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       Women's Clothing Stores Product Lines

                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS
          PRODUCT LINE                                                                   PAGE NUMBER
          Summary of Product Lines Sales by Industry                                          4
          Drugs, health aids, beauty aids                                                     7
          Men's wear                                                                         10
          Men's overcoats, topcoats, raincoats, outer jackets                                13
          Men's tailored & dress slacks                                                      16
          Men's casual slacks & jeans, walking shorts, etc.                                  19
          Men's sport shirts, incl t-shirts, knit & woven shirts, etc                        22
          Women's, juniors', & misses' wear                                                  25
          Furs, fur garments                                                                 28
          Dresses, including all types                                                       31
          Dressy & tailored coats, outer jackets, rainwear                                   34
          Suits, pantsuits, sport jackets, blazers                                           37
          Slacks/pants, jeans, walking shorts, skirts                                        40
          Tops, incl t-shirts, knit & woven shirts, blouses, sweaters                        43
          Women's sports apparel, incl tennis, golf, jogging, swimming, etc                  46
          Hosiery, including pantyhose, socks, tights                                        49
          Bras, girdles, corsets                                                             52
          Lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear                                                    55
          Hats, wigs, hairpieces                                                             58
          Accessories, incl handbags, wallets, neckwear, gloves, belts, etc                  61
          Women's sweat tops, pants, & warm-ups                                              64
          Oth apparel, incl uniforms, smocks & oth apparel items                             67
          Children's wear, incl boys, girls, & infants & toddlers                            70
          Boys' (sizes 2 to 7 and 8 to 20) clothing & accessories                            73
          Girls' (sizes 4 to 6x and 7 to 14) clothing & accessories                          76
          Infants' & toddlers' clothing & accessories                                        79

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       Women's Clothing Stores Product Lines

                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS
          PRODUCT LINE                                                                   PAGE NUMBER
          Footwear, including accessories                                                    82
          Men's footwear, including dress & casual footwear                                  85
          Women's footwear, including dress & casual footwear                                88
          Women's athletic footwear, incl sneakers & outdoor/hiking boots                    91
          Furniture, sleep equipment & outdoor/patio furniture                               94
          Kitchenware & home furnishings                                                     97
          Jewelry, incl watches, watch attach, etc                                          100
          Costume & novelty jewelry                                                         103
          All other jewelry                                                                 106
          Souvenirs & novelty items                                                         109
          Definitions, Methodology and Terms                                                112

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             Women's Clothing Stores Product Lines

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            Women's Clothing Stores Product Lines


Sales (Millions of U.S. Dollars)

       Main Category                            Sub Category                                             Year
                                                                                   2010       2011       2012       2013       2014
Drugs, health aids, beauty aids                                                       688        695        712        729        753
Soaps, detergents, & household                                                            0          0          0          0          0
Men's wear                                                                           1,101      1,111      1,139      1,166      1,205
                --                Men's overcoats, topcoats, raincoats                 79         80         82         84         87
                --                Men's suits & formal wear                            34         34         35         36         37
                --                Men's sport coats & blazers                          28         28         29         29         30
                --                Men's tailored & dress slacks                        50         51         52         53         55
                --                Men's casual slacks & jeans, shorts, etc.           243        245        251        257        266
                --                Men's career & work uniforms                            1          1          1          1          1
                --                Men's dress shirts                                   69         70         72         74         76
                --                Men's sport shirts, incl t-shirts, knit shirts      355        358        367        376        388
                --                Men's sweaters                                       75         75         77         79         82
                --                Men's hosiery, pajamas, robes, underwear             42         43         44         45         46
                --                Men's sports apparel, incl tennis, golf              26         26         27         27         28
                --                Men's accessories, incl hats, gloves                 89         90         93         95         98
                --                Custom-made garments                                    0          0          0          0          1
                --                Men's sweat tops, pants, & warm-ups                  10         10         10    
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