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									*2004 LSEM AR.4    9/16/05    2:28 PM   Page 1

      Reaching Out                                              “For many years, LSEM has championed services to low-income, underserved
                                                                populations in our community. Representatives of LSEM have made a concerted

      to the Low-Income                                         and dedicated effort to assist elderly victims of family violence with great
                                                                efficiency and sensitivity. We appreciate their expertise, accountability and
      Community                                                 accessibility to low-income and older adult populations.”
                                                                                                                     — Women, Elderly and Battered Coalition

      Main office:                    4232 Forest Park Avenue
                                      St. Louis, MO 63108

                                      (314) 534-4200
                                                                                                                   Branch office: Hannibal, Missouri
                                      (800) 444-0514

      Branch office:                  801 Broadway
                                      Hannibal, MO 63401                                                                           Legal Services of Eastern Missouri
                                                                                                                                   Main office: St. Louis, Missouri
                                      (573) 248-1111
                                      (800) 767-2018
                                                                                  Counties                                        Outreach office: Union, Missouri
                                                                                              LSEM Serves
      Outreach office:                20 S. Church Street                         Adair       Macon        Scotland
                                      Union, MO 63084                             Clark       Marion       Shelby
                                                                                  Franklin    Monroe       St. Charles
                                      (636) 583-7877                              Jefferson   Montgomery   St. Louis
                                      (866) 583-7877                              Knox        Pike         St. Louis City
                                                                                  Lewis       Ralls        Warren
                                                                                  Lincoln     Schuyler     Washington
      Visit our website:              www.lsem.org
                                                                                 LSEM’s service area covers twenty-one
                                                                                 counties in eastern Missouri.

      Legal Services of Eastern Missouri
      4232 Forest Park Avenue
      St. Louis, MO 63108
      (314) 534-4200 — WWW.LSEM.ORG
*2004 LSEM AR.4   9/16/05   2:28 PM   Page 2

    Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, Inc.
    2004 Annual Report

teaPulling together
         toward a common goal
                                               w   rk
*2004 LSEM AR.4      9/16/05            2:28 PM             Page 3

      Dear friends,
                                                                     LSEM’s success in providing high-quality legal               many of the key issues that confront the low-income
                                                                     assistance to our clients is the result of teamwork. We      population we represent. We co-sponsor training
                                                                     at LSEM are fortunate to have so many people who             workshops together. We have many ideas for additional
                                                                     make such integral contributions to our advocacy work.       collaborative ventures.

                                                                     Our staff here at LSEM is committed to providing the         Our many supporters and donors in our community
                                                                     best representation for our clients. This commitment is      are such important partners in our quest for equal
                                                                     enhanced by the way we work together as a team to            justice for all. We so appreciate all those who stand
                                                                     provide comprehensive services for those we represent.       with us as we strive to provide the best representation
                                                                     Our program is divided into substantive units, each with     for the most persons we can serve. The LSEM “team”
                                    Daniel K. Glazier                a particular expertise, such as family law, housing law,     includes everyone who supports our efforts through
                  Executive Director and General Counsel             and public benefits law. We all share that expertise         volunteer time, financial contributions, and other
                                                                     with each other to give the client the most complete         helpful measures.
                                                                     representation possible.
                                                                                                                                  As we reflect back on the past year and eagerly face the
     “Our ability to collaborate with others is one of our strengths and another                                                  future, we are confident the foundation of teamwork
                                                                                                                                  we have established will help us confront the challenges
     way that we engage in teamwork to enhance how we serve our clients.”                                                         ahead and build on the partnerships we have forged to
                                                                                                                                  help provide our clients with the quality representation
                                                                     We at LSEM are very involved in our community                they so richly deserve.
                                                                     because we understand you can’t provide quality legal
                                                                     representation in a vacuum. It takes all of us in the        Yours truly,
                                                                     helping network to make a difference in the lives of our
                                                                     clients. We reach out to many social service agencies and
                                                                     sometimes partner with other legal advocates, such as
                                                                     those at the law schools, to ensure the clients’ needs are
                                                                     met. Our ability to collaborate with others is one of our
                                                                                                                                  Daniel K. Glazier
                                                                     strengths and another way that we engage in teamwork
                                                                                                                                  Executive Director & General Counsel
                                                                     to enhance how we serve our clients.

                                                                     We have a strong working relationship with the other
                                   Susan Nell Rowe                   Legal Services programs in our state. We share materials
                            President, Board of Directors            with each other on our statewide website. We have            Susan Nell Rowe
                                                                     statewide Legal Services task force groups, which tackle     President, Board of Directors

 1    2004 LSEM Annual Report
*2004 LSEM AR.4    9/16/05        2:28 PM        Page 4

           1935         First organized response to the          1977     Funding received from LSC in           Our Mission
             civil legal needs of indigent residents of          mid-seventies for expansion to five
             St. Louis occurred in 1935 when the City            additional counties.
                                                                                                                       Justice for All
             of St. Louis and The Bar Association of             In 1977 our name
             Metropolitan St. Louis established a                was changed to
             volunteer legal aid bureau.                         Legal Services of                                   Legal Services of Eastern
                                                                 Eastern Missouri.
                                                                                                                    Missouri, Inc. (LSEM) is an

