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  Cash Gifting
“How To Make Money With
 Cash Gifting Programs”

          by Steve Hawk
   The Top Tier Marketing Pro
      How To Make Money With Cash Gifting Programs

There are over 9900 Google Searches world wide for the term “Cash Gifting”. Pretty amazing, huh?
The simple reason is that there are a LOT of people who either want or need to make extra money and,
believe it or not, Cash Gifting or a Cash Gifting Alternative Program is the absolute BEST way for
the average person to make extra cash…AND potentially life changing income!
I’ve been involved in the Cash Gifting Alternative side of the home business industry since 2010 and
made so much more money with them than with the typical MLM programs most people like to join.
I’ve spoken about MLM and the pitfalls associated with MLM on a number of occasions. Since MLMs
pay on the back-end, you never see much income until you’ve built a team of 1000s of distributors.
Most people simply cannot do this. This causes the failure rate to be extremely high and gives the
industry a bad name…well, that and the hype.

Anyway…Back to Cash Gifting…
The thing with Cash Gifting Programs is that you do not need to make many sales to make life-
changing income. That was the appeal to me and is the appeal to most who get involved. Some talk
about the noble nature of the business of how it’s just all about “giving” and “receiving”. That’s a
bunch of horse shit. It’s about starting a business, learning how to best market it, and making the
moolah PLAIN AND SIMPLE! So, how do you really go about making money with Cash Gifting

My Cash Gifting Marketing Plan
Like I said, I’ve been doing cash gifting alternative programs – also known as Top Tier Direct Sales –
since 2010. I’ve set up my marketing and had my most success with both internet marketing and
postcards (the old fashioned way!).
I’m a big proponent of blogging and content marketing. Once you get the hang of it, you can get
pretty proficient at it and it’s not super techie or something to be afraid of. I came into this industry at
the age of 45 not having a clue about websites, blogs, or marketing. If you’re driven and motivated, it’s
not difficult to learn. PLUS, if you join my team I’ll teach you (more about that later).
Content marketing is simply writing about Cash Gifting or Your Program and getting that article or
piece of content to rank in the search engines, particularly Google. So, when someone types in a search
term related to Cash Gifting, they will find your article and a percentage of those people will become
leads for you. The nice thing is that there is not a lot of competition for the keywords we target so it’s
relatively easy to rank high (those who rank on the first page get the most clicks and leads). This is
called “Generating Traffic”.
The more traffic you generate, the more leads you’ll generate and the more sales you’ll ultimately
make. It’s a very simple process. We teach all of this 1-on-1 and through our training website so if your
head is spinning right now don’t worry!
Time-tested, postcard marketing simply works! The reason it works so well now is that there’s very
little competition. Postage rates have gone up and most of the old postcard marketers have gravitated to
the less expensive BUT far more competitive internet. Think about it…how many postcards to you get
for home businesses? I think I’ve gotten 2 in the last 3 years. NO COMPETITION!
We offer complete training on our Postcard marketing strategy. Our program also offers a “done for
you” postcard service where you don’t have to do anything but order them. Anyone can do that!
Can You Really Make Money With Cash Gifting?
The simple answer is YES. Again, I prefer the Cash Gifting Alternative (Top Tier) side of the business
because I’ve found that a lot of people question the legitimacy of cash gifting so I’d rather have a
product associated with my opportunity so I don’t have to overcome that objection.
I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you won’t have to work. Like starting any business (or any
sales job) you WILL need to put in the work to reap the rewards. You will need to learn the 2
marketing strategies we recommend that work the best and you will need to be consistent in your
approach to your business. There’s an old saying “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make
him drink”. We can train you on how to run a profitable cash gifting business but you will need to put
the training into ACTION. The only people who fail are those who fail to take action.
If you’d like to get started making money from home, and you’d like to receive the absolute best
support and training in the Top Tier segment of the industry…


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