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					About intelliAd

intelliAd offers advertisers and agencies software that sig-
nificantly improves the performance of all online marketing
activities. The Bid Management Tool is at the core of the plat-
form that effectively manages and optimizes PPC campaigns.

intelliAd’s Multichannel Tracking offers a rich analysis to
measure user journeys across all channels, including: phone,
PPC, SEO, social media, direct traffic, price comparison
engines, display, newsletter and affiliate marketing. The
results are accounted for directly in the Bid Management Tool.

This 360-view helps to allocate the advertising budget                                Tracking & optimization in one single system
to the right channels for maximum performance.
Our suite of online solutions is driven by innovative
technological advancements and fast interpretation                                         Facts about intelliAd
of market trends into functional applications.
                                                                                           •	 Founded in 2007 as an
                                                                                              independent technology
360˚ optimization with the intelliAd Suite                                                    provider in Munich, Germany

 Semi- and fully automated Bid Management                                                 •	 Has more than 50 employees

 Multichannel Tracking incl. Call and Impression Tracking                                 •	 Customizable for
                                                                                              online agencies
 Product export into more than 20 price comparison engines
                                                                                           •	 Works with a variety of
 Synchronization of PPC campaigns with product portfolio
                                                                                              currencies and time zones
 Pixel Carrier with individual attribution rules
                                                                                           •	 Used by more than
 Numerous interfaces, e.g. to Google AdWords, Google Shopping, Yahoo!                        1,400 direct customers
  Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter, Facebook, Criteo, Searchmetrics                       and agencies

                                                                                           •	 Maintains research
With intelliAd you can make the best possible use                                             collaborations with Yale
of your whole online marketing budget!                                                        University and TU Munich
                                                                                                                                     Copyright intelliAd Media

                                   intelliAd Media . .
Bid Management

intelliAd’s Bid Management Tool allows you to automatically regulate each click price (CPC) of your online
campaign. A factor based algorithm efficiently manages the bidding process. The Bid Management selects the
optimum settings for the performance of your ads based on customized goals such as profit and conversion
maximization. This can significantly reduce advertising costs and save time.

                                               On-site Data
                                                                                                         Performance Data
                                         Bounce Rate, Avg. Time on
                                                                                                   from Price Comparison Engines
                                             Site, Pages/Visit

                                        User Journey                                                            Assist Keywords
                                Multi Touch Point Attribution                                                     in Long Tail

                                    ERP System
                           Cancelled Orders, Contribution                     intelliAd                          Portfolio Optimization
                                                                          Bid Management                            Strategic Groups
                                   Margin, CLTV

                                          PPC Data
                                     CPC, CTR, ROI, CSR,                                                     Trends & Seasonalities
                                      Quality Score etc.

                                                   SEO Data
                                                                                                   Incoming Call Rate and Duration
                                        Conversion Rate, Search Volume,
                                                                                                            per Keyword
                                           Competition, Position etc.

The intelliAd Bid Management uses a wide variety of factors to determine the best possible bid prices.

Product Features:
                                                                                        Who benefits from the product?
 Semi- or fully automated CPC bidding process
                                                                                        •	 All pay-per-click online advertisers
 Integrated optimization based on PPC and SEO metrics
                                                                                        •	 Digital agencies managing a
 Capacity to import performance data, such
  as conversion rate and market sales volume,                                              variety of client accounts
  from comparison shopping sites

 On-site data parameters such as
  bounce rate and time on site                                                          Customer Review
 Individual prioritization of the multi-user                                           “Through the use of intelliAd’s Bid Management
  touch points within the user journey                                                  Tool we saved a lot of time and we were able
                                                                                        to invest more time in the optimization process
 Consideration of offline data such as
                                                                                        of individual campaigns. The Bid Management
  incoming call rate and duration
                                                                                        provided a real added value to our customers
 Ability to increase overall profit, through                                           and our agency compared to the often slow and
                                                                                                                                          Copyright intelliAd Media

  connection to the ERP system                                                          inefficient manual campaign management.“
 Portfolio approach based on Strategic Groups                                          Daniel Wette, CTO, FAIRRANK group

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Multichannel Tracking

intelliAd’s Multichannel Tracking allows you to track your overall online marketing performance. Factors like
clicks, impressions, conversions and sales volume through channels such as calls, PPC, SEO, social media,
direct traffic, price comparisons, display, affiliate marketing, newsletter and more can be tracked. This 360-
degree view makes it possible to identify cross-channel effects and allocate your advertising budget according
to performance. Additionally, the Bid Management incorporates data from Multichannel Tracking to adjust
CPC efficiently.
                     Branding                                                                                                                                                                         Performance

                                                                                    Social                                                                                 Social
                                                      PPC                           Media                                                                                  Media

                                                                                                                                      Traffic                                                      Price
                                                                                                                                x                                                               Comparisons

