Denver SW-Littleton - Holiday Inn Express Hotel _ Suites Littleton by linxiaoqin


									                                       Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites
                                       12683 West Indore Place
                                       Littleton, CO 80127
                                       Phone: (720) 981-1000
                                       Fax: (720) 981-1507

I, _______________________________________, herby authorize the Holiday Inn Express Hotel
                  (Print name above)

and Suites in Littleton to charge my credit card account for the following charges below for guest,

                             (Print name above)

Card Type:     _____Visa       _____Mastercard        _____American Express           _____Discover

Card Number: _______________________________________________ Expires: _______/________

Credit Card Billing Address:


City: _________________________________________                       State:_______           Zip:_____________

Telephone: (           ) _________-_________________                  Fax: (          ) _________-____________

Charges Allowed: ____Room & Tax Only              ____Room & Incidentals ____All Charges
(Please mark all that applies. Be aware that a deposit from the guest will be required upon arrival unless ‘All
Charges’ is selected)

Confirmation Number:________________________________

Arrival Date:____________________Departure Date:_________________Number of Nights:________

_____________________________________________                         __________________________
              Cardholder’s Signature                                                  Date
Your Completion of this authorization form helps us to protect our guest from credit card fraud.
The Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites in Littleton keeps all information entered on this form
strictly confidential.

Please enclose a copy of the front and back of your credit card and the front of your ID for
accounting purposes.

Please Fax back to (720) 981-1507

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