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									           Events                                   Got
3 - 4 PM
          December 18, 2012
7:30 - 7:50 AM Student Council Mtg.
          December 19, 2012
                 Chess Club
                                           The band has really
3 - 4 PM         Key Club Meeting
          December 21, 2012
                                            blown itself away
Christmas Vacation begins at 2:50PM     By Annabel Engelhardt
                                        Staff Writer

7:30 - 7:50 AM NHS Meeting
7:30 - 7:50 AM Science & Outdoor                 his year the band has done it again!                                                                                 Photo by Mrs. Roess
                 Club Meeting                    This hardworking group of people
                                                 had a stellar performance. One of          The band is directed by Mr. Patti.
         December 24, 2012 –
            January 2, 2013                      the band’s most difficult pieces,
                                        September by Earth, Wind, and Fire, was                                                                                        Photo by Mrs.
Christmas Vacation - No School          definitely a crowd favorite. Everyone defi-                                                                                    Schroeder-Sears
            January 3, 2013             nitely loved the piece the band and chorus                                                                                     The choir is di-
                                        did together, and compilation of popular                                                                                       rected by Mr. Nohl
School Resumes                          Christmas songs.                                                                                                               featuring Bobby
7:40 - 7:55 AM Foreign Language            When asked about his favorite part of be-                                                                                   D’Antonio.
                 Club Meeting           ing in band, senior Juan Arroyo said it is
                                        “being able to create the music. To actually
3 - 4 PM         Assisians Mtg.         be part of something like that is amazing.”
            January 4, 2013             The band has been preparing for this con-
7:30 - 7:45 AM Science & Outdoor        cert since the beginning of the school year.
                 Club                   They started with selecting songs everyone
                                        liked and then practicing them. The band
            January 5, 2013             had rehearsals every morning from 7-7:50.
8 AM - 12 PM Class of 2017              With this crazy practice schedule, you can’t
                 Scholarship            blame them for being happy to finally have
                 Qualifying Placement   a breather. Well done, band. You definitely
                 Exam                   deserve a long break.
8 AM - 12 PM Q & A With Father
            January 8, 2013
7:30 - 7:50 AM Student Council Mtg.
                                        What’s the vacation without the destination?
            January 9, 2013             By Viviana Maldonado
                                        Staff Writer
3 - 4 PM         Chess Club
3 - 4 PM         Key Club Meeting          Not going anywhere over winter break?
                                        Already anticipating the boredom? Think
           January 10, 2013             again, opportunities full of holiday fun could
7 - 7:40 AM      See Central Day        not be closer! Chicago is a vacation hot spot
                                        that is little under an hour away. It beholds
11:15 - 2:50 PM Final Exams
                                        must see attractions all year round, but a little
                 for Blocks III & IV
                                        winter flavor makes it the best time to visit.
3 - 4 PM         Assisians Meeting         A lost tradition we no longer experience at
4 - 6 PM         Chess Match            our doorsteps is revived at Millennium Park.
                                        Caroling at Cloud Gate is a free event con-
           January 11, 2013             sisting of choirs from all over the Chicago-
8 - 11:10 AM     Final Exams            land area. Join the fun every Friday at 6 pm
                 for Blocks I & II      for 50 minutes until December 21. Millenni-
                 Early Dismissal        um Park also holds the McCormick Tribune
11:15 - 1 PM     Faculty Meeting        Ice Rink. The rink opened in mid-November
                                                                                                                                                           Above photo by Mrs. Engelhardt
                                        but remains open through mid-march of the
                                                                                                                                              Above: ACC’s own Annabel Engelhardt
                                        New Year. The rink has free admission and
                                                                                                                                              (far right) Irish dances with the McNulty
                                        skate rentals are only $10.
                                                                                                                                              Irish dancers.
                                           It could mean all the difference to visit
                                                                                                                                              Left: Chicago offers many attractions to
                                        Santa in Chicago. Who gives a hoot if you’re
                                                                                                                                              visit during Christmas break.
                                        18! One is never too old for Santa. Santa’s
                                        House on Daley Plaza charges no admission.
                                        Bring your own camera or retrieve pictures                                                            on the weekends of December 21-23 and De-
                                        online through SafetyAtHome.com. The                                                                  cember 28-29 to watch various schools, cho-
                                        event is open December 23rd from 11am-                                                                ral groups, and clubs perform holiday perfor-
                                        8pm and December 24th until 4pm.                    and Saturday until 9pm.                           mances. Open to the public until February of
                                           Oh shopping on Michigan Avenue and                 A must see Chicago Attraction is the Mu-        the New Year, Charlie Brown and the Great
      Check us                          State Street, you hold what is very dear to ev-
                                        ery shopaholic’s heart, time to switch it up!
                                                                                            seum of Science and Industry located on
                                                                                            Lake Shore Drive. Although this attraction
                                                                                                                                              Exhibit, is currently at the museum. Learn
                                                                                                                                              about the personal history of the writer/draw-

     out online!                        Vendors from Germany travel all this way to         charges admission ($15), it is worth every        er of the Peanut’s newspaper comic strip, a
                                        sell their hand-crafted goods in what is known      penny. Included with general admission is the     recreation of Charles Schulz’s work studio,
                                        as Christkindlmarket. The Daley Plaza turns         Christmas Around the World and Holidays of        memorable scenes of holiday celebrations,
  www.auroracentral.net                 into a traditional German village selling food      Light exhibit. Decorated with 30,000 lights       and the evolution of Peanut’s characters. The
                                        and live entertainment. The market is open          and 1,000 ornaments, stands a 45-foot tree at     exhibit costs an additional $5 but reviews
                                        Sunday-Thursday from 11am-8pm; Friday               the center of 50 culturally themed trees. Visit   rave that it is not one to miss!

