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    Spring 2012
                             3600 N. Garfield               Midland, Texas 79705
                             (432) 685-4526

In This Issue                                   The legacy continues . . .
                         M      idland’s Legacy Scholarship Program is built on the legacy left by four
                                great Midland families—Gladys and George T. Abell, Helen and Barney
                         Greathouse, Harriet and J. Harvey Herd and Dorothy and Clarence Scharbauer,
 National recognition
                         Jr.—who invested their time and resources to help build a community.
      for Legacy            In 1986, Abell-Hanger Foundation established a Midland College scholarship           Gladys Abell
Scholarship recipients   that paid tuition for Midland County high school graduates. In 2003, the Helen
        page 2           Greathouse Charitable Trust partnered with Abell-Hanger Foundation, and the
                         scholarship was named Midland’s Legacy Scholarship. In 2006, a third Midland
                         family foundation—the Chaparral Foundation—joined this rich tradition of
                         supporting MC students in their pursuit of higher education. That tradition
                         continues to grow to this day, with the announcement in fall 2011 that the
MC Alum gives back
                         Scharbauer Foundation has united with the other three family foundations to
     page 3              support this great educational legacy.                                                 George T. Abell

                            “On behalf of George and Gladys Abell, Abell Hanger Foundation is proud
                         to have established and supported the Legacy Scholarship Program since 1986,”
                         explains Abell-Hanger Foundation Executive Director David Smith. “Both Mr. and
75 years and $25,000-    Mrs. Abell valued education, and we believe that they would be gratified by this
-local law firm honors   legacy of educational opportunity at Midland College, which has been available to
    MC benefactor        graduating high school students in Midland County.”
         page 4             Smith continues, “Over the years we have been joined in this noble effort with     Helen Greathouse
                         new funding partners—the Helen Greathouse Charitable Trust, the Chaparral
                         Foundation and, most recently, the Scharbauer Foundation. The strengthening
                         of this funding partnership now ensures that these educational opportunities will
                         continue well into the future. We appreciate the philanthropic families who have
  Midland County
                         joined us in this scholarship program.”
 Sheriff’s Office, a        The scholarship requires students to complete 40 hours of community service
  partner with MC        before entering Midland College. They must also complete 20 hours of
                                                                                                              Barney Greathouse
 Police Department       community service each semester that they are attending MC. At the end of
       page 6            the 2010-2011 school year, the Legacy Scholarship paid $750 per semester for
                         qualified students. In fall 2011, with the addition of funding from the Scharbauer
                         Foundation, the scholarship amount was increased.
                            Smith says, “With the rising cost of college tuition, we felt it necessary to
Caricatures by one of                                                 increase the scholarship parameters to
 MC’s most beloved                                                    maintain the impact and effectiveness
                                                                      of the program, and we have increased       Harriet and
    “characters”                                                                                                J. Harvey Herd
                                                                      the maximum scholarship award to
       page 7                                                         $1,050 per student.”
                                                                        Midland College is proud and
                                                                      honored to benefit from this unique and
                                                                      great community legacy. (More Legacy
 FMH Foundation
                                                                      stories on the next page.)
provides funding for
   piano concert                  Legacy Scholarship students                                                    Dorothy and
      page 8                                                                                                Clarence Scharbauer, Jr.
   Page 2
  Midland College
  Foundation Board Officers
                                                     MC nominates future “doctors”
  President                                            for national recognition
    Richard T. McMillan, Esq.
  Vice President                                                            ristyn Wells and Shannon Edgar share much in
    Glenn Rogers, D.D.S.                                                    common—they both graduated from Midland High
  Secretary                                                           School (MHS) in May 2010 and are now sophomores
    H. Joseph de Compiegne                                            at Midland College; they both are interested in pursuing
                                                                      careers in the science field, eventually obtaining doctorates;
    Gregory Bartha, M.D.                                              and they both are MC’s nominees for the USA Today, All-
    Spencer Beal                                                      USA Community College Academic Team!
    Mike Black                                                            Each year, USA Today recognizes exceptional students
    Jack E. Brown                                                     at community colleges. Judges consider grades, academic
    Arnulfo T. Carrasco, M.D.
                                                                      rigor, growth and how well the students use their education
    Richard Coats
    Linda Cowden                                                      to benefit their schools and communities. The program
    Marie Hall                                                        is administered by Phi Theta Kappa International Honor
    Jim Henry                                                         Society.
    Tevis Herd, Esq.                                                      Kristyn Wells says, “I was so surprised when I received
    Tim Leach
                                                                      an e-mail from Mr. Willis [MC assistant professor of
    Cadell Liedtke
    Vangie Lindsey                                                    speech and Phi Theta Kappa advisor] informing me that I
    Paul Morrow                                                       was one of MC’s nominees. I really wasn’t expecting it.”
    T. B. O’Brien                              Kristyn Wells              Having received the MC nominations, Wells and Edgar
    Julia J. Swallow                                                  are now competing against students in community colleges
    Steve Thomas, Ph.D.
    Carole Warren
                                   throughout the United States. The top twenty students selected will receive a $2,500 cash
    Ralph L. Way                   award and extensive national recognition. Both Wells and Edgar say that the additional
    Terry Wilkinson                funds will definitely help them in their future pursuits.
    Modesta Williams                  Wells plans to transfer to Texas Tech University (TTU) in the fall, where she will major
    Word Wilson                    in Human Sciences. After receiving her baccalaureate degree, she hopes to be accepted into
                                   the TTU physical therapy doctoral program. In addition to keeping up with her studies at
  Executive Director               MC, Wells volunteers at the Midland Children’s Rehabilitation Center several times a week.
    Erin C. Tresner                She also works at Pink Tumbleweed boutique in Midland. In her spare time, Wells enjoys
  Administrative Assistant         playing tennis and horseback riding.
    Cynthia Morales, C.A.P.                                               Shannon Edgar is seeking an Associate Degree in
    Maricela Dominguez
                                                                      biology from Midland College. Her plans are to transfer to
                                                                      Texas A&M University or Texas State University where
  Clarion Editor                                                      she will pursue a baccalaureate degree in microbiology.
    Rebecca Bell                                                      Eventually, Edgar says that she plans to work toward a
  Design/Layout                                                       Ph.D. in virology and hopes to work in a research lab.
    Chris Hieb
                                                                          “Marlana Mertens [MC associate professor of biology]
    Karen Lanier                                                      really has inspired me,” says Edgar. She worked for
    Mary Lopez                                                        USAMRIID [U. S. Army Medical Research Institute of
  Photographers                                                       Infectious Diseases], and my dream is to do the same. I
    Katherine Inskeep                                                 love science, and I also enjoy my math classes. I plan to
    Jeff McDonald
    J. Don Wallace
                                                                      minor in math.”
                                                                          Edgar, who maintains an almost-perfect 4.0 GPA,
                                                                      is currently employed as a tutor in the MC Math Lab.
                                                                      Having played the violin in the MHS orchestra during
                                                                      her high school years, she also enjoys music and is now
                                                                      taking piano classes at MC. In addition, Edgar is a member
                                                                      of the COM’s Master Swimmers program and swims
                                              Shannon Edgar
The Midland College Foundation                                            With promising careers ahead of them, Kristyn Wells
     may be contacted at:          and Shannon Edgar say that they are glad they decided to stay in Midland for two years after
                                   high school graduation, citing the fact that MC has given them a solid foundation in their
        (432) 685-4526             studies. They both are attending MC on the Midland Legacy Scholarship, which helps fund
     (432) 685-4714 (Fax)          their tuition and fees in exchange for community service.
                                      In April, the young women will find out whether or not they have been selected for the          USA Today, All-USA Community College Academic Team. Until then, Wells and
                                   Edgar will continue to enjoy life as MC students and work toward their goals of one day   having the title of “Dr.” in front of their names!
Page 2
Clarion                                                                                                          Clarion
                Former student displays work at McCormick Gallery
                                                       M      idland College was honored to have the works of Andrew (Andy)
                                                              Hancock, former MC student, on display during the fall 2011
                                                      Studio 3600 Series exhibit in McCormick Gallery, located in the Allison
                                                      Fine Arts Building on the MC campus.
                                                         “It is quite fitting that my first solo show would be at Midland College
                                                      as it was while I was there that I first started exploring what all I could
                                                      do with photography and began to consider it as a career,” stated
                                                         Hancock, a native
                                                      Midlander and Midland
                                                      High School graduate,
                                                      attended MC from 1997-
       Andy Hancock at the opening reception of his   1999 before landing at
      Studio 3600 Series exhibit on September 8, 2011 Texas A&M where he
                                                      graduated in 2003 with a
                                                      degree in journalism. He is
now the chief photographer for Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.
However, much of his experience is tied to his freelance photography career.
His work has been published in numerous issues of Sports Illustrated.                       “American Dairy” digital photograph by Andy
   “Andy is a tremendous photographer,” said McCormick Gallery Director                 Hancock donated to MC in memory of his grandfather
and Art Curator J. Don Wallace. “We were thrilled when he agreed to exhibit
his works at MC. Then, to our surprise, Andy donated one of his digital
photographs, ‘American Dairy,’ to the college’s permanent art collection.”
   The photograph was donated in honor of his grandfather Van D. Howbert,
a longtime Midland resident who passed away unexpectedly in October 2011,
right after Hancock’s MC exhibit closed. Mr. Howbert served in the United
State Army immediately following World War II and was stationed in Italy.
He moved to Midland in the early 1950s where he and his wife Doris raised
their family and later enjoyed life being “Gaddy” and “Say” to Andy and six
other grandchildren.
   “American Dairy” is on display in the F. Marie Hall Academic Building
on the MC campus. Midland College purchased another of Hancock’s digital
photographs entitled “Swim,” which will be displayed in the Allison Fine Arts                “Swim” digital photograph by Andy Hancock
                                                                                             purchased for MC’s permanent art collection
Building and used for instructional purposes by MC photography classes.

