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									         Simple Strategies for Camera Safety
Being a photographer, I know the importance of having a camera ready for action at a
moment’s notice. You need to feel confident that when that perfect-picture situation
shows up your camera is fully operational. Often we go extended periods of time
without taking a picture and when immediacy presents itself we must be ready to
capture the moment. Here are three simple ways to keep your camera safely primed
and ready for those expedient moments in photography.

                  Batteries Charged and Available
The biggest regret photographers encounter is the loss of juice when their
battery meter shows empty.
                       If you don’t have a battery primed, or charging, for use you may
                       find yourself frustrated and facing a precarious situation.
                       whenever you purchase a camera, ensure you purchase at least
                       two more batteries to have as backups. Always keep two fully
                       charged with the other on the charger. This will remind you to
                       consistently check and replace batteries for a fail-safe photo
                       shoot. Although batteries can cost an excessive amount, they are
                       excessively necessary. Don’t skimp on extra batteries for the sake
                       of cost. Spend the money to have the peace of mind.

                           Regular Repair Work
Even if you don’t think your camera needs repairs, make sure you
occasionally take your camera to a repair shop.
Nikon camera repair, Canon camera repair, and most popular models are regularly
serviced in most shops. Most places will do a basic inspection for free or a small charge,
but they are necessary to maintain a serviced and quality camera. Also make sure you
are using your warranty properly and often. Replace parts needing service during your
warranty period so you don’t incur added charges or service later down the road. In the
event your camera breaks, it may be necessary to replace it as a whole. This is also
where warranties are extremely valuable.
                        Mind Your Surroundings
Most cameras come with some type of weatherproofing, but this doesn’t
always mean they are waterproof.
Cameras often show the weatherproofing mark to encourage users to take outdoor
shots, but there are more precautions to take to guarantee you have all-weather safety.
If you’re doing an outdoor shoot where rain is possible, make sure you’ve got

Taking professional photos is a thrill
and an incredible hobby and profession.
Make sure you have all the resources
you need whether it’s a Nikon camera
repair shop for your small fix-it needs,
or several charged and accessible
batteries for that once-in-a-lifetime
moment you capture.

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photography classes today!

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