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					Weekly Time Sheet
ASEN 4018, Sr. Projects I: Design Synthesis
Member:       Neil Antonson

Reporting Period: from     11/14        to   11/20

Time Allocation

    Description                                                            Hours

    11/15 – Electronics Work 3-5 p.m. and 8-10:30 p.m.; team meeting and    4.5
    electronics meeting to discuss PCB design; find a suitable PCB
    schematic program and contacted Fastrax for GPS specs.
    11/16 – Electronics Work 2-3 p.m.; battery testing until ITLL Lab        1
    Station quit outputting readings.
    11/17 – Team Meeting and Electronics Work 3:30 – 10:45 p.m.; made      7.15
    and compiled component footprints for PCB finished battery
    characterization testing.
    11/19 – Electronics Work 10:30 a.m.- 10:30 p.m.; group work meeting;    12
    finished PCB layout and battery testing write-up; started CDR slide

                                                                   Total   24.75

Finished battery testing and write-up as well as PCB design.

Current Technical Issues and Problems
Finishing CDR slides and finding safety mechanism.

Plans for Next Week
Waiting for connectors to perform antenna testing.
Weekly Time Sheet
ASEN 4018, Sr. Projects I: Design Synthesis
Member:         Michael Arnold

Reporting Period: from      11/14/05     to    11/20/05

Time Allocation

        Description                                                            Hours
11/14 Team meeting. Discussed how we are going package the sonde                  3.5
        system and what the fuselage design will be. Discussed need to test
        the folding prop. Began to rebuild Rascal
11/15 Group meeting. Discussed the PCB board size and how it will relate           1
        to the fuselage design. We need to return the cameras to the ITLL.
11/16 Worked with Mike Elliot to get test footage from the camera. We              4
        were not successful. Helped prep Rascal for flight test. Worked on
        getting AIAA papers for Andrew. Sent Jon a purchase list of things
        that we will need.
11/17 Tested folding prop deployment. Examine wind chamber for testing            4.5
        feasibility. Downloaded pictures and video for prop deployment test.
        Visited engineering library to pull AIAA papers from microfilm.
        General meeting to discuss initial deployment design and any
        problems we have been having.
11/18 Prep for Rascal flight. Spoke with Corey Dixon about getting thrust          4
        from the power absorbed by the prop. Researched prop efficiencies.
        Worked with Tara on model of impact forces.
11/19 Finished code for motor selection and picked a motor. Solid modeled         11
        motor components. Worked with Sonja on test results for tests I have
11/20 Attempted to flight test Rascal. We were able to get the motor tuned.      11.5
        Conducted a new static thrust test with the motor adjusted. Discussed
        deployment ideas.
                                                                        Total    39.5
Picked the motor, controller, and battery. Examined deployment. Conducted static thrust
Current Technical Issues and Problems
Need to determine the best way to package the chute and not twist the lines.
Plans for Next Week
Need to determine how much space the chute will take up. Finish deployment.
Weekly Time Sheet
ASEN 4018, Sr. Projects I: Design Synthesis
Member:       Matthew Calvin

Reporting Period: from      11.14        to    11.20

Time Allocation

    Description                                                                    Hours
    11.14: PCB routing                                                               9
    11.15: Team meeting, PCB routing, GPS testing, antenna research, task           5.5
    discussion with PM, email updates to group.
    11.16: GPS/XBee proximity testing, Email correspondence with group.              2.5
    11.17: Group meeting, PCB schematic and routing                                   5
    11.18: PCB schematic and routing                                                  3
    11.19: PCB schematic and routing, system interconnect diagram, CDR              12.5
    slides, CDR discussion and preparation
    11.20: Email correspondence, slight changes to PCB routing, and                   1
    preparation for work this coming week.
                                                                    Total           38.5

Finished updating the PCB schematic based on changes that were decided upon
throughout the week and finished current version of PCB routing, although a number of
small updates remain. Helped in testing the effects of transmitting the XBee in close
proximity to the GPS, which were minimal. Created a system interconnect diagram for
the entire electrical system, including assigning drawing numbers to all of the cables that
are required. Helped with planning for CDR and contributed towards entire group effort
to work towards CDR.
Current Technical Issues and Problems
The only major technical issue is whether or not we need to include a safety mechanism
in our design to shut off the system connection to the battery once the battery voltage
drops below a critical level. Will discuss with Professors early in the week, as this needs
to be determined ASAP. Need to check PCB design with others to ensure that it is
acceptable and need to add mounting holes to the board. Also need to perform the XBee
antenna orientation test once the needed connectors arrive.
Plans for Next Week
Make sure the PCB design is accurate and sufficient for CDR. Create CDR slides for
system concept, system integration plan, and PCB design work. Create part assembly
order flow diagram and highlight critical path elements. Also need to update the PCB
test plan to include a preliminary test to ensure the proper connections on the actual board
before proceeding to populate the board with the components. In addition to this, will
help in any way possible to prepare for and complete the CDR presentation.
Weekly Time Sheet
ASEN 4018, Sr. Projects I: Design Synthesis
Member:       Dax Minary