                                                                      MC friends and
                                                                       alumni notes

                               Send your news with a click!
        What’s your news? Midland College wants to hear from YOU!
        Submit your news to share through various MC publications.

                                                                                                                        Page 3
Clarion                                                                                                             Clarion
                            Local law firm celebrates 75th anniversary
                                    and honors MC benefactor
T   he law firm of Stubbeman, McRae, Sealy, Laughlin
    & Browder, Inc., recently celebrated their 75th
anniversary, and part of the celebration included
honoring former firm partner and MC benefactor, Bob
   “Our firm has enjoyed a very successful 75 years in
Midland, and the Midland community has been very
supportive,” stated the firm’s president Mike Stoltz.
“One reason for our success is the work of Bob Cowan,
and we wanted to honor him in a way that would also
give back to the community.”
   On December 15, the Midland College
Foundation was presented with a $25,000 check for
the Phyllis & Bob Cowan Performing Arts Series
at Midland College in honor of Mr. Cowan. Stoltz
said, “The performing arts series is such an asset to
the community. The free performances provide great
                                                               Pictured from left to right are MC President Dr. Steve Thomas; Bob Cowan;
cultural and entertainment opportunities to everyone.          Stubbeman, McRae, Sealy, Laughlin & Browder, Inc., President Mike Stoltz; and
We thank Bob Cowan for his service to our firm, as             MC Foundation Executive Director Erin Tresner
well as for his continued support to Midland College
and the Midland community.”

                              Devon Energy Corporation honors
                          Petroleum Professional Development Center
O    n December 16, Devon Energy Corporation presented MC with a contribution to the Petroleum Professional
     Development Center. Bruce Cariens, senior production foreman for Devon Energy, stated, “We are proud to partner
with Midland College. Devon is committed to being a good neighbor by supporting communities where we have a
business presence, and we are so grateful for all the valuable training that is provided to our employees by the Midland
College Petroleum Professional Development Center.”
   The Petroleum Professional Development Center (PPDC), located at the corner of Main Street and Illinois Avenue in
downtown Midland, provides quality continuing education for the Permian Basin energy industries. The center is one of
seven mid-career training centers worldwide recognized by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).
   The PPDC offers pertinent training that is designed to keep oil and gas industry professionals current in their areas of
expertise. Many PPDC classes qualify for re-certification credits used by professional engineers, professional geologists,
certified public accountants and petroleum landmen in order to maintain professional certification status.
   The PPDC also works closely with local professional societies by co-sponsoring workshops such as “Getting Started
                                                        in the Oil Business” and by holding various symposiums on issues
                                                        important to the region’s oil and gas industry.

                                                                            Gifts to the MC Foundation
                                                                              may be made online at
                                                                         or mailed to the MC Foundation,
                                                                            PAD 141, 3600 N. Garfield
Pictured from left to right are MC Foundation Executive
Director Erin Tresner, Petroleum Professional Development                      Midland, Texas 79705
Center Director Hoxie Smith, Devon Energy Corporation Senior
Production Foreman Bruce Cariens and MC President Dr. Steve                        (432) 685-4526

Page 4
Clarion                                                                                                             Clarion
                Texas Mutual Insurance Company awards $100K to
                  Midland College’s Risk Management Institute
                       Midland College, one of only three Texas colleges to provide
                             free safety courses through Texas Mutual Grant

                                                        T          exas Mutual Insurance Company has awarded another $100,000
                                                                   grant to Midland College to fund the Risk Management Institute
                                                               (RMI). The RMI provides free workplace safety courses for
                                                               employers, employees and the general public. Most RMI courses
                                                               are held at the MC Advanced Technology Center, and a few are
                                                               offered on site at various business locations in the Permian Basin.
                                                                  “Midland-area employees and employers have benefited greatly
                                                               from these safety courses, and we are grateful for Texas Mutual’s
                                                               continued support of the Risk Management Institute,” said
                                                               Midland College President Dr. Steve Thomas. “The opportunity
                                                               to educate and re-educate people about workplace safety is made
                                                               possible through the ongoing partnership between Texas Mutual
                                                               and Midland College. We are proud to be a part of educating area
 Instructor Kevin Williams conducts “Confined Spaces” training employees and employers about the importance of workplace
           to RMI participants during class held at the        safety.”
      MC Advanced Technology Center on February 7, 2012.          Midland College is one of three community colleges in Texas,
                                                               in addition to Kilgore College and College of the Mainland in
Texas City, which provides these free safety classes via funding from Texas Mutual. Since the inception of MC’s Risk
Management Institute in May 2006, over 2,000 people have participated in the program. Approximately 70 percent of
participants are from the oil and gas industry, with the remaining participants from city government, healthcare and other
   The 2012 RMI schedule includes courses on forklift and driver safety, OSHA training, an introduction to safety
management and CPR training, among others.
    “This grant exemplifies Texas Mutual’s ongoing commitment to the workplace safety and prevention of workplace
accidents through education,” said Bob Barnes, chairman of the Texas Mutual board of directors. “We recognize the
value that safety education provides to employers—giving them tools to keep their businesses, and more importantly,
their employees safe. Safety education is always a sound investment.”

