstein & Family – condolences   Tzipi Mann – birthday wishes           Anita Silber & Family – condolences
ENDOWMENT FUND                          Ron Rozen – special birthday           Morley Greene – birthday wishes        Shirley Morris – birthday wishes
Aubrey & Shirley Hyman                      Gerry & Sherry Wittenberg &        Ralph & Ruth Kopelow                   David & Gary Feldman – condolences
– anniversary wishes                    Family                                 – anniversry wishes                    Sharon Kates & Family – condolences
Shirley Hyman – birthday wishes         Lily Hirsch – birthday wishes          Bruce & Sondi Green – mazel tov        Brenda Halliwell & Family
Jack & Brenda Karp – condolences            Brana James                        Chuck & Dora Davis                     – condolences
Benj & David Karp – condolences         Jacobo & Dina Schweber & Family        – special anniversary                  Sherry Levinson & Family
    Jack, Brenda, David & Benj Karp     – condolences                          Sid Kaplan – speedy recovery           – condolences
Henry & Lola Doyle                          Jeremy & Yael Horwitz              Gil Levitt & Marian Lotzkar            Rob Raphael – birthday wishes
– anniversary wishes                                                           – mazel tov                            Evelyn Jackson & Family
    Jack & Brenda Karp                  JCC MACCABI GAMES                      Anita Silber & Family – condolences    – condolences
Murray Shapiro – condolences            ENDOWMENT FUND                         Gerri Ostry – speedy recovery          Alec Jackson & Family – condolences
    Jack & Shirley Hyman                Craig Diamond – in appreciation        Fran Cohen – special birthday              Herb & Evelynne Loomer
David Karp – birthday wishes               Garry Zlotnik                       Bill & Sharene Jansen
Mark, Corinne, Allie, Daniel &                                                 – special anniversary                  NORMAN & MINNA LOOMER
Lauren Gelfer – condolences             KOFFMAN FAMILY YOUTH PROGRAMS          Bess Altman – speedy recovery          ENDOWMENT FUND
Wayne & Janice Krygier                  TO ISRAEL ENDOWMENT FUND               Joe Cohen – birthday wishes            Sol & Min Pelman
– anniversary wishes                    Izzy Diamond – thinking of you         Stanley & Janet Levy – mazel tov       – special anniversary
Isabelle Somekh – birthday wishes       Jacobo & Dina Schweber                 Irving & Sharon Kates & Family             Minna Loomer
Paul & Anita Shapiro – condolences      – condolences                          – condolences
    Aubrey, Shirley, Tali, Mia & Sam    Sharon Kates & Family – condolences    Gary Averbach – birthday wishes        YALE & CAROLE MALKIN FAMILY
           Hyman                            Morley & Myrna Koffman             Mark & Corinne Gelfer & Family         PHILANTHROPIC FUND
                                        Joshua Berkowitz – mazel tov           – condolences                          Linda Rosenfeld – special birthday
ISRAEL SOCIAL SERVICES                      Mark Gurvis & Leah Pomerantz       Dana Schwartz & Family                 Sharon Kates & Family – condolences
ENDOWMENT CAMPAIGN                                                             – condolences                          Isadore & Valerie Diamond
Sondi Green – mazel tov                 KOLBERG JEWISH EDUCATION FUND          Annette Wasel – mazel tov              – mazel tov
Rose Gurvis – condolences               Myer & Reita Goldberg                  Charna Plottel – condolences           Hershey & Yvette Porte – mazel tov
    Mark Gurvis & Leah Pomerantz        – special anniversary                  David & Sheryl Wosk – mazel tov            Yale & Carole Malkin
Danny Schonbuch – condolences           David Feldman – condolences            Monte & Marcy Glanzberg & Family       Rowena Huberman – special birthday
    Andre & Sheila Anzarut              Brandt Miles – special birthday        – condolences                          Sharon Kates & Family – condolences
Jacobo & Dina Schwebber & Family        Dora Davis – speedy recovery           Harold & Marla Groberman                   Diane Friedman
– condolences                               Al & Myrna Kolberg                 – condolences                          Sol & Min Pelman
Guillermo & Frida Schwebber &           Al & Myrna Kolberg                     Lynn Kaplan – speedy recovery          – anniversary wishes
Family – condolences                    – anniversary wishes                   Darlene Spevakow – birthday wishes         Goldie Cooperband
    David & Cathy Golden & Family           Ancie Fouks                             Mark & Gerri London
                                            Tabala Oreck                       Dora Davis – speedy recovery           MARGOLIS-NADEL FAMILY
RALPH & BARBARA JAMES FAMILY                                                   Hersh, Sherry, Claire & David Hanson   PHILANTHROPIC FUND
PHILANTHROPIC FUND                      BONNIE LERMAN CHILDREN'S               – condolences                          Larry Rice & Joanne Sheps – mazel tov
Michael Gluckman & Family               ENDOWMENT FUND FOR THE JEWISH          Pearl Saxe & Froma Saxe – condo-       Robert & Darlene Spevakow
– condolences                           FAMILY SERVICE AGENCY                  lences                                 – mazel tov
Marty, Terry, Ariel & Carli Hornstein   Lionel Metuck – in honour              The Krell & Davis Families – condo-    Max & Margaret Fugman
– condolences                           Richard Sures – speedy recovery        lences                                 – condolences
    Nancy, Leigh & Erin Wizenberg          Maurits Van Der Veen & Joan         Charna Plottel – birthday wishes       Michael & Kathi Fugman
Bernard Reed & Family – condolences               Berlow                       Danny Weinstein & Family               – condolences
Marcy Glanzberg & Family                                                       – condolences                              Gary Bloomberg & Josephine
– condolences                           BILL & RISA LEVINE FAMILY                   Mark, Gerri, Dana & David                    Nadel
Joel Bellas – mazel tov                 PHILANTHROPIC FUND                                 London
    Nancy Wizenberg                     Bill & Risa Levine – mazel tov         Allan & Sharon Bronstone & Family      EUGENE & KARLA MARKS FAMILY
Bernie Reed & Family – condolences      Max Collet & Sarah Levine              – condolences                          CONTINUITY FUND
    Arlene James                        – mazel tov                            Nat & Miriam Bent & Family             Gordon Diamond – special birthday
                                             Phil & Diane Switzer              – condolences                          Sandy Rosen & Family – condolences
FRIENDS OF THE JEWISH COMMUNITY                                                     Mark, Gerri, Dana, David & Bess   Lillian Zenter & Family – condolences
CENTRE OF GREATER VANCOUVER                                                                London                     Dana Schwartz – condolences
ENDOWMENT FUND                                                                 Mark & Gerri London                         Eugene & Karla Marks
Harold Groberman – special birthday                                            – in appreciation
   Ron & Ellie Rosenblat                                                            Irving & Rhoda Dardick
   JEWISH COMMUNITY FOUNDATION                                                          YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763                                   17