           1956                                                                                                       independent, non-profit
                        The Legal Aid Society for the City and
             County of St. Louis was incorporated as a non-                                                         organization that provides
             profit corporation in 1956.                         1993      In 1993, we merged with the Legal
                                                                                                                        high-quality civil legal
                                                                 Services of Northeast Missouri program in
                                                                 Hannibal, Missouri. This merger expanded our     assistance and equal access
           1965         The U.S. Congress passed the
                                                                 service area to another fourteen counties.
             Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) Act in                                                             to justice for low-income
             1965; the act provided funding for local
             legal services organizations.
                                                                                                                   people in Eastern Missouri.
                                                                 2001     LSEM opened an office in Union,
                                                                 Missouri, in 2001 in order to provide
                                                                 additional services to residents in Franklin,         LSEM is a tax-exempt,
           1974        Legal Services Corporation (LSC)          Warren and Washington Counties.
             was created in 1974 to take over the                                                                       501(c)(3) corporation.
             function of providing funding to local legal
             services programs.

                                  A history of justice
                                                                                                                          2004 LSEM Annual Report   2
*2004 LSEM AR.4   9/16/05     2:28 PM     Page 5

             Services/Priorities/Projects                                                   Health/Public Benefits/Income Maintenance: Social Security
                                                                                            Disability Income, Supplemental Security Income, Medicare, Medicaid,
             LSEM sets priorities regarding the kinds of cases the program can handle       MC+, Medical Assistance, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Food
             with available resources. Services are provided as follows:                    Stamps, General Relief, and Unemployment Compensation benefits. The
                                                                                            MC+ Consumer Advocacy Project staff help clients resolve any problems
             Family: The Lasting Solutions Project handles cases involving domestic         they may have with their health care plans.
             abuse, child abuse, and child snatching. Services are provided to
             strengthen and support victims of abuse and their children as they             Education: The Children’s Legal Alliance handles suspensions,
             seek to permanently end the violence in their lives.                           expulsions, and appropriate educational placement for children with
                                                                                            special needs.
             Housing: cases primarily involve clients who have lost their shelter or are
             in danger of losing their shelter. The Homeless Project staff and volunteers   Immigration: The Immigration Law Project staff take cases involving
             visit homeless shelters and outreach clinics in the community to conduct       relative, refugee, and fiancée visa petitions, adjustment to permanent
             intake interviews and give law-related presentations.                          residence, battered immigrant spouse self-petitions, cases under the
                                                                                            Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2002, representation in removal
             Consumer: cases include predatory lending practices, deceptive practices,      cases, waiver applications, naturalization, and employment authorization.
             breach of contract, breach of warranty, wrongful repossession, illegal
             collection tactics, and at-risk bankruptcies.                                  Elderly: cases include many of the matters mentioned above as well
                                                                                            as nursing home problems, wills, powers of attorney and health
                                                                                            care directives.

                                                                                            The Special Projects staff members assist people living with HIV/AIDS
                  “Members of our staff have                                                in areas that involve the health of the client or healthcare issues.

        collaborated on outreach projects, meetings,                                        Rural Outreach was expanded in 2001 when LSEM opened an outreach
                                                                                            office in Union, MO.
        and workshops, and we have made many referrals
                                                                                            St. Louis County Family Court Project staff members represent
        of potential clients to LSEM. The staff of LSEM provides                            parents in hearings that could end in termination of their parental rights.

        many services that benefit the low-income community.                                The Volunteer Lawyers Program (VLP) is a joint undertaking of
                                                                                            LSEM and the organized bar. Volunteers help with cases, serve as
        Many people would go without legal representation                                   consultants, participate in outreach programs, make community education
                                                                                            presentations, and co-counsel with other volunteers and staff attorneys.
        without the services provided by LSEM.”
                                                                                            Pinnacle Arbitration & Mediation Services provides alternative
                                                                                            dispute resolution services to the private bar. Pinnacle is owned and
        — ALIVE (Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments)                            operated by LSEM, and all proceeds benefit LSEM. Call (314) 652-6000
                                                                                            for more information.

 3    2004 LSEM Annual Report
*2004 LSEM AR.4    9/16/05     2:29 PM    Page 6

       A Success Story
       The following is just one example of a case
       handled by LSEM. Without the help of our
       staff in this case, the family may never have
       been reunited.

       The Case of Celia

       Celia is a disabled mother who had no contact
       with her sons (ages 10 and 13) for the first five
       weeks they were in state custody. The case was
       transferred between two jurisdictions, and the state
       lost its contact information for Celia. The boys were
       told that no one knew the whereabouts of their mother.

       Celia wanted to temporarily place her children while she tried
       to get out of an abusive relationship. However, before she had the
       opportunity to do that, her boyfriend took the children to her workplace
       and left them there with all their possessions. Celia was away from the work-
       site that afternoon, so someone called the police to come and get the children.
       They were placed in foster care and Celia was accused of abandoning her sons.

       The boys were able to finally see their mother in the hallway outside the courtroom before the first hearing in the case. That day, we received a court order
       permitting Celia to visit with the boys at least four times per month until they could be returned to her. Those visits did not happen. Aside from the day
       of the hearing, Celia was able to see them only once in three months.

       The court determined that Celia’s housing issue was the main obstacle to her reunification with her sons. Over several months, we worked to resolve her
       housing issues as well as a foster care issue in which the foster care mother only wanted to take one of the boys. We objected to separating them because
       they were extraordinarily reliant on one another.

       Following many obstacles, we were finally able to resolve Celia’s issues, and she moved into her apartment after the boys were in foster care for five months.
       Without the assistance of LSEM in this case, Celia may never have been able to get her boys back in her custody.