               Christ Church donation helps with community safety
I  n summer 2011, the MC Police Department
   began conducting Rape Aggression Defense
(R.A.D.) classes for MC employees, students and
the community. The R.A.D. courses have become
so popular that various organizations in the com-
munity are now requesting classes for their em-
ployees and members. MC Police Officer Marihya
Houck has conducted two R.A.D. classes for mem-
bers of Christ Church in Midland. In exchange for
the complimentary training, Christ Church donated
funds for the purchase of R.A.D. equipment to be
used in future on-campus and off-campus classes.
    Houck said, “This training is so important for
women. It’s not martial arts—just a way for wom-
en to be aware of their surroundings, learn defense
techniques and know how to escape dangerous
situations. The MC Police Department views this        Pictured above are MC Student Activities Coordinator Stephanie VanCuren, and MC
training as a measure to help ensure the safety of     Police Officers Marihya Houck and Michele Van Stavern. MC Police Officer Ricardo
MC students, employees and community members.          Martinez stands in middle dressed in RAD defense tactic attire. To his right is Christ
The donation by Christ Church will enable us to        Church pastor, the Reverend Tom Finnie. Others in the picture are female members of
                                                       Christ Church wearing RAD training gear.
continue this valuable service.”
                                                                                                                            Page 5
Clarion                                                                                                          Clarion
         Donation helps ensure better safety for all of Midland County
O    ne car, one truck, one golf cart and twelve feet—those used to be the only modes of transportation used by the MC
     Police Department to patrol the 200+ acres of the main MC Campus and all Midland County MC locations. Now,
however, thanks to the Midland County Sheriff’s Office, the MC Police Department has six patrol cars and one security
   The MC Police Department not only ensures the safety and security of students, employees and the community at MC
locations, but also assists other local law enforcement agencies with various criminal and disaster-related emergencies. In
the past, assistance to other agencies was limited because of the scarcity of MC police vehicles. This past fall, the Midland
County Sheriff’s Office came to the rescue!
   “They [the Sheriff’s Office] were great!” says MC Police Officer Marihya Houck, who was instrumental in securing
the donated vehicles. “They were more than willing to donate patrol cars because part of the County Commissioners’
emergency management initiative includes every law enforcement officer having access to a vehicle at all times. The ve-
hicles that were donated to MC are all equipped with proper lighting and other necessary accessories; one of the cars even
has a cage.”
   MC Police Chief Martin Garcia explains that once MC obtained possession of the cars, the MC Automotive Technol-
ogy Department changed the oil, repaired the brakes and made a few other minor repairs. Garcia states, “One of the cars
needed a new transmission, but for the most part the vehicles
were in good condition. Repairing the cars provided some
good hands-on training for auto tech students.”
   Each MC Police Officer now has his/her own vehicle for
patrolling the campus. The officers are also allowed to keep
the cars when they aren’t on duty, which enables them to re-
spond quickly to emergencies. Garcia notes that in December
when an MC airplane had to make an emergency landing, he
was able to travel quickly to the scene because of the avail-
ability of his own patrol car. During another occasion, Houck
says she was able to respond immediately from her home to
a disturbance at the MC Cogdell Learning Center on South
Florida Street.
   Houck says, “The ability to use individual vehicles makes
us really feel like we are part of the law enforcement commu-
nity. It has helped to boost morale in the department, and we
                                                                    Pictured from left to right are MC Foundation Executive Director Erin
have increased our ability to respond to incidents. We really      Tresner, MC Police Officer Ricardo Martinez, MC Chief of Police Martin
owe a huge amount of gratitude to Sheriff Painter and the Mid-         Garcia, Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter, MC Police Officer
land County Sheriff’s Department for this donation!”                        Marihya Houck and MC Police Officer Rocky Derouen.

      Teaching Excellence Awards Ceremony announces 2012 winners
                                                       “T     eaching, like most arenas, has its share of shooting stars that dazzle
                                                              and amaze. The best of these teachers change our lives,” said Dr.
                                                       Deana Savage, associate vice president of instruction-career and technical.
                                                           The Teaching Excellence Awards for the 2011-2012 school year were an-
                                                       nounced Thursday, January 12. This is an annual award at MC that allows for
                                                       acknowledgment of outstanding professors to be recognized by their peers.
                                                           MC President Dr. Steve Thomas said, “This is one of my favorite events
                                                       of the year. I congratulate each of the nominees on being recognized by their
                                                           The awards are grouped into two categories: Academic/Transfer and
                                                       Career/Technical. Dr. Stan Jacobs presented the 2012 Academic/Transfer
                                                       award to Joseph Willis, assistant professor of speech, and Dr. Deana Savage
                                                       presented the 2012 Career/Technical award to Lynn Mock, R.N., associate
                                                       professor of nursing. Each award winner was presented with a plaque and a
Pictured are the 2012 MC Teaching Excellence               The feelings of many were summarized by Associate Vice President of
winners, Associate Professor of Nursing Lynn Mock,
R.N. and Assistant Professor of Speech Joseph Willis
                                                       Instruction-Academic Transfer Dr. Stan Jacobs: “ . . . faculty are our greatest

Page 6
         McCormick Gallery presents caricatures by Dr. Stan Jacobs
M       C Associate Vice President of Instruction Dr. Jacobs is the longest-serving employee at MC and will be retiring in
        August after 41 years of service. He has seen the college enrollment grow from 700 students in 1971 to currently
over 6,000 students.
   Jacobs, a Kansas native, says, “When I was hired, Dr. [Al] Langford told me that one day, the college would have a
fine arts building and 3,000 to 4,000 students. I remember thinking that these guys from Texas sure do talk big. To me,
it seemed impossible, but 20 years later, I had an office in the Allison Fine Arts Building, and MC enrollment was over
3,000 students. I decided there was a reason Texans talk big—their predictions usually come true!”
                                                                To honor Dr. Jacobs and commemorate his years of service to MC,
                                                             this summer’s exhibit at McCormick Gallery, located in the Allison
                                                             Fine Arts Building, will feature a collection of caricatures he has drawn
                                                             over the years. Dr. Jacobs has had the pleasure of drawing caricatures
                                                             of various people in the Midland community, as well as caricatures of
                                                             people he has encountered during his extensive travels.
                                                                He has traveled to a total of 40 countries, and his goal is to visit 50
                                                             countries before he “hangs it up.” “I would like to visit Australia, New
                                                             Zealand and the Scandinavian countries,” says Jacobs. A lot of his trav-
                                                             els have been church-sponsored mission trips, in which Jacobs enjoys
                                                             teaching English to teenagers. His MC office is filled with mementos of
                                                             those trips, many of which are drawings and other art objects made by
                                                             the young people he has met.
                                                                Those fortunate people who are in possession of a Stan Jacobs
   Dr. Stan Jacobs standing by mesquite tree planted on the
  MC campus in his honor last May to celebrate his 40 years caricature and who are willing to have it displayed on the walls of
                       of service to MC.                    McCormick Gallery this summer should contact Gallery Director J. Don
                                                            Wallace (685-4770, A copy of the caricature
                                                            will be made for display purposes.
   The public is invited to view the caricature exhibit and visit with Dr. Jacobs while enjoying a complimentary
light lunch on June 7 at 11:30 a.m.
   The light-hearted caricature exhibit will allow the community a chance to smile once again and reflect upon the career
of MC’s first art instructor, a cherished MC administrator and a Midland legend!