                                                                                                        TRIBUTE CARD DONATIONS

MIKELBERG FAMILY                      CAROL & PETER ORECK FAMILY              Sharon Kates & Family – condolences   LARRY & BETTY RICE FAMILY
PHILANTHROPIC FUND                    PHILANTHROPIC FUND                      Marcy Glanzberg & Family              PHILANTHROPIC FUND
Bruce & Sondi Green – mazel tov       Carol Oreck – special birthday           – condolences                        Keith & Simmie Shibou – condolences
    Fred & Rose Mikelberg                 Ron, Ellie, Kara & Josh Rosenblat   Alex Jackson & Family – condolences   Kevin, Natalie, David & Nathan Rice
Mark & Corinne Gelfer & Family        Dave Polinsky – condolences             Harvey & Connie Permack               – condolences
– condolences                         Joy Sures – condolences                 – condolences                         Sherry Levinson & Family
Monte & Marcy Glanzberg & Family      Richard & Estelle Sures                     Bernard Pinsky & Daniella Givon   – condolences
– condolences                         – special anniversary                              & Family                   Jacobo & Dina Schweber & Family
    Fred, Rose, Daniel & Sarah        Ralph & Sheila Gurevich & Family        Lynn Kaplan – speedy recovery         – condolences
           Mikelberg                  – condolences                               Bernard Pinsky & Daniella Givon   Guillermo & Frida Schweber & Family
                                      Illana Morton & Family – condolences                                          – condolences
FLORENCE & HAROLD MORRIS FAMILY       Larry Rice & Joanne Sheps               YVETTE & HERSHEY PORTE FAMILY         Albert & Sheila Lowe – condolences
PHILANTHROPIC FUND                    – mazel tov                             ENDOWMENT FUND                        Eppy & Ellen Rappaport & Family
Myer & Reita Goldberg                 Francie Winograd & Family               Bruce & Sondi Green – mazel tov       – condolences
– special anniversary                 – condolences                              Hershey & Yvette Porte             Harvey & Connie Permack & Family
Garry & Sonia Brody                   Lawrence Sures – birthday wishes                                              – condolences
– special anniverary                  The Gelfer Family – condolences         COMMUNITY ENDOWMENT FOR                   Jeff, Alana, Jenna & Daniel
Harold Fleishman – special birthday   Sharon Kates & Family – condolences     POVERTY RELIEF                                    Korsunsky
Bernie Reed & Family – condolences    Family of the late Mollie Reed          Sam & Randi Winter – mazel tov        Mark Gelfer & Family – condolences
    Harold & Florence Morris          – condolences                           Art & Shelley Gans – Shana Tova       Family of Anne Permack
Dora Davis – speedy recovery          Shelley Seidelman & Family              Norman & Linda Gold                   – condolences
Rita Jacobs – special birthday        – condolences                           – special birthdays                       Larry Rice & Joanne Sheps
Stanley Golvan & Family               Dana Schwartz & Family                  Hershey & Yvette Porte – mazel tov
– condolences                         – condolences                               Sam Hanson & Marilyn Moss         SONDRA RITTER
The Caplan Family – condolences       Marcy Glanzberg & Family                Isadore Diamond – special birthday    PHILANTHROPIC FUND
    Harold & Florence Morris & Ruth   – condolences                               Norman & Sheila Archeck           Bruce & Sondi Green – mazel tov
            Brody                         Peter & Carol Oreck                     Bob & Lois Raphael                   Charles & Isabelle Diamond
                                                                              Bob Willmot – speedy recovery            Wendy Finlayson
PHYLLIS & MICHAEL MOSCOVICH           NORMAN & LOLA PAWER                     Benjamin Barer – mazel tov               Ken, Linda, Jeff & Daniel Glasner
YOUTH PROGRAMS                        ENDOWMENT FUND FOR                      Lynn Kaplan – speedy recovery            Bill & Risa Levine
PHILANTHROPIC FUND                    CAMP HATIKVAH                           Jonathan & Heather Berkowitz
Monte & Marcy Glanzbeg & Family       The Sheftel Family – condolences        – mazel tov                           THE ABE ROSENBAUM/RINAT FOLK
– condolences                            Diane Aceman                         Leon & Rose Marie Glassman            ENSEMBLE ENDOWMENT FUND
Mark & Corinne Gelfer & Family           Norman & Lola Pawer                  – mazel tov                           FOR THE ARTS
– condolences                         Mike Pawer – special birthday               Mark Wexler & Judy Oberlander     Harold & Pat Laimon – mazel tov
    Michael & Phyllis Moscovich          Norman & Lola Pawer                  Sophie Buchalter & Family             Mollie Klein – special birthday
                                                                              – condolences                             Joanne Rosenbaum
NAIMARK FAMILY JFSA ENDOWMENT         DANIEL & TRUDY PEKARSKY                 Marilyn Ehrlich – speedy recovery     Harvey & Connie Permack & Family
FOR DENTAL SERVICES                   CONTINUITY FUND                             David & Gwen Tessler              – condolences
Al Lieblich – speedy recovery         Trudy Pearsky – special birthday        Dan & Trudy Pekarsky                      Joanne Rosenabum, Greg &
   Peter & Carol Oreck                   Mickey & Gail James                  – Happy New Year                                 Melanie Samuels & Family
   Howard & Rosalind Karby               Mel & Pia Guralnick                  Horace Raphael – special birthday
                                      Trudy Pekarsky – speedy recovery            Bob & Lois Raphael                ANNETTE ROTHSTEIN ENDOWMENT
ORECK FAMILY PHILANTHROPIC FUND          Simon & Janice Margolis              Mark Slobin, Devra Epstein & Mark     FUND FOR POVERTY RELIEF
FOR YOUTH LEADERSHIP                  Dan Pekarsky – birthday wishes          Epstein – condolences                 Annette Rothstein – in appreciation
The Polinsky Family – condolences        Charles & Isabelle Diamond               Alfonso & Lori Ergas                 Howard & Rosalind Karby
The Shibou Family – condolences          Merrick & Kira Tosefsky &            David Levine – condolences
Richard & Estelle Sures                          Marla Levy                       Andrew Thom & Lani Levine         HARLEY ROTHSTEIN
– anniversary wishes                     Yale & Carole Malkin                 Bella James – mazel tov               PHILANTHROPIC FUND
The Sheftel Family – condolences         Mel & Pia Guralnick                      Stephen & Susan Tick              Harley Rothstein & Eleanor Boyle
Jerry Hamovich – condolences             Andre & Sheila Anzarut               Mark Gelfer & Brenda Halliwell        – in appreciation
Elaine Goldberg – speedy recovery                                             – condolences                             Howard & Rosalind Karby
Bernard Reed & Family – condolences   THE PINSKY/GIVON FAMILY                     David & Gillian Berson
    Tabala Oreck                      PHILANTHROPIC FUND                      Lynn Kaplan – speedy recovery         SERVICES FOR SENIORS
                                      Daniella Givon – special birthday           Howard & Rosalind Karby           ENDOWMENT FUND
                                         Cliff & Sandra Ungar                 Stuart Thomas – condolences           Karl Taussig – thinking of you
                                         Simon & Janice Margolis                  Non Profit Housing Society        Jennie Virtue
                                         Harry Satanove & Elspeth Flood                                             – in memory of Beverley Ross
                                         Cindy Rosen                                                                                      continued on page 18
 18       JEWISH COMMUNITY FOUNDATION                                                     YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763

