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					Police Officer in Texas Claims the 2007 National Championship Title for World
Poker Tour Amateur Poker League

Police Officer Randall Spears wins a $10,000.00 Buy In to a World Poker Tour Main Event.

Wichita, KS, June 19, 2008 --(PR.com)-- On April 12th of 2008 World Poker Tour Amateur Poker
League (WPTAPL) welcomed the WPT partners and pro's, including “Cowboy” Kenna James, and Nick
Brancato, as they hosted their National Championship event to crown the 2007 WPTAPL National
Champion. Although attendance suffered from the 1,000's of airline flights cancelled that weekend
WPTAPL welcomed approximately 400 guests at the International Plaza Resort and Spa in Orlando, FL.
This included the invitees, plus their friends and family who came to support them. The event awarded
over $30,000 in prizes including a $10,000 seat to a WPT event for 1st place.

Edward Randall Spears, a Richland Hills, TX police officer of 6 years, defeated 254 players to claim the
title of WPTAPL's 2007 National Champion and brought the trophy back to Region 535 in Texas. “I was
overwhelmed when I walked in and saw so many tables and so many people,” stated Randall. “I tightened
up and started playing my game...chose when to be aggressive and that seemed to do the trick, took me all
the way!” Randall almost did not attend the event but after some words of encouragement from his friend
Rodney Rasberry, and a promise to accompany him on his journey, Randall decided to take his shot.

Randall Spears began playing poker, specifically No Limit Texas Hold 'Em, with WPTAPL in June of
2007 and quickly found he had a skill for the game. In his first six months with WPTAPL he qualified for
the National Championship. Randall says he gives credit to all the great players he played against at
Lonnegan's and Cape Buffalo, two of his favorite locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and where you
can usually find him enjoying a game and great company. “The only way you get good is playing with
good players and Fort Worth has the best” said Randall. After his win many have approached him for
advice. The best he can tell you is “you are gonna get a lot of advice and see a lot of stuff, but just sit
down and play your game.”

Randall intends on visiting some of the local Casino's around Texas and Oklahoma with Mike Fletcher,
the Sanctioned League Owner in Region 535 (Dallas, TX), in preparation for his big event. Randall will
participate in the $10,000 Gulf Coast Poker Championship on January 19th of 2009 at the Beau Rivage in
Biloxi, MS. Visit worldpokertour.com for WPT tour dates and details.

“We simply offer more prizes, and affordable opportunities to our sponsors and League Owners.” said,
Shane McCullough, VP of Operations for WPTAPL, “We encourage people to get involved in World
Poker Tour Amateur Poker League, and we offer various ways to be involved.” By visiting
www.WPTAPL.com and signing up for a Free membership, members begin playing for prizes such as
monthly seats to the WPT Celebrity Invitational Event boasting a $200,000+ prize pool (airfare included),
monthly trips to Vegas to be part of the filming of the WPT Five Diamonds event (airfare included),
chances to win 2 day WPT Boot Camps, Free loaded gaming devices from WPT Mobile, Free months in
ClubWPT (a subscription based poker club whose members receive access to legal online poker software
where players can play for over $100,000 each month in cash and prizes), Mexico Vacations, HD TV's,

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Digital Cameras, and more with MyAPL Rewards. Members play for a $10,000.00 WPT Main Event Seat
each year at the WPTAPL National Championship.

WPTAPL along with the rest of their player's, and the WPT partners, congratulate Randall Spears on his
victory and wish him the best of luck in his journey. Randall is looking forward to his WPT event and
becoming the next WPT Poker-Made Millionaire® saying that when it happens he plans on “smiling a

For more information on WTPAPL and schedule of events, please visit www.wptapl.com.

As the premiere amateur poker league in the world, over 500 WPTAPL tournaments are held on a weekly
basis seeing over 30,000 gamers gather in approximately 160 venues. The players participating in
WPTAPL events will earn WPTAPL Ranking Points. Ranking Points will qualify players for regional
tournaments, and regional winners will qualify to compete in the National Championship, for the chance
to win a $10,000 seat into a WPT Main event. WPT also gives away to WPTAPL members several other
prizes such as seats into the WPT Celebrity Invitational tournament, an invite-only tournament where top
poker pros and Hollywood celebrities compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and a $25,000
seat into the WPT World Championship. Players also earn MyAPL Rewards which can be redeemed for
prizes from T-Shirts to Flat Screen TV's. Prizes are also given to participants in regular tournaments
promoting Local and National sponsors. (Where laws permit)


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