                                             Future “I. V.” leaguers
E   ach semester, both the MC Associate Degree Nursing program and the Licensed Vocational Nursing program hold
    pinning ceremonies for those students who are graduating from the programs. On Wednesday, December 14, thirty-
seven students were pinned as future nurses during the MC Associate Degree Nursing ceremony, and on Thursday,
December 15, twenty students received their Licensed Vocational Nursing pins.
   The ceremonies also celebrated the accomplishments of outstanding students in both programs. Associate Degree
Nursing graduates Maxine Estrada and Hyangsook Ko received a plaque acknowledging both of these young women
as having the highest grade point average. Estrada also was honored as the Irwin Scholar and received the presti-
gious Florence Nightingale Award. Associate Degree Nursing Program Director Valerie Steiner says, “The Florence
Nightingale Award recognizes a student who exhibited superior behavioral characteristics while in the program and who
shall probably be the kind of nurse we all want taking care of us. Maxine certainly possesses all those qualities!”
   During the Licensed Vocational Nursing ceremony, Anarosa Perches was
recognized as the Irwin Scholar, and Graciela Villa and Francisco Teveni
received highest grade point average honors.

                                                                                           Licensed Vocational Nursing graduates light
                                                                                         candles during pinning ceremony as family and
                                                                                         friends show their support and encouragement.

                  December 2011 MC Associate Degree Nursing graduates

                                                                                                                           Page 7
                                              A “twist” on the classics
                   FMH Foundation provides funding for MC music program concert

“G       reg Anderson and Elizabeth Roe take classical
         music and turn it on its head!” notes MC
Assistant Professor of Music Dr. Nicholas Elderkin.
“I can’t wait for them to perform at Midland
   Thanks to a $12,000 grant from the FMH
Foundation, Dr. Elderkin has arranged for the
Anderson & Roe piano duo to perform for a Midland
audience on Thursday, April 19. Then, on Friday,
April 20, the Juilliard-trained pianists will conduct a
piano master class for MC music students and other
community pianists. The FMH grant is making the
two-day event possible at no cost to attendees!
   Known for their adrenalized performances,
inventive programming, original compositions
and refined artistry, Anderson and Roe have been
described as “Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
transposed from the dance floor to the keyboard.”              Pictured from left to right are MC Foundation Executive Director Erin Tresner,
                                                              MC Assistant Professor of Music Dr. Nicholas Elderkin, MC Foundation Board of
Elderkin says he first saw them on YouTube when he                 Directors member Marie Hall and FMH Foundation Executive Director
was searching for piano videos to show his classes.                                            Dr. Eileen Piwetz.
   “I instantly took notice of this duo,” states Elderkin.
“Greg Anderson produces the videos himself, and they are outstanding. Whether you like classical music or more
contemporary pieces, you will love this piano concert. They take songs like Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and create their
own arrangement using classical techniques. On the other hand, they play an arrangement of the Blue Danube Waltz that
mixes some modern sounds with the traditionally classical piece.”
                                           Dr. Elderkin has been a member of the MC music faculty since 2007 and since
                                       that time has been a strong force behind its immense success. In October 2009,
                                       Elderkin arranged for his former Texas Tech University piano professor and mentor,
                                       Dr. William Westney, to perform a recital at Midland College to benefit the music
                                       program. This concert marked the beginning of MC’s efforts to become an All-
                                       Steinway school, which became a reality in the Fall of 2010.
                                           The Anderson & Roe piano concert will take place at 7:00 p.m. on April 19
                                       in the Allison Fine Arts Building, Wagner & Brown Auditorium on the MC
                                       campus. The performance is FREE;
                                       however, tickets are required and are
                                       available at the MC Foundation Office
                                       located in the Pevehouse Administration
                                           Dr. Elderkin exclaims, “I can’t possibly
                                       express, in so few words, how grateful
                                       we are for the FMH Foundation’s gift. It
                                       is a magnificent expression of love for
                                       music that will nurture Midland College,
                                       its students and surrounding community.
    Elizabeth Roe and Greg Anderson    Bravo, FMH!”

Page 8
Clarion                                                                                                      Clarion
In memory of...
Charles Allen “Charlie” Bird
                P   rominent Midlander and Midland College friend, Charles Allen “Charlie” Bird, was devoted to his
                    family and immensely proud of their accomplishments. His smile could light up a room and his
                laughter was contagious.
                              Dr. Gregory Bartha Scholarship                      Dara Perry Bush RN Nursing Scholarship
                     Dr. Gregory Bartha           Ann Kleine                     Jackie & Wes Perry
                     Karen & Spencer Beal         P E D Oil Corporation
                     Pat & Dan Black              Mary Alice Tidwell                  Chaparral Circle Endowment Fund
                     Dorothy Kincaid              Charlene Waddill               Ann & Ralph Way

Ruth Martha Raymer Cole/Arthur Weller Cole
                             R    uth and Arthur “Art” Cole were married in 1943 at the home of Naomi Lancaster, a
                                  longtime supporter of the arts in Midland. Little did Ms. Lancaster know at the time
                             that in the years to follow the couple would make a huge impact on the arts in West Texas.
                             In 1946, the couple founded the Midland Community Theatre (MCT), and when they retired
                             in 1981, the theatre building was named “Cole Theatre.”          Friends of the Series
                                                                                                  Susan & David Randle

Olive Carolyn Vick Cowden
                    F  or over a century, Olive Carolyn Vick Cowden lived in West Texas, and more than 70 of those
                       years were spent in Midland. Olive was a loving mother, grandmother and great grandmother. A
                    woman with a zest for life, she loved to cook, entertain family and friends, work in her rose gardens
                    and travel the world. The light in her beautiful blue eyes was so palpable and welcoming that she
                    never met a stranger!                         Dr. Gregory Bartha Scholarship
                                                  Dr. Gregory Bartha                    Ann Kleine
                                                  Mary de Compiegne                     Phyllis Grimland
                                                  The Honorable & Mrs. Tom Craddick     Mr. & Mrs. Dan Montgomery
                                                    and Family
Larry Dean Hagler
                    O   n January 29, MC lost its “gentle giant,” Police Officer Larry Hagler. Hagler who stood over
                        6’5” was not only a member of the MC Police Department, but also a former MC student. He
                    had an Associate degree in law enforcement and received his Advanced Peace Officer Certification in
                    June of 2010. He also held a real estate license, was a graduate of the MC truck driving program and
                    most recently completed the MC pharmacy tech program.
                                    Court of Honor/Honoraria/Memorial                                 F. Marie Hall SimLife
                Rebecca Bell                             Jan & Andrew Reed                                   Center
                Rita Brady                               Julia & Eric Vickery                      Dr. Deana Savage &
                Rita Nell & David Diffie                 Dale Westfall                               Glenn Brown
                Midland College Police Department