                                                                                                         TRIBUTE CARD DONATIONS

continued from page 17                  JENNIE VIRTUE                           Myra Michaelson – condolences         ISRAEL NOW CAMAPIGN
                                        ENDOWMENT FOR WEF                            Michael & Sharon Isaacson &      Alex Rubin – special birthday
Helen Weinstein – special birthday      Miriam Bergson – thinking of you             Family                               Allan, Donna, Lisa & Michael
   Mollie Klein                         Sharon Kates & Family – condolences     Andrea Harowitz – birthday wishes                 Bernstein
Mollie Klein – special birthday            Jennie Virtue                        Joel & Tammy Kligman                      Brian, Elizabeth & Sarah Bernstein
   Pinky, Helen, Judy & Malcolm                                                 – in appreciation                         Richard Bernstein & Rene Walton
           Weinstein                    JUDY & MALCOLM WEINSTEIN FAMILY         Sharon Kates & Family - condolences       Larry Rice, Joanne Sheps, David &
   Charlotte Boyaner, Terry & Carol     PHILANTHROPIC FUND                           Howard & Rosalind Karby                   Laura Sheps & Lisa Chernecki
           Kline & Family               Malcolm & Judy Weinstein                Edith Lando – special birthday        Gordon Diamond – special birthday
   Alan & Daphne Tapper & Family        – anniversary wishes                    Sharon Kates – condolences                Stanley & Joycelaine Sunshine
   Sid & Becky Laufer                       David & Gerry Kline                      Sheldon & Jane Cherry            Dale Fratkin – condolences
   Charna Plottel                       Barbara Pelman – speedy recovery        Rodney Benson & Family                    Lisa Perel
   Ron, Betty, Adam & Jill Charnaw      Andre & Sheila Anzarut – mazel tov      – condolences                         Larry Rice & Joanne Sheps
   Jennie Virtue                        David Frim & Family – condolences            Alvin & Gayle Rossman            – mazel tov
   Harvey & Jean Gerber                 Dana Schwartz & Family                  Gerri Ostry – speedy recovery             Phil & Corinne Yacht
   Rita Propp                           – condolences                           Bill & Risa Levine                        David & Maurene Cohen
   Dave & Irma Zack                     Marcy Glanzberg & Family                Marty, Pam, Brenley & Geoff Charkow       Jeff, Charlotte, Zachary &
   Joan Lyndon                          – condolences                           Ken & Linda Glasner                               Madeleine Bell
                                            Malcolm & Judy Weinstein            Vera Frinton – best of luck               Howard & Elayne Shapray
SHALOM BC ENDOWMENT FUND                Helen Weinstein – special birthday      Nance Bass                                Bernie & Sheila Rubenstein
David & Deborah Freedman                    Michael & Marsha Laub               Gayle Morris & Family – condolences   Donna Moscovitz – mazel tov
– condolences                           Lanny Kline – birthday wishes                Lynne Fader & Family                 Elayne Shapray
    Don & Gloria Hendin                     Malcolm, Judy, Todd, Beth, Jason,   Dan & Selina Robinson                 The Zaidel Family – Shana Tova
Myer & Reita Goldberg                              Dede & Jade Weinstein        – in appreciation                     Shana Abro – Shana Tova
– special anniversary                                                                Shelley Karrel                   Harris, Jennie & Benjamin Abro –
    David, Deborah, Sydney & Adrian     WOMEN’S ENDOWMENT FUND                                                        Shana Tova
                                                                                Ira Nadel – condolences
    Freedman                            Bruce & Sondi Green – mazel tov                                               Sylvia Kaplan – Shana Tova
                                                                                     Bill & Risa Levine
Larry Rice & Joanne Sheps                   Derek & Marilyn Glazer                                                        Les & Anita Rudolph & Family
                                                                                George & Ruthie Winston
– mazel tov                             Edith Lando – special birthday                                                Mark Schonfeld – in appreciation
                                                                                – special birthdays
    Bill & Susan Feldman                    Nancy, Leigh & Erin Wizenberg                                             Harvey Halperin – in appreciation
                                                                                     Sunny Superstein & Diane
                                        Fred & Jenny Singer                                                               Peter Gropper
ARNOLD & ANITA SILBER                   – special anniversary                                                         Peter Cooperberg – in appreciation
                                                                                Lil Koven – special birthday
ENDOWMENT FOR JCCGV                     Jack Soroka – special birthday                                                    Rosalind Karby
                                                                                The Reed Family – condolences
Anita Silber – condolences              Howard & Rosalind Karby                                                       Joanne Sheps – birthday wishes
                                                                                     Dave & Estelle Fogell
   Doug & Lana Pulver                   – Shana Tova                                                                      Kevin, Natalie, David & Nathan
