3 Success Tactics for LinkedIn by cuba.cube2


									3 Success Tactics for LinkedIn

Hit up Your Connections for a Good Recommendation

Similar to the function of a business card, a testimonial from someone
you know may be the be all or end all between being hired or not. A
LinkedIn profile can be deemed to be some sort of online resume so it is
great if you could somehow get help from contact you are close to. A
testimonial may praise the user but if it also includes details about the
person which the employer deems important, the employer will most likely
take them seriously. Hence, it is great to get recommendations from
people who are closest to you. Recommendations can exist in various
forms. You can have recommendations from a former colleague or client you
have worked with before in the past. You can also get some form of
testimonial from a current colleague who is describing your character
explaining why it is a joy to work with you. They could possibly list out
reasons that could paint you as a responsible and disciplined worker. You
can start by asking your close colleagues to write testimonials for you
or you can get the ball rolling by writing testimonials for them then
asking them to retaliate.

Use the Tripit App

Many people have friends all over the world. Hence, like any other social
media site, LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected to those you have
connections with overseas. Some connections, however, is physically
troublesome. When you travel, you should make it a point to meet contacts
face to face. Personal meetings can help the relationship to blossom in
so many ways. This LinkedIn application makes it so much more convenient.
With Tripit, users can take note of their contact's networking and
traveling schedules so that if you happen to be in the same area during
the same dates and times, meetings can be established. It is useful if
you are intending to attend a particular event with a colleague in
another city. It is also a great way to catch up with old friends and
colleagues. Apart from that, News agencies like WNBC and CNN has given it
favorable comments. Since networking is all about creating and
maintaining great relationships, this is yet another helping hand in that

Recommend Your Connections

Recommendations are something prevalent in the world of LinkedIn. If you
know someone from the past or have a former colleague you have worked
with, it would be a good idea to give a positive recommendation if you
find the experience with them favorable. Most of the time, these people
will do the same to you. Recommendations do not always have to be about
something work related. You could even give some sort of character
profile for a recommendation. For instance, you can post your
professional opinion of a colleague whom you think is easy-going and down
to earth, you are helping them to establish a more positive online image.
This will definitely be beneficial for their future prospects. This is
entirely your choice. Bear in mind that most of the time, this has to be
oriented towards pursuing an end goal.

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