Moving with Children

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					Moving with Children
Moving from one place to another, from a comfort zone to outside of it, and changing the location of a
family’s home through the moving process can be an extremely stressful and difficult task. Moving from
one house to another can simultaneously be exhilarating and worrying for adults but for children and
young adolescents a move to a different house can be simply traumatic.

Tough for Children
While most adults do not exactly relish the idea, in the mind of a child change is the ultimate enemy.
Remember, while adults can hire a professional moving company and most of their worries will be
resolved, moving for a child is completely different. Leaving behind everything they have ever known
and everyone they have ever acquainted is their personal fire storm, wiping their current existence from
the earth and erasing their actuality.

Clearly this is a bit melodramatic but even moving across town from one house to another can seem to
the child to be the apocalypse of their lives. Moving homes with children, therefore, is fundamentally
different that moving from one house to another without the presence of children in the family.

Because of this, parents should consider using a couple different selfless approaches when moving to a
new home with their kids. While the same steps of organizing, packing, and moving may seem
physically the same, the technique employed to accomplish them should be catered to the children as
best as possible and thereby elevate the mounting stressors of moving in their young lives.

Announce with Tact
                                          The first change will be in announcing the move to children.
                                          Hearing for the first time that they will be leaving their current
                                          lives behind and moving to a new home, and possibly a new
                                          state or part of the country, can be devastating and

                                           Use positive language and have a positive attitude when
                                           announcing the move. Consider holding a special family
meeting over a favorite family dinner or take out meal and present the move with a balance of
concerned understanding for the child’s feelings and an excited enthusiasm for all the changes that will
soon take place.

Get Them Excited
After announcing the move the work to perform the move must take place. Again it is here important to
involve the children in the activities associated with moving, such as planning and packing.

One way to do this is include them in the decision making process on what items of the home will be
sold in the pre-move yard sale. Holding a yard sale before moving is a great way to not only make a little
money on undesired articles but to thin out a family’s possessions before having to spend hours packing
typically unused items.

Get the children excited for the new home by showing them floor plans, or blue prints if the new house
is being constructed, and allow them to see on paper the structure of the home. Perhaps even hold an
activity where children get to design the interior of their rooms by using art supplies to put on paper
their desired layout.

By being sensitive to the child’s or children’s feelings about a major occurrence in their life, by including
them in the moving process, and by coming up with fun ways to excite them about the move a family
can lessen the negative impact associate with moving and promote the positives.

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Description: Moving can be devastating for children. They are leaving behind their lives, it seems. Here are some ways to help your children cope with moving.