                                                                                                                                                   2004 LSEM Annual Report   4
*2004 LSEM AR.4   9/16/05     2:29 PM    Page 7

             Major Gift Campaign                                                           Following is a list of contributors to the campaign through 2004:
                                                                                           John J. Ammann                        Legal Communications Corp.
             In 2004, LSEM entered the final phase of its Major Gift Campaign,             Anonymous Foundation                  Lewis, Rice & Fingersh, L.C.
             Representation with Results. The campaign funds are for the support of        Armstrong Teasdale LLP                F. Wm. & Peggy McCalpin
             ongoing programs, to increase the number of individuals served, and to        Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Co.         Joseph R. Meives
             build an endowment. By the end of 2004, LSEM had reached 64.5% of             Beach, Stewart, Heggie &              MidTown Printing Co.
             its campaign goal by raising $2,580,751.                                          Mittleman, LLC                    Classie L. Moore
                                                                                           Bernoudy Foundation                   McPherson D. & Deborah Moore
                                                                                           Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin        Stephen C. & Mary W. Moore
                                                                                           Bobroff, Hesse, Lindmark &            Moser and Marsalek, P.C.
                                                                                               Martone, P.C.                     Cynthia D. Parres
            Fourteenth                                                                     Joan & Jack Botwinick
                                                                                           Celynda L. Brasher
                                                                                                                                 Pershing Charitable Trust
                                                                                                                                 Darlene A. Poor
            Annual Justice For All BallTM                                                  Bryan Cave LLP
                                                                                           Thomas Burke & Nancy Mogab
                                                                                                                                 Rathmann & Holland, LLC
                                                                                                                                 Robert F. Ritter
            Almost 700 people attended the 2004 ball, our most popular fundraising         Carr Korein Tillery                   Susan Nell Rowe & Ross Briggs
                     event. Gross receipts totaled $158,000 from ticket sales,             Cervantes & Associates                Sandberg, Phoenix & vonGontard
                          souvenir book advertisements, donations, and auction             Ellen & Laurence K. Condie, Sr.       Dennis G. & Cynthia Schafer
                                                                                           Herbert D. Condie,                    Schuchat, Cook & Werner
                                                      sales. This event is made                 Jr. Family Foundation            Daniel C. Schwartz
                                                             possible through the          Alan J. Dixon                         Senniger Powers
                                                                 efforts of many           Tracey & Donald M. Downing            Shea, Kohl, Alessi & O’Donnell, LC
                                                                    volunteers who         Benjamin F. Edwards, III              Reuben A. & D’Anne Shelton
                                                                      assist in planning   Enterprise Rent-A-Car                 Donald J. & Shirley Sher
                                                                       the Justice For     Evans & Dixon, L.L.C.                 Jill Shinn
                                                                                           John C. & Mary Kaye Fort              Simon Passanante, PC
                                                                       All Ball. Join us
                                                                                           Gallop, Johnson & Neuman, L.C.        Elinor Smith
                                                                       at future events    Gaylord Foundation                    Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP
                                                                       for an evening      Goodall Foundation Charitable Trust   Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP
                                                                      of dining,           Maurice B. & Edna Mae Graham          The Stolar Partnership
                                                                     dancing and a         Gray, Ritter & Graham, P.C.           F. Dianne Taylor
                                                                  silent auction.          Louise Green                          Richard B. Teitelman
                                                                                           Sheila Greenbaum & Gary Wasserman     Thompson Coburn LLP
                                                              It’s a fun event for
                                                                                           Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C.     Thomas E. Tueth
                                                         a good cause.                     Patrick J. & Marianne Hagerty         Verneice Walley
                                                                                           Agnes Hill                            Weinhaus, Dobson, Goldberg &
                                                                                           Holtkamp, Liese, Childress &               Moreland
                                                                                               Schultz, P.C.                     Gayle C. Williams & Michael Jamison
                                                                                           Husch & Eppenberger, LLC              Stephen Woodley & Jody Ross
                                                                                           Philip E. Karmel                      Diane Yu & Michael Delaney
                                                                                           Melanie G. Keeney
                                                                                           Judi & John Keith
                                                                                           Lashly & Baer, P.C.