                                                                                Joanne Emerman – special birthday
   Rob & Kerri Chetner                  Shelley Karrel – Shana Tova                                                               Rice
                                                                                     Andrew Thom & Lani Levine
                                        Felicia Oshry – speedy recovery                                                   Jeff, Alana, Jenna & Daniel
                                                                                Cathy Golden – special birthday
PHYLLIS & IRVING SNIDER                 Monte & Marcy Glanzberg & Family                                                          Korsunsky
                                                                                     Lynne Fader & Cody & Tonya
ENDOWMENT FUND                          – condolences                                                                 Gary Romalis – special birthday
Joseph Segal – condolences                  Sam Hanson & Marilyn Moss                                                     Howard & Elayne Shapray
                                                                                Brenda Halliwel & Sherry Levinson &
David Levi – condolences                Larry Rice & Joanne Sheps                                                     Saul Isserow – special birthday
                                                                                Families – condolences
Stanley Sunshine – condolences          – mazel tov                                                                   Michael Frankel – special birthday
                                                                                     Lynne Fader & Cody & Tonya
Josephine Nadel – condolences           Rosalind Karby – birthday wishes                                                  Frank & Lisa Sirlin
    Bruce Gillies                           Arlene James                                                              Bella James – Bat Mitzvah wishes
                                                                                     Kehilla Society, Richmond
                                        Bob Willmot – speedy recovery                                                     Sivan & Shani Havusha
                                                                                Sylvia Eibschutz – speedy recovery
STAFFENBERG FAMILY PHILANTHROPIC            Judi Angel                                                                Aaron Laye – mazel tov
                                                                                     Hamish Cameron & Arlene
FUND FOR YOUTH PROGRAMS                 Charles & Marilyn Wright                                                          Yossi & Debbie Havusha & Family
Lynn Kaplan – refuah shlema             – condolences                                                                 Benjamin Tischler – mazel tov
                                                                                Sharon Kates – condolences
   Drew Staffenberg                     Marty Puterman & Dodie Katzenstein                                                Aron & Neri Tischler
                                                                                     Andre & Sheila Anzarut
                                        – condolences                                                                 David Kaplan – mazel tov
                                                                                     Malcolm & Judy Weinstein
RONALD & JANET STERN FAMILY                 Colin Mallet & Judi Angel                                                     Larry Rice & Joanne Sheps
                                                                                Family of the late Rose Lesk
PHILANTHROPIC FUND                      Chuck & Joanne Weinberg – mazel tov
                                                                                – condolences
Janet Stern – speedy recovery               Larry Rice & Joanne Sheps
                                                                                     Ethel Wiss
   Bill & Risa Levine                   Sharon Richman – special birthday
                                                                                Lynn Kaplan – speedy recovery
                                        Helen Weinstein – special birthday
                                                                                     Malcolm & Judy Weinstein
RENEE SWITZER FAMILY ENDOWMENT          Joanne Emerman – special birthday
                                                                                David & Irma Zack Endowment Fund
FUND FOR CJC, PACIFIC REGION            Chuck & Dora Davis
                                                                                For Camperships
Renee Switzer & Family – mazel tov      – special anniversary
                                                                                Karl Taussig – thinking of you
William & Frances Switzer – mazel tov   Sharon Kates & Family – condolences
                                                                                Sharon Kates – condolences
   Bernie, Marilyn, Jeffrey & Avi       Lynn Kaplan – speedy recovery
                                                                                Dave & Irma Zack
           Hooper                           Bob Willmot & Sharon Harowitz
Richmond’s future is brighter because of you
Kehila is Richmond – Connecting People to Jewish Life
Richmond is home to almost 5,000 Jews and supports four synagogues, a day school, social and educational opportunities,
an Eruv, as well as a wide range of programs and services. Founded in 1999, the Kehila Society is a partnership of Jewish
communal organizations in Richmond, which has created a regional council to build a stronger community. Kehila in
Hebrew means “community”. Your support and participation can help it grow.

