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 HDRI Handbook Companion DVD
                                                                                         No DVD Menu?
                                                                                         Honestly, who is not
                                                                                         annoyed by fancy
                                                                                         autostart menus?
                                                                                         This is a data DVD,
                                                                                         so let’s cut right
                                                                                         down to the chase.

            HDR Images
            Tutorial Files
        Stuff you can really

You know already how to get around here.

     There is no need for a fancy           A huge advantage of going
menu, because you have already a       this route is that you can access
far superior browsing system in-       all the content from within any
stalled. One that you already know     software’s file requester.
how to use:
     Just navigate this DVD with           This DVD is actually just half
Windows Explorer or Mac Finder,        the story. Anything that runs the
just like you would find your way       risk of getting outdated anytime
through any other folder structure.    soon can be found on the com-
If you’re on a Mac, I recommend        panion website:
using Icon Mode, because most
folders are tagged with custom 
icons, and everything is laid out in                                        Browse this DVD in Thumbnail Mode
a way that it (hopefully) makes                                             You’ll find stuff much easier.
                                       sional edition for Mac and PC.
                                       These evaluation copies are fully
                    here to get
                    you started
                                       functional, but they apply a wa-
                                       termark to the final image.
                                                                              FULL SOFTWARE
                    right away.            Please keep in mind that HDRI
                                       is a very rapidly evolving topic,
   The “Tools” folder includes         where innovations and revolutions
some essential HDRI software as a      are made on a monthly schedule.
courtesy to my offline readers.         Most certainly there are significant
   PC users get a super deluxe         updates for each program already
version of Picturenaut, with all of    online. If you have a working inter-
Banty’s Filter plugins already in      net connection, I highly recom-
place. No installation necessary,
                                       mend that you grab the latest ver-
just copy the Picturenaut folder to    sions online.
your Programs folder.                      To make it easier for you, I
    Mac users will be happy to find     have set up a link list that takes
a full copy of Photosphere PPC         you directly to the download
here. Copy it to your Applications     pages. This list will always be up-
folder, and you’re all set up to       to-date, and even include software
browse, view, and make HDRIs.          that hasn’t been discussed in the
    You will also find trial versions   book. Happy scraping!
                                                                               Photosphere PPC
of FDR Tools, Photomatix and 
PTGui, each of them as profes-

                                                                              TRIAL VERSIONS
                                                                                     FDR Tools


                                                                                     PTGui Pro
    High-res HDRIs for
    you to play with,                                                     HDR IMAGES
                                                                        Haven’t shot your own yet?
    including original
                                                                        No problem. You can dive right
    exposure brackets!                                                  into HDR generation and tone-
                                                                        mapping with these images.
                                                                        They are provided under the
                                                                        Creative Commons License.
                                                                        Use it, tweak it, make it your
                                                                        own. Just remember to tell eve-
                                                                        ryone where you got ‘em from!

    All these images are 10 Megapixel big, shot      That’s because they have all been cleaned up, con-
with a Nikon D200 in auto-bracketing mode.                  verted, and sometimes cropped in Pho-
Some are shot with a tripod, some with a                     toshop CS3.
monopod, and depending on the scene                            Just as outlined in chapter 3, it is my
there are between 5 and 9 exposures per                         strong belief that a clean HDRI should be
bracketing sequence.                                            the base for all further processing steps.
    The ready-made HDR images are                               A good exercise would be to create your
available in Radiance and OpenEXR for-                         own HDR image from the original expo-
mat, ready for tonemapping. They have been                  sures, and then take it through the cleanup
generated in various tools, even though the file        steps yourself. I’m sure you’ll be able to beat
tag might always register Photoshop as creator.      mine pretty quickly.

                                                    BIG MOON RAW      BIG MOON RAW
                                                                      CALIBRATION        CALIBRATION

 Feeling experimental today?
 Advanced HDR freaks are invited
 to sharpen their Ninja skills on
 some particular problems, that
 require special attention. Can you
 and your software stand the test?
                                                        whatever fancy screen tech-
                                                        nology you can master. Heck,

TONEMAPPING   tonemappers
                                                        you could even print them all
                                                        out and make them into a giant
              on screen!                                wallpaper!
                                                         Of course, the original HDRIs
                 You might have noticed that         are right here as well. Tonemap
              the beginning of chapter 4 is put      them yourself with your favorite
              together in a very clever way:         program, and add your own result
              When you fold the pages halfway        to the ballot!
              in, you can put any combination of         As a special treat you’ll also
              tonemapping examples side by           get a Flash Gallery. That is simply
              side. However, the images in print     the slickest way to tap back and
              are rather small, and the differ-      forth between these images, be-
              ence in the details is sometimes       cause I have laid out the thumb-
              hard to make out.                      nails in useful grids views for you.
                  But fear not! You’ll find all ex-   It’s best navigated with the cursor
              ample images as full-sized TIFFs       keys, because you can quickly hop
              in the “Tonemapping” folder. So        through lines and columns while
              you can use your favorite image        keeping an eye on the image itself.
              viewer to see them fullscreen,
              split-screen, multi-screen, or

                                                                    Bonus Flash
                           Discover the floating

HDRI EDITING               point domain,
                           a wonderful
                           place to be!
                               When the white point is not a        Starting point and final images
                           clipping barrier anymore, and all    are in OpenEXR format, so you can
                           the color values are retained with   use them with your favorite image
                           close-to-infinite precision, the      editor.
                           game has changed entirely. Take
                           your first steps by doing the work-
                           shops in chapter 5 with the files
Colorgrading with Levels   from the “Editing” folder.