 5    2004 LSEM Annual Report
*2004 LSEM AR.4   9/16/05      2:29 PM       Page 8

           Statement of Activities                                 Audited Statement of Financial Position
                                                                   December 31, 2004 & December 31, 2003
           for the Year Ended December 31, 2004
           Revenues                                                                                                               2004            2003
                                                                   Current Assets
                                                                      Cash and Cash Equivalents                                 233,069        279,571
           Contributions                                100,486       Client Trust Accounts                                       3,169          5,283
           Legal Services Corp.                       1,771,137       Investments                                                42,539        283,610
           United Way                                   639,950       Grants Receivable                                       2,200,982      2,259,739
                                                                      Unconditional Promises to Give                            232,256        206,976
           Basic Civil Legal Services Fund            1,200,403
                                                                      Prepaid Expenses                                           61,451         65,659
           Missouri Lawyers Trust Fund                  138,349       Miscellaneous Receivable                                   28,788         39,666
           Missouri Bar Dues                            164,099    Total current assets                                       2,802,254      3,140,504
           Other Misc. Grants                           704,234    Investments                                                1,732,172      1,319,295
           Fundraising – Special Events                 167,056    Unconditional Promises to Give – Long-Term                   107,722        270,627
           Other Program, Interest and                  239,659    Property, Furniture & Equipment
             Misc. Income                                            Land                                                      350,000         350,000
           Total Income Before Donated Services       5,125,373      Building (Less Accumulated Depreciation of
           Donated Services                             822,422      $557,172 in 2004 & $491,562 in 2003)                     2,093,750       2,071,467
           Total Income:                              5,947,795      Furniture & Equipment (Less Accumulated
                                                                     Depreciation of $391,448 in 2004 and $432,038 in 2003)    129,900          56,263
                                                                      Law Library                                                46,320         46,320
                                                                   Total Property, Furniture & Equipment                      2,619,970      2,524,050
                                                                   Assets Restricted for Permanent Endowment                     35,498         53,981
           Program Services                           5,063,273
           Supporting Services:                                    Total Assets                                               7,297,616      7,308,457
             Management & General Costs                 501,674    Liabilities and Net Assets
             Fundraising – Special Events                76,429    Current Liabilities
             Fundraising – Development                  179,094       Accounts Payable                                         154,948          86,810
             Depreciation                               107,904       Accrued Expenses                                         312,303         416,548
             Write Off of Promises to Give               39,508       Current Portion of Capital Lease Obligations               9,850
                                                                      Client Trust Deposits                                      3,169           5,283
             Loss on Disposal of Fixed Assets                 0
                                                                   Total Current Liabilities                                   480,270         508,641
                                                                   Capital Lease Obligations, Less Current Portion              37,617
           Total Expenses:                            5,967,882    Net Assets
           Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets            (20,087)      Unrestricted                                            4,001,719      3,785,297
                                                                      Temporarily Restricted                                  2,742,512      2,960,538
                                                                      Permanently Restricted                                     35,498         53,981
           Net Assets - Beginning of Year             6,799,816
                                                                   Total Net Assets                                           6,779,729      6,799,816
           Net Assets - End of Year                   6,779,729
                                                                   Total Liabilities and Net Assets                           7,297,616      7,308,457

                                                                                                                                          2004 LSEM Annual Report   6
*2004 LSEM AR.4   9/16/05        2:29 PM       Page 9

                                                                                        Current Board             Nancy R. Mogab             Kareema Aziz               Brenda Kuelker
                                                                                        of Directors
                  Percentage Distribution                                                                         McPherson D. Moore
                                                                                                                  Candy O’Connell
                                                                                                                                             MaryAnne Banks
                                                                                                                                             Tina Bott
                                                                                                                                                                        Jacqueline Kutnik-Bauder
                                                                                                                                                                        Colleen Landefeld
                  of Cases Closed in 2004:                                              Susan Nell Rowe,
                                                                                                                  Kevin Roberts              Lana Boyd                  Deborah Long
                                                                                          President               Vennie E. Sharp            Augustine Williams Brown   Bernadette Lovett
                  LSEM provided 20,852 people with services during 2004 through
                                                                                        Dennis G. Schafer,        Jill Shinn                 Kathleen Brummond          Arnett McGill
                  direct client case work (including the clients and their family
                                                                                          Vice President          Wayman F. Smith, III       Edna Byrd                  Terry Moore
                  members). Another 5,569 people were referred to other agencies
                                                                                        Reuben A. Shelton,        Ann F. Snitzer             Yvonne Campbell            JoAnne Morrow
                  and service providers. We reached an additional 18,501 people
                                                                                          Vice President          Cynthia H. Stevens         Jackie Chun                Ruth Mullins-Julson
                  through community outreach and educational seminars, including
                                                                                        Ronald O. Schowalter,     Sara Sue Tedesco           Daniel Claggett            June O’Brien
                  educational programs for service providers from other agencies,         Treasurer               Mavis Thompson             Sandra Cox                 Angie O’Gorman
                  and people assisted through our written materials and publications.
                                                                                        Stephen C. Moore,         Delores Verner             T. Peter Danielsons        Tara Ohler
                                                                                           Assistant Treasurer
                                  Miscellaneous –7%                                                               Verneice Walley            Mary DeVries               JoAnne Phillips
                                                      Consumer – 6%                     Leonard P. Cervantes,     Thayer L. Weaver, Jr.      Rita Diehl                 Stan Platke
                      Individual Rights – 3%                                              Secretary
                                                                                                                  Barbara Whiting            Lawrence Doreson           John Porter
                                                              Education/Health – 8%     Dorothy Rush,
                   Benefits/Income                                                                                                           Kathleen DuBois            Terry Riecken
                   Maintenance – 7%                                                       Assistant Secretary
                                                                                                                  Current Staff              Joel Ferber                Christine Rollins
                                                                                        John J. Ammann                                       Jay Fisk                   DeAna Rowden
                                                                                                                  Daniel K. Glazier,
                                                                                        Eddie Mae Binion            Executive Director &     Genevieve Frank            Caroline Savitzky
                                                                                        Joseph Brannon              General Counsel
                                                                                                                                             Leslie Freeman             Diane Schamber
                                                                                        Carrie Dees               Gayle C. Williams,         James Frost                Tina Schmidt
                                                                                        Joseph F. Devereux, Jr.
                                                                                                                    Associate Director
                                                                                                                                             Rhea Gertken               Carl Seltzer
                                                                                        Jane E. Dueker            Susan Hauser,
                                                                                                                                             Steve Glenn                Amy Smoucha
                                                                                        Thomas G. Glick                                      Cathy Goldstein            Susan Spann
                                                                                                                  Ann B. Lever,
                                                                                        Agnes Hill                                           Joy Hadley                 Betty Springfield
                     Housing – 23%                                                                                  Director of Litigation
                                                                                        Hellon Jefferson                                     Patricia Cooper Harris     Brenda Steiger
                                                            Family/Juvenile – 46%                                 Elizabeth Roper,
                                                                                        Thomas M. Lang               Human Resources         Susan Harris               Kevin Suffern
                                                                                                                     Director                Carol Haynes               Lynn Travis
  “We have worked with LSEM for many years on a variety of projects that serve                                    Judi Keith,                Jennifer Heggemann         Kayla Vaughan
                                                                                                                    Director of
  low-income individuals and families. Our staff members regularly collaborate                                                               Lisa Herder                Marisa Waldman
  with LSEM staff through community groups and task forces designed to improve                                                               Dan Horkheimer             Joyce Walker
                                                                                                                  Jon Althauser              Lakitsa Hunter             Karen Warren
  services to many of our area’s most vulnerable residents.”
                                                                                                                  Susan Alverson             Amy Kester                 Tonya Watson
                                                          — Catholic Charities Housing Resource Center
                                                                                                                  Mary Anthony               Mary (Molly) Kottmeyer

