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									Expanded comfort and trimmed fares on long-haul Air France flights

                  Press Office - November 2010 - http://corporate.airfrance.com/en
ON BOARD:        AT THE AIRPORT:      25% MORE

6                11                   12                  2
                        A giant leap forward in comfort for a small difference in price

                        Air France offers its customers a new cabin, Premium Voyageur, situated        Wide work tray
                        between the Voyageur (Economy) and Business cabins, available on the
                        entire Air France long-haul network served by international Boeing 777s,
                        Airbus A330s and A340s, i.e. over 50 destinations.

                        Air France’s Airbus A380s will be gradually equipped with the Premium
                        Voyageur cabin as from April 2011.

                        Premium Voyageur complements the Air France range of services with
                        enhanced travelling comfort and service at very competitive fares. The fare
                        scale for Premium Voyageur is particularly attractive, notably for small and
                        medium-size companies and for passengers accustomed to choosing
                        Voyageur (economy) class for their leisure travel.

Leather headrest
of the fixed-shell
                        Press Office - November 2010 - http://corporate.airfrance.com/en                           3
Premium Voyageur seat
A few examples of fares1:                                                                                                   EXAMPLE OF THE CHANGES TO THE BOEING 777-300ER CABIN
• Paris - Beirut round trip from 1,183 euros including tax
• Paris - Chicago round trip from 1,064 euros including tax
• Paris - New York round trip from 998 euros including tax                                                                                 (Economy)
                                                                                                                                           250 seats         67 seats      8 seats
• Paris – San Francisco round trip from 1,098 euros including tax
• Paris - Washington round trip from 1,048 euros including tax

Premium Voyageur passengers will enjoy:
• personal space which is totally protected thanks to a fixed-shell seat offering 40% more
room than in the Voyageur (economy) cabin.
• menus created by Michel Nugues, Chef at Servair, an Air France subsidiary specialised in
in-flight catering, and a list of wines and champagnes from the Voyageur (economy) cabin
                                                                                                                                                                             AS FROM AUTUMN 2009
selected by Olivier Poussier, Air France wine steward, named world’s best “sommelier” in
• an amenities kit, bottle of water, noise-reducing headset and extra baggage allowance,
all adopted from Affaires (Business) class.

                                                                                                                                      (Economy)        28 seats         67 seats     8 seats
1. These fares may be subject to modifications. Fares including tax calculated using taxes applicable on 9 November 2010.             200 seats
2. See the paragraph on baggage in the section “At the airport: priority treatment”

Press Office - November 2010 - http://corporate.airfrance.com/en                                                                                                                                   4
One year old and 400,000 customers

Premium Voyageur is a great success with our leisure customers including seniors and
SMEs looking for enhanced comfort on long-haul flights.

77% of customers think that Premium Voyageur has met or even surpassed their expec-
tations. They above all appreciate the comfort of the seat and the ground services provi-
ding smoother passage through the airport such as access to the Business class check-
in desks, the larger baggage allowance with priority delivery, dedicated security channels
and priority boarding and disembarkation.

Customers who have travelled in Premium Voyageur highly appreciate this product and
over 70% of them would recommend it to a friend or colleague.

Press Office - November 2010 - http://corporate.airfrance.com/en                             5
                                                                             The new Premium Voyageur
40% more room compared with the Voyageur (economy) cabin                           seat reclines to 123°

What distinguishes the new Air France Premium Voyageur class is the com-
fort of a private space and a fixed-shell seat offering 40% more room than
the seats in Voyageur (Economy) class.
The Premium Voyageur cabin has around twenty seats in an area formerly
occupied by 40 seats in Voyageur (economy) class.

Airbus A330/A340: 21 seats
Boeing 777-200ER: 24 seats
Boeing 777-300ER: 28 seats

Press Office - November 2010 - http://corporate.airfrance.com/en                                      6
A fixed-shell seat, to preserve privacy                                                          Air France has filled in the space between individual seatbacks so that passengers are no
                                                                                                 longer bothered by the light from other video screens while sleeping or watching a film.
The choice of a fixed-shell seat, generally reserved for the best Business class cabins,
makes Air France the first European airline to offer such a comfortable seat in an inter-        Practically, each seat features:
mediate cabin.
                                                                                                 • an electric plug for a laptop,
Air France especially asked B/E Aerospace to develop this seat. His seatback slides down         • a wide tray that can easily accommodate a laptop along with papers and a glass, all
inside the shell without intruding on the space of the passenger behind. Each passen-            comfortably lit by an individual directional reading light,
ger’s personal space is totally protected.                                                       • a cocktail tray prolonging the armrest,
                                                                                                 • a noise-reducing headset for optimum enjoyment of the exclusive Air France audio and
Inside the fixed shell, the seat reclines to 123°, allowing the passenger to relax comfortably   video programmes.
with the legs extended. The seat is equipped with a legrest whose height can be adjusted,
an adjustable footrest, and a headrest that can be raised, with movable wings.                                                                                        Electric plug

The roomy seat is 19 inches (48 cm) wide, with 10-cm wide leather armrests. The pitch
between seats is close to one metre (38 inches, or 97 centimetres).