                                         Youth and teens – the future of Richmond
                                         Kehila facilitated the joining of two pre-schools to improve class size, use
                                         resources more efficiently, and to allow children to attend preschool at
                                         Richmond Jewish Day School. Working with RJDS, local synagogues, and
                                          other Jewish schools, Kehila attempts to
                                          ensure that suitable educational opportu-
                                           nites exist for all children.

                     Kehila created the Senior’s Event Planning Committee,
 which has given Richmond seniors previously unavailable ways to participate in
             the community — like the Senior’s Lunch Club and the Sukkot Tea.
                 With a grant from the Jewish Community Foundation, Kehila’s
                     Inter-generational Program brought together seniors and
                         students from Richmond Jewish Day School to foster
                             an exchange of biographies and wisdom.

                                      Investing in Richmond’s future
                             Kehila has brought many benefits to Richmond’s Jewish community – more programs and
                           services and better planning, geared to the needs of unique demographic groups. Whether
                         focused on youth and teens, families, seniors, or newcomers, Kehila
                       connects people to programs that provide education, social services, and
                     community growth.
                                                                                                At home in
         Financial resources to create Kehila came from the Jewish Community Foundation of       Richmond
Greater Vancouver, generous individual donors, and Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver.
The Combined Jewish Appeal now provides in excess of $100,000 to support education and
other programs in Richmond. The Federation emphasis on community capacity building means
that areas other than Vancouver are in line for even more program offerings. However, raising
increased funding through the Combined Jewish Appeal is key to any future growth.