 7   2004 LSEM Annual Report
*2004 LSEM AR.4               9/16/05     2:29 PM             Page 10

  2004 LSEM donors                Blackwell Sanders Peper          Frank Carretero
                                    Martin LLP                     Marjorie & Alan Carter              “Legal Services of Eastern Missouri is a particularly effective organization
   A                              J. Russell Bley                  John Casey
                                                                                                       working with people of low-income to exercise their rights. We work with
  Richard & Kaori Aguirre         Susan Block                      Kelly Casey
                                  Dalfred Blockton                 Thomas Casey
                                                                                                       Legal Services staff in several capacities: consulting their staff attorneys
  Sharon & Mark Alexander
  Susan Amato & Kurt Hoener       Evelyn Blount                    Edward & Constance Cervantes        on fair housing matters, referring numerous complaints about landlords
  Robert & Susan Appleton         Thomas Bumenthal                 Eloise Cervantes                    from tenants, and working with staff on community projects.”
  Matthew Armstrong               Bobroff, Hesse, Lindmark         Leonard Cervantes                                                                                                         — Equal Housing Opportunity Council
  Armstrong Teasdale LLP            & Martone, P.C.                Phillip & Amy Cervantes
  J. Damon & Elizabeth Ashcraft   Terese Bokern                    Cervantes & Associates
                                                                                                  T. Patrick Deaton                                                Vincent & Mary Garozzo           Harry & Linda Greensfelder
  Association of Corporate        August Bollinger                 Kenneth & Carole Chackes                                        F
                                                                                                  Jeffrey& Barbara Demerath                                        Dan Garrow                       Greensfelder, Hemker
     Counsel America              Tina Bott                        Addie Chappel                                                  Timothy & Kelley Farrell
                                                                                                  Dempsey, Dempsey                                                 Catherine Manley Gaylord            & Gale, P.C.
                                  Joan & Jack Botwinick            Daniel Claggett                                                Charles Farris
                                                                                                    & Moellring, P.C.                                                Foundation                     Gerald Greiman &
   B                              Joan Bray                        Bonnie Clair                                                   Iryna Feder-Lange
                                                                                                  Jeri Devereaux                                                   John & Dora Gianoulakis             M. Susan Carlson
  Charles & Jennifer Bacon        Breeze, Roberts, Ponder-Bates    Jane Clark                                                     Joel Ferber
                                                                                                  Devereux Murphy LLC                                              Peter & Carol Gilster            Stanley Grimm
  Lucille Bailey                    & Zimmer                       Mary Clarke                                                    Matthew Fields