                                                                                              In This Issue . . .
                                                                  Basketball                                           Abominable                                             ‘The
                                                                  takes the                                            Snowman?                                              Hobbit’
                                                                    court                                                  –                                                    –
         Member,                                                      –                                                   See                                                 See
    National Scholastic                                              See                                                 page 5                                              page 6
    Press Association                                              page 4
2 CENTRAL TIMES                                                                                                                                                              December, 2012

Letter from Editor Top 10 of 2012
By Justine Clarke                                                     week my car got hit by a        By Jane Acevedo                                  He has become the most medal Olympian
Editor-in-Chief                                                       professional Christian pup-     Staff Writer                                     ever. Maybe the best athlete, but that is

H                                                                                                     T
                                                                      peteer. I’m not sure what’s                                                      still undecided. This year at number six we
            ey Chargers! I just                                       more unbelievable: that it                he year 2012 is coming to an end       have the most powerful man in the world
            want to take this                                         was parked when it was hit,               and there are many memorable           be no less than our very own President of
            moment to wish                                            or that there is a market for             things that have happened this         the United States, Barack Obama! Number
            you all a Merry                                           professional Christian pup-               year. On our scale ten is the least    five caused a lot of excitement. At number
Christmas and Happy New                                               peteers. But hey, whatever      of the most memorable and one being              five we have the iPhone 5. People were
Year! We have a lot of great      cat’s memoir to you out             floats your boat.               the most memorable of the                             waiting in enormous lines just to get
articles this edition and we      loud, but try to keep your             3) Remember what             year. Here are the top ten                             this phone. Some say the wait was
are so very happy to share        cool. You only have to put          Christmas is all about. Go      things of the year.                                     worth it, others are not so pleased.
them with you!                    up with them for Christ-            the extra mile this break          At number ten this year                                   Placed at number four is the
   If you’re like most stu-       mas…and Easter…and the              to make someone else’s          would be the apocalypse. We                                    death of Whitney Houston. She
dents now, you’re counting        4th of July, Thanksgiving,          holiday better. It doesn’t      have all heard about this be-                                  was a legendary pop singer
the days until break, watch-      and birthdays but that’s it, I      necessarily mean dropping       fore at least a million times.                                 whose death affected many.
ing Elf and It’s a Wonderful      swear!                              a ton of money on a gift but    The end of the world! It is                                      The top three of the year!
Life with your family and            2) With the weather get-         volunteer at shelters or make   said that the world will end                                  Number three is Star Wars. Star
friends, and trying to score      ting colder and icier, make         donations to church pantries    on December 21, 2012, so there is no use         Wars was bought by the Disney Co. The
the best deal on memory           sure you drive more care-           and other programs like         in buying Christmas presents because we          franchise was bought for $4.05 billion in
foam pillows…okay maybe           fully too. I will be to the first   NHS did for RITAS minis-        won’t be alive! At least that is the theory.     cash but also in stock. The Olympics came
not the last one, but you get     to admit that I take a very….       try. Try and reconnect with     At number nine we have the last Twilight         in at number two. They were a big deal
my drift.                         European approach to driv-          the most important people in    movie. All the movies have been made             for pretty much the entire world who was
   The holidays are ap-           ing. I wouldn’t necessarily         your life and never let them    and the series is over. This may be a relief     watching their country’s athletes com-
proaching quickly and here        say I’m a “bad” driver, but         forget how special they are     for all the highly annoyed Twihaters but         pete. This year’s number one is hurricane
are some helpful hints on         I will drive straight through       to you.                         a very hard moment for all those Twihard         Sandy. Many people believed it would be
making it the best:               stop signs if nobody’s there           4) Ohh New Year’s            fans out there.                                  a small hurricane, but it turned into a mas-
   1) Try to be nice to your      and if you aren’t going 10          Eve….Yeah I’m not even             Kate Middleton’s pregnancy makes it           sive destruction monster. Hurricane Sandy
annoying relatives. I know        over, you’re going too slow         going to elaborate on this.     at number eight. She is the Duchess of           caused horrible destruction leaving many
it may seem hard when they        in my book. However, even              Keep on going Chargers!      Cambridge, and she is expecting her first        homeless and with no place to go. This
keep asking probing ques-         the best of us drivers can’t        You’re almost there!            child with Prince William. At number             year has had its ups and downs but that is
tions about you’re so-called      help it if there are terrible          Smooches,                    seven Michael Phelps comes swimming in.          what makes it memorable and amazing.
love life or reading their        drivers on the road. Just last          J

                                                                                                      Gifts that keep money in your pocket
Deck the halls with...                                                                                By Haley O’Brien
                                                                                                      Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                       member’s house. If you’re
                                                                                                                                       an outdoors person, create
                                                                                                                                                                       food? Oh wait…that’s ev-
                                                                                                                                                                       eryone! This is the perfect

casts and band-aids?
                                                                                                                                       a gift certificate, promising   holiday gift that can be
                                                                                                                   appy Holidays       to help with planting/gar-      given to girls and guys of
                                                                                                                   everyone! This      dening/lawn-mowing in the       all ages. Look around at
                                                                                                                   time of the year    spring or summer.               stores like Wal-Mart or Tar-
By Melissa Niemiec                                  watering their trees while their Christmas                     is such a special      Your family members          get to find cheap, recently
Staff Writer                                        tree lights were on. Also, we all know those      time. Everyone (well,            will appreciate your kind       viewed movies.