Wide Support
Organizations that provide support and resources for Kehila include the Jewish Federation of
Greater Vancouver, Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver, Jewish Family Service
Agency, Shalom BC, Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Vancouver, and other generous
                                                                                                   1 Beth Tikvah Synagogue
                                     THE KEHILA SOCIETY            OF   RICHMOND                   2 Community Kollel
                                                                                                   2 Eitz Chaim Synagogue
                                     C/O 8760 No. 5 Road                                             (Orthodox)
                                     Richmond BC V6Y 2V4                                           3 Orthodox Rabbinical Council &
                                     Tel: 604-644-1162 Fax: 604-275-9322                             BC Kosher
                                     E-mail:                                        4 Richmond Jewish Day School
                                                                                                   5 Chabad Richmond
20     COMMUNITY                                                                        YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763

                                                                                                      BY QUEENIE HAMOVICH

Join us for lunch
T         he Vancouver Seniors Lunch Club (formerly Wheels to
          Kosher Meals) is doing a lot of celebrating these days!
          Not only did this popular program celebrate its 5th
birthday in the fall, but also so much warmth and closeness has
developed amongst the group that many choose to celebrate
their birthdays at the lunch with family and friends in atten-
    Bernice Fransblow recently enjoyed her 99th birthday party,
surrounded by her children and grandchildren. She spoke about
how much the group and the participation of her family meant to
    Every Tuesday at noon, thirty-five seniors, assisted by a dedi-
cated group of more than 15 volunteers, meet in the Seniors
Lounge at the JCC for a hot, kosher lunch followed by a program
of music, current events, or guest speaker.
    If you have a parent or friend who is becoming socially isolat-
ed from the Jewish community and has difficulty getting out on
their own, this is the place where old friendships can be renewed
and new ones made. Please join us for lunch with your parent and
see for yourself.
For more information on the Seniors Lunch Club, please call
Jewish Family Service Agency at 604-257-5151.                         Seniors enjoying lunch at the Vancouver Seniors Lunch Club.

                                                                                         For Jewish singles
                                                                                         ages 35-55
                        GRADES 8-12
              Thursday, February 13, 2003, 6-9 pm
                                                                                         I   f you are single, between the ages of 35-55 and are looking
                                                                                             to connect with other Jewish singles in BC, then jsinglesbc
                                                                                             wants to hear from you. This newly formed committee has
                                                                                         held several meetings to plan a vibrant singles network and
                                                                                         offer well run events designed to appeal to this age group.
         Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver
                                                                                         There are even plans for a web site!
                              Register your team                                         If you’d like to become involved, or would like to be added
                                                                                         to their mailing list, contact
            Debate Workshop for Coaches and Students
                        January 9, 2003
     For more information, call Federation at 604-257-5100                                   MARK YOUR CALENDAR
       Co-sponsored by: B’nai B’rith Hillel • Hadassah-WIZO
               Isaac Waldman Jewish Public Library                                           The Vancouver Chapter of the
          Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver                                       Canadian Associates of Ben-
                                                                                             Gurion University is planning a
                                                                                             very special evening on Monday,
      PUBLIC SPEAKING CONTEST                                                                March 10th.
                               Grades 4-7
                         Thursday, March 13, 2003                                            For more information, please call
           Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver                                      the BGU office at 604-736-5386 or
        For more information, call Federation at 604-257-5100                                email
 COMMUNITY                                                                                YACHAD DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763                                  21
                                                                                                          CANADIAN JEWISH CONGRESS,
                                                                                                                       PACIFIC REGION