Jerry Donald Mills
                                        J erry Donald Mills, was one of MC’s most beloved government instructors. He
                                          was an avid fisherman and loved football. He retired from MC in 2006, and he
                                        and his wife Betty moved to Hays, Kansas, to be with family.
                                                       Jerry D. Mills Faculty Development Fund
                      Joel Andrew A. Bannister     Cathy Drabkin (Book          Janet Hays                 Pam Raher
                      Kathryn & William              Club)                      Geraldine Heil             Jan & Andrew Reed
                         Bannister                 Cheryl & Bob Duffy           Charlene Holzmeister       Catherine & Eric Rohleder
                      M. Bannister & K. Griffin    Cynthia Elliott              Dr. Pamela Howell          Norita, Rita & Mike Smith
                      Mark Bannister               Fort Hays State University   Jan Kitzis                 J. Don Wallace
                      Ron, Shannon Copelin &         Foundation                 Dr. Wayne McClure          Brett, Julie & Allen
 Chaparral Circle        Family                    Dr. Terry & Bruce Gilmour    Leslie & Barry Paige          Zollinger (Book Club)
 Endowment Fund       Ann & Dr. Tim Crowley        Catherine “Betty” &          Dr. Eileen & Jim Piwetz
                      Rita Nell & David Diffie       Richard Hatter             Andrea & Chapman
Dale Westfall
                                                   Christina Hagley                Rackaway

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                                                                        November 11, 2011 - March 21, 2012
Midland College Foundation Donors
           Chaparral Circle            In Memory of Nelta Hall          In Memory of William Patton Weir
          Endowment Fund                  Jenny & Phil Ebensberger         Dr. Andrea Zabel & Jiri Klubal
Marion & Robert Frazier                   Dr. Pamela Howell
Homeport LP                               Julia & Eric Vickery             Court of Honor/Honoraria/
Patricia P. Inman                                                                      Memorial
Katherine Martindale                   In Memory of Carson Horton       Jenifer & Patrick Holeva
Kay & William Moore                       Brooklyn Zabel                Tierra Company, L.P.
Hal C. Peck Trust
Sally & Robert Rudrauff                In Memory of Charles Kramer             Phyllis & Bob Cowan
Carole Whitten                            Jenny & Phil Ebensberger           Performing Arts Series
                                          Dr. Pamela Howell             Robert & Leslie Cowan Stevens
In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Beal       Dale Westfall
   BTA Oil Producers, LLC                 Mary Williams                 In Honor of Bob Cowan
                                                                           Stubbeman, McRae, Sealy, Laughlin
In Honor of Justin Beach               In Memory of Elida Martinez           & Browder, Inc.
   Rebecca Bell                           Isabel Jimenez
                                                                             Davidson Distinguished
In Honor of Midland College Social &   In Memory of Linda A. Miller                Lecture Series

   Behavioral Sciences Staff              Ralph B. Miller               Speech Class 1315
     Dr. Will Morris
                                       In Memory of Rebecca Roberts     In Memory of
In Memory of:                             Sylvia Gray                      Nancy Hellinghausen Brown
   Lois Brazell                                                              Teresa Guyton
   John W. Collins                     In Memory of Elizardo Romero
   Percy Symonette                        Arlen Edgar                            Fasken Learning
     Rebecca Watson                                                              Resources Center
                                       In Memory of Roger Seales        Ralph B. Miller
In Memory of:                             Rebecca Bell

   Daphne Tabor                           Cynthia & Art Morales              Friends of the Series 2012
   William “Bill” A. Wheeler              Julia & Eric Vickery          Marilyn & Neal Allen
     Ann & Ralph Way                                                    Sandra & Jim Alsup
                                       In Memory of Frank Hoxie Smith   Nancy R. Anguish
In Memory of:                             Rebecca Bell                  Anonymous
   Samuel W. Bishop                       David & Rita Nell Diffie      Jan & Roger Artley
   Carolyn Lockhart                       Arlen Edgar                   Larry Bailey
   William “Bill” West Watts              Dr. Pamela Howell             Dottie & Norman Barker
     Sandra & Dr. Rex Peebles             Dr. Eileen & Jim Piwetz       Mr. & Mrs. Barry Beal, Jr.
                                                                        Karen & Spencer Beal
In Memory of Jeff L. Crain             In Memory of Burton Stickney     Nancy & Barry Beal
   R. A. Jennings                         Norma & William Burke         Mary Emma & Robert A. Bennett, D.D.S.
                                                                        Virginia Berry
In Memory of Barbara Creager           In Memory of Deborah Tarpley     Kay & Don Bishop
   Carol Jo & Jack E. Blake               Rebecca Bell                  Fredda L. Black
                                          Stacey & Alfredo Chaparro     Carol Jo & Jack E. Blake
In Memory of:                             John Deats                    Elizabeth & Herb Blankinship
   Carolyn Lockhart                       David & Rita Nell Diffie      A. R. Bohannon
   Odell Morrow                           Bahola & Tim Edwards          Charlene & Pat Bolden
   John Woodside                          Dawn Finley                   Sue Starr Boldrick
     Dr. Eileen & Jim Piwetz              Betsy & Ed Fredericks         H. F. Bud Boles
                                          Dr. Terry & Bruce Gilmour     Mr. & Mrs. Perry Bolger
In Memory of Samuel Willis Bishop         Dr. Pamela Howell             Linda & Corky Bosworth
   Rebecca Bell                           Cynthia & Art Morales         Lucy Box
                                          Dr. & Mrs. Curtis Nicholson   Dr. & Mrs. Paul Breen
In Memory of Glen Davis                   Sean Perez                    Leann & Harold (Hal) Brenner
   Dr. Nancy Hart                         Dr. Eileen & Jim Piwetz       Sophia & G. W. Brock
                                          Jan & Andrew Reed             Mr. & Mrs. Jack E. Brown
                                          Lisa & Mike Stevens           Bambi & Alan Byars
                                                                        Karmen & Billy Bryant
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Midland College Foundation Donors                                November 11, 2011 - March 21, 2012
Donna & Jim Byerlotzer            Joan Holt                      Alison & Bruce Peeler
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Bynum       Homeport LP                    LaVoe & Ken Peeler
CMC Business Systems, Inc.        LaNell & Les Honeyman          Beverly Pevehouse
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kell Cahoon      Elsie & Harry Hugly            Jean & Wes Pittman
Corinne & Toby Carleton           Nancy S. Hull                  Carol & Jerry Pitts
Dr. & Mrs. Terry Carpenter        Retha & James Hunnicutt        Dr. Eileen & Jim Piwetz
Roberta & Richard Case            Mary Hunter                    Mr. & Mrs. Fredric Poe
Mary Lou Cassidy                  Vicki & Clint Hurt             Walker H. Powe
Kay & Steve Castle                Anne & Dr. Thomas Hyde         Beth & Charles Priddy
Doris & Wesley Chalfant           Jackie Ingram                  Nancy & John Pulte
D. Davidson Claiborne             Laura Ingram                   Jane B. Ramsland
Bessie & Harding Collins          Patricia & Leon Jeffcoat       Susan & David Randle
Community National Bank           Ann & Ted C. Johnson           Debbie & Rick Reese
Janet & Corby Considine           Mr. & Mrs. Tom E. Johnson      José & John Rheinscheld
Lana & John Cooper                Linda & Dr. Richard Jolly      Rhodes Family Foundation
Judith E. Corrigan                Marlene & Bill Jones           Ruth Bell Ritchie
Cheryl S. Cotner                  Virginia & Bob Jones           Donna M. Robertson
Peggy & Bob Cowan                 Mary B. Kennedy                Leah & Stephen Robertson

