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startup business plan


startup business plan

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									Key Words
         ‫ت‬     ‫حا‬


Enough       Every   Each
                    ‫ا‬           ‫وأ‬   ‫ا‬       ‫أ‬
                ‫ا‬       ‫ا‬        ‫ا‬       ‫ه‬
                    ‫ا‬     ‫أراد أن‬
        ‫ا د‬       ‫أه ا ت ا‬        ‫ا ت‬    ‫أن أ‬
         ‫ه ا ت وا‬   ‫ا ن إ أن أ‬          ‫أ ا‬    ‫و‬
‫(‬   ‫و‬        ‫و )ا‬    ‫ا‬       ‫وآ ل ر ل ا‬     ‫ﺡ‬
      ‫ا ا ي ﺡ وا ان‬     ‫إ أن‬       ‫أ ا‬    ‫و أر‬
        ‫ا اد و‬
‫ا ﺡ ي‬     ‫ا‬
  Several     Developing    Until
   Rule        Toward       Unit
   Base        Against      Well
   Pull        Pattern      Will
   Draw        Appear      Shall
   Lay        Disappear    Would
   War           Too       Should
  Govern         Also      Could
Government     Always       But
Development     Even        Put

Science    Plain     Say
Sentence   Plane     Said
  Set      Mean      Dry
 Group     Take     Rough
 Large     Took     Smooth
  Big      Talk     Smith
 Main      Listen    Fly
 Train      Tell     Try
  Rain      Ask      Tray
 Again     Hear      Cry

Carry   Trend     Surprise
Hold     Land      Rise
Car      Earth    Sunrise
Care    Ground    Sunset
Pilot   Usual      Song
Plan    Casual     Sing
Map     Normal    Singer
Lane    Regular    Sign
Road     Noun      Signal
Way      Verb      Single

Married      Jug       Hour
Marred      Teach     North
 Marry     Teacher    South
Surgeon     Study      East
 Doctor    Student    West
Chemist     Learn     Spring
Pharmacy   Preacher   Summer
Dentist     Again     Winter
Oculist    Second     Autumn
 Judge     Minute      Fall
call    Live      Reach
Fall    Love      Arrive
Mall    Like       Cost
Tall    Want      Coast
All    Need       Easy
Hall    Must      Ease
Gall   Exactly   Simple
Ball    Sure      Basic
Wall   Certain    Hard
Life    Such     Difficult

    Air         Visa     Farm
  Breath       Ticket    Frame
  Airport      Ready     Form
   Port       Shopping   From
Passport       Market    Garden
  Pass         Village    Field
 Station       Town        Oil
   Rest         City      Spell
Nationality    Capital    Meet
  Travel      Country     Meat

Week      Over       Style
weak      Close      Under
strong   Closed      Down
Slow     Locked      Bath
 Low      End        Both
 Fast    Finish     Kitchen
Quick    Endless     Line
High     Infinite    Differ
  Hi      Final     Cause
 Doll     Still     Because

 Turn        Day       Same
  Last      Today      Many
  List     Yesterday   Money
 Open      Tomorrow    Much
  Self      Present    More
Umbrella     Date      Most
  Fat        Time      Few
  Thin     Question    Little
 Than       Answer     Less
 Then       Some       Color

  Ten      Wood     Through
  Tin      Glass    During
 Gold      Class     Idea
 Cold      Room      Think
 Cool      Young    Thank
 Silver    Guy       True
Diamond   Though    Believe
 Iron     Before     Fact
Writer      Yet      Real
Write     Thought    Really
Enough      Feel      Measure
Never      Family      Leave
 Ever      Direct      State
Above      Pose       Product
 Up        Stood      Produce
 Very       Stop      Number
 Food     Parking     Numeral
 Feed      Stand      Figure
 Feet    Understand    Fire
 Foot    Understood    Order

 Look         Ice       Better
 Show       Mountain    Butter
  See        Rock        Piece
  sea        Stone      Pease
 Ocean       Wind       Give up
 Deep        Mind      Surrender
 River       Brain        Lot
Waterfall     Wild       Part
  Rain       Beast       Area
 Snow         Best       Half