Provincial Review of Human Rights
I   ncreased incidents of antisemitism in Canada over the last year make it
    clear to the Jewish community that now is the time for strong human
    rights legislation. Despite provincial budget cuts, agencies working
within the human rights system, British Columbians, and our Jewish com-
                                                                                islation is one of the most vitally important legal guarantees of equality and
                                                                                dignity to all persons. Recognizing that human rights legislation must
                                                                                evolve to ensure that resolution of complaints is fair and efficient, CJC sub-
                                                                                mits that administrative and investigative changes to the Human Rights
munity must ensure there is a legislated “watchdog” to discourage and deal      Code should be reasonably expected to enhance procedural fairness and
with hate and discrimination.                                                   lead to a just, speedy and inexpensive resolution. Therefore, the legislation
    Protecting human rights and fostering tolerance and understanding is        must be clear and broad enough to accomplish this goal.
of fundamental importance to everyone in BC. A society free of discrimi-            CJC is convinced that one indicator of a healthy democracy is the way
nation enhances opportunity, economic growth and general well being.            it treats minorities. Historically, in difficult economic times, minority
Canadian Jewish Congress, Pacific Region, has consistently and actively         groups suffer most from violation of their rights and dignity and are being
pursued initiatives with the provincial government to combat discrimina-        subjected to ridicule, hatred and contempt; from covert discrimination to
tion and provide opportunities for all British Columbians regardless of         overt acts of hatred; and from verbal abuse to physical violence.
race, creed, colour, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age or physical       Provincial laws that are inadequate or unenforceable are not much dif-
and mental disabilities.                                                        ferent from an absence of laws that allow for proper redress. Either way,
    Recently, the provincial government introduced legislation to restruc-      justice is not done and leaves the ever-present shadow of racism, prejudice
ture B.C.'s human rights system. Human rights underwent a full review last      and discrimination to persist and threaten the integrity of our society.
spring as part of the government’s examination of core services. CJC,
Pacific Region, participated in this review by submitting a brief recom-
mending that the government make administrative, structural and inves-
tigative changes to enhance fairness and resolve complaints more quickly.         Philosophers’
When the draft legislation was introduced in August, CJC responded again
and suggested that, in order to realize government’s commitment to                Community Café
strengthening the protection of human rights in this province, certain            Vibrant street level discussions on burning issues
changes to the draft Human Rights Code should be made.                            relevant to modern Jewish life today. No formal
    The new legislation eliminates the Human Rights Commission and the
                                                                                  philosophy required. Real life experience desired.
Human Rights Advisory Council, leaving the Human Rights Tribunal as
the one “statutory body” dealing with complaints. While this model will           December 14th
remove duplication and delays by making the Tribunal directly responsible         ALAN MORANIS “DUTIES OF THE HEART: JEWISH ETHICAL
for receiving, mediating and adjudicating all human rights complaints, CJC        CONCERNS”
believes that a person or body with appropriate statutory powers should
play an essential role of “watchdog” in monitoring and investigating              January 18th
human rights issues involving systemic discrimination and other discrimi-         MARK WEXLER “BAD APPLES, BAD SYSTEMS, BAD ETHICS
natory practices (such as discriminatory publications) that may have larg-        AND BUSINESS CORRUPTION”
er significance to the general public.
    While the government needs to bring in legislation within the frame-          February 15th
work of its longer-term financial plan, CJC’s view is that human rights leg-      SUSAN MENDELSON, CEO, THE LAZY GOURMET, RABBIS
                                                                                  TEITELBAUM AND FEIGELSTOCK, BC KOSHER
          CONGREGATION BETH ISRAEL                                                “The Passion and Politics of Kosher Food”
                                                                                  March 8th
                10th Annual Coat Drive                                            CYNTHIA RAMSAY AND KYLE BERGER, CO-OWNERS OF THE
                 until December 20th                                              JEWISH WESTERN BULLETIN, BAILA LAZERUS, EDITOR, JWB
                                                                                  “The Voice of Communal Concerns: The Responsibility of the
    Drop off your gently used, clean coats, jackets and
                                                                                  Jewish Press”
     blankets at Beth Israel Synagogue and help keep
      someone warm this winter. Donated items are                                 S AT U R DA Y NIGHTS
              delivered to homeless shelters and                                  Senior’s Lounge, JCC 7:30 pm – $5
      welfare agencies around the Lower Mainland.                                 Moderator: Yosef Wosk
                                                                                  To register or for more information, please call the
              For more info, call 604-731-4161.
                                                                                  JCC at 604-257-5111
22    COMMUNITY                                                                            YACHAD           DECEMBER 2002 TEVET 5763

                                                                                                            BY LAWRENCE GREEN

L’CHAIM: it’s a very happy place

L’       Chaim is the seniors day program
         tucked away in the southeast cor-
         ner of the JCC, officially known as
the Lotte and John Hecht Seniors Health
                                                                                                                              Isy Sebastian, an enthusias-
                                                                                                                              tic participant at L’Chaim.

                                                                                                                                alone on those days. I’d like a
                                                                                                                               lunch right on the holiday. If this
and Activity Centre.
    On Mondays, Wednesdays, and                                                                                                is their one good meal of the day
Fridays a maximum of 11 enrolled seniors                                                                                       we want to make sure it’s sub-
out of a regular client list of 21 to 25 (who                                                                                 stantial.
have first been referred by a social agency                                                                                        “It looks very much like a
or health unit) meets at 9:30 am to begin                                                                                     social program, though every
a schedule drawn up by the activities co-                                                                                     aspect of what we do has a thera-
ordinator. One day’s timetable can                                                                                           peutic value. But it doesn’t feel
include discussions, artwork, music, and                                                                                     like it. It benefits everyone who
exercise, and always a hot kosher lunch,                                                                                     comes in touch with it, and staff
all for a small fee. Speakers and musi-                                                                                      and clients go home pretty happy.
cians sometimes visit, and the members                                                                                      It’s a very happy place!”
take up to eight outings a year by bus to                                                                                        Despite the successful three-
such locales as the ever-popular                                                                                            times weekly schedule of services,
Steveston, Lonsdale Quay, and even                                                                                         its spirited attendees, the dedicated
the casino in New Westminster. Every                                                                                       staff, and devoted board members,
season and Jewish holiday become part                                                                                      L’Chaim finds itself with a small
of the daily events up for discussion                                                                                      deficit this year and hopes the wider
and activity, with weekly emphasis on                                                                                     community will help by supporting
Shabbat on Friday afternoons.                                                                                             its annual membership drive.
    At all times, two or three staff workers, and         Rabbi Mercy also has a wish list.                              Although L’Chaim receives an annu-
nurse, and a kosher cook are on hand, along with      “Transportation remains one of biggest difficul-      al allocation from the Combined Jewish Appeal,
Rabbi Dina-Hasida Mercy, the administrator of         ties,” she says, “with Handi Dart only available      these funds only meet a small percentage of its
the L’Chaim Adult Day Centre and her part-time        to carry seven seniors per day.” The rest come by     operating costs.
assistant. Rabbi Mercy says, “The staff are very      car driven by relatives or caregivers. There are          Rabbi Mercy says, “We’ve suffered like every-
committed and bright and make strong personal         no volunteer drivers for this program. “I would       one else,” from government reductions and
relationships. I see us reinventing the extended      like to see us open more than three days a week,”     shrinking revenue from its own endowment
family.” No wonder that many clients, once they       she adds. For instance, L’Chaim is firmly closed      fund. A promise for more revenue for staff
begin at L’Chaim, stay for years and that the pro-    on Jewish holidays, including three days at           salaries made by the former NDP government
gram maintains a small but fairly constant wait-      Passover. Rabbi Mercy would like to see “a pro-       was withdrawn by the new Liberal administra-
ing list.                                             gram to pick up that slack. Clients sit home          tion, and income from investments everywhere
                                                                                                            is down. In the meantime L’Chaim continues to

