Shenzhen L&M Electronic: advertising player can be the most successful advertising platform

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					Shenzhen L&M Electronic: advertising player is the most
successful advertising platform
With the development of the times, the social process continues to

accelerate, LCD advertising player to universal public. One the time

bloom over and over to become the king of the new generation of

media advertising platform.

Currently, the rhythm of people's lives become compact, almost

every day, hurrying home from work busy, the effective use of the

spare time of the people in the bus, subway, elevator LCD

advertising player, flexible form of diverse to allow people to watch

programs, not prone to psychological aversion to advertising.

Of course, the reason why advertising player is so hot, it costs low,

long service life, can achieve 7 × 24-hour screening, and no special

maintenance, simple operation, significant savings to the wide report
the main cost of manpower and resources, just copy the program to

adjust program can automatically schedule playback, network

remote control function so you do not have to kiss to the scene.

In traditional advertising media such as television, newspapers no

longer strong advertising player the dawn of the advertising market

in China, and its wide spread and speed advantages to let people see

its huge Potential, and technology combine to better meet the needs

of the market, application, stylish dynamic, lifelike picture.

For businesses, the role of the LCD advertising player is huge. Best

commercial publicity weapon as a product, it can be applied in

various occasions, attracting a large number of audience awareness

products   and    fashion   and      beauty   Concept,   embellishment

environment can play a role.

In addition, companies can make LCD advertising player as a

platform to display their good image presented in front of everyone,

expand the corporate reputation and promote corporate culture.

In today's increasingly competitive market white-hot, with the

innovation of science and technology in the day-to-day marketing, as

a fifth-generation media LCD advertising player gradually became

corporate propaganda New media promotional products, is the

critical key to expand the market.

The previous posters I remember several years ago, every movie
business activities, overwhelming as appear in the streets of the case

is still fresh in our memory.

As a propaganda tool, posters, its vitality is extremely strong, and

neither is eliminated, it must advance with the times. LCD

advertising player as a new media appears both get a good system

With LCD advertising player, the poster into a dynamic poster

Relative to simple leaflets, LCD advertising player live the plane

posters, fine poster itself become more fashion. Dynamic screen

switching, brilliant better adapt to the trend of the times

Requirements, but also to let people more willing to pick up to

receive more information, , more like another poster media the

continuation of life.

LCD advertising player is excellent in the domestic market,

unknown by the beginning to flood the market up to now, and after

the initial excitement, the intellectual requirements we have to face

up LCD Advertising player market cultivation.

LCD advertising player low threshold, prospects, constraints many

businesses in droves less uniform industry standards, rules and

norms to establish imminent remind everyone not only for the

immediate small profit and loss enterprises Industry centuries plans.

Network     LCD    advertising player    market    with   stand-alone

advertising player-based products into cost reduction, large screen
display vendors, IT vendors actively entered the market impact, the

competition has become increasingly serious, homogeneous Of

serious. How to stand out in a large number of vendors, each ad,

enterprises have to face the problem.

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