Reporting Period: from     11/14        to    11/20

Time Allocation

    Description                                                                  Hours

    Weekly manufacturing workshop and out-of-class time required to                3.0
    complete project (11/16)
    Meeting w/ Steve Anderson (GPS instructor) to go over GPS antenna              0.5
    solutions for mounting (11/16)
    Taking measurements of skysurfer and making free-body diagrams                 3.0

    Solid modeling of propeller, propeller mount, servos (11/20)                   6.0

    Saturday team design session (11/19)                                          11.0

                                                                       Total      23.5

Have concept, calculations and general sketches of fuselage layout. Servos, sizing and
fuselage design chosen. Scaled down fuselage significantly from previous design.

Current Technical Issues and Problems
Need to find solutions for mounting components in fuselage, materials selection, code for
finding CG, control moments. Justify selections with calculations.

Plans for Next Week
Resolve current technical issues and problems
Weekly Time Sheet
ASEN 4018, Sr. Projects I: Design Synthesis
Member:       Sonja Nedrud

Reporting Period: from      1114         to    1120

Time Allocation

     Description                                                                   Hours

     11/14 – 3 hrs LabVIEW workshop, 1 hour working on Avionics w/ Jon                  4
     – looking at and understanding PCB
     11/15 – FAM Meeting – 2.0 hrs, post FAM meeting discussions about                  4
     teamwork, design requirements and determining list of necessary items
     to bring to Saturday’s meeting (2.0 hrs)
     11/16 – 3 hrs LabVIEW workshop, working on Design Alternative                      5
     slides and trying to figure out the basics of connector drawings
     11/17 – Team meeting 2 hrs. Working with Jon on understanding PCB                  5
     and how it relates to connectors (1 hour), Working with Erin on
     Requirements redefinition, and beginning of slides for testing
     11/18 – Reading sensor documentation as well as NAIAD and other part               3
     documentation for connector diagrams.
     11/19 – 10:00am – 4:00pm, and 8:30pm – 12:30 pm – Teamworking                      10
     time. Focus: Testing slide development and Functional Test Plan
     11/20 – Connector drawings                                                         2

                                                                         Total          33

I feel like we have a handle on design layout, and definitely more solidified overall
Current Technical Issues and Problems
I really, really, really need team members to get testing to me. It will be difficult, in my
opinion, to present an organized, well thought-out testing flow without some compilation
of testing done.

Plans for Next Week
Finish up CDR!!!
Weekly Time Sheet
ASEN 4018, Sr. Projects I: Design Synthesis
Member:          Jonathan Nikkel

Reporting Period: from        11/14        To   11/20

Time Allocation

      Description                                                                 Hours
11/14 PCB Routing, PCB Parts List, Design Re-considerations                         3
11/15 FAM, Controls work (reading paper, understanding requirements),               3
      Played around with iTrax Dev Kit and got software installed.
      Attempted to get iTrax Dev kit to acquire a position fix. Hardware
      checking and troubleshooting. Turned out to be a firmware problem.
11/16 More GPS Testing. Loaded new firmware and acquired position                     4
      fixes immediately after. Conducted interference and orientation
11/17 Learned a lot about the motor controller, realized it simplifies the            5
      PCB design, communicated changes to Matt. Cable design
      considerations, Servo Cable design. Taught Sonja about cable
      design, and showed her what needs to be done. GPS testing writeup.
      Lots of emails.
11/18 More reading/studying of controls paper. Meeting with Prof.                     1
      Lawrence to discuss controls strategy.
11/19 Motor Controller Measurements, Software Flowchart development in               13
      Visio, Control Model Development, System Interconnect Drawing
      with Matt, Helped Mike with Motor Selection, sat in on vehicle
      design discussions and provided input.
11/20 Airfield with RASCAL, engine tuning, learned about engine tuning,               6
      static thrust testing with Mike back at the lab, cleaned up the lab.
                                                                         Total       35

Where to start…
-Made a lot of progress in understanding the iTrax/XBee interference problem (or
apparent lack thereof). Conducted testing and did an informal writeup (email).
-Refined PCB design and put together bill of materials. Design changed a little once we
discovered that the motor control does power conditioning for the servos.
-Re-worked software flowcharts and thought through various software issues. Worked
on controls “strategy”. It would seem that we will start off with proportional controllers
for both the position and altitude loops, and possibly use PD if needed, as well as feeding
predicted descent rates forward to the altitude loop if the altitude loop is getting bad
-Motor controller power consumption measurements.
-Helped Mike pick a motor (or tried to help).
-Conducted static thrust testing of the newly tuned Saito 150. Got 15.3 lbf of thrust out
of it.
Current Technical Issues and Problems
-Investigating need for automated battery shut-off at low voltage. Apparently there was
some concern over battery stability and heating at low voltage.
-Still need to investigate XBee antenna orientation concerns and low-to-ground
-Pretty much have no time to do anything. This class is eating my life. FOR AS MANY
Plans for Next Week
-More XBee antenna orientation testing.
-CDR Slides.
-Try to stay sane.
-Eat a giant Thanksgiving dinner.
-Catch up in my other badly-neglected classes.
Weekly Time Sheet
ASEN 4018, Sr. Projects I: Design Synthesis
Member:       Erin Reed