                                                    die-hard house decorators? Well maybe they        mostly everyone) has a           offer and maybe even ask           Then, hand-write a
           hristmas is a time to be with fam-       should tone it down because experts say two       jolly attitude, is in the giv-   you back for pay if you do      snack recipe on a note card
           ily, and to be generous and jolly.       million drivers have a near accident because      ing mood, and is preparing       a good job!                     to accompany each film.
           It’s the most magical time of the        of spectacular Christmas lights and 440,000       for Christmas day. Now              For sisters, grandmoth-      Wrap the movie and recipe
           year with good food, presents, and       actually crash on account of them.                yes, it is the season for        ers, mothers and any girl       with a big bow, and there
don’t forget those colorful flashing lights…           The presents are no better. Sure, toys         giving but let’s be honest…      you can think of, make a        you have it! A simple
of the ambulance. People have accidents.            everywhere warn you of children choking           we aren’t made of money!         “You Time” basket. You          movie night and a home-
They can crash a car, walk on the wrong side        on small pieces, but how about getting them       This goes especially for         can include things like a       made snack recipe. I hope
of town, or fall down a flight of stairs. These     stuck in your feet? Hundreds of people have       the freshmen who probably        box of herbal tea, a mini       someone gets me that gift
things happen all the time, even around             gone to the hospital to get small toy pieces      don’t have jobs. So here         bottle of lotion, one use       for Christmas!
the holidays. However when Santa and the            pulled from their feet. Also 52 kids were         are some easy, cheap, and        facial masks, a fashion            Hopefully I was of great
reindeer come out, the hospital charts tend to      hospitalized in 2007 due to the ingestion of      cute holiday gifts that your     magazine (make sure it’s        help to all of you out there
take a turn for the unusual.                        perfume or cologne. In addition, 27 people        friends and family will          not outdated!), and you         stumped on what to do
   Christmas decorating is where most people        have died since 1998 from testing batteries       love, and won’t make you         could even burn them a CD       for gifts. Don’t make this
think these accidents would happen, and it is       with his/her tongue. More than two hundred        become broke!                    of their favorite music! All    holiday more stressful than
true that hundreds of people fall off ladders       people have been on a trip to the emergency          For your parents or           of these items can be found     it already is by spending
hanging décor, but weirder things go on. In         room because they didn’t remove all the           other relatives that own         at a local Wal-Mart and         all your money on gifts for
2008 two people died from eating decora-            pins from a new shirt before trying it on. So     a home, offer to take on         for fewer than five dol-        everyone.
tions that they thought were chocolate. In the      whether it be decorating or spreading cheer,      an enormous cleaning             lars. Your relative or friend      Use these heartfelt,
last fifteen years, 26 people have died from        deck the halls responsibly.                       project. You could sort and      will not be able to relax       simple ideas on your family
                                                                                                      organize their basement or       without your adorable gift.     and friends. I promise they
                                                                                                      attic. You could also reor-         Lastly, can you think        will appreciate you think-
                                                                                                      ganize closets, or dust and      of anyone who might like        ing of them. After all, it’s
                                                                                                      scrub an exhausted family        to watch movies and eat         the thought that counts.

                      CEntral timEs staff
   Editor-in-Chief: Justine Clarke                     Megan Crabb, Natalie Droeske,
                                                                                                      Malfunction by the toy department
   Website Manager: Luke Kearby                        Annabel Engelhardt, Lauren                     By Megan Crabb                                   safe enough for young kids to play with,
                                                       Heyboer, Viviana Maldonado,                    Staff Writer                                     but still ensure that it’s fun? There are