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     2004 LSEM Donors
                                                                                                  Mary DeVries                                                     Daniel Glazier & Nancy Snow      Grubb & Ellis Management
  Baker, Sterchi, Cowden &        Richard & Anne Bresnahan         Robert Clayton                                                 Michael Finan
                                                                                                  Diekemper, Hammond, Shinners,                                    Thomas Glick                        Services, Inc.
     Rice, L.L.C.                 John & Joy Briscoe               Pamela Coffin                                                  Jennifer & Timothy Finley
                                                                                                    Turcotte & Larrew                                              Glick Finley LLC                 William & Millicent Guerri
  The Bar Association of          Paul Brown                       Laura Cohen                                                    Jeanne Fischer &
                                                                                                  Sherry Doctorian &                                               C. David Goerisch                Kevin & Amy Gunn
     Metropolitan St. Louis       Ruth Brown                       Robert Cohen                                                     Michael Kafoury
                                                                                                    Timothy Hayden                                                 Roger Goldman &                  Michael & Carolyn Gunn
  Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Co.   Brown & James, P.C.              Michael & Sandy Compton                                        M. Peter & Suzanne Fischer
                                                                                                  Anna Dodson                                                        Stephanie Riven
  Jon & Melissa Baris                                                                                                             Willie Flemming
                                  Bryan Cave LLP                   Ellen & Laurence Condie
                                                                                                  Margaret Donnelly &                                              Jesse Goldner &                  H
  Phil & Jan Barkett              Steven & Virginia Bublitz        Herbert D. Condie,                                             Patrick & Cynthia Fox
                                                                                                    David Riedel                                                     Judith Cromwell                Haar & Woods, LLP
  Timothy & Margaret Barrett      Edmonia Buford                     Jr. Family Foundation                                        Fox, Heller, Gallagher
                                                                                                  Patrick Dougherty                                                Cathy Goldstein & Carl Schwarz   Joseph & Suzanne Hagan
  Catherine Barrie                Thomas Burke & Nancy Mogab       John & Rebecca Cook                                              & Finley, LLP
                                                                                                  Judith Du Chateau                                                Goodall Foundation               Magnolia Hale
  John & Nancy Barsanti           T. Bennett & Sarah Burkemper     Douglas & Amy Copeland                                         Bernard & Lois Frank
                                                                                                                                                                     Charitable Trust               Jean Hamilton
  Ann Bauer                                                                                                                       Frank, Dolan & Mueller, LLC
                                  Burkemper Law Firm, L.L.C.       Jim Corrigan                    E                                                               Michael Gorla                    Claiborne Handleman
  Joseph & Cheryl Bauer           Edgar Burnett                    Michael & Leslie Corrigan                                      Leonard & Julie Frankel
                                                                                                  Ninian & Mary Edwards                                            Stephen & Jeanette Gottlieb      Josie Hardin
  Bauer & Baebler, P.C.           David & Laura Butsch             David Cosgrove                                                 Barbara Fraser & Norman Jones
                                                                                                  Edwards, Schramm, Watkins,                                       Terry Gould                      David Harris & Michele Lowe
  Nicole & David Behnen                                            Thomas & Denise Cotter                                         Frankie Freeman
                                                                                                    Spoeneman, Waltrip                                             Sarah Grant                      Susan Harris & Janet Kourik
  Linda Behrmann                   C                               Marvin Cummins                   & Beilenson
                                                                                                                                  Carol Chazen Friedman &
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Virginia Harris
                                                                                                                                                                   John Gray
  Stuart Berkowitz                Yvonne Cannon                    Kurt Cummiskey                                                   Harvey Friedman
                                                                                                  Stanley Eichner                                                  Gray, Ritter & Graham            Daniel Hartrich
  Claude Bernard                  Capes, Sokol, Goodman            Ken Curtis                                                     Frank & Jean Fries
                                                                                                  Rory Ellinger & Linda Locke                                      Louise Green                     Jeanne Hartz
  Mark Berry                        & Sarachan, P.C.
                                                                                                  Emerson Electric Co.                                                                              Susan Hauser
  Sam Bertolet                    John & Sally Caraker             D                                                              G                                Green, Schaaf & Jacobson, P.C.
                                                                                                  Nancy Emmel                                                      Scott & Kristan Greenberg        Virginia Heagney & James Tobin
  Edith Binder                    Gerard & Suzzie Carmody          Gregory & Jill Dana                                            Terry Galganski
                                                                                                  Enterprise Rent-A-Car                                            Michael Greenfield               Jennifer Heggemann
  D. Black                        Carmody MacDonald P.C.           Bernard & Leila Davis                                          Timothy & Kathleen Gallagher
                                                                                                  Fred & Sara Epstein                                                & Claire Halpern               Edward & Lucy Hejlek
                                  J. Russell & Debra Carnahan      Bob Dear                                                       Gallop, Johnson & Neuman, L.C.
                                                                                                  Alberta Evans

                                                                                                                                                                                                      2004 LSEM Annual Report          8
*2004 LSEM AR.4                    9/16/05    2:29 PM     Page 11

                                                                        Annette Heller                    Joan M. Swartz, L.L.C.           Donald Leavitt                   Michael McDonnell               James & Judie Neville
                                                                        Sally Heller & Ronald Van Fleet   Naomi Johnson                    Legal Communications             Brian & Mary McGovern           Charles & Betsy Newman
                                                                        Sarah Hellmann &                  R. Bradley & Dawn Johnson          Corporation                    Patrick & Jennifer McLaughlin   Herbert & Arlene Nickels
 2004 LSEM Donors

                                                                             Herman Rusche                Robert & Sandra Johnson          Legal Services of                Phyllis McPheeters
                                                                        Gerard & Kathie Hempstead         Willie Johnson                     Southern Missouri              Matthew McWilliams              O
                                                1                       Barbara Hennings                  Carolyn Jones                    James & Nora Leritz              Mary Ann Medler                 John O’Brien

                                                                        Lisa Herder & Vincent Venker      Robert & Susan Jones             Ann Lever                        Tom Mendelson                   Mary June O’Brien

                                                                        Philip & Teresa Hess                                               Theresa & Darryl Levings         Ronald & Paula Meyer            O’Brien Law Firm LLC

                                                                        Robert Hetlage                     K                               Melton & Sarah Lewis             MidTown Printing Co.            Michael & Bonnie O’Keefe

                                                                        Clare Heyne                       Ralph Kalish & Eleanor Withers   Lewis, Rice & Fingersh           Midwest Litigation Services     John & Pamela O’Neil

                                                                        Ellen Hiatt & Barnet McKee        Mark Kaltenrieder                Stephen & Anne Limbaugh          Martha Miller                   Stuart & Rhea Oelbaum

                                                                        Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP          Jo Ann Karll                     Mark Litow                       The Missouri Bar                Robert Officer &

