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									        Chap. 7 Ethical Issues Regarding Emerging Technologies
1.   Do you see the utilization of computers and the subsequent increase in
     gathering of information as a primarily good or bad development? Defend
     your position by appealing to utilitarian or Kantian arguments.
2.   Should American companies operate in nations in which they may become
     complicit (directly or indirectly) in human violations? Why or why not? Do you
     believe that corporations who merely follow the dictates of an authoritative
     figure are absolved of much of their moral culpability, even if their
     compliance knowingly leads to violations of human rights?
3.   DeGeorge points out the practical problems involved in trying to enforce strict
     adherence regarding intellectual property (IP) and digital forms of media.
     What are some ways you can imagine that the industry and laws regarding
     enforcement of IP may be altered in order to bring the competing interests of
     the different parties and their perspectives regarding protection of IP into
     greater coherence with one another?
4.   Do you believe that responsibility for access to life saving pharmaceuticals is
     primarily that of the market, the government, individual pharmaceutical
     companies, or the pharmaceutical industry as a whole? Explain the possible
     role of each entity.

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