In order to free up space for the legs, Air France has incorporated the video control box
into the seat, rather than beneath it. This was, in fact, the choice Air France made 3 years
ago for the seats in its Voyageur (economy) class.                                                                                  Directional
                                                                                                  Cocktail tray                            light           Headset

Press Office - November 2010 - http://corporate.airfrance.com/en                                                                                                                        7
In-flight service promising both pleasure and balance                                        Aperitif with champagne in the
                                                                                                  Premium Voyageur cabin
Premium Voyageur meal service is the same as in Voyageur (economy), a combination of
gourmet pleasure and balanced menus throughout the flight.

The meal and beverage service is especially designed for long-haul flights, and agreeably
punctuates the flight while preparing passengers, on arrival, to continue their day in top
                                                                                                                                                      Baby spinach
                                                                                                                                              and quinoa dumplings
The service begins with an aperitif (champagne, wine, etc.) and is followed by a choice of                                                          with vegetables
two balanced hot dishes designed by Michel Nugues, a member of Servair’s prestigious
“Toques du ciel” sky chefs.
                                                                                                                              Häagen Dazs
                                                                                                                              ice cream bar
A selection of wines and after-dinner drinks are offered to Premium Voyageur passengers,
e.g., Côtes du Ventoux La Vieille Ferme 2009 Perrin &, Côtes du Lubéron La Vieille Ferme
2009 Perrin & Fils, etc.”

On flights lasting more than 10½ hours, a buffet service offers passengers a selection of
snacks to suit all tastes, including mini-sandwiches and Häagen Dazs ice cream bars.

Air France offers complimentary champagne in all cabins on its international long-haul
routes (except on the Caribbean-Indian Ocean network).

Press Office - November 2010 - http://corporate.airfrance.com/en                                                                                                 8
Business class amenities                                                                      Pure whool blanket   Feather pillow

On each seat, passengers will find a pure wool blanket, a feather pillow, a bottle of water
and a toiletries kit containing Clarins skincare for men and women, earphone covers, ear
plugs, a toothbrush, a comb, toothpaste, a sleeping mask, travel socks, a shoe bag and a
shoe horn.

These Air France amenities kits come in shades of light blue and grey beige, which comple-
ment the Air France Premium Voyageur cabin.

                                                                                              Toiletries kits      Bottles of water

Press Office - November 2010 - http://corporate.airfrance.com/en                                                                      9
A 26-cm video screen, for an eyeful of great entertainment!                                                                      A wide selection of newspapers and magazines

                                The large individual Premium Voyageur video screen is 10.4                                       The leading French and international dailies and magazines,
                                inches (26 cm) wide, for extremely comfortable viewing of the                                    together with the “Air France Magazine”, are available to
                                85 films, some of which are available in 9 languages*.                                           Premium Voyageur and Voyageur (economy).
                                Air France is Europe’s largest cinema (in number of films). The
                                new Air France long-haul Premium Voyageur class lets pas-          Special in-flight sales at airfrance.com
                                sengers make the most of this outstanding programme, which
                                also includes some fifteen films screened in their original ver-   The in-flight sales “Boutique” that can be accessed from the Air France websites lets pas-
                                sion**, honouring the many different tastes and cultures of our    sengers select purchases before the flight and benefit from discounts.
 A new 26-cmvideo screen
                                clientele, over half of whom are international passengers.

Each month, close to 500 hours of programming are available in Premium Voyageur as
in Business and Voyageur (economy) cabins: cinema, TV series, French and international
newscasts, games, language lessons and even a jukebox with 200 CD titles.

* Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish
** African, Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, South American and Tamil

Press Office - November 2010 - http://corporate.airfrance.com/en                                                                                                                        10
                              AT THE AIRPORT:
                              PRIORITY TREATMENT
                              Premium Voyageur offers services on the ground that make time in the           Like passengers in Affaires, Premium Voyageur travellers can board at
                              airport much easier.                                                           their convenience and, on arrival, are among the first to disembark and
                                                                                                             enjoy priority delivery of their checked baggage.
                              Premium Voyageur passengers may check in at priority desks in Paris and
                              throughout the world.

                              They also benefit from an additional baggage allowance:

                              • 2 bags weighing 23 kilos
                              • 1 additional bag weighing 23 kilos for Flying Blue Silver, Gold and Plati-
                              num (Elite and Elite Plus) members.

                              Customers benefit from a 20% discount on excess baggage when chec-
                              king in online at www.airfrance.com (from 30 hours before the flight up to
                              the latest check-in time).
                                                                                                             Priority baggage delivery

Priority check-in desks and
a Business class baggage
                              Press Office - November 2010 - http://corporate.airfrance.com/en                                                                                  11
                          25% MORE
                          FLYING BLUE MILES
                          Passengers travelling in Premium Voyageur Class who are members of
                          Flying Blue, the frequent flyer programme of Air France and KLM, earn Miles
                          faster: a full-fare ticket in Premium Voyageur (modifiable, refundable, etc.)
                          earns 25% more Miles than a full-fare ticket in Voyageur (economy) class.

                          Press Office - November 2010 - http://corporate.airfrance.com/en                12
Flying Blue Silver Card

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