                                                            Media                                                                                                                     Browser                x
                                                                       Impression                                                                             Direct Type-in
                                                                                                        Click                                                                       Direct                  Conversion
                                                                                                                                  Price                                             Traffic
                                 Marketing                                                                                                      SEO                                                Affiliate

                                              Start                                                                   Middle                                                        End

Multichannel Tracking enables you to view the entire online user journey, tracking activities such as clicks and impressions across all online media channels

Product Features:
                                                                                                                                             Who benefits from the product?
 Performance based view of all online
  marketing channels in a single system                                                                                                      •	 All online marketers advertising in multiple channels

 Call, impression (post-view) tracking                                                                                                      •	 Online shops with long user journeys

 Cross-channel analysis of user journeys,
  down to keyword level

 Realistic illustration of the value chain                                                                                                  Customer Review
  using attribution models                                                                                                                   “With intelliAd’s Multichannel Tracking we can
 Use of on-site data such as bounce                                                                                                         finally analyze all channels for our customers
  rate, time and pages per visit                                                                                                             through a single platform and identify
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Copyright intelliAd Media

 Save time with one single tracking code
                                                                                                                                             Christian Spieker, Director of Marketing / Consulting,
 Elimination of duplicate order IDs and                                                                                                     One Advertising Inc.
  management of cancelled orders

                                                            intelliAd Media . .
Call Tracking

The Call Tracking from intelliAd links data from the online to the offline sphere. Incoming calls are matched
precisely with the online channel, advertising vehicle, or keyword previously accessed by the customer. An
individual telephone number can be provided to each visitor on the website. In real time, intelliAd collects
data on caller ID, number, time and duration of calls from a telephone company. The daily bids for keywords in
Google AdWords are then controlled by the Bid Management Tool, according to individual cost-per-call set-
tings. The resulting integration of advertising on various media allows for successful advertising and efficient
use of your marketing budget.



        User clicks on            intelliAd places a     Dynamic telephone             Customer calls     Data transfer       Call statistics are displayed
        advertising media         cookie or recognizes   number is displayed on        E-Shop             from telephone      in the intelliAd account in
                                  user by electronic     destination page via                             provider            realtime
                                  fingerprint            Javascript

Flow of data between the user, intelliAd and telephone company with intelliAd Call Tracking

What can the product do?
                                                                                       Who benefits from the product?
 Tracking of calls for each advertising channel,
  campaigns, ad group and keyword                                                      •	 All retailers displaying a phone
 Incorporate up to 100,000 different                                                     number on their websites
  telephone numbers per advertiser                                                     •	 Agencies willing to include calls
 Dial national and international                                                         in their success reporting
  landlines and service numbers

 Call-back option

 Instantly transmit call time, duration and caller ID                                 Customer Review
 Display call distributions by day, week and month                                    “Integrating Call Tracking in the Bid
                                                                                       Management system is an important step in the
 Performance monitoring, particularly of expensive                                    cross-channel optimization process. It opens up
  and support intensive products or services
                                                                                       new dimensions for measuring and evaluating
                                                                                                                                                              Copyright intelliAd Media

 Analyze call statistics for keywords for                                             advertising success.“
  effective Bid Management                                                             Tim Schmid, Head of Sales, explido WebMarketing

 Optimize cost-per-call and ROI

                                           intelliAd Media . .
Price Comparison Tool

The intelliAd Price Comparison Tool exports products from e-shops into price comparison portals, such as
Google Shopping, pricegrabber,, Nextag, Shopzilla and Kelkoo. intelliAd provides individual
settings for controlling your ads based on performance factors like clicks, margin, CPO and ROI in the price
comparison sites. In addition, a daily server upload ensures that only current products are shown. Through
data exchange between price search engines and your Google Adwords account, successful products are
identified for more focused advertising. The result is decreased time and costs and increased sales.

                                                   Product list as CSV file

                                                                A B C D E F G H

                                                   Product list as CSV file

Daily data exchange between online shop, intelliAd and price comparison engines

What can the product do?
                                                                                  Who benefits from the product?
 Export products to over 20 comparison engines
                                                                                  •	 Helpful for online stores with a
 Automatically adapt product lists to the required format
                                                                                     large product portfolio
 Track performance for individual products
  in each price comparison site                                                   •	 Retailers advertising their products in
                                                                                     various price comparison engines
 Adjust CPC prices in price comparison
  engines with Bid Management

 Analyze search queries in price comparison portals
  to discover new Google Adwords keywords
                                                                                  Customer Review
     Identify successful products in price comparison sites and
                                                                                  “We finally only need one product list as the basis
     increase corresponding CPC for your ads in Google AdWords
                                                                                  for all price comparison portals. The automatic
 Securely upload product lists in CSV format                                     export saves us a lot of time and offers interesting
                                                                                  insights on the success of the products.“
 Increase conversions and ROAS
                                                                                                                                         Copyright intelliAd Media

                                                                                  Michael Spang, Head of Online Marketing, Betzold

                                          intelliAd Media . .
Product List Tool

The Product List Tool automatically generates complete PPC campaigns with ad groups, ad texts and keywords
from your product lists. A daily server upload ensures up-to-date and appropriate ads. This aspect not only
helps save time but can also allow you to manage your campaigns with more efficiency.