   Section Editors &                                   Melissa Niemiec, Haley O’Brien,                                                                 many ways.
   Senior Staff Writers                                Emily Perez and Eileen Witthoff.                          ave you ever thought about how           Make sure that the toy has no sharp edges
                                                                                                                 safe the gift you’re giving to a      that could possibly cut the child if handled
   Editorials: Leanne Hay                                                                                        younger sibling or cousin might       correctly. Also, keep the toys that are meant
   Arts & Entertainment: Justine                    Advisor: Mrs. Una Goldie                                     be? Not all toys are safe for all     for older kids away from the younger ones
     Clarke                                                                                           ages, no matter how fun they might look.         (no matter how fun they might look!). Make
   Local & World News: Kyle                                                                           December is National Toy and Gift Month,         sure that the toy is durable and won’t shatter
     Friedrich                                      Mission Statement: The Central                    and the world is out for trying to keep kids     or break upon hard impact; also don’t forget
   School News: Jared Friedrich                       Times, a high school newspaper                  away from harmful gifts during the holiday       about that one cousin who always throws his
   Sports: Claire Wiesner                             at Aurora Central Catholic High                 season. According to the latest report for       toys across the room!
   Layout & Design: Rebecca Price                     School, exists to provide the                   the Consumer Product Safety Commission              Remember that BB guns, air guns, and
   Advertising Manager: Oscar                         students news about the world                   (CPSC), there were an estimated 235,300          paintball guns aren’t really toys! (Sorry
                                                      and their school. Our newspaper                 toy-related injuries treated in emergency        Ralphie, your mom was right. They can
     Gomez                                            also seeks to keep them
   Photographers: Julia Wright,                                                                       rooms across the country in one year. A          shoot your eye out!) Finally, look to see if
                                                      culturally informed by letting                  majority of these injuries were to the head      your gift is on the recall list for malfunc-
     Lauren Wiesbrook and                             them know of the latest in the                  and face and consisted of lacerations,           tions or hazardous materials.
     Natalie Karafiat                                 entertainment industry and                      bruises, and abrasions. In addition, 73             If you follow these guidelines, all the
   Staff Writers: Jane Acevedo,                       providing editorials on various                 percent of the toy-related injuries reported     kids in your family should have a safe, fun
     Jared Cebulski, Chloe Craft,                     topics.                                         involved children ages 14 and younger.           Christmas and avoid the dreaded holiday
                                                                                                      So how do you make sure that a toy is            trips to the emergency room!
December, 2012                                                                                                                                                        CENTRAL TIMES 3

                                                     sChool nEws
Not just any
Christmas tree
By Oscar Gomez                           to Mrs. Elliott’s room. Just this year
Staff Writer                             150 angels were taken from the tree.
                                         More had to be put up to keep up with
   ACC’s Angel Tree toy drive helps      the rate at which people were taking
to collect toys and clothing for chil-   them.
dren whose parent or parents are cur-       “We have very generous students,”
rently imprisoned.                       said Mrs. Elliott.
   Toys and clothing are collected          It’s safe to say that ACC loves its
before Christmas and are delivered       Angel Tree, but above all else loves
to RITAS Ministry located in Au-         giving. It’s important to know that
rora. RITAS is over seen by Deacon       many times, the gifts that students
Richard Martin and his wife, Linda,      bring may be the only gifts that the
who help those incarcerated return to    children receive.
society as productive citizens as well      “It gives the children who receive
as providing support for their fami-     the presents a chance to experience
lies.                                    the magic of Christmas,” explained
   “RITAS Ministry (Restoring In-        senior Corinn Groom.
mates to American Society) then             The gifts collected will be given to
takes the toys collected and sorts       children ranging in age from infants
them based on age and gender.” Mrs.      to those in their teens.
Elliott explains, “Then RITAS will          “The Angel Tree is definitely my
wrap them and deliver them to the        favorite thing that NHS does. It’s
needy children. The presents are la-     such a rewarding feeling knowing we
beled that they came from the parent     change many kids’ lives by providing
so the child does not think that they    them with Christmas presents. Obvi-
have been forgotten.”                    ously Christmas isn’t about the gifts,
   It was easy to participate in the     but I know the kids appreciate it. NHS
toy drive, all one had to do was find    is very appreciative of everyone who
the tree in the commons, pick up an      picks up an angel and buys a present,”                                                                                    Photo by Julia Wright
angel, buy the present, and bring it     said senior Megan Tews.                       NHS giving tree, Mrs. Elliott, Shannon Dolan, Liam Rettenmeier, Cinthya Elizondo

                                                                                                                                                                          Photo by Ms. Gonzalez
                                                                                                     SLICK club offers a chance to try new things.
                                                                       Photo By Julia Wright
Key Club members focus on helping others in the community.
                                                                                                     Pick SLICK! to break out of comfort zone
The key to the future                                                                                By Lauren Heyboer
                                                                                                     Staff Writer