                              It’s all right here:
                              • starting point
                              • in-between steps
                              • final images

                              When it makes sense, these
                           files are provided as unflattened
                           32-bit .psd files, ready to be used
                           with Photoshop CS3 Extended.

Painting with Light

Glow in After Effects


                                                      Segmental Capture: Avebury Church by Bernhard Vogl

                        Become a panorama pro
                        by following the stitching
                        tutorials in chapter 5!

    Of course, it’s more fun to go out and shoot your own
HDR panoramas. For the rest of us that don’t have the
                                                                                     Mirrorball Apartment
equipment necessary yet, all the files used in the tutorials can
be found in the “Panoramas” folder:
    • original source images,
    • pre-merged HDR images,
    • PTGui and Hugin project files,
    • several intermediate states of postprocessing.
    • the final images in full resolution.
   Even for the seasoned pro, it can be a neat exercise to
explore one of the other methods: Mirrorball, Segmental                              Skydome Downtown
Capture or Skydome - it’s all right here!


 Want to stitch some on your own?
 If you got the general workflow
 down, and feel like you can stitch
 without an explicit tutorial, then
 why don’t you test your skills on
 these bonus panoramas?
                                             without radiosity, your lighting will
      A gold mine
                                             get an enormous quality boost.

CGI   for 3D artists                         How exactly that is applied in your
                                             3D app, you will have to figure out
        The infamous
                                             on your own. Time to get inventive!
      Apartment Scene is a
      good testing ground for curious
      people. Objects and scene files in
                                                 As a special treat for LightWave
      the “CGI” folder are included in a
                                             users I have included a full version
      variety of formats: 3dsMAX,
                                             of my latest plugin. LightBitch is
      Softimage XSI, Maya, Lightwave,
                                             the most intuitive way of convert-
      Cinema4D, VRML, OBJ, DXF.
      Most of these scenes are set up        ing HDR panoramas into a profes-
                                             sional lightrig. It is the only solution
      by participants of the original
                                             where you can edit the lights your-
      HDRI Challenge project in 2003.
                                             self and tweak it to your gusto.
         Bear this creation date in mind,
      there might be some adjustments            Installation: Copy the Light-
      necessary for current software         Bitch folder to your plugins folder,
      versions. Consider this material as    and add all 4 included scripts with
      a recommended starting point for       “Add Plugins” to your Lightwave.
      your own experiments.                  LightBitch will show up in the
                                             “Utilities-Additional” dropdown list,
                                             but I recommend dedicating a
      Yummy HDR Cookies
                                             menu button to it with “Edit Menu”.
         These are cool assets that you
                                                 Keep the book on your desk,
      can use to supercharge regular
                                             you will need to find the password
      spotlights with real world light in-
                                             for registration!
      formation. Even when rendering

                                          Your initial sIBL Collection is
             Image based
                                      already supercharged with plenty
             lighting has just
             become a whole
                                      of high-res environments, all
                                      royalty-free for you to use however
                                                                               SMART IBL
             lot easier!              you like. Compared to commercial
                                      HDRI collections, this folder has
    The “Smart IBL” folder holds      more value in it than the cover
the official premiere release of       price of the book!
our revolutionary lighting toolkit.       You also get setup assistant
                                      scripts, that turn on the lights in
           sIBL-Edit                  your 3D package! Currently in-
           by Chris Huf                    cluded are:

                                                 sIBL for LightWave
    sIBL-Edit has all you need to                by Christian Bloch
create, edit, and manage your sIBL
presets. It’s a standalone applica-              sIBL for 3dMAX
tion for Windows and Linux.                      by Christian Bauer
    Installation: Just drag-n-drop
                                                 sIBL for Maya
the sIBL-Edit folder anywhere on
                                                 by Volker Heisterberg
your harddrive. The path to your
sIBL Collection needs to be con-         For updates and feedback see
figured upon the initial start.  

                                                     Huge High-Res
                                                     sIBL Collection

                                                                            Create great lighting setups
                                                                            with the flip of a button!
                                                                            • Optimized for render time
                                                                            • Automatic key light
                                                                            • Reflections with “that kick”
                                                                            • Ideal for Modeling-WIPs
                                                                            • Unified across platforms
                                                                            • Centralized preset location
                                                                              in a network environment
                                          these images in noncommercial
             IS THAT IT?                  projects, provided you identify
                                          The HDRI Handbook as the
              Yeah, and it’s a lot!
                                          original source and refer to
                                          Christian Bloch as the
                                          original author. Under no
     All the content on this DVD is       circumstances shall you
yours to play with and experiment         claim full authorship, and
with. All software remains copy-          for commercial use you
right of the respective authors.          need to contact me with
    As the author of the image ma-        a permission request.
terial, however, I grant you permis-          That’s just fair play.   Get involved in
sion to use, alter, remix, and share                                           the forum!

              ?... !
                           For any questions regarding the book, workshops, or tutorials you should visit
                        the HDRI Community Forum online. This is also a great place to share your own
                results, new techniques you discovered, or simply get it touch with other HDR fanatics.

                                                                          Y!rs truly,

                                                                          Ch"#ian Bloch

                       This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported
                       License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a
                       letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

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