 Ship     Bad       Seem
Shape    Good       Note
 Boat    Foolish   Notice
Happy    Stupid     Once
Happen   Smart     Children
 Fain    Clever     Kids
 Fine    Genius     Baby
 Fun      Eat       Born
 Kind    Swim      Weight
 Sad      Play      Wait

Wight     Moon      Often
Weigh    Together   Always
 Way      Walk      Choose
Kisses    Paper     Break
Voice      New       Gun
Sound     News      Gone
Power    Barber     come
 Star     Mark      Active
 Sky      Label      Graft
 Sun       Mill     Aroma

  Book          Find         Point
 Letter       Search         Drive
 Later         Done         Driver
 Music          Fill        Device
Musician         ill       Chauffeur
  Box         Health       Customize
  Able          Pain         Make
Correct        Junk          Made
incorrect   Organization    Friend
 Error         Front         Mate
 Beauty      Arm       Build
Beautiful   Warm      Builder
Wonderful    Heat     Building
 Wonder     Heater     Drink
  Full       Stove     King
 Empty      Heating   Kingdom
  Free      World      Prince
  Near      Animal     Plant
   Far       Grow      Have
 Object      Page      Own

Muster      House      Content
 Master      Hose       Fork
Hospital    Horse       Spoon
School       Net        Plate
Company      give       Knife
 Office     Sleep       Dish
 Center     Inside       Oh
 Store     Outside      Cover
  Flat     Contain     Discover
 Home      Container   Adapter

Alarm     Serve      Sit up
Alert    Observe    Foreign
Force     Miss      Forget
Victim    wish        Sit
 Any     History     Being
Which    Control    Forever
Light    include    Nowhere
Dark       Aid       Soul
Lonely    Help       Sweet
Gaze     Sit down    Sour

Modern    Maybe      About
Broker    Perhaps    Around
Broken    Behind      Busy
 While    Follow    Common
Whole       Get     Commonly
 May      Reverse     Clear
 Might    Angry      Clean
Between   Decide      Dirty
Among       Die       buy
  Tail      Did        by

Bought      Since        Test
 Bring      Early       Weigh
Brought     Late         Sex
Island     Repeat        Cross
 Game      Record       People
Check      hundred     Formation
 Back     Thousand     Problem
Laugh      Million       Size
 Age       Possible     Honest
 Press    Impossible     Top
   Job      White    Tongue
  Work      With       Eye
 Remind     Lady       Ear
Remember    Body     Stomach
 Interest   Bone       Skin
 Charm      Knee      Penis
  Past       leg      Head
 Heard       Arm       Hair
 Desert      Nail    Forehead
 Cloud      Throat   Cheeks

 Nose      Lungs    Quiet
 Mouth     Liver    Quite
 Teeth     Heart      Pig
 Tooth     Waist     Cow
  Lips      Pad     Chicken
 Neck      Pillow    Soft
Shoulder   Shoe      Flag
 Hand      Smoke    Delay
 Finger    Shirt    Secret
 Chest     Speak    Explain
   Sharp        Responsible      Fix
    Stick         Private        Fit
   Design         Special     Translate
    Join          Public      Dictionary
   Afraid       Necessary       Hole
    Pen          Important    Compare
   Pencil          Hope         Ago
    Male           Wise        Chance
   Female          False       Change
Administrator      Mix         Bother

   Case         Hit     Enemy
   Keep        Hurt      Bird
   Cook         Cut     Bread
  Charge       Copy     Create
   Bear       Strange   Smile
Shouldering    Beat     Reply
   Corn       Defeat    Degree
  Corner       Win      Dream
   Allow       Lose     Noon
   Deny       Beard     Divide
 Subject    Object    Possessive   Possessive   Reflexive
pronouns   pronouns   Adjectives   Pronouns     Pronouns
   I         Me          My          Mine        Myself
  You        You        Your         Yours       Yourself
  You        You        Your         Yours      Yourselves
  He         Him         His          His        Himself
  She        Her         Her         Hers        Herself
   It         It         Its          Its         Itself
  We         Us          Our         Ours       Ourselves
 They       Them        Their        Theirs     Themselve