Ga’avah: Proud to be Jewish
                                                                                                            offer social and therapeutic benefits not just to
                                                                                                            its enrolled participants but also to the entire
                                                                                                            community, benefits that would be hard to dupli-
By Steve Rod-Rozen                                                                                          cate elsewhere in the city.
                                                                                                                Within the L’Chaim Endowment Fund there

          a’avah BC was created by a group of people of wanted to celebrate both the gay and Jewish         is a Zack family endowment dedicated to Jewish
          aspects of our lives. The name, Ga’avah, was chosen because it means ‘pride’ in Hebrew.           cultural events, such as bringing in Jewish musi-
              Word travelled fast, and forty-eight people in our Greater Vancouver Jewish community         cians for visits to the program. For more infor-
came forward and expressed their desire to be a part of the group. The group, still in its formative        mation about L’Chaim and contributing to its
stages, is establishing social, spiritual and recreational activities. As we grow, we intend to include     Endowment Fund, call Rabbi Dina-Hasida
community projects, discussions and lectures to the list of our activities.                                 Mercy Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays at 604-
    Our vision is to promote full individual and collective integration of Jewish gays, lesbians, bisexu-   257-5111 ext. 400, or Rosalind Karby at the
als, and trans-genders into the fabric of Jewish communal life in BC. We are out and proud, striving        Jewish Federation at 604-257-5100.
to thrive and be a contributing part of our great BC Jewish community.
Interested in learning more, or want to get involved? Please contact or                Lawrence Green is a freelance writer and singer
call 604-818-0446.                                                                                          who lives in Vancouver.
   is a Family Affair!
                   On Sunday October 27, we held the second annual
                   Family Affair at the Jewish Community Centre.
                   Chaired by Naomi Gropper and Keren Kluk, their com-
                   mittee of exceptional volunteers created an event that was fun, organized, vital,
Our CJA            and effective. Kids of all ages were involved in games, dancing lessons, musi-
                   cal performances, cooking lessons, and took advantage of the exhibitors in the
Telethon                                                    auditorium. Most importantly, the
raised over                                                 Telethon raised a whopping $52,000.

in one

                                              THANKS             David Algunik
                                                                 Andrew Altow
                                                                                         Paige Kraft
                                                                                         Sarah Levine
                                           to our Family         Kerri Marks Chetner     Dan Levitt
                                                                 Rob Chetner             Denis Malkin
                                       Affair committee          Elaine Cramer           Golan Malkin
                                               members!          Jody Diamond            Celia Malowicki
                                                                 Tammy Godfrey           Sigal Matthew
                                                                 Shannon Gorski          Sherri Morris
                                                                 Meagan Israels          Leah Pomerantz
                                                                 Debbie Jacobson         Lana Marks Pulver
                                                                                         Paul Pulver
                                                                                         Lisa Romalis
                                                                                         Natalie Rosengarten
                                                                                         Ruthie Shugarman
                                                                                         Stacey Silber
                                                                                         Michelle Zychlinski

CA    Many needs. One way to give.                                                     Co-Chairs: Naomi
                                                                                       Gropper & Keren Kluk
   Shop Israel rings up success!
   The line-ups were out the doors of the JCC on Saturday night,
   November 23, when Shop Israel in Vancouver opened for busi-
   ness. By Sunday afternoon, more than 2,000 shoppers had
   passed through the doors, their bags filled with treasures
   shipped directly from Israel. Judaica, artwork, skin care prod-
   ucts, jewellery, t-shirts, and kippot were popular items.

   Not only a great shopping opportunity, Shop Israel also had a
   higher purpose. Two years of terrorist bombings in Israel have
                                                                        No Israeli event is complete without falafel.
   devastated the tourism industry and put many Israeli mer-
   chants out of business. Their families are suffering and so is the
   economy. All of the $83,000 in sales at Shop Israel in Vancouver
   goes directly to the 17 Israel merchants who participated in this
   outstanding community event.

   Kol hakavod to the 250 volunteers
   who made this mitzvah happen!
                                                                        Some members of the Shop Israel Committee: L-R:
                                                                        Maxine Woogman, Judy Weinstein, Bonnie Belzberg,
                                                                        Rose Mikelberg & Judy Mandleman.
                                                                        Missing from photo, Batik Haimovitch.

unteer sales people were
azed at the popularity of the
ava products.

                  Happy Shoppers.                                                         It was bedlam on Saturday night.

0 – 950 West 41st Avenue Vancouver BC V5Z 2N7

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