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                                   If It Is Not Texting While Driving, It Is Webbing, an Equally Deadly
                                   Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) January 22 , 2013 – If it is not one thing, it is another. The next distracted
                                   driving reason is ‘webbing.’

                                   “I am not too surprised to learn there is yet another way to drive while distracted,” acknowledged Austin personal
                                   injury attorney Bobby Lee, of Lee, Gober and Reyna in Austin, Texas. “It had to happen with all the technology
                                   being thrown at us today, and most of it being used while driving. The latest is dubbed ‘webbing’ and it means
                                   surfing the Internet while driving.”

                                   While many people might shake their heads to think someone would be brainless enough to surf the web while
                                   driving, consider the story of the trucker watching a porn flick on his laptop, who killed a mother and her baby, or
                                   the tale of the train engineer who ran his engine off the rails, injuring hundreds, and killing him, because he was
                                   texting and missed the proper signals.

                                   According to State Farm insurance, webbing is on the rise. They recently polled over 4,000 drivers in the
                                   18-year-old and up to 29-years-old category and found that 48 percent of them surfed while driving. It was only
                                   29 percent in 2009. Now, thanks to more and brighter smartphones, webbing is catching on like wildfire. The
                                   problem is that while the phone may be smart, it appears the driver using it, while behind the wheel driving, is not
                                   so much.

                                   “What are these people doing? They are checking social media sites, and by the looks of the rest of the
                                   statistics, older adults are also starting to do the same thing. “The true definition of insanity is someone checking
                                   Facebook or Twitter while driving. What are they thinking? That the car will drive itself safely? That’s not going
                                   to happen,” Lee stated.

                                   While law enforcement and legislators are focused on reducing or banning texting while driving, a new problem
                                   is taking its place; the increased use of other mobile web services while behind the wheel. Cellphones and
                                   smartphones are one thing, mobile devices with access to the Internet are another. The use of technology in
                                   vehicles is getting out of hand, as no one thinks about safety issues. “How many deaths will it take to drive
                                   home that point?” asked Lee.

                                   To learn more, visit Austin personal injury lawyer and http://www.rwleelaw.com.

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