The Product List Tool can synchronize your product lists on a daily basis and automatically pause ads of sold out products

What can the product do?
                                                                                        Who benefits from the product?
 Generate product based modular accounts in Google
  AdWords                                                                               •	 Ideal for companies starting their initial
 Design a campaign for each product category, with ad                                     online campaigns or adapting their existing
  groups for each product                                                                  campaigns to product updates

 Create keywords via variations in the product name                                    •	 Useful for online shops with a large product portfolio

 Easily upload product lists in CSV or XML format

 Dynamically adjust ad texts to each product using place
                                                                                        Customer Review
                                                                                        “The product list feature spares us the manual
 Update every ad daily
                                                                                        update of ad texts in case of sales products for
 Improve click and conversion rates                                                    example. This way, we no longer advertize sold
                                                                                                                                                    Copyright intelliAd Media

                                                                                        out products.”
 Enhance your quality score through carefully designed
                                                                                        Wolfgang Schilling, Managing Director ad agents

                                            intelliAd Media . .
Pixel Carrier

The Pixel Carrier from intelliAd guarantees accurate allocations of conversions in divergent marketing chan-
nels, including phone, PPC, SEO, social media, direct traffic, price comparison tools, display, newsletter and
affiliate marketing. You can use individual attribution rules for delivering third-party pixels, e.g. from affe-
liate networks. Thus an appropriate evaluation of the traffic sources is achieved and duplicate commissions
can be prevented.

Assigns conversions accurately and save costs with the intelliAd Pixel Carrier

What can the product do?
                                                                                 Who benefits from the product?
 Prevent duplicate commissions to advertising net-
  works and affiliates by precisely attributing sales                            •	 All intelliAd clients participating in
 Pixel Carrier can be applied on channel,                                          various affiliate programs
  campaign, ad group and keyword level                                           •	 Advertisers, publishers and affiliate networks due to
 Weigh market channels according to your specifications;                           a transparent and fair calculation of commissions
  Last/First-click-wins or individual settings

 Exclude individual campaigns (e.g. brand campaign),
  ad groups, and keywords within the path
                                                                                 Customer Review
 Prioritize different advertising channels in order
                                                                                 “Using intelliAd‘s Pixel Carrier has enabled us not
  to emphasize top affiliates for example
                                                                                 only to measure and plan the efficiency of each
 Reduce costs through a master conversion pixel                                 online marketing channel accurately but has
 Automatically forward order IDs and conversion data                            also improved our monitoring of the payment
  to affiliate and advertising networks via intelliAd                            of commissions to our affiliates, leading to
                                                                                 significantly less expense allocation work.”
                                                                                                                                            Copyright intelliAd Media

 Decrease costs by up to 30%
                                                                                 Timo Beyer, CEO COMVEL
                                                                                 (, etc.)

                                             intelliAd Media . .
Strategic Groups

With Strategic Groups from intelliAd, you can manage and optimize PPC campaigns outside of conventional
structures. Individual keywords, ad groups, or campaigns are grouped into topic-relevant clusters (i.e. long
tail) and managed by intelliAd Bid Management. Advanced reporting of individual strategic groups allows you
to optimize every campaign.

You can define labels and individual bidding strategies for each Strategic Group

What can the product do?
                                                                                   Who benefits from the product?
 Customize Bid Management strategies
  down to keyword level                                                            •	 Agencies and end customers with a
 Group elements based on campaign independent labeling                               large number of PPC campaigns

 Establish strategic short, medium and long tail groups                           •	 All online shops with a heterogeneous
                                                                                      product portfolio
 Assign labels easily with bulk upload

 Goal-oriented Bid Management for each
  group, e.g. for a special sales promotion

 Identify and evaluate strategically connected keywords                           Customer Review
 Optimize campaigns with advanced                                                 “With the development of intelliAd Strategic
  reporting of Strategic Groups                                                    Groups we were able to directly input our
                                                                                   requirements, such as, for example, assigning
 Simplify campaign management
                                                                                   a strategy to individual keyword groups and
 Create superior performance through                                              extended reporting options.”
                                                                                                                                                Copyright intelliAd Media

  effective Bid Management
                                                                                   Alexander Dieser, Head of Keyword Advertising, Zieltraffic

                                            intelliAd Media . .

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