2013 U.S. Warehouse Clubs & Supercenters Industry-Product & Retail

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  Warehouse Clubs & Supercenters Products

                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS
          PRODUCT LINE                                                                        PAGE NUMBER
          Summary of Product Lines Sales by Industry                                               4
          Groceries & other foods                                                                  7
          Meat, fish & poultry, incl prepack meats                                                10
          Produce, including fruits & vegetables                                                  13
          Frozen foods, incl packaged foods                                                       16
          Dairy products & related foods, incl milk, cheese, etc                                  19
          Bakery products baked on premises                                                       22
          Bakery products not baked on the premises                                               25
          Delicatessen items, incl deli meats                                                     28
          Bottled, canned, or packaged soft drinks                                                31
          Candy                                                                                   34
          All other foods                                                                         37
          Packaged liquor, wine, & beer                                                           40
          Distilled spirits, including liquor, brandy, & liqueurs                                 43
          Wine                                                                                    46
          Beer & ale                                                                              49
          Drugs, health aids, beauty aids                                                         52
          Prescriptions                                                                           55
          Nonprescription medicines                                                               58
          Vitamins, minerals, & other dietary supplements                                         61
          Health aids, incl first-aid prod; foot prod; etc                                        64
          Cosmetics, incl face cream, make-up, perfumes etc                                       67
          Oth hygiene needs, incl deodorants, etc                                                 70
          Soaps, detergents, & household cleaners                                                 73
          Paper & related prod, incl paper towels, tissue, etc                                    76
          Men's wear                                                                              79
          Men's overcoats, topcoats, raincoats, outer jackets                                     82
          Men's casual slacks & jeans, walking shorts, etc.                                       85
          Men's sport shirts, incl t-shirts, knit & woven shirts, etc                             88
          Men's hosiery, pajamas, robes, underwear                                                91
          Women's, juniors', & misses' wear                                                       94
          Dresses, including all types                                                            97
          Slacks/pants, jeans, walking shorts, skirts                                            100
          Tops, incl t-shirts, knit & woven shirts, blouses, sweaters                            103
          Women's sports apparel, incl tennis, golf, jogging, swimming, etc                      106
          Hosiery, including pantyhose, socks, tights                                            109
          Bras, girdles, corsets                                                                 112
          Lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear                                                        115
          Accessories, incl handbags, wallets, neckwear, gloves, belts, etc                      118

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  Warehouse Clubs & Supercenters Products

                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS
          PRODUCT LINE                                                                        PAGE NUMBER
          Children's wear, incl boys, girls, & infants & toddlers                                121
          Boys' (sizes 2 to 7 and 8 to 20) clothing & accessories                                124
          Girls' (sizes 4 to 6x and 7 to 14) clothing & accessories                              127
          Infants' & toddlers' clothing & accessories                                            130
          Footwear, including accessories                                                        133
          Major household appliances                                                             136
          Kitchen appliances, parts, & accessories                                               139
          Laundry appliances, parts, & accessories                                               142
          Other major household appliances, parts, & accessories                                 145
          Small electric appliances                                                              148
          TVs, video recorders, video cameras, DVDs, etc                                         151
          Televisions                                                                            154
          Video recorders, cameras, tapes&electr game/DVD comb dev                               157
          Audio equip, musical instr, radios, stereos, CDs, etc                                  160
          Audio equipment, components, parts & accessories                                       163
          Records, tapes, audio tape books, & compact discs                                      166
          Musical instruments, sheet music, & related items                                      169
          Furniture, sleep equipment & outdoor/patio furniture                                   172
          Upholstered furniture                                                                  175
          Sleep sofas, daybeds, futons, & other dual-purpose pieces                              178
          Sleep equipment, incl mattresses, springs, cots, waterbeds, etc                        181
          Oth living room, dining room, bedroom furniture, incl headboards                       184
          All oth furniture, incl outdoor, office, computer-related,kitchen                      187
          Flooring & floor coverings                                                             190
          Soft-surface (textile) floor coverings & accessories                                   193
          Computer hardware, software, & supplies                                                196
          Computer & peripheral equipment                                                        199
          Prepackaged (off-the-shelf) computer software                                          202
          Kitchenware & home furnishings                                                         205
          Cookware & cooking accessories                                                         208
          Dinnerware, china, glassware, tableware, giftware                                      211
          Decorative accessories, incl lamps, lampshades, mirrors, etc                           214
          All other kitchenware & home furnishings                                               217
          Jewelry, incl watches, watch attach, etc                                               220
          Karat gold jewelry                                                                     223
          Diamond, gemstone, & pearl jewelry                                                     226
          All other jewelry                                                                      229
          Books                                                                                  232
          Toys, hobby goods, & games                                                             235

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        Warehouse Clubs & Supercenters Products

                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS
                PRODUCT LINE                                                                                PAGE NUMBER
                Sporting goods                                                                                 238
                Exercise/fitness equipment                                                                     241
                Firearms, hunting equipment, & supplies                                                        244
                Fishing tackle, including bait                                                                 247
                Camping & backpacking equipment & supplies                                                     250
                Bicycles, parts & accessories                                                                  253
                Boats, motors, parts & accessories                                      
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Description: The 2013 U.S. Warehouse Clubs & Supercenters Industry-Product & Retail report features 2013 current and 2014 forecast estimates on the sales of 61 product lines. The report also includes industry definition, 5-year historical trends on product lines sales. Product lines include hardware, furniture, home furnishings, clothing, groceries, computer equipment and books.
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