                                                                                                        Have you ever eaten French bread at an
                                                                                                                                                        SLICK has some field trips. The club
                                                                                                                                                     went to Brookfield Zoo on December
                                                                                                                                                     8th. Ms. Gonzalez also plans for the club to
                                                                                                                                                     visit a French restaurant in January, Color
By Rebecca Price                                   The four officers of the club are President       actual French restaurant? Maybe you’ve          Me Mine in February, and a Mexican res-
Staff Writer                                    Lexi Tonioni, Vice President Leanne Hay,             painted your own unique piece of pot-           taurant in March. Permission slips are in
                                                Secretary Derek Harris, and Statistic Secre-         tery. Perhaps some of you have even been to     Room 226 if you’re interested in going.
   Every year the Key Club participates in      tary Jared Cebulski.                                 a movie in a different language. But some of       This club is not just about field trips
many service projects, focusing on helping         The Key Club meets every Wednesday                us may not have had the chance to do some       though.
those in need. Some of the projects this year   after school, and it’s never too late for any-       of these things. We might not have parents         The club has sponsored numerous food
so far were the toy collection, food drive,     one to join. While it looks great on a col-          willing to sit through a silent film with us,   drives, and around Valentine’s Day, they go
and the Veteran’s Day program.                  lege resume, there is also a great feeling that      or maybe we didn’t even know that such a        out to nursing homes and deliver valentines
   The biggest project they will do this year   comes from putting others before yourself.           thing existed. Ms. Gonzalez and the SLICK       to the elderly.
is a jug drive to raise money for a charity.       “There is much to be gained by becom-             club can help!                                     If you are interested in joining SLICK,
In just three years, the group has raised       ing a service leader. It changes you, it gives          SLICK stands for Students Learning In-       the club meets every other Thursday at
$5,000. All the money earned throughout         you the chance to change someone’s life,”            ternational Cultural Knowledge. The goal        7:40 a.m. in Room 226. Everyone is wel-
the year will go to the less fortunate.         said Mrs. Skowronski, who is in charge of            of SLICK is to go out and do activities that    come! You don’t have to be in a foreign lan-
   “I think Key Club is really great for the    the club.                                            you wouldn’t normally do on your own,           guage class to be in this club.
school because it’s something we do just to        Key Club is a great way to make a dif-            whether it’s visiting a pottery place in Ge-       So if you’ve always wanted to do some-
help the community. It’s all our own ideas,     ference in our school, community, and all            neva Commons, or dining in an unfamiliar        thing out of the ordinary but have never
plans, and service projects that we do, and     around the world.                                    ethnic restaurant. Ms. Gonzalez, the leader     had the chance, join SLICK. You can sug-
the students have control over everything.         This club isn’t about bragging or feeling         of the club, says SLICK “serves our com-        gest ideas for field trips if there’s something
It’s just a really good organization to be      superior to someone else, it’s about setting         munity while also allowing students to learn    that you’ve always wanted to do. Try some-
in. It’s very relaxed but goal-oriented, and    an example and learning how to make the              and have fun.” It’s okay to go out of your      thing new, and become a student who learns
I love it,“ said Vice President Leanne Hay.     world a better place.                                comfort zone and try new things.                about other cultures.
4 CENTRAL TIMES                                                                                                                                                              December, 2012

                                            ChargEr sports
Boys’ basketball off to a great start
By Claire Wiesner
Staff Writer

   The ACC boys’ basketball team shows
promise of another successful season! So
far, they are an impressive 5-2. During the
week of Thanksgiving, the team defeated
Plainfield South, Thornridge, and Rich
South at the West Joliet tournament, and
they lost to Joliet West. They took an im-
pressive 3rd overall in the tournament.
   On December 1, the team had an extraor-
dinary victory against Walther Lutheran. In
the first half of the game, ACC was down
27-9, but managed to come back and take
an impressive victory! Just a few of the
amazing performances during the game in-
clude senior Shawn Soris scoring 19, senior
Phil Shuitz scoring 17, and senior Anthony
Andujar scoring an impressive 25. Just a
few days later, on December 4, the boys
had yet another victory, against Plainfield
South, with and all around fabulous perfor-
mance from senior Zach Flint.
   Although they lost their game against
Wheaton Academy last week, the team
continues to look forward to more victories
in the near future. With such an impressive
start to the season, the team has high hopes                                                                                                                           Photo by Lauren Wiesbrook
for continuing their tradition of success!         ACC Boys Basketball Team shoots and scores.

                                                                                                        Don’t tussle with this muscle
                                                                                                        By Melissa Niemiec
                                                                                                        Staff Writer

                                                                                                           “Wrestling is a physically and mentally
                                                                                                        demanding sport…it’s a battle.” These
                                                                                                        were Coach Eric Fulara’s words when
                                                                                                        asked about his wrestling team. That’s
                                                                                                        pretty spot-on considering the guys on
                                                                                                        the team lift every day before school and
                                                                                                        practice every day after school. Twenty-six
                                                                                                        guys show up; some notables being Eddie
                                                                                                        Gonzalez and Daniel Cuevas.
                                                                                                           The team has had an okay season, and
                                                                                                        it’s still early.                                             Photo by Natalie Karafiat
                                                                                                           When asked about their performance so        ACC wrestlers have started their season.
                                                                                                        far, team member Luis (Tony) Hizo says,
                                                                                                        “We’ve shown some good stuff.” He ex-           four alternates, and the team hopes to fol-
                                                                                                        plains that he first joined wrestling to con-   low that act this year. Coach is confident
                                                                                                        dition for football, but soon learned he        they can. Two out of that nine graduated,
                                                                                                        really enjoyed the challenge and required       leaving seven guys who have already
                                                                                                        commitment of the sport. “I just really like    proven they are more than able to perform,
                                                                                                        coming in here every day,” he says.             not to mention those members who have
                                                                                                           Coach Fulara was asked what his expec-       stepped it up in anticipation of sectionals.
                                                                                                        tations are for this season, and his answer        With time, hard work, and some effort,
                                                                                                        was definite, “high expectations.” Last         the ACC wrestling team should be able to
                                                                                                        year five guys made it to sectionals with       muscle out a great season!
                                                                        Photo by Natalie Karafiat
ACC Girls Basketball Team gets ready to hit the court.

