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					Issue #28 - Summer, 2009
Foundation Activities                         Go Green, Go Dutch, Go Bikes                      • Since 1977, Causeway Work Centre
Race Weekend Results                          Sunday, May 31st, 2009 marked the third             has assisted individuals in our
In the Spring issue of the newsletter, we     annual Go Green, Go Dutch Go Bikes – and            community with programs promoting:
described the Pep Rally and Volunteer         the first, which was nation-wide in scope with      employment, education and wellness.
Reception held at Causeway prior to the       events held in Vancouver, Winnipeg,                 Clients are assisted throughout the
Ottawa Race Weekend. We can now               London, Dunnville, Toronto, Ottawa and              entire employment process towards
report on the Race Weekend itself, which      Fredericton. This event promotes cycling as         independence.
took place May 23-24. In total, we had        a fun, practical and clean means of
seven participants with pledges for           transportation. It is also a means of raising     • Last year, Causeway assisted 636
Causeway, who took part in the marathon,      funds in support of charitable agencies. This       clients and created 363 employment
half-marathon and the 5k run/walk and         year Cycle Salvation was selected as the            opportunities. Our three social
collected more than $1,700. These funds       beneficiary of T-shirt sales. We wish to            enterprises employed more than 90
will go to support Causeway’s newest          especially thank His Excellency, Netherlands        Causeway clients.
social enterprise, Cycle Salvation. We are    Ambassador Wim Geerts, and Ottawa City
particularly proud of our client, Georgette   Councillor Clive Doucet.
Demers, who completed the full marathon                                                        Causeway Work
this year on behalf of Causeway.              Community Environmental Projects                 Centre Activities
                                              Grants Program (CEPGP)
                                              In June of this year, Causeway received a
                                                                                               Salimah – tread-milling to
Grants Received
In the past several months Causeway has       grant from the City of Ottawa’s Community        better health
been the recipient of a number of             Environmental Projects Grants Program
significant grants. We wish to express our    supporting the Causeway Vermiculture
sincere gratitude to all these benefactors.   Project. This project utilizes a special “worm
                                              wig-wam” to reduce the food waste that is
Retired Teachers of Ontario                   generated by Krackers Katering and recycle
In May of this year, Causeway Foundation      it as fertilizer.
received a sizeable grant from The Retired
Teachers of Ontario (RTO/ERO). The            RONA Foundation
grant will be used by Cycle Salvation, for    In July, Causeway Foundation received a
technical training of Causeway clients in     substantial grant from the RONA Foundation
bike mechanics. Cycle Salvation takes         in support of the Work Centre’s Solutions for
donated and discarded bicycles and            Youth Program. This program, for young
rebuilds them to make them safe and           people aged 16 to 29 with barriers to
road-worthy. The refurbished bikes are        employment, is designed to assist them to           Salimah working out in the Causeway gym
sold from their repair facility at 477        develop the tools and techniques required to
Bronson Avenue in downtown Ottawa.            find and keep jobs, and/or to pursue formal  Salimah Jassani grew up in Montreal and
Special thanks to RTO/ERO District 27 –       education. The program includes pre-         graduated from high school there, later
Ottawa-Carleton and to Mrs. Pauline           employment activities, conflict resolution   moving to Ottawa where she worked for a
Trudel.                                       workshops, as well as seminars on            while at the Department of National Defence.
                                              assertiveness, self-esteem and anger         Shortly afterwards, Salimah became a
                                              management in the workplace.                 participant in Causeway’s Clubhouse
                                                                                           program. Through the years, she has 
                                              Causeway Achievements                        continued her involvement at Causeway
                                               • Causeway Foundation disburses 100         by taking part in pre-employment
                                                 per cent of fundraised and donated        programs. Most recently, she has become
                                                 dollars and last year paid out $82,000 to an active member of Causeway’s
                                                 support the Work Centre’s programs        Wellness Program. This program was
                                                 and social enterprises. Since 2006, the initiated in 2004 to address issues of
                                                 Foundation has disbursed more than        physical well being among individuals
   Causeway’s Executive Director Don Palmer      $170,000 to assist individuals with       living with mental health issues and/or
           and Mrs. Pauline Trudel               mental health issues and/or disabilities. other disabilities. The program includes a