June Cowden                       Marion & John Kimberly         Carolyn J. Roden
Linda Cowden                      Dana & Steve Kiser             Louan and Glenn Rogers
Caryl & Art Custer                Ann Kleine                     Mr. & Mrs. Bill Rutter
Mary W. de Compiegne              Jayne Krawietz                 Dr. Deana Savage & Glenn Brown
Mindy & Joe de Compiegne          Patti & Watson LaForce         Kerry & Clarence Scharbauer
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Dingus      Dr. Ron & Pat Paxton Larson    Patricia Schneider
Charlyne Dodge                    Barbara & Jim Leeton           Donnette & Ron Schwisow
Jean C. Donnelly                  Pam & Bob Leibrock             Dr. & Mrs. Tulsi Dyal Singh
Mary & Robert Dyer                Nancy & Joe Liberty            Linda & Del Sloan
Arlen Edgar                       Mr. & Mrs. Cadell S. Liedtke   Kay & George Smith

Julie Edwards                     Vangie Lindsey                 Sandra & George Staley
Betty & Don Ewan                  Sharon & W. H. Lipham          Dale & Jon Stasney
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Ferguson          Patti & Rod MacDonald          Carolyn Stice
Floyd Flippen                     Edwin H. Magruder, Jr.         Pete and Carol Swain, (Swain Charitable
Neil Florer                       Carol & Jack Mangan              Fund of the Greater Saint Louis
Sharon Floyd                      Dr. & Mrs. Paul Mangum              Community Foundation)
Lynn & Earl Freeman               Sue & Bill Marshall            Sabrina & Donald Tally
Maridell Fryar                    Suzanne Clevenger Martin       Georgia & Carroll Thomas
Paige & Mike Gates                Laura & Ed McCabe              Sandy & George Thomas
C. E. George                      Melissa & Greg McCabe          Schatzie & Charles Tighe
Emily & Joe Gifford               Brenda & Donny McClure         Trobaugh Properties
Susan & Bill Granberry            Elizabeth McCrone              United Drilling Fluids, LLC
Elizabeth A. Greaves              Gloria & Bill McGavran         Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Vogel
Marianne & Will Green             Norma Joy McGrew               Lissa Noel Wagner
Cindy & David Griffin             Mimi & Tom McKnight            Annette O. Wambaugh
Arden & Rosalind Redfern Grover   Evelyn & Thomas McKown         Carole V. Warren
Marie Hall                        Jan & Richard McMillan         Ann & Ralph Way
Susan & Russell Hall              Patricia & Jack McMillan       Dr. & Mrs. Jim Welsh
Evalyn & Robert Halvorsen         Melson & Associates            Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Whatley
Jolene & Joe Don Hancock          Jan & Richard McMillan         Wyoma Whitlow
Maxine Hannifin                   Patricia & Jack McMillan       Betty Whitmire
Marilyn Hanson                    Betty & David Miller           Terry & Jack Wilkinson
Jennifer & Dan Hart               Ralph B. Miller                Jane & Ken Williams
Julie & Allen Harvey              JoAnn Minnix                   Celia & Word Wilson
Paula & Jim Henry                 Richard R. Montgomery          Claire & Jim Woodcock
Anne Herbig                       Becky & Gene Needham           Mary Jane & Bob Young
Patty & Tevis Herd                Chris & Fred Newman
Dr. & Mrs. William M. Hibbitts    Marthann Nobles                In Honor of Patricia Blackwell
Bob Hicks                         Winnie & T. B. O’Brien            Elsie S. Hugly
Carole & Harry Hinkle             Mrs. D. E. O’Shaughnessy

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                                                                             November 11, 2011 - March 21, 2012
Midland College Foundation Donors
In Honor of:                          James Moore                            KIDS’ College
   Dr. & Mrs. Rob Bennett             Marshall & Winston, Inc.               Abell-Hanger Foundation, Inc.
     Mr. & Mrs. Allen McGuire         Ramona Munsell & Associates
     Gloria & Bill McGavran             Consulting, Inc.                     Math Department
                                      Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc.    Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Thomas
In Honor of:                          Warren Administration Company
   Mary Lou Holbrook                  P.T. Wurster                           In Honor of Jack E. Brown
   Carolyn T. Winkler                                                           Permian Transport & Trading, LP
     Wyoma Whitlow                    In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Beal
                                         Chrys & Kelly Beal                  Math and Pre-Engineering
In Memory of:                            Cliffy & B.J. Beal                    Undergraduate Research Fund
   Melvin Aven                           Nancy & Barry Beal                  Dr. Margaret & Burgess Wade
   Judge John Hyde
   Joy Worley                         In Honor of Dr. David E. Daniel        Jerry Mills Faculty Development Fund
     Dr. Eileen & Jim Piwetz             Karen & Spencer Beal                Betty & Jerry (deceased) Mills

In Memory of                                        Programs                 In Memory of:
   Nancy Hellinghausen Brown          Early College High School                 Wilke Miller

     Nancy & John Pulte               Abell-Hanger Foundation, Inc.             Roger Seales
                                      COG Operating, LLC                          Dr. Terry & Bruce Gilmour
In Memory of Harvey Herd              Linda & Fred Frantz
   Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Canon        Wayne & Joann Moore Charitable         MC Department of Music (Performers)
                                        Foundation                           FMH Foundation
In Memory of:                         The Rea Charitable Trust               The Episcopal Church of The Holy
   Robert F. Bailey                   Scharbauer Foundation, Inc.              Trinity
   Judge John Hyde                                                           Martha & John Smart
     Marthann Nobles                  In Memory of Elizardo Romero
                                         Linda Cowden                        In Honor of:

In Memory of Deborah Tarpley                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Tom Brahaney
   Dr. Deana Savage & Glenn Brown     Geology Department                        Mr. & Mrs. Paul Morris
                                      Joan Gawoski                                Flo White
  F. Marie Hall SimLife Center        Dr. Karen Waggoner
ConocoPhillips Company                                                       Photography Department
Philip R. Jonsson Foundation          In Honor of:                           Solis Resources, LTD
Scharbauer Foundation, Inc.              Mr. & Mrs. Tom Brahaney
                                         Mr. & Mrs. Paul Morris              Professional Petroleum Development
In Honor of Diana Bell                     Flo White                           Center
   Rebecca Bell                                                              Devon Energy Corporation
                                      Grand Piano Fund
In Memory of Billie Lewis             In Honor of Gretchen Bell              RAD Program
   The Keesee’s                          Rebecca Bell                        Christ Church Midland