          am       have


     me   my       mine   myself


           are          have


     you   your         yours   yourself


          are         have


     us    our        ours   ourselves


            are            have


     them   their      theirs     themselves


           is         has


     him   his        his   himself


           is           has


     her   her         hers   herself


          is         has


     It   Its        Its   Itself

Regular verbs
 Infinitive      Past     Past participle
    Cut          Cut           Cut
    Set          Set           Set
    Let          Let           Let
     hit          Hit          Hit
    Put          Put           Put
   Shut         Shut          Shut
   Cost         Cost          Cost
   Burst        Burst        Burst
   Split        Split         Split
  Spread       Spread       Spread
Broadcast     Broadcast    Broadcast        37
Irregular verbs
Infinitive     past    Past participle
  Buy        Bought      Bought
 Bring       Brought     Brought
  Build       Build        Build
  Burn        Burnt        Burnt
 Catch       Caught       Caught
  Feed         Fed          Fed
  Feel         Felt         Felt
  Fight      Fought       Fought
  Find        Found       Found
  Flee         Fled         Fled
   Get         Got          Got
Infinitive    past    Past participle
  Hang       Hung         Hung
  Have        Had          Had
  Hold        Held        Held
  Hear       Heard       Heard
  Lose        Lost        Lost
   Lay        Laid        Laid
  Lead        Led          Led
 Learn       Learnt      Learnt
 Leave        Left         Left
  Lend        Lent        Lent
  Light        Lit          Lit         40
 Infinitive      past      Past participle
   Lose          Lost           Lost
   Keep          Kept          Kept
  Weep          Wept           Wept
   Win           Won           Won
  Found        Founded       Founded
   Pay           Paid          Paid
Understand    Understood   Understood

Infinitive    past     Past participle
 Make        Made          Made
 Mean        Meant        Meant
  Meet        Met           Met

 Teach       Taught      Taught
 Think       Thought     Thought
  Tell        Told        Told

Infinitive     past   Past participle
   Say        Said        Said
  Seek       Sought     Sought
  Send        Sent        Sent
   Sell       Sold        Sold
 Shine       Shone       Shone
 Shoot        Shot        Shot
 Sleep        Slept       Slept
 Smell        Smelt      Smelt
  Spell       Spelt       Spelt
 Spend       Spent       Spent
Infinitive    past    Past participle
 Stand       Stood       Stood
  Stick      Stuck       Stuck
  Sting      Stung       Stung
  Stink      Stunk       Stunk
 Strike      Struck      Struck
   Sit        Sat          Sat
 Sweep       Swept       Swept

Infinitive     past   Past participle
   Be          Was        Been
  Bear         Bore     Born (e)
  Beat         Beat      Beaten
 Begin        Began      Begun
  Bite          Bit      Bitten
  Blow         Blew      Blown
 Break        Broke     Broken
Become       Became     Become
 Come         Came       Come
Choose        Chose     Chosen
Infinitive     past    Past participle
    do          did        Done
  Drink       Drank       Drunk
  Drive       Drove       Driven
   Eat          Ate       Eaten
   Fly         Flew       Flown
   Fall        Fell       Fallen
 Freeze       Froze       Frozen
Forgive      Forgave     Forgiven
 Forget       Forgot    Forgotten
 Forbid      Forbade    Forbidden
 Know         Knew        Known          47
Infinitive    past   Past participle
  Give       Gave       Given
   Go        Went        Gone
 Grow        Grew       Grown
  Hide        Hid       Hidden
 Read        Read        Read
  Ride       Rode       Ridden
  Ring       Rang        Rung
  Rise       Rose        Risen
  Run        Ran          Run
   Lie        Lay         Lain
Infinitive     past    Past participle
  See          Saw         Seen
  Sew         Sewed        Sewn
 Shake        Shook      Shaken
 Show        Showed       Shown
  Sing         Sang        Sung
 Spring      Sprang      Sprung
 Speak        Spoke      Spoken
  Steal        Stole      Stolen
 Swear        Swore       Sworn
 Swim         Swam        Swum
Infinitive    past   Past participle
  Tear        Tore       Torn
 Throw       Threw     Thrown
  Draw       Drew       Drown
 Wake        Woke       Woken
  Wear       Wore        Worn
  Write      Wrote     Written

‫ان‬   ‫وا‬   ‫ا ا ي‬   ‫أن ﺕ‬   ‫ﺕ‬
I wish for you good luck

          Good bye

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