A true Charger team                                                                                     When in doubt check it out
                                                                                                        By Natalie Droeske                              pupils, walking problems, and even coma.
By Natalie Droeske                                  what will ultimately help them achieve the          Staff Writer                                    Concussions are nothing to mess around
Staff Writer                                        many goals they have.                                                                               with. The major fear with a concussion is
                                                       If they work together there is nothing to           If you have attended any of Aurora Cen-      the direct correspondence with the spinal
   Now that Aurora Central’s girls’ basketball      stop these girls from repeating their state ap-     tral’s sports’ meetings, you have definite-     cord which, if injured, could have paralyz-
team has gotten over its first game jitters, the    pearance last year.                                 ly heard Miss Vanessa Rios, our athletic        ing or even fatal effects. That headache
girls are ready to prove themselves to Coach           Overall the team is beginning to learn each      trainer, give her spiel on the concussion       may seem bearable, but the classic phrase
Fitzgerald and to each other that they have         player’s style of play and how to flow togeth-      impact testing that is mandatory for any        “better safe than sorry” absolutely applies
what it takes to have a winning record.             er; which is only natural for any team with         athlete. It is not uncommon to want to zone     in regards to head trauma.
   Currently sporting a record of 5-4 the girls     such varied ages like Central’s. “It’s getting      out because you’ve already heard it, but a         Every athlete must take the concussion
have faced some tough teams such as Mon-            better…but the biggest issue with this team         concussion is a serious injury that can have    test as a benchmark for comparative rea-
tini and Glenbard North but have also proved        is that they’re just not sure of their abilities    some very serious effects.                      sons in case you were to experience con-
themselves in their season opener tournament        which I am sure of,” says Coach Fitz when              For those of you who don’t know, a con-      cussion-like symptoms. This test allows
at Somonauk where they fought hard for a            asked about the team’s progress, “it takes          cussion is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)         the athlete and trainer to know whether a
victory against Plano. Coach Fitz, who was          a while to get used to that speed, size, and        that can temporarily change the way your        concussion was suffered as well as its se-
particularly looking forward to the Montini         strength of the varsity players but I see it get-   brain works It can occur after hitting your     verity. Though rest is the only method to
game, commented, “The Montini game was              ting better game by game.”                          head on something or someone, causing           heal a concussion, it is essential to rest
a game of two halves… I know we were very              It is the team’s strategy to not look too far    your brain to move inside the skull. Com-       even if it means sitting out of practices or
intimidated in the first half but the true Char-    ahead into the future and keep the focus on         mon symptoms include confusion, drowsi-         games. The risk of further injury is not only
ger team came out in the second half.”              the next upcoming game. For now their fo-           ness, headache, nausea, memory loss, and        not worth it, but it ups the level of danger
   The true Charger team is one that can            cus is beating Walther Lutheran in their next       loss of consciousness. This is why it is im-    in which you may be gambling your life.
quickly get up and down the floor, keep the         home game on the 21st and showing up as             perative that you get checked after hitting     Sitting out for a few weeks is a lot better
dribbling to a minimum, and try to feed the         the true Charger team and playing up to their       your head. More severe symptoms possible        than the possibility of brain damage. When
ball inside. Teamwork, the team believes, is        potential.                                          are muscle weakness, seizures, unequal          in doubt, check it out.
December, 2012                                                                                                                                                         CENTRAL TIMES 5

                          loCal & world nEws
By Kyle Friedrich
                                            What is Palestine?
Staff Writer

   Last month, I’m sure that many of you heard the stories
about Hamas launching rockets into Israel and Israel shoot-
ing missiles back into the Gaza Strip. For many this raises
questions: What is Hamas? Where is the Gaza Strip? Why
is there always fighting happening in Israel? In this article, I
will try to explain as best as I can.
   To answer these questions, one must look back to 1947.
Following WWII and the Holocaust, people felt like the Jews
should be given a country of their own where they could be
safe from persecution.
   So the United Nations decided to give them a homeland
in the place of their ancestors-Israel, which at the time was
known as Palestine. The region of Palestine was partitioned
into two states, one for the Jews and one for the Arabs. In
1948, Israel became a country and was recognized (declared
official) by the United Nations.
   The Arabs, however, did not like having their land being
taken away and then handed over to the Jews. So in the same
year, Israel’s neighbors attacked it, but they lost. Since then,
there have been numerous wars and skirmishes between Isra-
el and the Arab countries, and Israel has continued to prevail,
largely due to military goods supplied by America. The aid
given by the United States to Israel is actually one of the main
reasons why we are not all that well liked in the Middle East.
   While it has not been completely been recognized by the
United Nations as an official state, there continues to exist an
Arab country called Palestine, which borders Israel. Follow-
ing the 1967 war with Egypt and Syria, Israel occupied pieces
of territory that been part of the original Palestine: the Gaza
Strip, the Golan Heights, and the West Bank. The Palestin-
ian government considers these territories to be part of their     liberate Palestine from the Israelis and eventually have Israel   that this will have given you an understanding of what is
country, and this is where much of the conflict between the        returned to Muslim control. They are the people who one pe-       going on and why. It is a problem that has been around for
Israelis and the Palestinians comes from today.                    riodically hears about firing rockets into Israel.                more than 60 years, and will probably not be resolved within
   Hamas is a group based in the Gaza Strip which seeks to            There is much more to the conflict over there, but I hope      our lifetimes.