In Memory of:                         In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Jeff McKenzie   Science Extravaganza 2012
   Nelta Hall                            Billie & James Merriman             Amerind Oil Company, LTD
   Judge John Hyde                                                           Berry Petroleum Company
   John Woodside                      In Memory of:                          Willard Green
     Dr. Deana Savage & Glenn Brown      Faye Harper                         Keystone Petroleum NM, LLC
                                         Ruth Smith                          Mazullo Energy Corp.
     Harriet & Harvey Herd                 Billie & James Merriman           Geo Tellus
          Faculty Lounge
Patty & Tevis Herd                    Hilda Simmons Levitt Poetry Contest    See/Si MC Event
                                      Carol Schwartz                         Agave Petroleum, LLC
          Midland College                                                    Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
          Foundation, Inc.            Jazz Ensemble
Art Schmidt                           Midland Country Club Ladies’           Students In Philanthropy
Chaparral Energy, LLC                   Association                          Abell-Hanger Foundation, Inc.
Cooper Construction Company, Inc.                                            The Helen Greathouse Charitable Trust
Edna Mae Corey Charitable Trust       Joint Continuing Education Venture     Laura & Ed McCabe
                                      Texas Mutual Insurance Company
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                                                                            November 11, 2011 - March 21, 2012
Midland College Foundation Donors
Studio 3600 Series                     Dara Perry Bush, R.N., B.S.N.        Tom Cloyd Memorial Scholarship
In Honor of:                              Nursing Scholarship               B-29/B-24 Squadron, Commemorative
   Chris Hieb                          In Honor of:                           Air Force
   J. Don Wallace                         Mary Beth Corbett
      Rebecca Bell                        Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dean           James A. “Buddy” Davidson Nursing
                                          Mary W. de Compiegne                Transition Program
In Memory of Charles Kramer               Mr. & Mrs. Robert Eubanks         James A. “Buddy” Davidson Charitable
   J. Don Wallace                         Roland Hinojosa                     Foundation
                                          Mr. & Mrs. Ron Holcomb
Upward Bound Parent Coalition             Robert Hooper                     Silva Dillard Nursing Scholarship
Kohl’s                                    Tera & Brooke King                Fellowship Class of First United
                                          Robert Alvarez & Tim Little          Methodist Church
            Scholarships                  Mr. & Mrs. John Norwood
Dr. Gregory Bartha Health Sciences        Mr. & Mrs. Pete Ramos             Dragisic Memorial Scholarship
  Scholarship                             Mr. & Mrs. Rogers Stephenson      Campbell Construction Company
Gregory W. Bartha, M.D.                   Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Thon
Edna & William Hibbitts                   Janice Vinson                     In Memory of:
                                          Mr. & Mrs. Bill Watson               Elsie Dragisic

In Honor of Dr. Gregory Bartha            LaFonda White                        Nick Dragisic
   Amy C. Davenport                         Jackie & Wes Perry                 Charlotte Self
   Eloise & Bob Davenport                                                      Gerald Self
   Carolyn Fitz-Gerald                 In Honor of Jackie Perry                  Sandra & Arthur Dragisic
   Patti & Watson LaForce                 Wes Perry
                                                                            Dr. Nick Elderkin Scholarship
Elizabeth & Herb Blankinship           In Honor of Wes Perry                David A. Stephens
   Scholarship                            Jackie Perry
In Honor of Elizabeth &                                                     In Honor of J. Don Wallace
   Herb Blankinship                    In Honor of Jackie & Wes Perry          Colonel Theunis Dey Charter D.A.R.

     Tiffany & Todd Meade                 Mary Beth Corbett
                                          Diane & Paul Wright               Howell Watkins & Betty Gaines
Dr. Marshall Box Endowed Scholarship                                          Behavioral Science Scholarship
In Memory of:                          In Memory of:                        Eleanor Murphy
   Barbara Creager                        Mildred Beckett
   Lois Watkins                           Harold Burke                      In Honor of Dr. Betty Gaines
     Lucy Box                             Robert F. “Bob” Bailey               Cindy & Bill Humphries
                                          Mary Elizabeth “Ibby” Hardie
Cece Brune Scholarship                    Walter “Yippy” Rankin             In Honor of Dr. Betty & Bob Gaines
Cece & A. J. Bruce                          Jackie & Wes Perry                 Mary Bett
                                                                               Rachel Bett
In Honor of Cece Brune                 In Memory of Dara Perry Bush            Tommy Bett
   Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Hudgeons              Christian Liguori                    Liz & Gay Land
   Betty Thompson                         Wes Perry
   Susan Weidner                                                            In Memory of Richard Gaines
                                       In Memory of:                           Dr. Betty & Bob Gaines
In Honor of Cece & A. J. Brune            Joshua Brooks
   Cheryl & Joe Vaughn                    Newnie Ellis                      General Nursing Scholarship
                                          Jan Fitting                       Don Haden
Patricia Lechwar Byrd Memorial            Alexander “Al” Manulik            Estate of Billie Ruppe
  Scholarship                             Vera Osadchuk                     Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Thomas
Byrd Operating Company                    Jane Riddle
                                          Liz Russell
Buckner-Hearthstone KIDS’ College           Jackie & Wes Perry
In Honor of Dennis Sever               In Memory of John Woodside
   The Information Technology Staff       Jackie & Wes Perry and Rachel &
                                            Blake Bush

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                                                                               November 11, 2011 - March 21, 2012
Midland College Foundation Donors
George Harley Memorial                 Midland’s Legacy Scholarship            Marshal Verne Ross Health Sciences
   Scholarship                         The Helen Greathouse Charitable Trust     Foundation Scholarship
In Memory of George F. Harley, Jr.     Scharbauer Foundation, Inc.             The Marshal Verne Ross Foundation, Inc.
   Jacqueline E. Carter
   Mr. & Mrs. David Laughlin           Gavin Shey Morrison Criminal Justice    Scholar’s Dollars Scholarship
                                          Scholarship                          Bridgestone Trust Fund
David Hoy Harrison Music Scholarship   In Memory of Gavin Shey Morrison        Chevron
Estate of Helen G. Harrison               Tina & Bill Morrison                 Janet Groth

Linnie Hall Davidson, R.N. Nursing     Music Department Scholarship            Eleanor (Slunaker) & William Smith
   Scholarship                         Jeanette Frantz                           Endowed Scholarship
In Honor of:                                                                   Eleanor & William Smith
   Betty Campbell                      Marie Pierson Scholarship
   Phyllis Grimland                    Desert Squadron Commemorative Air       Mary Spannaus Medical Education
   Elizabeth Robinson                    Force                                   Memorial Scholarship
   Flo White                                                                   A Component Fund of Permian Basin

     Sandra L. Davidson                Dr. Eileen Piwetz Endowed Scholarship     Area Foundation
                                       In Honor of Dr. Eileen Piwetz
In Memory of:                             Contemporary Study Club              Special Scholarship
   Lee Campbell                                                                Runyan Oil Company
   James A. “Buddy” Davidson           In Honor of:                            WB Summit Properties, Inc.
     Sandra L. Davidson                   Mrs. Bert Black
                                          Mr. & Mrs. Jim Cowden                Mary Ruth Thomas Endowed
Marie Hinkle Scholarship                  The Honorable &                         Scholarship
Carole & Harry Hinkle                       Mrs. Thomas R. Craddick            In Honor of:
                                          Mr. & Mrs. Ferrell Davis                Rick Bender