 What is Causeway?
                                                                          Causeway Foundation was established in 1998 “to raise
Since 1977, Causeway Work Centre, a not-for-profit
                                                                          and distribute funds to support Causeway Work Centre
community economic development agency, has been assisting
                                                                          programs and services to further the well-being of
individuals affected by disabilities, addictions and mental
                                                                          individuals affected by disabilities, addictions and mental
health problems. Causeway offers: Pre-employment and skills
                                                                          health problems.” It is managed by a seven-member Board
development; Computer training; a comprehensive Youth pre-
                                                                          of Directors: Donna Campbell, President; Dianne Breton,
employment program; various Supported Employment
                                                                          Past-President; Robert Petrie, Treasurer; Claudia von Zweck,
Programs; a Wellness Program; Krackers Katering, Good
                                                                          Secretary; Directors - Peter Woollings, Len Leeks, Don
Nature Groundskeeping and Cycle Salvation, three
                                                                          Palmer, and Bruce Hiney.
entrepreneurial businesses that employ Causeway clients.
     structured exercise regimen and nutritional for People with Disabilities. This award was
     counseling. Christopher Kelly is the        created for “organizations, partnerships,
     Wellness Coordinator and he works           agencies, neighbourhood groups and
     diligently with clients to help them improveindividuals who work tirelessly, passionately
     their health.                               and collaboratively to make Ottawa a better
                                                 place in which to live, work and raise a
     Salimah is one of Christopher’s clients and family.”
     has participated in the Wellness Program
     since January of this year. Her favourite   The award was presented on May 28th to
     activity in the gym is walking on the       Causeway Work Centre Executive Director                                                    (l-r) Tessa Hebb, Genevieve Harrison, Don Palmer,
     treadmill. When she and Christopher         Don Palmer. Also present at the ceremony                                                          Causeway Work Centre, members of the
                                                                                                                                                 Collaborative for Innovative Social Enterprise
     started working together, she was able to were Causeway staff and clients, Work                                                             Development, Eli Fathi, George Brown, Rick
     walk on the treadmill for about 20 minutes Centre Board members Ric Dagenais, Mark                                                     Dagenais and; Gisèle Richer, OTF Board Member;
     at a speed level of “1”.                    Spas and Len Leeks, as well as Foundation                                                  Honorable Jim Watson, Minister of Municipal Affairs
                                                 Board members Dianne Breton and Donna                                                        and Housing; Yasir Naqvi, MPP, Ottawa - Centre

                                                                        Trillium Future Grant                                                   Bikes rebuilt by Cycle Salvation staff
                                                                        Building on the success of Causeway Work                                     are on sale from $40 at 477
                                                                        Centre, a new Collaborative for Innovative                                Bronson Ave. Call 613-288-1454
                                                                        Social Enterprise Development (CISED)                                
                                                                        has been established to support social
                                                                        enterprise opportunities that improve                                    Superior food and service for social,
                                                                        access to jobs for traditionally hard-to-                                  professional, business functions
                                                                        employ or disadvantaged workers. CISED                                          at competitive prices.
                                                                         is a partnership between Causeway,                                       Krackers Katering 613-792-4954
          Salimah Jassani and Wellness Coordinator,                     Ottawa Community Loan Fund, Carleton
                      Christopher Kelly
                                                                        Centre for Community Innovation,
                                                                        Algonquin College, the Business
     Now, with eight months of training and                                                                                                       Provides affordable residential and
                                                                        Innovation Centre and Vanier
     support behind her, Salimah’s typical                                                                                                        commercial lawn care and property
                                                                        Community Service Centre.
     treadmill session lasts for an hour and                                                                                                       maintenance. Call Good Nature
     one-half and at the increased speed-level                                                                                                     Groundskeeping 613-858-8097
     of “1.5”. She uses the gym, which is
     located on the lower level of the
     Causeway building, twice a week
     because, “it feels good, and it’s good for
     me.” Christopher is very proud of the
     progress Salimah has made … “she is
     more open-minded than ever before and
     willing to try new things. She is making a
     positive difference in her life and I am
     excited that I get to help her reach her
     fitness goal.”

     United Way: Community
     Builder Award
     Causeway Work Centre was awarded the                                                   (l-r) Richelle Chouinard, Mark Spas, Meaghan Byrnes, Donna Campbell,
                                                                                                Doug Pawson, Brenda Richardson, Stephanie Sizer, Ric Dagenais,
     United Way‘s Community Builder Award                                                   Don Palmer and Dianne Breton at the 2009 Community Builder Awards.

     How you can help:
     4 Donate that unused bicycle in your basement or garage; Call Cycle Salvation at 613-288-1454
     4Allow Krackers to cater your next event. Telephone: 613-792-4954
     4Call Good Nature Groundskeeping for lawn and property maintenance 613-858-8097
     4Make a financial donation.
     Cheques are payable to Causeway Foundation. A tax receipt will follow. Charitable No. 87254 0844 R0001. To donate electronically, visit, and
     follow the prompts to the “” link on our main page. Click on this link for secure and convenient on-line donations. 


       To Donate                                                                       Yes! I want to support Causeway programs with my donation of:
                                                                                       $ ___________
       Please forward your cheque (payable to                                          Name: ____________________________________________
       Causeway Foundation) to: Causeway                                               Address: __________________________________________
       Foundation, 22 O’Meara Street, Ottawa,                                          _________________________________________________
       ON K1Y 4N6. A tax receipt will follow.                                          Tel.: ______________Email: __________________________
       Charitable No. 87254 0844 RR0001                       (CC#28)

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