                                                                                                                                                    of healing
                                                                                                                                                    By Leanne Hay
                                                                                                                                                    Staff Writer

                                                                                                                                                       When one thinks of treatment for depres-
                                                                                                                                                    sion and mental disorders, we usually picture
                                                                                                                                                    lying on a couch, answering the question, and
                                                                                                                                                    how does that make you feel? But with new
                                                                                                                                                    therapy techniques, that method is even more
                                                                                                                                                    so a way of the past! There are newer, more
                                                                                                                                                    innovative methods used today.
                                                                                                                                                       Most people have heard that dogs and
                                                                                                                                                    other pets are healthy for the sick, especially
                                                                                                                                                    cancer patients. But what about using horses
                                                                                                                                                    for the treatment of mental illness? From
                                                                                                                                                    phobias to depression to bipolar disorder and
                                                                                                                                                    more, equine therapy is being used more fre-
                                                                                                                                                    quently. This topic really blew up this year
                                                                                                                                                    when Ann Romney, wife to GOP candidate
                                                                                                                                                    Mitt Romney, admitted to using equine ther-
                                                                                                                                                    apy to deal with her depression 14 years ago.

Savage monster or misunderstood creature?                                                                                                              Although there is no scientific proof that
                                                                                                                                                    equine therapy is successful, several studies
                                                                                                                                                    have been conducted testing the effectiveness
By Jared Cebulski                              yas in Nepal and surrounding mountains,        how vicious these monsters can be, espe-              of it, and all have come back positively. From
Staff Writer                                   and that there is a growing population.        cially concerning attacks on villages and             sexual abuse victims to those grappling with
                                               As more people begin to adventure into         shepherds to eat goats and yaks. There are            extreme anger, equine therapy seems to work
   As the Christmas season continues and       and set up residence in the mountains, the     also stories about Yetis attacking moun-              very quickly and effectively and helping
snow is on its way, we must remember           sightings and alleged proof is becoming        tain climbers or throwing large chunks of             those struggling to get through some of these
what strange creatures we may share this       more common.                                   ice or rocks at hikers to keep them off the           problems that they are facing. Psychologists
earth with. The Yeti, or Abominable Snow-          Yetis are said to be enormous humanoids    mountains.                                            think this may be for several reasons, includ-
man, is among these unique creatures. Is it    ranging between 7-9 feet tall and weighing        However, there are also stories about              ing that it isn’t in a formal office setting, the
a monster, or just misunderstood?              up to 400 pounds. They are carnivores, but     Yetis saving lost hikers and mountain                 patients don’t have to openly share what has
   The Abominable Snowman has never            it is disputed whether they are nocturnal or   climbers by leading them off the moun-                been bothering them with someone else, and
been proven or disproven to exist, but there   diurnal because sightings occur during all     tain. There is a specific story about a lost          simply that it’s good for them to get out and
are countless reports of strange tracks in     hours of the day.                              hiker that was nursed back to health by a             have some fun.
the snow, eerie sounds at night, and ape-          They have two hands and walk upright       Yeti after being stranded for two days on                Now it isn’t expected for equine therapy,
like creatures moving around mountain-         on their two feet. The earliest report of a    the mountainside.                                     or any other kind of animal-related treat-
sides. Cave drawings have been found that      Yeti sighting was in 1925 by a Greek pho-         Another story relates that a Yeti rescued          ments for that matter, to be replacing regu-
depict a human shape, much larger than         tographer. The monster was seen but not        a little girl from an avalanche. If these             lar psychotherapy. However, when it is used
a normal human, covered in red or black        photographed. Its footprints, however,         creatures exist, they are not just mindless           hand-in-hand for some patients, it can be
fur killing goats and yaks. It is a popular    were photographed.                             killing machines. They are shy and elu-               very effective with helping them overcome
belief that Yetis are native to the Himala-        There have been many stories about         sive, but not without compassion.                     some of their struggles.
6 CENTRAL TIMES                                                                                                                      December, 2012

                        arts & EntErtainmEnt
Fall TV successes and failures
By Jared Friedrich                     Spears and Demi Lovato.                edies this year. New shows like
Staff Writer                              Cable underdogs (shows that         Guys with Kids, Animal Practice,
                                       stray from the TV drama status         and The Mindy Project have all
   Fall is a time when new shows       quo) have seen record ratings this     received middle ratings, and some
come out hoping for success, and       fall. Successful shows like Dex-       freshman shows have already
when old shows come back for           ter, Homeland, Sons of Anarchy,        been cancelled. Matthew Perry’s
more seasons with the goal of re-      and The Walking Dead, which are        Go On is the only comedy that
taining their popularity. With suc-    dark, controversial, and kill off      doesn’t have to be concerned.
cessful shows like The Voice and       characters left and right, are the        The Southern states seem to be
Revolution and its trusty mainstay     winners of this fall. The Walking      doing well this year, at least as
Sunday Night Football, NBC has         Dead is the most successful show       far as TV. Louisiana’s Duck Dy-
risen above Fox by gaining 23          with a record breaking audience        nasty has received great ratings,
percent in ratings this fall.          of 13.5 million viewers, and it is     as well as Georgia’s own Here
   Fox, on the other hand, dropped     the most watched show of adults        Comes Honey Boo Boo. With an
29% this fall due to failing shows     from the age of 18-49. With all        overall good TV turnout this fall,
like The Mob Doctor and a softer       this success, some shows have to       it will be interesting to see how
World Series, not to mention the       suffer, and those shows would be       the spring and summer shows
departure of House.                    sitcoms.                               fare, and which shows will be the
   The X Factor’s ratings have            With the success of Modern          most successful. It may possibly
drastically slipped even with the      Family and New Girl, many net-         be Breaking Bad, but one can
addition of new judges Britany         works developed a ton of com-          only hope.

