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					Building Muscles for Men and Women
It seems like there is real craze with building muscles right now. Everyone including men, women,
young and old are starting to shape up and sculpt their bodies like never before.
We’re all aware that obesity has taken over lately but now there seems to be a tide-shift with a reversal
going on in a positive direction. For the first time in many years the obesity rate of school children in
the USA is dropping instead of growing.
With more and more people looking to build their muscles and strength this trend can certainly
So what is makes building muscle suddenly so popular?

In this article we’ll discuss building muscles for:
                                       Bodybuilding Competition
                                         Looks and Confidence
                                          Strength and Stamina
                                          Gain or Lose Weight
                                      Building Muscles for Women
                                      Doing More and Being More
In general people have different reasons for getting into body and muscle building. One person might
do it for competitive reasons, others for confidence issues, others to build strength and stamina, gain
weight, lose weight and then some people just want to be able to do more and live a healthier life.

Building Muscles for Competition
Bodybuilding competition is one reason why people are interested in building large muscle mass.
Building muscles for competition is a huge sport. You can find big rewards in competitive
bodybuilding but competing on this level takes much dedication and effort. You’ll need to dedicate
time, lots of time working out every day to build and maintain large muscle mass and shape.

Building Muscles to Compete is not Meant to be a Hobby
You will not naturally obtain a perfectly chiseled body with pumped up muscles overnight and if you
are looking to make it to the top of the muscle building food chain, you’re going to have to invest tens
of thousands of hours in workout time and the younger you get started as an adult body builder the
better chance you’ll have at making it to the top.

Building Muscles for Confidence
If you are getting into bodybuilding because you’re overweight, too scrawny and thin or just not happy
with the way your body looks, body and muscle building can help and the results can bee seen in a
matter of weeks. When done properly, you’ll be muscle building in a matter of days and many people
see noticeable improvements in just 4 to 6 weeks time.
Getting stronger, building muscle tone and depending on your situation, gaining or losing weight is a
great confidence and self image booster. You just need to be sure that you don’t get carried away doing
too much too fast. Set a rational schedule based on where you are starting from and you’ll begin to see
improvements in quick order.

Building Muscles for Women
Body and muscle building for women isn’t as popular as it is for men but it is really a great way for
women to build strength without being concerned about bulking up like a man would. There are many
petite women who body build and can lift an extreme amount of weight. So don’t confuse building big
muscles with raw strength and size.
Many women are coming to realize this and finding that even though they build muscle mass at a
slower pace than a man would, they still get the luxury of building strength, stamina and their
metabolism without the worry of looking like the Hulk’s masculine twin sister.
Speaking of building muscles to look masculine, younger males get into body and muscle building
many times to impress the girls. They want to look fantastic and they want ripped muscles and they
want them now! Their desire to look ripped, strong and desirable for a potential mate can become
This is the same problem competitive bodybuilders can get caught up in when they try to build muscles
too fast and take shortcuts that they think or have been told will give them an edge.

Avoid Using Steroids and Growth Hormones
when Building Muscle Mass
When the pressure is on to bulk up quickly, some body builders turn to using growth hormones and
steroids to hasten muscle building. There are a couple of big problems with this. In the case of
teenagers trying to bulk up quickly, they have to remember that their bodies are still in a growing mode
and the use of hormones or steroids can have some bad side effects that can seriously mess up the rest
of their life.
As far as competition body builders go, there’s really nothing to say to you here. You know what’s
going on because you see it nearly every day in the world of sports and fitness; elimination from
competition, health problems and stripped titles after years and years of hard work and full dedication
of a big piece of your life.
It’s not worth it and cheating at building muscles for competition won’t make you feel very proud if
you do happen win an event.
In the case of the young “want to impress” bodybuilder or the super Hulk competitive version, doing
steroids and growth hormones is rarely a good idea.
Bodybuilding in its beginning was created to be a sport and when given it respect and patience it
deserves it can be a rewarding way to stay fit and healthy for a lifetime.
If you’re into the competitive body and muscle building realm it can be a great way to travel and
socialize with people all around the world from local events all the way up to the Olympics if you are
so inclined.
If you’re looking at the field for a career there are huge opportunities for working in the health and
fitness industry and if you’re into it to impress others and gain confidence then building muscle mass
may be a great way for you to achieve it.
Whatever your reason for building muscle and getting into bodybuilding is, the benefits to your health,
fitness level, confidence and ability to do more and be more is undisputed and
wants to help you achieve it.
Grab a hold of these two muscle-building video programs and get started. The first one shows you how
to build muscles using Dumbbells at, and the second one is
training on building muscles using Kettlebells at . Both
follow along video programs are free for the time being and both work well for the beginner and the
fitness nuts alike.

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