                                                                        Patrick & Kippy Hoene             Charlene & Michael Kass          Robert & Tracy Litz              Nelson & Gina Mitten              Mary Davidson-Officer

                                                                        Christopher Hoffman               Douglas & Julie Kays             Joseph & Yvonne Logan            Sara Monks                      Tara Ohler-Jenney

                                                                        Holloran Stewart &                Judith & John Keith              Shannon Lopata                   Monsanto Company                Betty Okenfuss
                              “We don’t                                                                   Earl Keller                                                                                       Patrick Olmstead
                                                                             Schwartz, P.C.                                                R. Michael & Lecie Lowenbaum     Mardi Montello
                    accomplish anything in this          2                                                H. Kelley                                                                                         Henry & Ilene Ordower
                                                                        Evester Holmes                                                     Michael & Gaye Lowry             Margaret Mooney
               world alone ... and whatever happens                     Betty Howard                      R. Brooks Kenagy                 James Lyon & Florence Reaves     Stephen & Mary Moore            Gerald & Mary Ortbals
            is the result of the whole tapestry of one’s                Glenn Hoyt                        Thomas Kennedy                                                    John Morrison                   Mary Beth Ortbals
         life and all the weavings of individual threads                Lurie Hubbard                     Raymond & Kristine Kerr          M                                Jo Anne Morrow
                                                                                                          James & Sarah Kimmey             Maylin Mahoney                                                    P
         from one to another that creates something.”                   Richard Hughes                                                                                      Moser and Marsalek, P.C.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Matthew & Celeste Padberg
                                                                        Thomas & Cathie Hullverson        Jerry Klein                      James & Kay Malone               Sara Moses
                       — Sandra Day O’Connor                                                                                                                                                                The Padberg & Corrigan
                                                                        Human Development                 Kenneth Klein                    Jerome Mandelstamm               John Moticka
                                                                                                          Kathryn Koch & Mark Arnold       Jonathan Marks                                                     Law Firm
                                                                             Corporation                                                                                    Thomas Motley
                                                                                                          Kohn, Shands, Elbert,            Murry & Floryne Marks                                            Peter & Kathleen Palumbo
                                                                        William & Dorothy Hungate                                                                           Thomas & Janet Mug
                      Photo 1 — 2004 AIDS Walk (LSEM Team)                                                                                                                                                  Dan & Lillie Parker
                                                                        Husch & Eppenberger, LLC             Gianoulakis & Giljum          Charles & Patricia Marshall      Melissa Muhammad
                    Photo 2 — LSEM Work Environment Committee                                             Jeffrey & Harriet Kopolow        Martin, Malec & Leopold, P.C.                                    Larry & Sandy Parres
                                                                                                                                                                            L. Michael & Joan Mullen
                                                                         I                                Grant Korkoyan                   MasterCard International                                         Timothy Patterson
                    Photo 3 — LSEM Office Procedures Committee                                                                                                              Michael Mullen
                                                                        Jonathan & Sarah Igoe             B. Michael Korte                   Matching Gifts Program                                         Craig & Cindy Pennington
                                                                                                                                                                            Jerry & Judy Murphy
                                                                        Vincent Immel                     Paul Krispin                     Lisa Mayer-McWilliams                                            Martin & Maria Perron
                                                                                                                                                                            Stephen Murphy
                                                                        Information Innovations                                            David & Tracy McCalpin                                           The Perron Law Firm
                                                                                                                                                                            Valerie Murray
                                                                        Wanda Ives                         L                               F. Wm. & Peggy McCalpin                                          Thomas Peters
                                                                                                          Bradford Lander                  Eileen McCann                    N                               Robert & Rosemary Pickle
                                                                        J                                 Thomas & Jill Lang               W. Dudley & Elizabeth McCarter   Michael & Barbara Nack          Bradley Pierce & Laurie Vincent
                                                                        Robert & Andrea Jackson           Lawrence & Hannah Langsam        James & Simone McCartney         Joseph & Christina Nassif       Steven Pisoni
                                                                        Carol Jaudes                      Lashly & Baer, P.C.              Margaret & Mike McCartney        Margaret Neill                  Cecelia Planthold
                                                                        Ronald Jaudes                     The Lawyers Association          Bernice McDonald                 Gerard & Tish Nester            Stan Platke
                                                                                                             of St. Louis                                                                                   Steven & Julie Plax

 9                   2004 LSEM Annual Report
*2004 LSEM AR.4              9/16/05        2:29 PM            Page 12