‘The Hobbit’ is
an unexpected,
                                                     A modern classic
                                                     By Chloe Craft                           something of immeasurable value
anticipated                                          Staff Writer                             from them.
                                                                                                 This novel does not offer solace
journey                                                 Written in 2003, The Five
                                                     People You Meet in Heaven is
                                                                                              to its characters or audience, but
                                                                                              understands the agonizing torture
                                                     an astoundingly original story           of sorrow and suffering. It offers
By Eileen Witthoff                                   and proved to be one of the most         affirmation in hope and galva-
Staff Writer                                         profound and inspirational novels        nizes faith in a tomorrow. Despite
                                                     I have ever had the pleasure of          books we have all come across in
   On December 19, 2001, the first Lord of           reading.                                 the past, Albom does not wheedle
the Rings movie was released, The Fellow-               Frankly, I was quite skepti-          readers to believe, think, or act
ship of the Ring.                                    cal when I first began this book,        on any matter. This novel merely
   This movie was just the beginning of the          much like many other readers.            serves a mentor, respecting both
trilogy we have all grown to know and love.          My exact concerns were that              its audiences’ opinions and life
                                   You       can     these 196 pages were going to be         stories of their own. The reader
                                   imagine the       filled with Mitch Albom preach-          chooses to take away as little or as
                                   excitement        ing to his readers the technicali-       much as they please from Albom’s
                                   between           ties of Christianity – I could not       humble wisdom.
                                   Lord of the       have been more mistaken. Albom               The Five People you Meet in
                                   Rings fans        masterfully sewed his words into         Heaven is one of the books I will
                                   when it was       a quilt mirroring the painful sting      wholly cherish for decades to
                                   announced         of reality, but also the whimsical       come. I have never read so much
                                   that    Peter     effervescence of life itself. The        meaning in so few pages. Albom
                                   Jackson was       Five People you Meet in Heaven           has truly created an artful piece
                                   continuing        contains unforgettable quotes, and       of literature that holds truth and
                                   the trilogy       anyone-youthful, experienced, or         reason-all it takes is a few hours
                                   with      The     somewhere in between-can learn           to read it.
                                   Hobbit: An
                                   ed Journey.
                                      The Hob-
                                   bit     takes
                                   place years       Chemistry on
                                                     a different level
                                   before Frodo
received the ring, and serves as a prequel to
the trilogy. The movie follows the story of
Frodo’s uncle, Bilbo Baggins, the one who            By Emily Perez
had first found the infamous ring. Many are          Staff Writer
also excited because it has been released that
the movie will start its own trilogy, all taking        Perfect Chemistry is about a rich, popular, and
place before the original story of The Lord of       beautiful senior named Brittany Ellis who works
the Rings.                                           hard to maintain a perfect image. To keep this im-
    Not only are people anticipating this mov-       age, Brittany has a hot boyfriend and a new Beam-
ie because of its connection to The Lord of          er. But in reality, her life is far from being flawless.
the Rings but because director Peter Jackson         Brittany’s older sister has cerebral palsy and her
has achieved something no one in the movie           parents pressure her to be perfect to make up for
business has been able to achieve yet. The           all the things that her sister couldn’t do. Her se-
Hobbit was shot with 48 frames per second,           nior year was supposed to be the best time of high
not the usual 24 frames per second. What ex-         school but she finds herself partnered with Alex
actly does that mean? Basically, the movie           Fuentes for chemistry class. Alex is a gangbanger
will look like you are watching it in HD.            from the South Side of Chicago. Alex and Brittany
Peter Jackson says, “Your brain reads the            despise each other but they can’t hide the fact that
details as being sharper because you’re not          there is attraction between them. When Alex ac-
seeing that very subtle smudging between the         cepts a bet that he can lure Brittany into his life,
frames. It looks like you’re looking through a       he realizes Brittany is a real person with real prob-
window into a real world rather than through         lems. Alex can’t control his feelings and starts to
the glass of an artificial world.”                   truly fall in love with Brittany. What started as a
   Whether you see this movie because you            bet starts to mean something more in his life. Alex
are a fan, or because you are anticipating the       doesn’t know how to escape from his dangerous
new 48 fps, it is almost guaranteed that you         life to be with Brittany. Brittany really wants Alex
will enjoy it. Who doesn’t like a Peter Jack-        to leave the gang, but will he? Do opposites really
son film?                                            attract?
   The movie is set to release December 14th.           I really enjoyed this novel. I highly recommend
This is definitely a movie you should con-           this novel because it always kept me on my toes.
sider getting advanced tickets for.                  5/5 stars

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