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					                     Butler Cat Fanciers & Sphynx Without Borders
  Closing Date
9PM 10/29/2012
  or when full.
                                                            Invite You

                                          CFA Championship
                                            10 Ring Show
                                                November 3 – 4, 2012
                                       9AB / 1SP - 5 Ring Back2Back – 225 limit

                               Shops at Northway - 8000 McKnight Road
                                    Pittsburgh, PA 15237
            SATURDAY JUDGES                          SUNDAY JUDGES

            Rick Hoskinson AB                      Chuck Gradowski AB                        Show Photographer – SATURDAY
              David Mare AB                         Hilary Helmrich AB                             Justine St. Arnaud
           Diana Doernberg AB                      Karen Lawrence AB
              Gary Veach AB                          Anne Mathis SP
                                                                                                      HCM Clinic – SUNDAY
              Liz Watson AB                         Sharon Powell AB
                              SHOW MANAGER                                                          Book Your Session in Advance
                      Kathy Treleani (
                                                                                                            (310) 694-1451
                                ENTRY CLERK                                                                  Limited Space
                  Paul/PK Products (
                  239 Mitchell Road Wilmington, OH 45177
                               (937) 382-8100
                                                                ENTRY FEES
                                                    1 (includes catalog) $60
                                                     2nd (same owner) $45
                       3 & All Additional $40 | Household Pets $40 | Groom & Sales Cage $25 | ½ Cage $20

ENTRY INFO: It is the exhibitors’ responsibility to email the Entry Clerk to confirm receipt of Online & Faxed entries. The Entry Clerk and/or
club will not be responsible for entries lost due to communication errors. Make checks payable to Butler Fanciers. Returned Check Fee $25.
SHOW HOURS: Check-in 7:30-8:30am. Advertised show hours both days 9:00am to 4:00pm. Note: The airport is 30 miles from show hall.
SHOW HALL: Shops at Northway, 8000 McKnight Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237. Show hall is heated and air conditioned.
SHOW HOTELS: There are many hotels in the area that accept pets. Please visit for updates.
RULES: It is advised that all entries be tested for FELV, and be inoculated by a licensed veterinarian against Feline Enteritis, Rhinotracheitis,
Calicivirus and Rabies before entry. Claws of all four feet must be clipped prior to benching. No declawed cats may entered. All cats must be
free of fleas, fungus earmites, and any contagious illness. Show Management reserves the right to cause the removal of any cat from the show
hall suspect of any of the above until a licensed veterinarian can make an examination at the exhibitor’s expense. All championship,
premiership, and registered kitten entries will be scored for CFA regional and national awards. This show will be conducted under current CFA
rules. A copy of the rules may be obtained by sending $7.00 to CFA 260 East Main St. Alliance, OH 44601.
SALES CAGES: There will be a limit of one double sales cage per exhibitor. To have a sales cage you must have at least one CFA registered
entry in the show. Kittens must be at least four months old. CFA litter registrations will be required by show management. There is a
maximum of two kittens or one cat per single cage. All sales animal must be in a cages. Positively no cats or kittens will be allowed in carriers
under the tables.
CAGES: A single cage measures 21”x 21” x 21”, a double cage measures 21” x 21”x 42”. Bring your own litter pans and food; litter will be
LIABILITY: Butler Cat Fanciers and Sphynx Without Borders will take reasonable care to safeguard the property of exhibitors. Neither the club,
its members or Northway Mall will be liable for any loss or damage. No guard service will be available Saturday evening and all cats must be
removed from the show hall during the evening hours.

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