  Harold & Jean Player
  Polsinelli Shalton Welte
                                    DeAna Rowden
                                    Susan Nell Rowe & Ross Briggs
                                                                    James & Kathleen Sherby
                                                                    Kay Sherman & Iver Bernstein
                                                                                                                Client Satisfaction
    Suelthaus PC                    Peter & Ann Ruger               Thea Sherry & David Weir
                                                                                                                “I was very pleased with the services that were provided for
  Linda Pool                        Mary & Jim Russell              Jill Shinn
  Joel & Terry Poole                J. Brendan & Carol Ryan         Sarah Siegel & Paul Stein
                                                                                                                me. My attorney was very caring and very nice. It was very
  Joseph & Peggy Porter             Norah Ryan & Arthur Graves      Ted & Maryanne Simmons                      hard for me to tell a stranger my problems and she was very
  Carol Portman                                                     Barbara Simon                               respectful and caring ... You will never know how grateful I was
  Maury & Lorraine Poscover          S                              Paul Simon                                  that there was help out there. Thank you again for your help.”
  Omri & Julie Praiss               Mark & Lynn Sableman            Simon Passanante, PC
  Herman & Terri Praszkier          Nancy Sachar                    Annie Simpson
                                    Phillip Sachs
  Norman Pressman &                                                 Daniel Singer                               “The entire team at Legal Services of Eastern Missouri was a
    Wendi Alper-Pressman            Saint Louis University          Richard & Miriam Sisson
                                       School of Law
                                                                                                                blessing to me. I felt as if each one of them truly cared and did
  Countess Price                                                    Nick Skarvelis
                                    Peter Salsich
                                                                                                                everything and then some to help me in my case. I’m actually
  James Pudlowski                                                   Howard & Barbara Smotkin
  Thomas & Michaela Purcell         Joseph & Kathleen Sanchez       Amy Smoucha
                                                                                                                going to miss talking to them on the phone. Truly a team of
                                    Sandberg, Phoenix &             Ralph & Maud Soebbing
                                                                                                                wonderful people.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2004 LSEM Donors
   Q                                   von Gontard, P.C.            Jonathan & Kristin Soifer
  Mary Quigley & Richard Kuhns      James Sanders                   Lyndon Sommer
  John Quinn                        Diane & Kenneth Schamber        Sonnenschein Nath &                James Sullivan             Ilo Turner                     Joseph & Joan Walsh             Philip & Hilda Willman
                                    Thomas & Gwendolyn                 Rosenthal LLP                   James Susman               James Turner                   Nathaniel & Stacy Walsh         Harlie Wilson
   R                                   Schlesinger                  Milton & Christine Spaulding       Edward & Mary Sweeney                                     Walther/Glenn Law Associates    Scott Wilson
  Rabbitt, Pitzer & Snodgrass, P.C. Schlichter, Bogard
                                                                    Spencer Fane Britt &               Erwin Switzer               U                             John & Pamela Warner            Renee Winter & Paul Roth
  Daniel & Frances Raniere            & Denton                                                                                    U.S. Title Guaranty Company,
                                                                       Browne LLP                      Dorothy Swyers                                            Washington University           Barry Winters
  John Rasp                         Catherine Schmidt                                                                                Inc.
                                                                    Betty & Billy Springfield          Stuart & Janey Symington                                     School of Law                Kathryn & James Wire
  RubinBrown                        School of the Osage                                                                           Gary & Glenda Underwood
                                                                    St. Louis County Bar Association                                                             Thomas & GiGi Weaver            Louvenia Wise
  Marjorie Reinhart                 Ronald & Sue Schowalter                                             T
                                                                    Brenda Steiger                                                                               Weinhaus, Dobson, Goldberg      Richard & Carol Wise
  Edward & Sigrid Renner            Mary & Stanley Schroeder                                           Felice Taub-Joyce           V
                                                                    Billie Stephenson                                                                               & Moreland                   Brian Witherspoon & Janis Good
  Pamela Reznick                                                                                       F. Dianne Taylor           Lisa & Al Van Amburg
                                    Sara Schuelt                    Thomas & Laura Stewart                                                                       Kenneth & Marilyn Weinstock     Michael & Patricia Wolff
  Gerald Richardson                                                                                    Lotty Taylor               Patricia Viveros
                                    Robert & Tatjana Schwendinger   Delores Stine                                                                                Robert Weis                     Women Lawyers’ Association
  Teresa Riecken                                                                                       Sara Sue & Ted Tedesco     Lynn & Paul Vogel
                                    Eileen Searls                   Stinson Morrison Hecker                                                                      David & Candace Welch             of Greater St. Louis
  Judy Riley & Ellis McMurtry                                                                          Richard Teitelman          Karen Volkman
                                    Carl & Jo Louise Seltzer        Ann & Richard Stith                                                                          Susan Werner                    Mae Woolfolk
  Kevin & Debra Roberts             Senniger Powers                                                    Harvey & Ann Tettlebaum
  James & Fran Robison
                                                                    Laura Stith                                                   W                              Dorothy White-Coleman           Scott & Mary Ann Wymore
                                    Shea, Kohl, Alessi &                                               Thompson Coburn LLP                                       Karen Wild
                                                                    Rebecca Stith & Gen Obata                                     Marissa Waldman
  John & Peg Roedel                    O’Donnell, LC                                                   Mary Beth Tinker &                                                                         Z
                                                                    The Stolar Partnership                                        Barbara Wallace &              Alif Williams
  Christine & Chad Rollins          Philip Shelton                                                        Mary Ann Nye                                                                           Gene & Marlene Zafft
                                                                    Stone, Leyton & Gershman                                         Kenneth Rinderknecht        Gayle Williams
  Elizabeth Roper                   Reuben & D’Anne Shelton                                            Karen Tokarz                                                                              Jennifer Zarzecki
                                                                    Calea Stovall-Reid                                            John & Cindy Wallach              & Michael Jamison
  Rosen Law Firm                    Donald & Shirley Sher                                              Simon & Mary Tonkin                                                                       Amy Ziegler
                                                                    Glenn Strong                                                  Verneice Walley                Williams Venker & Sanders LLC
  Robert & Audrey Rothbarth                                                                            Dennis & Adele Tuchler                                                                    Bart Zuckerman

                                                                                                                                                                                                  2004 LSEM Annual Report         10

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