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									The Latest Convertible Ultrabooks for 2013
Tablet sales and profits are climbing unbelievably fast and Intel plans about generating improvements towards the
notebook marketplace using the new convertible Ultrabooks. Intel is doing the job on the modifications notebook
computers will need to make in order to contend against tablets in this cutting edge mobile economy.

Making use of the new gesture and touch functions aided by the new Windows 8 operating system, these Convertibles
are able to gracefully change to touchscreen tablets. Windows 8's primary included feature, the Metro dashboard, is the
completely new face of Windows. It simply delivers the capability of touch control to Windows while the entire, old
fashioned operating system is still there whenever you desire it. There are various methods to which these Ultrabooks
transform, whether it's by means of flipping, revolving, sliding or even detaching.

It's a nice thing using a tablet and being able to bring out a physical keyboard when you need one. The Windows 8
convertibles will be wonderful for people who desire full-powered, Intel Core CPU outfitted laptop computers that may
also be utilized as touch screen tablets.

Windows 8 makes these machines shine with its user interface built for tablet control along with the full Windows
system. This particular list of the best Windows 8 convertible Ultrabooks will demonstrate several types of hybrids out
there today.

12. 5” Lenovo ThinkPad Twist for $829
The Twist offers the business class quality we'd count on from a ThinkPad laptop computer, but with the hinges enabling
the display to spin around and shut for use as a tablet. This concept is not specifically new, however with this ThinkPad
and the benefits of the revolutionary Windows 8 operating system, this kind of characteristic is reborn and even more

Having a price beginning at $829, is amazingly affordable, especially considering the ThinkPad line is Lenovo's high-end
laptop line. Though the Twist's downsides do show a little bit from the budget price, it is still a great product and ideal
for business consumers. Additionally, the keyboard is the same high quality we would count on from Lenovo and their
best-in-class keyboard status.
13.3" Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 for $1,049
The IdeaPad Yoga coming from Lenovo has become a rather popular subject since it was introduced. Much like the name
suggests, the Yoga is a flexible Ultrabook. The lid opens up like any notebook computer might, but the hinges enable the
Yoga's screen to keep flipping back 360 degrees up to the point it is flat up against the base area making it a tablet.
Additionally you can flip it just enough to get it in 'Tent Mode' so that it will stand for simple viewing.

The Lenovo Yoga is probably the most flexible hybrid available right now and incredibly user friendly. It is also cost-
effective, and it has upgraded types in case you need that powerful Intel i7 CPU or more random access memory.

Like the other hybrid s, it’s still just a little heavy for typical tablet use weighing at 3.3 pounds. Although it is twice as
heavy as an iPad for tablet use, it includes much more potential. You receive a full power PC with the new Windows 8
and a keyboard when it's needed with a very simple flip of the touchscreen.

11.6” HP ENVY x2 for $849
This hybrid via HP was very anticipated when it was first introduced, with its ability to detach the touchscreen display
from the bottom half with the keyboard to form a standalone tablet. The x2 is the very first (noteworthy) Windows 8
Ultrabook to feature this particular capability, which Intel hopes to become a mainstream function sometime in 2013.

Starting off at a very low, competitive price of $849, this ENVY is merely over a price of high-end tablets like the iPad. It
also features 2 batteries, one in each half of the ENVY, allowing it to have an incredibly long battery life almost two
times the duration of the typical Ultrabook. Having the more inexpensive PROCESSOR, the Atom processor chip, it is
much less powerful as other Ultrabooks.

11.6" Sony VAIO Duo 11 for $1,099
The 11 inch screen fits an entire 1080p resolution display that looks lovely. Sony's 'Surf Slider' can be used to slide the
touch screen back and upward to reveal the keyboard, transforming the tablet in to an Ultrabook. It is a little difficult to
transform the Duo and brand new buyers might not exactly know how to do it right before being demonstrated.

It's a pricey little 11.6" unit priced at $1,099, but it's attractive design and superb 1080p display are nice to show off and
make audiences around you jealous. The level of competition for manufacturers to create the best Windows 8 hybrid
has led to the high price ranges with high-end convertible Ultrabooks, 2013 will surely show us some more cost-effective
ultra-portables before long.

12.5" Toshiba Satellite U925T for $1,149
The Toshiba Satellite U925T converts into laptop form in a similar way that the Sony VAIO Duo 11 does. Starting as a
tablet when closed, the touch display slides back to the hinges, then can position the display upward. This particular
Satellite functions fine and the quality is pleasant, but there are a few flaws.

The primary recognizable aspect of Toshiba's U920t convertible Ultrabook will be the lower resolution. Not only does it
possess less than the Sony and Dell hybrid s with 1080p displays, the Satellite U920t has even less than the typical
resolution of 1600x900 pixels.


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