Retha & James Hunnicutt Endowed           Mr. & Mrs. Donald Evans                 Rita Nell Diffie
  Scholarship                             Mr. & Mrs. Ted Fergeson                 Dr. Richard Jolly
Retha & James Hunnicutt                   Dr. & Mrs. Charles Gaines               Dr. Rex Peebles
                                          Mr. & Mrs. Bill Granberry               Dennis Sever
Marian & Jan K. Jones Scholarship         Mrs. Byron Greaves                      Erin Tresner
In Memory of Marian & Jan K. Jones        Mr. & Mrs. Don Jones                      Dr. Steve Thomas
   J. Robert Jones Charitable Trust       Mr. & Mrs. Bill Marshall
                                          Mr. & Mrs. C. D. Martin              In Honor of Dr. Steve Thomas
Clara King Accounting Scholarship         Mr. & Mrs. George Thomas                Rick Bender
In Honor of Frank Bell                    Mr. & Mrs. Jack B. Wilkinson            Rita Nell Diffie
   Rebecca Bell                             Linda Cowden                          Dr. Richard Jolly
                                                                                  Erin Tresner
In Memory of Linda A. Miller           In Memory of:
   Ralph B. Miller                        Martha Black                         In Memory of:
                                          Ben Burkett                             Charles Kramer
Mary Anne Lindley Endowed Nursing         Courtney Cowden                         Carolyn Lockhart
 Scholarship                              Robbie & Roy Davidson                   Elizardo Romero
Williard M. and Ruth Mayer Johnson        Daniel Herd                               Vicki & Dr. Steve Thomas
 Charitable Foundation                    Harriet & Harvey Herd
                                          Patsy Hochman                        Ann & Lloyd Ugland Memorial
Captain Charles V. & Rachel Lyman         Norma McFarland                         Scholarship
   Memorial Endowed Scholarship           Mr. & Mrs. Dick Oldham               In Honor of:
In Memory of Captain Charles V. &         Brian Semple                            Joanne Grieder
   Rachel Lyman                           Johnny Warren                           Mr. & Mrs. Jerrold Harnagel
     Rachel Lyman Charitable Trust        Woody Woodman                             Dr. David Ugland
                                          Charlene & John Younger
Clayton McKinney Law Enforcement            Linda Cowden                       Norma M. & Joseph M. Wolfe
   Scholarship                                                                   Scholarship
In Honor of Allen Bell                                                         Ralph B. Miller
   Rebecca Bell

Page 14
                                                                                                November 11, 2011 - March 21, 2012
Midland College Foundation Donors
         Athletic Programs                   Golf Program                                       Softball Program
Baseball Program                             Linda & Corky Bosworth                             Anonymous
Norma Booth                                                                                     Rosalba Dutchover
B. Gregor Carleton                           In Memory of Joe Stickney                          Ernest Falcon
Crescent B. Enterprises, LTD                    Willard & Ruth Johnson Charitable               Antonio Gudino

Vickie & Rodney Gardner                          Foundation -- Sydney &                         Robbin & James Herrington
Graham Pharmacy                                      David Stickney                             Lionel Hinojos, Jr.
Brienne Green                                                                                   Archidalia Kawaa
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Herricks                  Lady Chaps Basketball Program                      Johnny Losoya
Bill Williams Tire Center                    Anonymous                                          Glory Manzano
Jeffrey Young                                Donald W. Cobb Consulting, LLC                     Linda & Peter Mondragon
                                             Alan Dierschke                                     Anthony Palacio
In Honor of:                                 C. Webb Farrish                                    Porlific Chiropractic, PC
   Marcie Christensen                        Hufford’s Pest Control, LLC                        John Price
   Carol & Gordon Crigger                    Ted Johnson                                        R. Sloan

   Elsie & Harry Hugly                       Betty Schwartz                                     Gloria Tarango
   Cecilia & Ernie Johnson                   Nancy Walling                                      Cathy Trepte
   Becky & Max Maxwell                                                                          Garry Woodward
   Emma Hunter Maxwell                                                                          Roger Woodward
   Lou & Linda Williams
     Pat & Richard Blackwell                                                                    Volleyball Program
                                                                                                Luwana Dingle
                                                                                                Sabrina & Donald Tally
                                                                                                Wink Volunteer Fire Department

              Corporate matching gifts have enabled businesses to double or triple their employees’
                         and retirees’ donations to education and other worthy causes.
                      These gifts are an important source of funding for Midland College.
       For information on gift opportunities, contact MC Foundation Executive Director, Erin C. Tresner.

 Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program                   Texas Instruments Foundation
   Elizabeth & Herb Blankinship Scholarship                   Chaparral Circle Endowment Fund
                                                Corporate Matching Gifts
                                                              Fasken Learning Resources Center
 SunTrust Foundation Matching Gift Program                    Friends of the Series
   Howell Watkins & Betty Gaines Behavioral Science           Clara King Accounting Scholarship
     Scholarship                                              Norma M. & Joseph M. Wolfe Scholarship

                          Estate planning makes a great difference in the amount of money you pass on to loved ones and other beneficiaries,
                          such as Midland College. Each year, friends of the college create legacies for themselves and their families through
                          bequests to the Midland College Foundation. With careful planning, charitable deductions can create tax savings for
                          the family estate. Tax-deductible donations can be made in the form of cash, stocks, real estate, excess retirement
                          funds, life insurance, and other assets. As others have done, the Midland College Foundation may be named as a
                          beneficiary in your will. To discuss your preferences, feel free to call Erin C. Tresner, Executive Director of the
                          Midland College Foundation, at (432) 685-4526.

                                                                                                                             Page 15
                                                               Dr. Fareed Zakaria
                                           Foreign policy adviser, columnist and television host

                                                                                     Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 7:00 p.m.
                               D A V I D S O N                                        Al G. Langford Chaparral Center
                                       distinguished lecture series

                           H     ost of Fareed Zakaria GPS on
                                 CNN, Editor-at-Large at TIME
                            and a regular columnist for The Wash-
                                                                      airs worldwide and has become a destination for viewers seek-
                                                                      ing smart analysis and civil conversation about the big ideas and
                                                                      global challenges of our time.
                            ington Post, Fareed Zakaria is widely        Dr. Zakaria’s New York Times bestseller, The Future of
                            respected for his ability to spot eco-    Freedom, has been translated into 20 languages and was called
                            nomic and political trends around the     “a work of tremendous originality and insight” by The Washing-
world. Esquire magazine described him as “the most influential        ton Post. His recent international bestseller, The Post-American
foreign policy adviser of his generation.” Zakaria was born in        World, is about the “rise of the rest” - the growth of China, India,
India and educated at Yale and Harvard. He became the youngest        Brazil and many other countries - and what it means for the
managing editor in the history of Foreign Affairs at the age of 28.   future. “Zakaria ... may have more intellectual range and insights
   His columns and cover stories - on subjects ranging from glo-      than any other public thinker in the West,” said the Boston Sun-
balization and emerging markets to the Middle East and Ameri-         day Globe.
ca’s role in the world - reach millions of readers weekly. Before        On Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - less than a year after the publi-
joining TIME, Dr. Zakaria was editor of Newsweek International,       cation of The Post-American World: Release 2.0 - Zakaria will
overseeing all of the magazine’s editions abroad from 2000-2010.      review with Midlanders the shifts of world power and discuss
His weekly international news program, Fareed Zakaria GPS,            their vast political and economic implications.

       General Admission tickets are not required for this FREE lecture. Preferred seating is available for MC
                                 Distinguished Donors and Friends of the Series.

            The Midland College Foundation cordially invites you
                            to the Dedication & Open House of the

                                                          11:00 a.m.
                                            Tuesday, May 8, 2012

     Midland College Campus • 3600 North Garfield • Midland, Texas
          The F. Marie Hall SimLife Center is located in the Davidson Family Health Sciences Building.

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