Reporting Period: from      11/14/05      to    11/20/05

Time Allocation

     Description                                                                    Hours

     11/14: FAM Agenda; Weekly Task List; WTS/WTS Compilation;                       4.0
     vehicle team meeting
     11/15: FAM; Meet w/ Sonja and Tara about Saturday requirements; SE              8.0
     meeting about tasks; Rascal test hardware setup/fab
     11/16: Failed Rascal test #1 – problems: support struts, control                9.5
     connections, throttle setting, test hardware setup; Rascal repair from
     fall; Rascal test hardware redo/refab
     11/17: Complete Rascal repair; lab clean-up; team meeting; torque               5.5
     calculation attempts
     11/18: Failed Rascal test #2 – problems: windy day at field didn’t allow        6.5
     for flight, missing hardware, concerns about vehicle capability; CDR
     outline details/back-up slide requirements; CDR master revision
     11/19: Day-long Design Fest – most of day spent coordinating design             14.0
     attempts; made progress on compact fuselage layout
     11/20: Failed Rascal test #3 – problems: throttle still incorrect, battery      16.0
     securing problems; fuselage component layout complete; drawing tree?
                                                                            Total    63.5

Significant progress on design layout and analysis.
Team is finally working together though avionics is still pulling the team along in effort.
Current Technical Issues and Problems
Rascal hates me. There are a lot of problems with trying to prep a vehicle with no
experience, and we’re running into pretty much all of them.
Vehicle team is still behind on design and there is a lot of work still to complete.
Avionics team is beginning to pick up the slack, but with Tara out of town things will
likely be even more difficult.
Plans for Next Week
Finish remaining vehicle design/analysis.
Complete CDR presentation and submit to customer for review.
Complete project plan requirements for presentation and develop layout/outline for Fall
Report – including naming conventions and any other nuances normally forgotten.
Weekly Time Sheet
ASEN 4018, Sr. Projects I: Design Synthesis
Member:          Andrew Shulman

Reporting Period: from             11-14-05         to      11-20-05

Time Allocation

     Description                                                                                       Hours

     11/14/05: Vehicle team meeting                                                                    1.25
     11/15/05: Advisor meeting                                                                         1.25
     11/16/05:       Contacted Hobbyzone & airfoil aviation to get specs on their vehicles, academic   6.75
     literature review, determine Cl from video tape, install new parts on sky surfer, work on our
     vehicle wing sizing & weight
     11/17/05: Meeting with customer, work on release mechanism                                        2.75
     11/18/05: Parafoil airfoil search and calculations in xFoil & in matlab                            1.5

     11/19/05: Determine vehicle performance characteristics & airfoil                                  12
     parameters, finalize overall concept idea, automation of vehicle sizing
     analysis, additional sky surfer testing
     11/20/05: create CLalpha vs. Re regression code in matlab                                           2

                                                                                              Total    27.5

Finalized the overall concept idea of the vehicle and determined functionality of key
components i.e. release mechanism, deployment, motor etc… Analyzed parafoil airfoil
characteristics in xfoil and overall vehicle characteristics in matlab. Wing size is 30 in
span and 10 in chord. Anticipated L/D =~ 8-10. However sized motor for L/D=5

Current Technical Issues and Problems
Not enough time to get everything done. Still don’t have good idea on relationship
between servo arm length & placement and cg location. Current analysis relies on
calculations for wings with AR>6; our is 3 – could be problem.

Plans for Next Week
Finish CDR slides & vehicle specs.
Weekly Time Sheet
ASEN 4018, Sr. Projects I: Design Synthesis
Member:       Tara Smith

Reporting Period: from     11/14         to   11/20

Time Allocation

    Description                                                                  Hours

    11/14, 8-9pm: Vehicle Team Meeting                                                 1

    11/15, 4-5:30: Advisor/Team meeting                                            1.5

    11/17, 3:30-6:00: Team Meeting                                                 2.5

    11/18, 6-11pm: work on vehicle-tube friction analysis, vehicle impact              5
    loads analysis, lists of things to manufacture, test, buy
    11/19, 10am-9:30: Team work time – finished friction analysis, begun          11.5
    materials analysis, started CDR slides, solid modeling
    11/20, 2-4:30: Finished lists, typed up list of components left to solid       2.5

                                                                        Total      24

Vehicle-tube friction analysis complete, started method to choose fuselage materials
based on impact loads, formed lists of things to manufacture, test, and buy.

Current Technical Issues and Problems
Figuring out a solid method to chose fuselage materials

Plans for Next Week
Finish up fuselage design, finish all CDR slides, practicing presentation

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